EDAH Chapter 426


Chapter 426: Divine Xiao Yao

“Truly worthy of the Evil Demon’s Claw.”  Ye Tian Xie said with a faint smile. When Situ Wu Qing was calm, he was so silent that people disregarded his existence, but once he exploded, that incredible attack had shocked him.  He was clearly a person, but now, it was like he had turned into three figures. There were three continuous attacks, but it was so fast that it seemed like three people attacking at once.

Situ Chana quickly ran over and said, “Commander, you are truly powerful.  To be honest, when Sour Face releases this attack, there hasn’t been anyone who had dodged it before, but the commander could casually dispel it…..Then, can Sour Face join or not?”

Did Ye Tian Xie really dodge it?  If he was focused and he was prepared beforehand, he could do it, but he clearly was not like that just now.  If it wasn’t for the Water Mirror he could release instantly reflecting Situ Wu Qing’s attack, he would not have escaped untouched.  He did not say a word as he picked up the “Mercenary King’s Glory Badge” on his chest. With a slight move of his mouth, not long passed before the same light appeared above Situ Wu Qing’s head.

“Ha!  Thank you commander…..Commander, I could already see that under your ice cold appearance, your insides are as soft as freshly steamed bean curd.  I, Situ Chana will remember your kindness for the rest of my life…..On, I will remember it in the next life as well.” Situ Chana said in an affectionate voice.  Actually, he couldn’t see that Ye Tian Xie’s rejection was more of a test for him…..He had said that he hated betrayal and to have him and Situ Wu Qing betray the Blood Dream Paradise must have stirred unpleasant feelings within him.  But to have him be willing to leave the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries for Situ Wu Qing would be enough to dispel that unpleasantness.


Ye Tian Xie’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak.  There was a strong uncomfortable feeling coming over him that kept growing stronger.

It was the feeling of lust attacking his heart……The beast like desire that had been temporarily asleep within him, it actually made him want to find another woman to vent himself on…..Even if she was the ugliest girl ever……

“Second brother, what’s wrong?  Your face doesn’t look right.” Zuo Po Jun closest to him noticed the strangeness with his face and his breathing, so he quickly asked him.

At this time, the peaceful area in front of them suddenly sounded with vague footsteps getting closer, as well as the sounds of angry shouting.

“I want to see where you’ll run!”

“You bastard!  Watch father break your legs!”

With the approaching sound, the five of them looked over in that direction.  There was a person running in front and behind him, there were two teams of differently dressed people chasing after him.  These leader of these two teams were at the front while raising their weapons, roaring out in voices filled with rage. They had cursed several generations of his family while chasing him, as if there was a giant grudge between them.

When they came closer, they could clearly see the person being chased……He had an average stature and a slim body, but his skin was as white and tender as a woman’s.  This was a face that was less than twenty years old, but he looked very delicate. Although a person could see this was a man from a single glance, this person’s feminine charm was incredibly strong.

That appearance, that skin, and that physique.  When they saw him, the five of them thought of the same thing…..


However, even when chased with all these people wielding weapons, although this gigolo kept dashing forward, he did not have a single look of fear on his face.  Instead he kept looking back occasionally, even making faces at them or shouting out taunts before running away. He even stopped running from times, but the people chasing all out behind him still could not catch up.

“Divine Xiao Yao!  If father doesn’t skin you and pull out your bones, my mom will have your surname!!”  A leader holding a large axe chased while screaming at him. Chasing him the entire time and being provoked the entire time, the rage in his heart was like a flame that would explode at any moment.

“Oh, oh, oh!  Forget that. I’m only eighteen this year, I can’t support such a large son…..Ai, ya, ya.  There are many beautiful flowers in this world waiting to be picked by me, if it was known that I already had a son, how many young girls would be torn apart by this……How about, you become my grandson?”

That gigolo’s words had a clear feminine tone to it.  The voice was lazy and didn’t have a trace of tiredness like it should after running for so long.  His words were filled with ill intent that made the people chasing him explode with rage, but they could no catch him no matter what.

“Oh?  Divine Xiao Yao.”  Hearing the axe wielding man shout the “gigolo’s” name, Situ Chana was shocked.

“…..Could it be, he is the Chinese gaming world’s all time seventh strongest ranker, Divine Xiao Yao?”  Zuo Po Jun said in a strange voice. To be able to reach the seventh rank of the Chinese gaming world’s all time rankings, this should be an incredible person.  However, whether it was Zuo Po Jun or Situ Chana mentioning this name, they both had a strange expression on their faces.

