EDAH Chapter 425


Chapter 425: Evil Demon’s Eye, Evil Demon’s Claw (Part 2)

Hearing Ye Tian Xie’s words, Situ Chana’s expression became visibly excited.  His face became serious and he forcefully nodded, as he began telling him everything he knew about the Blood Dream Paradise, going into precise details.

He did not need to keep any secrets because these secrets in his hands were to be used against the Blood Dream Paradise.  At the same time, he did not try to exclude Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui to the side. With their statuses, it would certainly be a large help if they were to be included.

There were few people with a more thorough understanding of the Blood Dream Paradise and there were few people more clear on how strong the Blood Dream Paradise was.  After they had escaped, they could only choose to hide from here to there. Even if they wanted to resist, they could not resist at all. With their divine anti tracking skills, with the Blood Dream Paradise’s abilities, they couldn’t do anything to them.

These two people, how could they be willing to keep escaping, they were just looking for an opportunity…..Since they couldn’t resist the Blood Dream Paradise, why couldn’t they borrow another’s hands?  The government? Although the Blood Dream Paradise was suppressed by them, they did not dare move against them, otherwise they would definitely pay a suitable price. And if they were to tell all of Blood Dream Paradise’s secrets to them, they would be even less willing to move against them.  Perhaps they would even arrest them……


But with the Destiny world and with the appearance of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation in the Destiny world, they finally found a way of retaliating.  This was because in the Destiny world, even if they fought, they couldn’t truly die. The appearance of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation symbolized the Blood Dream Paradise, the Ling Family, and the Cang Family forming an alliance, as well as their ambition.  If they could be completely crushed in this world, it would be a large blow to them.

Then they learned of Ye Tian Xie.  Meeting him again and again, in the beginning, they just wanted to join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries before using their methods to create hostility between them.  With the terrifying abilities Xie Tian had revealed, if they could use him, he would be an incredibly strong support. But after that, the strength Xie Tian revealed again and again after that had made them dumbfounded.  Without needing his direction, he had already trampled the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation’s King under his feet in the Falling Wind Plains battle. They were already to the point of no reconciliation, which filled his heart with wild joy.  Xie Tian and the Endless Cycle of Reincarnations becoming enemies was doubtlessly the thing he wanted to see the most. The scene of “King” being crushed by Ye Tian Xie made him so satisfied that he always floated into the air. He felt all the resentment bottled up since he ran away being released all at once, filling him with complete satisfaction.  At the same time, it strengthened his decision to join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries.

But now, his heart was filled with enough excitement that he almost wanted to roar out.

Not only did they meet in the game, they were also irreconcilable in the real world.  Moreover, it seemed like the Blood Dream Paradise has already sent people after him…..But he was still alive and his tone was filled with a deep disdain.  This only meant that even after experiencing the might of the Blood Dream Paradise’s assassin, he did not place them in his eyes. There was no question that in the real world, he was a person with a terrifying power.  At the same time…..The two people beside him, one was Zuo Po Jun and the other was Murong Qiu Shui. Any one of them had an incomparable background…..At this time, looking at them, it seemed like they revolved around him.

Really, fate was mysterious.  When Xie Tian said he wanted to exterminate the Blood Dream Paradise and he would allow them to join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, he felt that him meeting Xie Tian was the plan of the heavens.

Using close to half an hour, Situ Chana recited every detail he knew about the Blood Dream Paradise, including their uncertain position and some of the strongest people among them…..Everything that he knew.

During this time, Ye Tian Xie did not say a word and his expression made no changes.  However, Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui’s expressions changed in splendor to Situ Chana’s words, it was like they were listening to a dark empire.  Blood Dream Paradise was complicated, cruel, and strong, so if they didn’t personally see it, it would be hard to imagine. Why did China’s highest government official not dare move against the Blood Dream Paradise?  They were not silly, nor were they weak, and they didn’t look down on them……Rather it was because they couldn’t move against them. That always mysterious Emperor Asura had always left a dark and vague shadow over their hearts the entire time.

……A person who had lived several hundred years!

“This is the Blood Dream Paradise’s situation…..After Sour Face and I escaped, they will not have moved from their deep rooted place of several hundred years because they are not afraid that people would cause trouble for them.  Boss Xie Tian, do you really want to move against them? What time? What method?” When Situ Chana finished speaking, he began to anxiously ask questions. The time he spent with Ye Tian Xie had not even passed a quarter of an hour, but he already had a kind of trust in him.  This trust came from his great strength, as well as his natural aura and confidence……Even if the enemy was the Blood Dream Paradise.

