EDAH Chapter 414


Chapter 414: Seven sins – lust

The “Swallow High Pill” Nameless mentioned was what Situ Luo Yu had made…..The “Red Sheep’s favorite food”.  It was a black coloured pill like thing. When Situ Luo Yu began, she thought she would make another incomparably disgusting Sheep Dung Ball.

Liu Qi Yue directly had Situ Luo Yu join the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, not only for Ye Tian Xie, but rather for her own reason.  In the Destiny world, the chef Job was not just a Job for making food.

When combat jobs reached the peak, they would become experts.  When they became high level, anyone could become an expert. But…..Experts among experts, it was not something anyone could become.  In the Destiny world, the first Job Change was at level ten, the second Job Change was at level fifty, and the third Job Change was at level eighty……Each Job Change required one to pass a trial.  One had to pass the trial to change Jobs, or they would stay as their original Job. For the first three Jobs, there were different difficulty levels. If one picked the easy difficulty, anyone could pass it.  But…..for the level one hundred fourth Job Change, there was no difficulty to choose from.

Because there was only a single difficulty, the Nightmare Level!  It was only inferior to the Abyss Level!


As long as one was willing, they could pass through the first three Job Changes.

But, to pass the fourth Job Change, it was very rare.  It was not something that could be passed just because one was high enough level, their equipment, stats, and a person’s abilities would all be truly tested at this time.  Perhaps when the time comes, after a month when the average level of players had reached the max level, the number of people that had passed the fourth Job Change in China could be counted with a single hand.   The number of people who reach the max level would be an important factor in weighing a server’s strength.

There was another factor for overall strength, Life Skill players.

If any Life Skills player reached the peak, they would become a grandmaster like a combat Job player becomes a true expert.  Gardeners who reached the peak could grow things that gave permanent stats, chefs that reached the peak could cook recipes that added various stats for a very long time, miners that reached the peak could mine special ores that make people’s eyes turn red with jealousy, and blacksmiths that reached the peak could forge equipment which can’t be bought anywhere……These would all increase the abilities of combat Job players by quite a bit.  Therefore, the strength of a server could not be separated from the strength of Life Skill players..

Only, not everyone could become a grandmaster like this.  After Life Skill players reached the high level, it was not just simple practice that would allow players to reach the Spiritual Level.  The most important thing was a person’s comprehension and a set chance. If one could reach the Heaven Level, they would be a terrifying person.

For example, Xing Bao Er was a Heaven Level Engineer…..How terrifying Life Skill players at this level were, Ye Tian Xie was very clear on.  Although Xing Bao Er couldn’t fight, but in many aspects, she was much stronger than an entire army. However, there were few people that could reach the Spiritual Level and to reach the Heaven Level, without meeting a chance encounter, it was basically “impossible”.

As for the Mysterious God Level…..Other than a heavenly encounter, it was impossible for a player to reach it.  Xing Bao Er at the Heaven Level was already this terrifying and if she reached the Mysterious God Level……It was simply inconceivable.  If she reached the Saint Extermination Level…..Perhaps she could even make a time machine or a shrinking beam.

For Situ Luo Yu to become a high level chef in this short amount of time…..Looking at her appearance, she did not seem like someone who went all out in practicing.  There was only one explanation…..An innate skill or a fortuitous encounter. The Destiny world had many incredible things hiding in it and each person would meet different things.  All kinds of things that were impossible to happen in normal virtual gaming worlds could happen here.

This person, if she could be kept, of course they would do their best to make her stay.

After a brief conversation, Liu Qi Yue was surprised to find that Situ Luo Yu was not interested in cooking or joining the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce at all, what she was interested in was Xie Tian.  She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She had a deep understanding that once this cunning and unreasonable little girl found something she liked, she would chase it without stop. She would not give up without reaching her goal, so…..

The black “Red Sheep’s favorite food” had no taste at all, it was unknown why the Red Sheep liked it.  When Ye Tian Xie who was wildly eating with Guo Guo swallowed it, he did not have any hope at all……The baptism of the seven sins, how could a small piece of food like this possibly control it.  Even if was useful, it would only slightly relieve his hunger…..But like a miracle, after Ye Tian Xie swallowed the “Red Sheep’s favorite food”, that hunger he felt began to slowly disappear…..After a few seconds, it was completely gone.

After that, he felt a wave of weakness come over him.  It was not his body felt weak, but rather his emotions making him weak.  When he looked at the delicious dishes on the table…..The desire to eat turned into a desire to throw up.

When one ate too much or ate too much of the same food, they would want to vomit when they saw food.  Not to mention that for several hours, Ye Tian Xie had eaten enough to feed several dozen people. It was already not bad that he could hold it in without vomiting.

