EDAH Chapter 399


Chapter 399: Star Picking Gloves

“What do trade do you want to make?  Please hurry up.” The Mysterious Merchant said in a low voice.

Ye Tian Xie secretly considered a bit before giving a soft sigh and saying, “Give me ten Sacred Spirit Herbs.”

Instant recovery without limits of level and cooldown.  Each one could be used at a critical moment to save his life.  This Sacred Spirit Herb was one of the things he had to buy…..It was also one of the few things that he could afford since it was relatively cheap.

The Mysterious Merchant said nothing as he slowly took out ten Sacred Spirit Herbs, while Ye Tian Xie also took out a single Sapphire Crystal Coin…..At the same time, there was something in the center of his palm.


A trade of single crystal coin seemed a bit poor.

When the two of them made their trade and their hands touched, a light appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.  His palm swept out and he stuck something on the corner of the Mysterious Merchant’s clothes as fast as lightning……

The Ten Thousand Miles Tracker!

The things he needed the most were the things he could not buy.  Whether it was the Other World Stone, the Vermillion Bird Plumage, or the Beginner Village Return Scroll, they all required large amounts of various crystal coins.  Crystal Coins were already very rare, even a Mysterious God Beast had only dropped a hundred Sapphire Crystal Coins. It was unknown when he would accumulate enough crystal coins to buy the Vermillion Bird Plumage and the Beginner Village Return Scroll…..It was unknown if he could even collect that much.

As for the strength of this Mysterious Merchant……Just based on the fact he could obtain the Vermillion Bird Plumage meant he was on a terrifying level.  He cannot buy it or steal it, so Ye Tian Xie’s only option was sticking a Ten Thousand Miles Tracker on him…..Like this, when he had enough crystal coins, he could directly find him.

Unless, this Mysterious Merchant had the ability to destroy the Ten Thousand Miles Tracker……Perhaps he knew a Heaven Grade or up Engineer.

However, Ye Tian Xie trying to stick it felt like he had put it on thin air.  The reaction of the Mysterious Merchant was incomparably terrifying and his hand speed had filled Ye Tian Xie with shock……He felt a black figure flashing in front of him…..With it, something disappeared from his hands.

The Ten Thousand Miles Tracker was gone!

It appeared in the hands of the Mysterious Merchant.

This person…..He actually directly stole something out of Ye Tian Xie’s hands!

Stealing something was a very normal thing in the real world, but in the Destiny world filled with rules, this kind of stealing did not exist at all.  Unless both sides voluntarily traded something, a person could not forcefully take something from someone else. The only way to forcefully steal from someone was to kill them and wait to pick up the equipment or item dropped by the other side.

That Ten Thousand Miles Tracker had been in Ye Tian Xie’s hand, not leaving it at all……But with a swipe of the Mysterious Merchant’s hand, it appeared in his hand…..It was really stealing!

Ye Tian Xie’s shock did not last long.  His eyes looked at the right hand the Mysterious Merchant suddenly swept out with as fast as lightning…..In his hand, there was a pitch black glove.

Star Picking Glove: Camouflaged special item

After equipping this item, one can steal or snatch a single item.

Steal: Randomly steal one-two items from the other side.  The rate of success is equal to one’s luck time three. The stronger and higher level the stolen item is, the lower the chance of success.

Snatch: Forcefully take one of the equipment and item the other side is using.  The rate of success is equal to one’s luck times two. The stronger and higher level the stolen item is, the lower the chance of success.

This item can be used a total of 100 times.  Remaining uses – 37/100.

It was that glove!

That incredible glove…..that could actually steal and snatch items!

The Mysterious Merchant used his fingers to pick up the thin black item and placed it in front of his eyes.  In a low and thoughtful voice, “Ten Thousand Miles Tracker…..Young man, you want to track me?”

There was no emotion that could be heard in his voice at all.  It was unknown if there was surprise, anger, or even calm in his voice at this moment.  Ye Tian Xie acted like he heard nothing as the light in his eyes constantly sparkled…..This person had seen through his plan, would he attack him, or would he directly disappear in front of him, or…..

Ye Tian Xie did not give himself any time to consider this…..Rather, he did not give the other side any time to think.  His hands moved and all the crystal coins he had on him was taken out.

“Don’t you want to trade…..There is a total of one hundred and sixty Sapphire Crystal Coins, ten Scarlet Crystal Coins, ten Green Crystal Coins, ten Purple Crystal Coins, and ten Yellow Crystal Coins…..Adding up to a total of two hundred crystal coins!  This is all the crystal coins that I have……I only want to buy a single thing, the Star Picking Glove on your hand!”

