EDAH Chapter 429


Chapter 429: World Ending Flames of Hell

The seven coloured light wrapped around Ye Tian Xie, it was so strong that people could not look directly at him.  Red, blue, green, purple, yellow, white, and black…..These seven different formed streaks of rainbows as they filled the entire space, spreading for around fifty meters……

The moment the multicolored light appeared, like a miracle……The heaven obstructing flames surrounding the little fireball suddenly disappeared and a fire extinguishing disaster rang out……

Under the seven coloured light, all the elemental energy was quickly driven out, extinguished…..The fire element and water element all disappeared.  The wind stopped blowing and the thunder and earth element in the air disappeared. The light and dark element was also suppressed and although the light did not seem like it was affected, it was only releasing light and did not contain any magic……All around him, large amounts of Flame Sprites were extinguished and disappeared like sand sculptures being blown away by the wind.

Rainbow Destruction: Releases the divine energy of seven elements at the same time, destroying all life of those seven elements.  This creates a terrifying elemental destruction space that cuts off all connection between life and these seven elements.


Effect: The user and the enemy will be forcefully sealed and will be unable to use any skills of the seven elements.  This will cause devastating damage to elemental spirits formed from these elements. Costs 1500 MP to use and has a range of 50 meters.  Can be maintained for 20 seconds at most and can be used at most 3 times a day.

If it was a normal being, they would be unable to use magic of any of the seven elements when encountering Rainbow Destruction, it was equal for a forced magic seal.  But the Flame Sprites were formed of fire elemental energy, so the destruction of elemental energy was equal to destroying their bodies. Several dozen Flame Sprites that couldn’t even form vanished into thin air under the might of the Rainbow Dusk.

All the magic released suddenly disappeared causing the little fireball to blink its crystalline eyes.  Another layer of intense flames erupted around its body again……The Rainbow Dusk could destroy the surrounding elemental energy of the seven elements, but it could not eliminate the elemental energy stored within a living being’s body.  Players released magic by contacting elemental energy, but to a strong beast with elemental energy, their elemental energy could exist inside them. Like this, even in a place without elemental energy, they could still use elemental energy attacks.  They would not need to contact elemental energy or chant, they could instantly use the magic.

However, once the elemental energy left its body, it still could not escape the “Rainbow Destruction’s” destruction.  The fire being released by the little fireball left its body, but it disappeared completely.

What disappeared was not just the fire it had released.

The layer of scarlet red flames around it began to quickly extinguish and retreat…..Slowly, with the flames disappearing, its colour began to change.  When the flames completely disappeared…..Ye Tian Xie’s eyes popped out and he was stunned for a bit.

How was it a little fireball……

When the flames surrounding it had disappeared, what appeared was a snow white…..furball!

It was the size of a ball and did not have any limbs.  Other than its spherical body, there were only two dark eyes.  Like Ye Tian Xie had guessed before, the thing surrounding it was not simply flames, but rather it was fur.  Once the flames were extinguished, it was a ball of long white fur, but it also wasn’t just simply fur. There was no curls to it at all and it grew straight out.  In the snow white fur, those two eyes continued to glare at Ye Tian Xie without blinking.

If one looked at it based on its outer appearance, anyone would think this is a life form without any threat at all.  There would even be the impulse to pick it up and hug it in their chest.

The little fireball had turned into a furball.  Its body kept exploding with flames which immediately disappeared.  It was clear it was trying again and again, but it was failing again and again.   Under the domain of the Rainbow Destruction, it could not use any magic at all.

“Now……It’s my turn to attack!”

Ye Tian XIe revealed a proud smile and he raised the Moment of Destiny, charging at the furball.  With its appearance and its shocking magic attack power, Ye Tian Xie was very certain that this furball should not have any physical attack abilities at all.  Being in this forced magic seal world, it was equal to tying up its arms and legs…..Un, it actually did not have any arms and legs.

The furball exploded with flames once again.  It was clear that it wanted to try again, but in the next second, Ye Tian Xie’s Moment of Destiny slammed into it.  The little body flew out like a rubber ball……It flew into the curtain of flames behind it.


This furball actually did not have any defenses at all.

Ye Tian Xie never expected his attack would be this effective, speechlessly looking forward.  If he knew that his attack would send it flying that far, he would have changed the direction of his attack…..Now, he could not dive into the flames.

Looking at the flame curtain soaring into the sky, Ye Tian Xie’s heart skipped a beat and he began to feel that something was wrong…..