This was because Divine Xiao Yao was also known by another nickname…..called Deprived Xiao Yao.

“What is this person’s background?”  Seeing that Situ Chana and Zuo Po Jun seemed to know this person, Ye Tian Xie casually asked them.

Situ Chana revealed an interested expression on his face, “Does commander not know about Divine Xiao Yao?  Un, it’s not strange. With commander’s strength, these people should be small characters to you……On the China’s all time gaming world rankings, the first is commander Tian Mo Xie, the second is the Gorgeous Asura, Xue Yao Yue, the third is Blade of Hades, Eternal Slaughter……This person is seventh on that list.”

“Is he strong?”  Ye Tian Xie casually asked.  His eyes were starting to be attracted by that person named “Divine Xiao Yao”.  His eyes fell onto that person’s feet…..When he took a step to run, it filled his heart with a strange feeling.

“How to say this…..To say he’s strong, he has never won a fight with anyone before.  To say he’s not powerful…..If he fought with someone, even if there were several hundred people on the other side, he has never lost before.”  Situ Chana thought carefully of his words before speaking.

Ye Tian Xie: “?”

“This is because all his skills involve running away…..Commander, your strength is recognized as first in all of China and this Divine Xiao Yao, his running abilities are first in all of China.  He has two well known powerful abilities……One is running. His running abilities are unparalleled in this world. To be honest, he has enemies everywhere, but they have never been able to do anything to him…..Just like today, this matter happens to him as normally as three meals a day.  Just depending on this escaping ability, he could reach seventh place on the rankings……How strong his escaping abilities can be imagined.” Situ Chana said with crooked lips.

“……The other ability?”

“The other ability…..”  Situ Chana hesitated for a bit, but he couldn’t figure what to say even after thinking about it for a while.

Murong Qiu Shui said, “The second ability is incredible.  Beloved second brother, even you would have to admit defeat…..His other ability is even stronger and even more shameless…..That is… steal other people’s wives.”  

“Divine Xiao Yao!!  Daring to sleep with my wife, even if you jump into the ocean today, I will chop you up to feed the turtles!!”

“Daring to take my Old Third Lei’s woman, either you die today or you die today!!”

As if proving Murong Qiu Shui;s words, as soon as he finished speaking, two loud roars came from the distance.

Murong Qiu Shui shrugged his shoulders and said with a curl of his bright red lips, “It really is like this…..Alright, although his appearance cannot compare to mine which makes even the heavens jealous, he does have skills in attracting women.  But to reach his degree, one doesn’t just need skills, but also a certain amount of shamelessness…..This Divine Xiao Yao has an abnormal habit which is to only attract young married women. What is even more surprising is that he has a shocking rate of success.   It is unknown what method he uses, but just depending on his appearance, it’s impossible to reach this degree……Un, we must capture him and interrogate him.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“So what if I slept with your wife?  This young master sleeping with your wife is giving you face…..Ze, ze, the taste of your wife was not bad.  That chest and that butt, ze ze, that enticing aftertaste……As well as that enthusiasm in bed…..I say, you wouldn’t be sexually incompetent and haven’t satisfied your wife in eight hundred years, right?  I was able to satisfy your wife for you, so you should be thanking me. I feel extremely flattered.”

When he was shamed in front of his little brothers, that Old Third Lei immediately flew into a rage, “Divine Xiao Yao!!  Watch me skin you today!! People who offend my War Soul Hall will die a dog’s death!!”

War Soul Hall?

Ye Tian Xie, Zuo Po Jun, and Murong Qiu Shui finally saw this “Old Third Lei” before crying out in surprise in their hearts…..

No wonder he acted like that…..This fellow was War Soul Hall’s third leader, Lei Bao!!

This Divine Xiao Yao…..He actually slept with Lei Bao’s wife!

This large courage, this large skills, this strong method……

They came closer and closer.  When they came within ten meters, Ye Tian Xie saw Divine Xiao Yao charging at them.  Divine Xiao Yao naturally also saw them and his eyes swept across the five of them. He saw Murong Qiu Shui first and his drool began to drip out…..When he saw Ye Tian Xie, he swallowed that drool and revealed an incomparably serious expression as he charged at Ye Tian Xie.

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