EDAH Chapter 379


Chapter 379: Naked blackmail (Part 1)

Xing Bao Er who obtained the Illusory Bead said goodbye to Ye Tian Xie and then left.  Ye Tian Xie shook the model of the Ultimate Large Star Bomb before taking out another Illusory Bead and also left the Tower of Destiny.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven headquarters had suffered quite a bit of damage and the repair work hadn’t been complete yet.  Son of Heaven hadn’t gone anywhere these past few days and he was always in an agitated mood, while thinking about how to retaliate against Ye Tian Xie.  In his life, he who had always been placed on a pedestal had never suffered this kind of shame and frustration.

This time, he wasn’t thinking about how to destroy Ye Tian Xie in the game world, rather he wanted to have people know the real identity of Ye Tian Xie at all cost.  Actually his heart was already filled with a shadow of fear of Ye Tian Xie in the gaming world, he already subconsciously did not have the guts to provoke him again, so he started from the gaming world…..He would destroy him once he finds him.  Then the Destiny world would no longer have a Xie Tian!

The place he was currently in was the secret room in the center of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven headquarters.  In the center of the secret room was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s sign. As long as someone broke through the heavy defenses to this place and attacked this sign, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven guild would be disbanded.


However if there was someone that could use a method to come in here…..That would be too terrifying.

The consequences of disbanding would surely be brutal.  Once the guild disappeared, the members would scatter in every direction and the influence the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had would disintegrate.  The newly established chamber of commerce would also be destroyed…..The countless gold coins, hardwork, and prestige that had been accumulated would all be lost.  With the scale of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, even the Yun Family would be unable to bear such losses.

Son of Heaven’s brows were locked as he thought of his many concerns.  Suddenly a white light appeared in front of his eyes as a human figure appeared in front of him.  Son of Heaven was shocked and when he clearly saw this person, he jumped out of his chair. He quickly retreated and was about to shout out.

“Don’t be excited, I’m not here to kill you.  If I wanted to kill you, you would have turned into a corpse already.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a grin as he spoke in a cold voice. His smile was like the smile of a devil in Son of Heaven’s eyes.

“You…..How did you get in!”  Son of Heaven found it very hard to keep his calm.  This was the center of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven that was heavily guarded, a core place where others definitely could not visit, a forbidden place where the guild sign was placed…..But now, Xie Tian had appeared here without any indications, without passing through any of the defenses outside, and it was impossible for people to let him in…..Because there were only a few people in the entire Wings of Shrouded Heaven that had the qualification to come in here.  Xie Tian clearly appeared out of thin air!

He could directly appear in the center of the guild…..If he wanted to destroy a guild’s sign and exterminate the guild, how hard would it be.

Thinking of this, he was already covered in cold sweat.

Actually, Ye Tian Xie wasn’t as amazing as Son of Heaven thought he was, going wherever he pleased.  He could only come here because he took advantage of the Ten Thousand Miles Tracking Device he had bought from Xing Bao Er.  The Ten Thousand Miles Tracker could not only trace people, but it could allow one to instant appear beside the target. When he found Son of Heaven was in the heart of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven guild, he decisively left the Tower of Destiny and followed him here, disregarding all the defenses outside.

Even now, Son of Heaven still had not discovered that there was a thin and small thing that was placed on him by Ye Tian Xie and he definitely did not have a way of taking it off.

“This kind of place, of course I can come and go as I please.  What, are you not happy to see me?” Ye Tian Xie had a teasing smile on his face as he spoke to Son of Heaven in a pitying voice.

When Ye Tian Xie’s voice fell, the doors to the core room suddenly opened as a large group of people charged in.  They did not rush Ye Tian Xie and quickly moved in front of the floating guild sign in the middle, obviously wanting to protect it first.  But Ye Tian Xie’s speed was faster than them. When the door opened, Ye Tian Xie took several steps and in front of the fearful Wings of Shrouded Heaven members, he moved beside the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s guild sign.  The jet black Moment of Destiny appeared and it was pointed at the weak guild sign.

The guild sign was very weak.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven was only a level two guild, but the guild sign only had twenty thousand HP.  Twenty thousand……With the attack power Xie Tian always showed, how many attacks from him could that twenty thousand HP last?

So, generally speaking, if a guild’s defenses were penetrated by someone and they reached the core, this basically meant destruction.  So, seeing Xie Tian appear here, Son of Heaven was filled with fear.

“Xie Tian!  You….Don’t act unreasonably.  If you dare destroy it, my Wings of Shrouded Heaven will be unable to co-exist with you and will chase you to the ends of the earth!!”  Son of Heaven was very startled, causing him to roar out. The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members did not dare act rashly. They were afraid that once they moved, Xie Tian would immediately destroy the guild’s sign.  They were fully aware that if the guild sign was destroyed, the result would be utter destruction.

“Unable to co-exist?  Chase me to the ends of the earth?”  Ye Tian Xie acted like he heard a strange joke and almost broke out in laughter.  He slowly said, “Is that so? I am really anticipating that. However, it is unknown if there will still be a Wings of Shrouded Heaven in this world after today.”

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes turned cold as he raised his Moment of Destiny, preparing to swing it down.

