EDAH Chapter 398


Chapter 398: Shocking products

Mysterious Merchant’s number one products list:


Fire Cloud Stone: This can only be formed in places underground that have been burning for a long time.  Contains a high density of high level fire element. There is no heat from its surface, but when it encounters a collision, it will instantly release high temperatures.

Costs: 1 Yellow Crystal Coin.


Divine Brilliance Stone: Legends say that a true god left a stone from the god realm in the human realm.  It contains incredible mystical strength, but this kind of power needs to be incited in special ways for it to be released.  There are only a few in existence and it is incredibly precious.

Cost: 10 Yellow Crystal Coins.

Other World Divine Stone: Legends say that this is a stone from a strange other world.  It will release a strange silver light. It’s said that this stone has an incomparably strange combining ability that can combine two equipment of the same grade as long as they are beneath the Mysterious God Grade, causing their stats to perfectly combine.  There are a total of three on the entire Lost Continent and their whereabouts are unknown.

Cost: 100 Yellow Crystal Coins.

This merchant……The things the merchant sold on the number one product list were many and looking at them, there were many clear descriptions for them.  Ores, medicine, equipment, and items…..

Ye Tian Xie only looked at the three ores and he was already shocked to the point of being unable to come back to his sense for a while.

Fire Cloud Stone, Divine Brilliance Stone…..Wasn’t this the special stones Xing Bao Er said could be used to make that terrifying bomb, but she couldn’t find at all!!

As for that Other World Stone……The effects were simply incredible!  Fusing two different equipment and perfectly combining their stats. For example…..If there were two weapons with one hundred attack power, after they were combined, it would be a weapon with two hundred attack power.  There were no limits to the addition and there was no loss. The overall effects of two weapons would surpass that of simply one plus one! If two Heaven Grade Weapons were fused, the stats of the weapon produced…..Perhaps, it would directly become a Mysterious God Weapon!!

The things this Mysterious Merchant sold…..They really were shockingly strong.

As for these ores…..A Fire Cloud Stone was one crystal coin and a Divine Brilliance Stone was ten crystal coins…..It showed just how much of large wealth the one hundred and fifty crystal coins dropped by the Weeping Ice Feather Deer was.  The Other World Divine Stone was a bit more expensive…..One hundred crystal coins! Cut compared to its effect to easily create a shocking weapon, one hundred crystal coins…..Although he didn’t have enough crystal coins, having only a tenth of the needed Yellow Crystal Coins, it had to be said that this kind of price was not strange at all!

It would be better if it was one hundred gold coins.

Only, with the Yellow Crystal Coins he currently had…..He could buy a total of ten Fire Cloud Stones or a single Divine Brilliance Stone.  He shouldn’t even think about the Other World Divine Stone at all.

After being depressed for a bit, he looked at the following items with shock and expectation.


Sacred Spirit Herb: Can instantly restore HP to max.  There is no limit on levels and cooldowns in terms of use.

Cost: 1 Sapphire Crystal Coin for ten.

Evil Spirit’s Water: Can instantly restore MP to max.  There is no limit on levels and cooldowns in terms of use.

Cost: 1 Sapphire Crystal Coin for ten.

Mineral Water: Mineral water that comes from the Third Country Woman Spring on the west of the Lost Continent.  Can restore 30% of max HP and MP per second and lasts for ten seconds.

Cost: 1 Sapphire Crystal Coin for two bottles.

Kiwi Fruit: Fresh kiwi fruit from Hunchback Mountain, rich in vitamin C.  Can be eaten to refill all of the body’s energy. After use, hunger -10 and for ten minutes, +10% physical attack power, +10% magical attack power, +10% accuracy, +10% evasion, +10% move speed, and +20% all abnormal status resistance.

Cost: 1 Sapphire Crystal Coin for ten.

Dry Hot Pepper: The super hot pepper from Hunchback Mountain known as “invincibly spicy”.  One will feel a burning sensation in their body after eating this pepper. Hunger -1 and +30% physical attack power for ten minutes.

Side Effect……It is strongly advised to not use this item in a critical moment or you will suffer the risks.

Cost: 1 Sapphire Crystal Coin for ten.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Sapphire Crystal Coins, the crystal coins he had the most of…..As for these items, they were stronger and more unique than the last.  Only…..

Underneath, there were still three more categories.


Vermillion Bird Plumage: ????

Cost: 999 Scarlet Crystal Coins

Seeing the words Vermillion Bird Plumage, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes trembled, almost not daring to belive his eyes.

The Azure Dragon’s Ring, the Vermillion Bird Plumage, the White Tiger Earrings, the Black Tortoise Boots, and the Qilin Heart……These were the five Mysterious God Equipment that were inheritances of the ancient five sacred beasts’ power that Yuan Ya spoke of.

He had obtained the Azure Dragon’s Ring from the Weeping Ice Feather Deep.  As for this merchant…..From the things he was selling, he actually saw the Vermillion Bird Plumage!!

This shock was enough to make him dumbfounded.  It took him a while to come back to his senses.

According to what Yuan Ya said, the Vermillion Bird Plumage had brought a storm of blood to the Lost Continent in the past.  Many people wanted to obtain it, but were unable to and finally these five divine items mysteriously disappeared at the same time, finally calming down the blood storm.  Then this person…..Why did he have the Vermillion Bird Plumage.

