EDAH Chapter 380


Chapter 380: Naked blackmail (Part 2)

After saying this, the smile on Ye Tian Xie’s face disappeared, being replaced by a deep and sinister expression that filled one with absolute fear.  His change was too quick, his expression suddenly became fierce, and even his aura had changed. Even that natural performer Situ Chana had to sigh in appreciation over this.  This change in expression made the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members’ hearts which had just fallen jump up again. He coldly said, “Truly a good Wings of Shrouded Heaven, for a single pet, you dare to harm my woman!  You even dare try to trick me, using me to mutually harm the God Realm Guild….Truly a good Wings of Shrouded Heaven.”


“You better not tell you weren’t the ones who did this.  The consequences of trying to deceive me is more terrifying than you can imagine.

The Moment of Destiny came down, dangling over the guild sign.


The middle aged man’s fist tightened and the nail almost pierced his skin.  But the biggest chip had fallen in the enemy’s hand so he could only endure and keep enduring…..As for that matter, it was indeed done by his Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  He never would have thought that such a flawless plan would actually be seen through by him.

We…..That was indeed done by us, only we didn’t know that Misty Rain Revival was…..”

“Didn’t know?”  Ye Tian Xie gave a cold laugh, “Are you proving your stupidity or are you testing my intelligence?  What a joke! If you didn’t know my relationship with her, why would you try to plot against me!”

“We…..”  The middle aged man was at a loss for words before forcing himself to say, “We thought that you were just ordinary friends, we never thought she was….your woman.”

“Then do you know now?”

“We do.  We will never dare do the same thing every again.  If anyone ever dares move against young miss Su in the future, we will definitely step out.”  The middle aged man vowed.

“He…..You think giving a vow even a ghost wouldn’t believe would mean everything’s over?  Shouldn’t you give some compensation?” Ye Tian Xie played with his finger as he slowly said this.

The middle aged man swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he said, “How……How much.”

Ye Tian Xie stretched out another finger and slowly shaked it, “Not much…..One billion!  It’s really too cheap for you!”

Son of Heaven wanted to explode with rage, but that middle aged man stopped him.  He forced himself to remain calm as he said, “”We were indeed in the wrong for this matter…..Alright, one billion!  We can give it to you, but you must promise that our Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s two grudges are settled. From now on, you won’t owe us anything and we won’t owe you!”

He could see that Xie Tian specially came to their Wings of Shrouded Heaven today to just blackmail them out of wealth…..rather to blackmail them out of gold coins.  Now that the enemy had the most important chip in his hands, what he was pinching was the life and death of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven. This kind of situation made them feel a deep helplessness.  As for this Xie Tian, would he care about human relations? Will he accept this so called bargain? What a joke……

Using money to avoid a disaster…..The middle aged man could only think of this in a depressed manner.

Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile and said, “Alright!  As long as you give me this one billion, I won’t investigate the matter of the fake Tian Mo Xie and I will forget the matter of you offending my woman.  We will settle all of this and your Wings of Shrouded Heaven won’t have any other grudges with me……I’m too lazy to waste words with you. Ten seconds, one billion!  If you’re late by a single second, do you believe I will immediately end your Wings of Shrouded Heaven!”

Ye Tian Xie said this in an incredibly firm voice, not giving them any time or chances to bargain.  The middle aged man quickly picked up the communication device and called someone, once again shouting with a cold expression, “Immediately transfer one billion to Xie Tian…..Quickly!  If you don’t finish this in five seconds, I will ruin your entire family!!”

Ding dong…..Another billion entered his hands and Ye Tian Xie’s smile became even brighter.  Money could actually come this easily. Speaking of this, Xing Bao Er sold him the Ten Thousand Miles Tracker for five hundred thousand each and rented the Illusory Stone Core for ten thousand gold coins a day…..In the blink of an eye, he used these two things to gain several hundred times that price.

Ze, ze, how could he be a man that lost money?

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members were already covered in cold sweat with sweat dripping down their backs.  In less than a minute, they had already given Xie Tian two billion! This was not twenty, two hundred, two thousand, or twenty thousand…..It was an entire two billion!  Although the Yun Family was rich, money shouldn’t be spent like this! The Yun Family could not spend all their money on the Wings of Shrouded Heaven in the game world. They could only hope that with this two billion, Xie Tian would immediately leave and never appear again.

“Xie Tian, the money has been transferred.  According to our agreement, our grudge has already been settled…..If you have free time, then why don’t we sit down and drink some tea?   If we can turned hostilities into friendships, losing an enemy and gaining a friend, that would be an incredibly great matter for us.” The middle aged man forced himself to smile as he spoke.  Now and in the future, there was an 100% assurance that they wouldn’t dare offend Xie Tian again. Xie Tian had not retaliated against them, but once he made a move, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven would encounter disaster after disaster, making them anxious for several days now.