Wait a minute!!  Under the effect of the Rainbow Dusk, all the surrounding elemental energy should have been destroyed.  How was it that this giant curtain of flames was not affected at all?

Could it be that the fire elemental energy inside of it was so strong that Rainbow Dusk could not affect it at all?

At this moment, there was an intense fluctuation coming from in front of him.  That curtain of flames soaring into the sky suddenly strangely distorted. In that distortion, the decreased temperature under the effect of the Rainbow Destruction suddenly became incomparably hot, as if the fire elemental energy was not affected by the Rainbow Destruction at all.

This feeling was……

Following this, in front of Ye Tian Xie’s unconsciously retreating body and his wide open pupils, the curtain of flames soaring into the sky finally began to fall down.  Also in this moment, a large layer of red light also fell from above. It was like the light came from the heavens itself and it approached Ye Tian Xie’s line of sight. It became bigger and bigger, until it was so big that his eyes could not see all of it anymore……

This was a layer of light that was at least three kilometers wide!  The center of this layer of light was Ye Tian Xie.

World Ending Flames of Hell:  Fire Attributed Intermediate Level Forbidden Spell

Releases the basic flames of hell, creating a barrier capable of exterminating other barriers.  All barriers within the World Ending Flames of Hell will become useless. This barrier can be maintained for 300 seconds.

Side effect: The World Ending Flames of Hell needs to absorb internal fire elemental energy to be maintained, so all life form within the barrier will not be able to us any kind of fire attributed magic.

“Ding…..Your skill, ‘Rainbow Destruction’ has been nullified by the ‘World Ending Flames of Hell’.  The Rainbow Dusk has suffered the backlash of the energy and the ‘Rainbow Destruction’ cannot be used for another three days.”

“Ding…..You are currently inside the ‘World Ending Flames of Hell’ barrier.  You cannot use any fire attributed skills or any barrier skills.”

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

That curtain of flames fell at an incredible speed and that magnificent seven coloured light disappeared at the same time.  On his neck, the Rainbow Dusk returned to its original colour and although it was the same colour as before, it was no longer as dazzling as before.

As for the furball, it jumped out of the flame curtain and appeared in front of him again.  It was still white and did not have the colour of flames like before. The “World Ending Flames of Hell” was clearly released by it, but in this terrifying barrier that could swallow the “Rainbow Destruction”, it also couldn’t use fire attributed attacks.

When he came back to his senses, Ye Tian Xie silently looked at the furball for a while before his lips slowly curled, “Are you seeking death?”

The use of the Rainbow Destruction was to not let it use its incomparably terrifying magic attacks…..But it had completely deviated from his expectations.  When it couldn’t use fire attributed magic, it actually drew on support from the environment to release a terrifying intermediate level forbidden spell…..A real forbidden spell, one that could envelop an area of several kilometers, easily crushing the powerful Rainbow Destruction.  The Rainbow Destruction was destroyed…..But in this barrier, this furball still could not use fire attributed spells.

At the same time, the Rainbow Destruction could be used at most three times a day and it lasted twenty seconds each time, so it added up to a total of one minute.  This “World Ending Flames of Hell” barrier could be maintained for an entire three hundred seconds.

Like this, this was a shocking move from the furball, causing a large problem for itself.

Its two appearance had caused the Lava Prison to go wild.  If it was said that the Lava Prison Flame Sprites was not related to it, Ye Tian Xie would not believe it even if he was beaten to death……Then, if he took care of this strange life form, perhaps the Flame Sprites would stop.

This current time…..was there an even better opportunity?

Ye Tian Xie charged forward, but when he took two step forward, there was a blue light released from the little furball.  Ye Tian Xie immediately stopped…..In that blue light, an incomparably cold arrow came out, directed right at Ye Tian Xie’s chest.  Before it even came close, that bone chilling cold made Ye Tian Xie feel like he was in an ice hole.

“Water Mirror!”

A deep blue light appeared around Ye Tian Xie.  That incomparably cold ice arrow hit the Water Mirror, causing it to tremble and crumble away, also reflecting the Ice Arrow……Ye Tian Xie finally saw the arrow’s appearance…..It was an incomparably thick icicle!


The reflected icicle hit the furball’s body, but it did not deal any damage.  Instead, it melted into mist as it re-entered its body.

At this time, the furball in front of him actually changed its appearance.  It was no longer the burning fireball nor was it the flawless snow white furball…..Its body had actually turned a blue colour, the blue of the purest water elemental energy!  At the same time, the aura being released from it was as chilling as a bone freezing wind.

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