Also he dared to sell something that couldn’t be sold?

After the words Vermillion Bird Plumage, there were just pure question marks.  It was unknown if it was unidentified or if it was deliberately hidden. Nine hundred and ninety nine Scarlet Crystal Coins.  A Mysterious God Beast only dropped one hundred and fifty crystal coins and so the equivalency to one thousand Scarlet Crystal Coins was…..It can be imagined what it would take to obtain this.

Ye Tian Xie secretly grit his teeth.  What he was currently feeling was no different from what he felt when he was lacking money in Yuan Que’s store……But, thinking about it now, Yuan Que was quite cute because although his prices were high, at least he used gold coins.  As for this person…..The things he sold were much more astonishing than Yuan Que’s items, but if one didn’t have the special currency needed, it didn’t matter how much money they had.


Water Evading Drop: A mysterious pearl with the ability to evade water.  As long as one holds it in one’s mouth, they can freely move through water without feeling any water resistance.  There will be no need for air, but this can only be maintained for 30 minutes each day.

Cost: 2 Scarlet Crystal Coins, 2 Sapphire Crystal Coins, 2 Yellow Crystal Coins, 2 Purple Crystal Coins, and 2 Green Crystal Coins.

Placed at the very bottom was a white scroll.  Looking over its stats, his jaw almost fell off from his shock.

Beginner Village Return Scroll: In the ancient era, the continent was filled with chaos.  The Lost Continent was beset with many disasters. Many people prayed to the heavens for a place outside this world to appear, a place they could never come back from.  A true god heard their summons and produced 100000 worlds from the same model. The price was that once they entered the sealed places without any disasters or chaos, they would never be able to return to the Lost Continent.  Three years after, the sealed planes became a sealed topic for the citizens of the Lost Continent. The sealed worlds were separated from the Lost Continent and normal communications could not reach them. After that, these 100000 worlds became Beginner Villages that welcomed the otherworlders, entrusting them with the task of sending them from this sealed place to the Lost Continent.  However, before these worlds were sealed, in order to leave a final bit of leeway, there were three scrolls that had the ability to cut through dimensions. These scrolls could send people from the Lost Continent to these sealed places.

After being used, one can return to a Beginner Village.

Cost: 300 Scarlet Crystal Coins, 300 Sapphire Crystal Coins, 300 Yellow Crystal Coins, 300 Purple Crystal Coins, and 300 Green Crystal Coins.

A scroll that could send one back to the Beginner Village!!

There was this kind of scroll that existed!!

Ye Tian Xie was completely shocked.  He raised his head to look at the Mysterious Merchant.  His eyes looked straight forward as if he wanted to penetrate that bamboo had and directly see the face behind it.  This person, this person that could own one shocking item after the other, was he really just a merchant? Where did he come from and why did he have to use crystal coins to exchange for items?

When he left Beginner Village 60001, he decided that he would find a way back.  The items in Yuan Que’s hands that could permanently increase stats, the Water of Life, as well as the key that could open the Heavenly Sacred Temple.  As well, there was that old lady that wanted him to collect ten thousand wolf eyes and the blacksmith’s mysterious quest……That weirder and more seemingly impossible a quest was, the more special the reward would be, so he couldn’t let that go.

When he wasn’t expecting it, the method of returning to the Beginner Village was sent to him…..In this manner that appeared by itself in front of him.  When something was needed, it would inadvertently come itself.

Only…..He had only found it.

That price…..A total of one thousand and five hundred crystal coins, it was even more than the Mysterious God Grade  Vermillion Bird Plumage. He began to consider if he should forcefully take it from this Mysterious Merchant.

“Young man, do you need to buy anything?  If you do, just tell me. I have never wasted more than sixty seconds on a single person before.”

The Mysterious Merchant’s words were completely calm, like they came from the mouth of a middle aged man, but also from the mouth of an old man…..It was even more like it came from the mouth of a dead man.

This voice immediately made Ye Tian Xie swallow the words he wanted to say.  To have this kind of voice and tone, no matter what he asked him, he would not obtain an answer at all.  At this moment, his eyes were flying over the incomparably shocking products……

If possible, he really wanted to buy the Other World Stone, the Vermillion Bird Plumage, and the Beginner Village Return Scroll……But good things always had a steep price.  All the crystal coin he owned was not enough to buy any of these items and he was far lacking in terms of the prices.

Should he really make a move?

Ye Tian Xie looked at that person…..Finally, he obediently suppressed this thought in his mind.

Just based on the fact that he could appear without a trace behind him was already enough for him to never provoke him.

What should he do……Could he only helplessly watch and buy nothing?


He kept thinking in his mind, seeking a way to keep these items that he wanted to keep.  This was because according to the description from the Sapphire Crystal Coin in the pat, this Mysterious Merchant wandered the world and never remained in the same place for long.  If he missed this chance today, he would not know when he could meet him again.

The more pitiful consequence is that after madly grinding out the crystal coins and being lucky enough to meet him again…..It would be sad if the items he wanted were bought by others.

So, he had to think of a way!

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