Opening his status window……Hunger: 0

The four question marks from before disappeared and what replaced it was a “0”.

On the description of the “Red Sheep’s favorite food”, it said the effect would last for a day and what was even more mysterious was that the effects could stack!  It would reach a maximum of thirty times!

This also meant that eating one would mean that one wouldn’t be hungry for a day, maintaining one’s hunger at “0”.  Eating three meant not being hungry for three days, eating ten meant not being hungry for ten days, and eating thirty meant not needing  food for thirty days!!

The things from the Red Sheep were truly abnormally strong!  When he saw the stats for the “Red Sheep’s favorite food”, the first thing he thought of was……It was too cheap letting someone learn it like this!  If they could sell this thing, it wouldn’t be hard to become rich.

However, he still didn’t know about the existence of Situ Luo Yu right now.

“Eldest sister, I’ll go rest first.  If I can’t hold on, I’ll come again.”

Being with Liu Qi Yue, Ye Tian Xie’s heart would also fall into chaos.  Without waiting for Liu Qi Yue’s response, he quickly logged off. In his ears was Guo Guo’s anxious voice, “Ah, ah, ah, ah……Master!  You can’t leave……Guo Guo still wants to eat, ah……”

Looking at the empty chair, Liu Qi Yue closed her eyes.  In those narrowed beautiful eyes, there was a trace of sadness.

Theoretically speaking, in a normal situation, items from a game would only have effect in the game world.

When he came out of the Destiny world, Ye Tian Xie on the bed opened his eyes to find that he did not feel any hunger when he came back to the real world.  Ye Tian Xie was not too shocked by this impossible to understand situation. Too many things that shouldn’t happen had already happened, so he was used to it.

With a long sigh of relief, he felt a sense of weakness come over him.  He sat up on the bed and went out to tell the girls that he was fine. After coaxing Xiao Xi for a while and feeding Xiao Xi her lunch, he returned to his room and fell asleep again…..All the way until the middle of the night.  Perhaps for the next few days, he would not have the appetite to eat anything.

When the curtain of night fell, the sky was covered in clouds like a premonition of a storm.

In the middle of the night, with the sound of water hitting grass, the storm finally came down, becoming more and more vigorous.  It went from “ding”, “ding”, and turned into a continuous “zi” sound……

When the hour hand hit twelve, the second hand paused a second at the zero before continuing to arc forward as a new day came.  Perhaps it was because the sound of the rain was too loud or perhaps it was too hard to sleep after sleeping for an entire day, Ye Tian Xie opened his eyes and woke up.

It was raining?

With a streak of lightning flashing in the window, Ye Tian Xie could clearly see the rain outside with the lightning’s light.  Guo Guo’s little body was in front of the window, looking at the rain outside with sparkling eyes. Every time it rained, it was like she had gone crazy.  This was because in the world she was in before, there had been no rain or snow.

“Oh, la, la, master, you’re up?  Come look, come look, it’s raining.”  Guo Guo turned around and said in an excited voice.

Ye Tian Xie sleepily looked up.  When he sat up, his hands felt a tender feeling coming from it.

The waist was a sensitive place and even being asleep, Xiao Xi whose waist was touched by Ye Tian Xie knit her brows and let out a soft “wu” sound, slightly moving her little hips.  The little curvy waist turned in his hand and her skin was as soft as powder, being incredible to touch.

Instantly, Ye Tian Xie’s mouth went dry as a fire seemed like it was lit in his lower half.  His hands couldn’t help greedily stroking Xiao Xi’s waist as his actions became more intense.

With another flash of lightning, Xiao Xi’s exquisite little body appeared in his eyes.  Her body was tightly rolled up against his and looking down from his angle, that slender waist was tender and delicate, also highlighting those two pointed breasts.  Xiao Xi was young and her breasts were petite, but they were still two small bulges. Although they weren’t large bulges, it was still very beautiful like two jade bowls.  Those two small tips revealed in the air were pink as crystals, just like gems that people could make one obsessed.

Ye Tian Xie’s breathing became stronger and his breath became warmer.  Driven by desire, his hands moved up and was placed on Xiao Xi’s breasts.  He felt a soft and smooth feeling in his hand that was like feeling fresh and and moist dough.  Although Xiao Xi’s chest was small, the shape was incomparably perfect. The smooth feeling in his hand was even better than sweet and pure spring water.  A small bean touched his palm and rubbed against him, silently rising.

“Big…”  Xiao Xi whose body was being played with made an unconscious mutter that was very moving.

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