Ye Tian Xie did not reply to him.  He just took the “Mercenary King’s Glory Badge” and with a thought, there was a gold light that was released from it……

A prompt sounded in Situ Chana’s ear and he happily chose to accept.

A golden halo appeared above Situ Chana’s head which was the only proof of already joining the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries and this golden halo was the allocation of power.  Under the golden halo, Situ Chana’s abilities were all raised by level. He revealed a grin, “Hei! I’m finally a part of the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, I will follow Boss Xie Tian from now on……Oh, no, it’s commander’s footsteps.  I am blessed to stand under the brilliance of the commander and will go through death for the commander…..Ah, right, commander, there is also my brother ‘Zero’. He is even stronger than me, he will not disappoint the commander.”

Ye Tian Xie looked over Situ Wu Qing, “I have no reason to accept him.”

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

Situ Chana was stunned, but he quickly came forward to say, “Commander, although Sour Face doesn’t know how to talk, he is considered one of the best in Blood Dream Paradise before in terms killing abilities.  Moreover, he is seventh on the level rankings and……”

“You have given me the information I need, so I can accept you, but him…..I don’t have any reason to let him join.  The Heavenly Soul Mercenaries cannot be joined because one wants to join.” Ye Tian Xie decisively shook his head.


“There is no buts.”

“……”  Situ Chana’s face became stiff.  The corners of his lips moved and he wanted to talk, but in the end, he gave a helpless sigh as he said, “Although Sour Face and I aren’t blood related, but our sentiment exceed that and he is my only true friend to this day.  Back then, it was him who pulled the starving me out of the ice cold trash back then and he is the one who gave me the ‘Situ’ surname, so there is Situ Chana today. We have the same goals and ideas, and even our destinies are linked.  Either we both join or…..Commander, kick me out. Then I have to thank you for thinking highly of me, Situ Chana.”

Ye Tian Xie took a deep look at him, but he didn’t say anything and did not kick him out.  He turned and looked at the emotionless Situ Wu Qing as he said, “The Heavenly Soul Mercenaries was a mercenary group of heroes in the past, it doesn’t need any trash…..I already have an approximation of your brother’s abilities…..Now, prove them to me!  Prove that you have the qualification to join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries!”

When the final word fell, the surrounding air became cold.  Situ Wu Qing’s originally cold eyes suddenly became ice cold.

There was no hesitation, there was no need for probing or mercy…..A sharp silver thorn appeared in Situ Wu Qing’s hand…..Before he even moved, there was a cold aura that made people shiver.  This was enough to prove…..This was a terrifying person.

With a step forward and stabbing out, he who was five meters away immediately came close and that silver thorn approached his eye with an incredible speed……His body was fast as the wind and his hand moved like a flash of lightning……This shocking strike flashed in front of everyone’s eyes like a spark.

Ye Tian Xie did not take out his weapon.  The moment Situ Wu Qing moved, he secretly praised him in his heart.  He calculated the movement of his attack as he stepped off, moving seventy centimeters to the side, allowing Situ Wu Qing to move past his chest.  However, right away, Situ Wu Qing’s forward stabbing thorn released a silver glow as it moved in an impossible manner, stabbing out at his body again…..

Ye Tian Xie was shocked in his heart.  His right foot stepped off the ground as his body moved back a small distance with a difficult movement, dodging this danger…..After dodging an attack, normal people would not be recover in time to avoid the second attack.  What Situ Wu Qing did…..this was not even his limit.

After dodging the second attack that came 0.3 seconds after the first attack, Situ Wu Qing’s cold eyes suddenly approached in front of Ye Tian Xie…..The body that had just staggered actually began to move again.  There was a cold silver glow that stabbed at his chest again…..

The Evil Demon’s Claw that made even the world’s peak experts tremble.  The “Demon Three Fold Killing Attack” that even gods and demons could not escape from had appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie’s eyes for the first time today.


A water blue coloured barrier suddenly appeared around Ye Tian Xie.  After the silver thorn hit the barrier, the force behind the attack was reflected and Situ Wu Qing moved back.  He staggered back, but he tightly held the silver thorn in his hand. There was an intense wave that appeared in the depths of his calm eyes.

This attack… actually didn’t injure him at all!

After the “Water Mirror” shattered, Ye Tian Xie looked at Situ Wu Qing with a frown.  In those ice cold eyes, it was as if something was hidden inside. It was like a fatal ice cold dagger that could stab out at any moment.

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