EDAH Chapter 412


Chapter 412: Situ Luo Yu (Part 2)

So, he had to find another solution.  Earlier, he finally thought of the thing he found from the Red Sheep…..It had been written very clearly that if one ate the things made from this cookbook, they wouldn’t feel hungry for a very long time and their hunger would always be at “0”.  Although Ye Tian Xie did not think that the effects of the seven sins would be easy to block, he still had to give it a try.

The cookbook in the Destiny world was different from that of the real world.  It wasn’t like one could learn it if they obtained it, rather it was like a skill book and could only be learned by one person before it disappeared.  The higher the skill level of the chef, the higher level things they could cook. With some top level recipes, one wouldn’t just need special ingredients, but also the cookbook.  Not only were the top grade recipes delicious, they could also give some permanent stats. These recipes were very rare, but once they were cooked, they would be sold for a sky high price.  It was not something normal people could eat.

The Red Sheep’s cookbook had a total of several recipes, but it was clearly written on it that…..In order to learn this cookbook, one had to be a high level or higher cook.

Currently, most of the chefs were all low level and there were a few players that had approached the gate of the intermediate level.  As for the intermediate level…..if there were no external factors, it was basically impossible.


Liu Qi Yue took the cookbook and after looking it over, she was first shocked before she said with a nod, “I understand, little brother Tian Xie.  Don’t worry, there will be a way……I’ll send an announcement first and if there is no luck with the players, I can find an NPC with a high level cooking skill to come.”

Although finding NPCs were easy, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce just had to spend a bit of money to find a high level chef, but if they picked them, then it would be wasting this skill book…..Being able to make food that would cause hunger not to increase for a long time, as long as one understood even a bit about the hunger system, they would immediately understand the preciousness of the cookbook.

Not long passed before an announcement passed through the entire Chinese server.  The content of the announcement was clearly searching for a high level chef who would obtain a precious cookbook and would be hired as head chef by the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.  There was also a bit added that this was a person being found for Xie Tian……At the end, Liu Qi Yue had also added…..They must be female!

When the announcement was released, a short period of boiling passed through the Chinese region.  Any matter that was related to Xie Tian would always attract a lot of attention.

Only…..A high level chef, who could reach that.  When this announcement was sent, it was unknown how many chef players let out a sigh.  With the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s strength, if they could become the head chef, it would be imagined how much of an honour that was.  Perhaps they would become famous because of this. The treatment the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce gave, even if it was the most normal treatment, it would be enough to make people green eyed with jealousy.  It was unknown how many girls dreamed of joining the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

Other than that, there was also a precious cookbook…..And they could become acquainted to Xie Tian.

But they could only sigh…..Not to mention high level, there weren’t even that many people at the intermediate level.  Generally speaking, if there were no special circumstances, it would take two months of cooking everyday to go from the low level to the intermediate level, it would take half a year to go from the intermediate to the high level, and from the high level to the Spiritual Level…..That was not an issue of time, but what was most important was comprehension and opportunity.  Each Job was like this. Being able to pass this ridge meant that one had entered the realm of a master.

So when this announcement came out, there were many people encircling the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, but not a single person applied.


“Aiya!  Even if I am heartlessly attacked time and time again, I still believe in the strange and beautiful thing known as “fate”.  I never thought that since our separation last time, our and his fate would meet again so quickly. Sour face, don’t you think this truly is the arrangement of the heavens?  In ancient times, Liu Xuande paid three visits to obtain a minister who would die for him. Perhaps, this is his test for us. As long as we pass this test, we can prove that our feelings are stronger than gold coins……What are we waiting for, let’s go.”

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

“Then…..Sour face, the matter of summoning little sister should be given to the heroic and brave you…..Alright, alright, look at your hidden bitterness.  Just leave this matter to me.”

Situ Chana picked up his communication device and when he activated it, his fingers trembled a bit before he connected the call.  Very quickly, the call was picked up and a roar came from the speaker, “Bastard!! A poker face like you is disturbing this old lady’s nap, do you not want to live anymore?”

The voice was clear and sharp, it was clear the girl making this sound was not old.  But the high decibel effect in the speaker could not be better and if Situ Chana had not moved his cellphone at least forty centimeters from his ear, he would have been stunned for a while.

Situ Wu Qing immediately turned around and pretended like he saw nothing.

“Beloved little sister, don’t be excited…..”  Situ Chana’s mouth twitched as he said in comforting words, “Your beloved big brother Chana of course hates to disturb little sister’s nap, only, your long awaited big brother Xie Tian has appeared and he sent a server announcement saying he wants to see you……Little sister, do you really not want to come?”

“……If you dare trick this old lady!  Watch this old lady pluck you like a chicken!!”

Pa!  The call was cut off.