But on the contrary…..If they could make this person their ally…..

But they knew that with Xie Tian’s personality and style, that possibility was incredibly small.

“Very good.”  Ye Tian Xie had a faint smile as he looked over his gold coin figure, one that was incomparably strange.  His right hand came down and he slowly said, “Not bad, it really is two billion. Then our grudges will be reluctantly settled.  Then….”

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes turned cold as his hand suddenly came up holding the Moment of Destiny.  He ruthlessly slashed at the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s guild sign.

“Xie Tian!!”


All the Wings of Shrouded members were filled with panic.  This sudden move form Ye Tian Xie almost made their balls explode with fear.  A large group of people tried jumping at him, but Ye Tian Xie did not move as a blue light shined from behind him.  Kaka with the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s form appeared. With a flap of the ice blue wings, a large scale “Snow Storm” swept out.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s secret room was not big, so when the group of people were hit by the “Snow Storm”, they were all blown back like scattered leaves, not leaving a single one behind.

When Ye Tian Xie’s Moment of Destiny stopped right before hitting the guild sign, these people who had their hearts in their throats finally came back to their senses.  Ye Tian Xie turned around and coldly said, “You want to attack me?”

“Xie Tian….You, why did you go back on your promise!  You are the world famous Tian Mo Xie, yet you’re acting like this…..You really make people look down on you!!”  The middle aged man finally couldn’t hold back his anger as he angrily roared out.

“Renege my promise?  When did I do that.” Ye Tian Xie narrowed his eyes to look at him while the Moment of Destiny moved up and down above the guild sign.  Those Wings of Shrouded Heaven high level members felt like there was a knife moving up and down over their necks.

“We have already given you two billion and you agreed to forget the grudge between us!  You are the respected Xie Tian, do you want to break your word!”

“Break my word?  Why would I do that.  I have said that I would reluctantly wipe out the grudge between me and your Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..But I never said I wouldn’t challenge you in the future.  In the past it was you who piqued my Xie Tian’s anger, but now it seems like it’s my turn.” He shook the Moment of Destiny while speaking in a low and deep voice.

Son of Heaven’s suppressed anger finally couldn’t help exploding as he roared, “Xie Tian!!  You’re going too far! If you dare move against my Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s sign today, I……”

“What will you do?”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes narrowed as he spoke in an interested voice.  In his eyes, there was no fear and hesitation at all, clearly he didn’t care about the things Son of Heaven said at all…..But he completely had the ability and qualification to not care about the Wings of Shrouded Heaven at all.  Just three days ago, they never thought a single person would be able to fight with such a large organization. In just a few short days, this thought had been completely turned upside down.

“Si Hai, don’t be impulsive!”  That middle aged man grabbed Son of Heaven again before saying in a low voice, “You mustn’t be impulsive…..Xie Tian wasn’t planning on destroying of Wings of Shrouded Heaven since the beginning, otherwise he would have made his move already and wouldn’t waste his time making these bluffs.  However, if you truly anger him, he can do whatever he wants. We can accept this insult, but the Wings of Shrouded Heaven cannot be destroyed! If the Wings of Shrouded Heaven is destroyed, we can still withstand the large loss, but we can never recover our past and present magnificence if we have to rebuild the Wings of Shrouded Heaven again…..No matter what, you need to stand firm.  Him coming here today is clearly to blackmail us…..We are already investigating him in the real world, once that is finished, you can retaliate however you want. The gold coins he is taking from us, we will take back without missing a single one…..Calm down! Real men need to learn to adapt to the situation and can endure their anger!”

The status of this middle aged man was Son of Heaven’s seventh uncle.

Son of Heaven’s face turned green, but he forced himself not to say a single word.  In this life, he had never been as aggrieved as this moment. The person he was facing was the person he hated the most, was the most jealous of, and was the most afraid of.  He could be considered his most irreconcilable enemy, but when he was in front of him taunting and blackmailing them…..he could only endure, he had to endure. This was because in his hand was the life and death of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven!

He was like a balloon that kept inflating, making his chest feel like it was stuffed.  It made his entire body feel uncomfortable like he was about to explode.

“Xie Tian…..Just tell me what you want!  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven will not take advantage of you!  Just tell us your condition and as long as you pledge never to attack our guild sign again and it isn’t too excessive, we will do our best to fulfill it.”  the middle aged man suppressed his anger as he spoke.

“Is that so.  Then give me another two billion.”  Ye Tian Xie did not even think about it as he spoke in an incomparably casual voice.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members all sucked in a breath of cold air…..Two billion, it was another two billion!

In just a few short minutes, he used this brutal method that they couldn’t resist to blackmail four billion from the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  They had seen a tiger roar before, but they had never seen any dare talk like this before.

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