He stared at the glove on his hand as he said this in a firm voice.

A stunned look appeared on the look of the Mysterious Merchant.  His attention was completely attracted by the large amount of crystal coins taken out by Ye Tian Xie.  After a short silence, he said, “You won’t regret it?”

An entire two hundred various crystal coins…..For this price, not to mention an used Star Picking Glove that didn’t even have half of its uses, it was enough for five or even ten complete Star Picking Gloves.  This was because the Star Picking Glove was not a permanent equipment, it did not have many uses and had no stats while also taking up a single equipment slot. One couldn’t wear other gloves while equipping it, so there would be a decrease of stats.

From the price of the Mysterious Merchant’s items, he could guess the approximate value of a single crystal coin and could estimate just how much a Star Picking Glove that was half used was worth…..The reason why he took out all these Crystal Coins at once was for two reasons.  First, he wanted to shift the attention of the Mysterious Merchant away from his plot, to stop him from suddenly attacking or leaving. Second…..although the Star Picking Glove wasn’t in the item list, he believed that the Mysterious Merchant who would even sell a Mysterious God Equipment like the Vermillion Bird Plumage would sell the Star Picking Glove for all these crystal coins.

“Of course I won’t regret it.”  Ye Tian Xie curled his lips and casually said, “Those sparkly things do not have a use to me.  However, an item that can steal from people, not only can I enjoy stealing from others, I can also obtain many high level equipment from others……To me, its values are much higher than these crystals that are purely pretty.”

The Star Picking Glove was taken off by the Mysterious Merchant.  This trade was something he did not need to hesitate for at all.

Ye Tian Xie also traded over all of his crystal coins.

The trade was finished…..Two hundred crystal coins were traded for a Star Picking Glove with thirty seven uses.

“Goodbye.”  The Mysterious Merchant silently turned around and gave a cold goodbye.  Ye Tian Xie holding the Star Picking Glove curled his lips and said in a soft voice, “You….can’t leave.”

If it was the normal state Ye Tian Xie, it was impossible for him to do something as crazy as what he was planning to do, but…..Him undergoing the seven sins greed baptism, how could he allow these things he strongly desired to leave from before his eyes.

A long vine appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s hand.  His mind instantly locked onto the Mysterious Merchant.

The Mysterious Merchant felt something and suddenly turned around.  That rolled up tree vine suddenly flew out, stretching in the air as it moved towards the Mysterious Merchant.

The Wishing Tree’s Vine!!

The face of the Mysterious Merchant was still covered, so his expression couldn’t be seen.  He reached out his hand and instantly, a huge, indescribable pressure suddenly congealed space and time…..That target of this pressure was the vine flying towards him.  If this was an ordinary vine…..even if it was a vine made of iron, it would have crumbled under his attack…..

However, how could the Wishing Tree’s Vine be a normal vine.

It could trap all the beings in the world.  Once it locked onto something, even Saint Extermination Beasts could not think of running.  How could that be false?

Although the aura released by the Mysterious Merchant was terrifying, not to mention the Wishing Tree Vine being destroyed, it did not even stop.  It maintained its speed as it shot in front of the Mysterious Merchant as fast as light, catching him off guard. Then in an instant, it wrapped around him from head to toe.

What the Wishing Tree’s Vine trapped was not just one’s body, it also trapped one’s strength!

The instant he was trapped, the Mysterious Merchant felt like he was surrounded by an incomparably firm barrier.  Not only could his body not move, he couldn’t even release his power…..He desperately struggled, using his strength to break free…..He even tried attacking Ye Tian Xie with all his strength, but all his struggles and attacks were stopped by the Wishing Tree’s Vine.  In his struggle, his body without any freedom lost its balance as it fell down. Immediately, perhaps he knew that his struggles were completely futile, he gave up on struggling and stood there like a stump.

Ye Tian Xie put away the Demonic Dragon’s Fang and equipped the Star Picking Glove before walking over with a smile.

“You want to steal my things?”  The Mysterious Merchant did not move at all.  His voice was strangely calm, as if no matter what he faced, his voice would not reveal any emotional fluctuations at all.

“That’s right.  You should know that this binding, even if you have strength in the Saint Extermination Grade, you would still be trapped for at least a minute.  A minute is enough for me to steal thirty seven times……These thirty seven times, it should give me quite a harvest.” Ye Tian Xie revealed a grin that was incomparably evil, speaking in a voice that didn’t sound like that of a bad robber at all.

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