Situ Chana put down the communication device and revealed a smile, “Ok!  It’s done!” Then he let out a long sigh and said in a distant voice, “Xie Tian, I really have no intentions behind introducing my little sister to you…..You must forgive me, you must, you must……”

Situ Wu Qing: “……”


In front of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, there was a high decibel shout as a group of three came forward.

“Move, move!  All of you move…..Do you not have eyes!  Actually daring to step on this old lady’s foot…..Do you want to die?  Why aren’t you moving for me already…..Good dogs don’t block the road, move, move!!”

The sound was delightful, but the words being shouted made people knit their brows.  Very quickly, a young girl’s figure pushed through the crowd and with a soft shout, she ran into the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.  Behind her, there were two men quickly following along…..They were like two servants following behind the young miss.

When their eyes fell onto that young girl’s body, their chins dropped at almost the same time.

This was a body that was filled with vitality.  A tall and slender figure, and a beautiful appearance.  Although she was not a beauty yet, she was a beauty in the making.  When other people’s eyes fell onto her, the first thing they looked at wasn’t her face…..rather it was her body.  Accurately speaking, it was her chest.

At the age of sixteen-seventeen, a time when she was still developing…..But she had shocking giant waves.

The girl’s clothes were very casual making it very easy for people to know that she was a Life Skill Job player.  That coat that didn’t look magnificent at all actually had two large shocking curves. Those two sphere like breasts were perfectly round and seemed like it was carved from the finest jade, standing tall and proud.  They made astonishing movements as she moved, making people’s eyes follow them up and down in a daze. Her body was very delicate, having a slender waist, actually having this kind of figure. What was even more impressive was that her chest did not sag at all, proudly standing up straight in her clothes.  Her clothes were loose, but even with how loose it was, it hugged her chest and was stretched very tightly.

Her appearance shocked countless players and almost everyone stared on in a daze.  There was half the crowd that couldn’t control their drooling. What was called shocking curves, what was called a devil’s body, they finally clearly understood.

This young and this slender waist could actually support such large breasts…..This girl, what did she eat to make them that big!

“What are you looking at!  What are you looking at!! Never seen a woman before!  Whoever keeps looking will lose their eyes!”

Accepting everyone’s gaze, the young girl shouted in a sharp voice.  It was as if that natural sharp and clear voice was made for cursing at people.  From the moment she had squeezed her way to the front, the young girl’s performance was as big as her stature, those real giant breasts.  However, this strange aggressiveness made people immediately think….Could this be a spoiled young miss from one of the large families?

Situ Wu Qing had a corpse like face that didn’t change while Situ Chana lowered his head, not letting people see his face.  Although he wanted to talk to everyone here…..Especially talking about his handsome appearance that made men jealous and made women go crazy…..However, in front of this young girl that did not fear the world, he really did not dare do anything unnecessary.  Otherwise, no matter how small the matter was, she would make it into a heaven shaking matter. The surrounding people were only looking at her…..Everywhere she went, she had always been the center of attention. If there were any blind people that tried talking her up…..Situ Chana was afraid to imagine the consequences.

The young girl stepped into the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce without any reservation and shouted, “Hey!  Where’s Xie Tian, quickly call him out! I am the…..High, level, chef, he’s, looking, for!!”

The two receptionist in the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce looked at her in surprise.  Then they saw that she was younger than them, but her breasts were much bigger than theirs, making them want to run in shame.  After confirming her Job, the two of them looked at her in shock…..The announcement had been sent for a long time, but no one had replied to it, even they did not have any hope.  They never thought that at this time, there really would be someone like this that appeared in front of them…..

This girl’s Job…..was High Level Chef!

…..How did she get her Job to High Level?

The beautiful girl on the left stuck out her chest as much as possible.  Although it wasn’t considered small, compared to the young girl’s peaks……there was simply no comparison, “Hello, please wait a bit.  My master will immediately come out and see you.”

When her voice fell, Liu Qi Yue had already walked down the staircase.  Her steps were elegant and her breasts and waist all swayed with her steps, giving off a soul shaking beauty.  It made even girls stare at her in a daze.

Liu Qi Yue saw the young girl and a trace of surprise filled her beautiful eyes.  When she saw the name “Early Flower Rain Fall”, she did not have any doubts about it.  Her lips curled back into a beautiful curve.

“Little sister Situ Luo Yu, do you want to join our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce?”

She stood in front of the young girl with a flower like smile, as her face filled with charm.  Her voice was very casual, being very clear and having a lazy charm, enchanting the minds of anyone who heard it.

Being this close, those bountiful curves had even more impact.  With those large breasts in front of her eyes, Situ Luo Yu’s mouth opened wide and she couldn’t recover for a while.

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