“Stop!”  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members that saw this were all shocked to the point of their souls flying out as they all shouted out.  Ye Tian Xie’s attack stopped at just the right time. A few people that looked to be middle aged said in a trembling voice, “Xie Tian, if you have words, say them.  First put your weapon down……Don’t you hate that fake Tian Mo Xie…..We can promise that he will definitely not appear again and we can guarantee this with the most vicious oath.”

This middle aged man was more mature and steady, he knew how to observe, how to calm down, and know when to act.  This kind of statement of calming down the situation would never be said by Son of Heaven. With Ye Tian Xie’s personality, this time would not be clean.  At least with a few words from them, they had stopped his attack on their guild sign…..It was clear he didn’t really want to destroy their Wings of Shrouded Heaven and rather…..He had a plan.

As long as the entire Wings of Shrouded Heaven was not destroyed, they felt that any request could be accepted.  If the Wings of Shrouded Heaven was truly destroyed, it would be worse than directly killing them. Ignoring the various losses that they had already suffered, if the Wings of Shrouded Heaven of this scale was truly destroyed, even if they re-established, who would dare join it?  The loss of prestige would always be difficult to recover.

Not to mention that they were all in a shocked condition, not understanding just how Xie Tian suddenly appeared in this place.  Even if he destroyed them, they would not understand what happened.

“Tian Mo Xie?  Hei…..” Ye Tian Xie put down the Moment of Destiny which made the hearts in all the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members fall down.  He said with a sinister smile, “Just not letting him appear again is enough? Hei…..What do you treat my Xie Tian, my Tian Mo Xie name as!  You want to solve this with just a few words, are you all a bunch of fools without brains or do you think I am a fool!!”

“No, no, we definitely did not have that meaning.”  The middle aged man that spoke before quickly waved his hand.  In this situation, he had no choice but to lower his head and say, “This matter is all our fault for offending you, but our Wings of Shrouded Heaven have already met an enormous disaster.  This can be considered our punishment and a lesson…..”

“That was what you deserved!”  Ye Tian Xie angrily said with a frown, “Me not completely destroying you is already considered a huge favour!”

“Yes, yes, we deserved it.  But now that we are in this situation, your anger should have already faded.”  The middle aged man quickly said.

Ye Tian Xie gave a cold laugh, “My anger did subside a bit, but my reputation and mind have suffered a loss.  This debt needs to be properly settled.”

The middle aged man was stunned.  He looked over at Son of Heaven and saw that he had a sinister face, as well as lips turned purple by rage.  He knew that if he allowed him to speak, the situation would develop to a point where it couldn’t be redeemed.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s survival was more important than anything. If they could pass through this life and death situation for the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, this would be the most terrifying trial in history, so endure your anger.  Immediately, he quickly said, “Yes, yes! We know that this matter has had a large….influence on you. As long you you give a request, if you forget this matter, we will do all we can to satisfy you.”

“Request?”  Ye Tian Xie’s smile became more sinister.  His brows jumped up as he said, “My request is very simple…..”

He slowly reached out his right hand and revealed a ring in front of them, “To compensate the loss to my reputation and mind…..One billion!”

“One…..One billion!?”  The middle aged man’s voice began to tremble.

“What?”  Ye Tian Xie’s face suddenly turned cold again, “Your Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s respected Son of Heaven once bid over one billion for a piece of level fifteen equipment.  Could the damage to my reputation and mind not compare to a single piece of level fifteen equipment?”

“But…..But, one billion is a bit too…..”

“Then there’s nothing to talk about!”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes focused as he raised the Moment of Destiny in his hand.  He let it heavily fall down and it made the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members who were just a few steps away feel like the Moment of Destiny’s pressure was falling on them.  They were certain that with this one attack, the guild sign would be shattered.

“Wait, wait…..One billion!  One billion is fine!” Ye Tian Xie’s move made the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members so scared that their soul almost flew out.  That middle aged man used all his strength to shout out. Ye Tian Xie’s Moment of Destiny stopped right before touching the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s sign.  He looked down and said, “Very good…..I’ll give you ten seconds to transfer it to me! Remember, ten seconds!”

The time Xie Tian set was the time allowed.  Three days ago, Xie Tian counting down three seconds continuously left a deep shadow on them, letting not a single one of them dare challenge the time set by Xie Tian.  The middle aged man clearly had a lot of authority in the Wings of Shrouded Heaven as he quickly raised his communication device in a panic and roared, “Immediately transfer one billion to Xie Tian, immediately!  If you can’t do it in five seconds, I will ruin you!!”

The transfer of Gold Coins in the Destiny world could be completed instantaneously.  Compared to deals in the real world, it was much faster and there wouldn’t be the risk of being cheated.

Putting down the communication device, the middle aged man wiped his cold sweat as he tried to appear sincere, “Xie Tian, what you want will be given in ten seconds…..We hope you can forget this “Tian Mo Xie” matter.  That fake “Tian Mo Xie” will never appear again and we will never try the same thing ever again.”

With a system notification in his ear, he knew the one billion was already in his hands.  Ye Tian Xie cast a glance at his gold coins number and his lips curled into a greedy smile.  He looked up, stroking his Moment of Destiny while casually saying, “Alright. I will forget the matter of you making a fake “Tian Mo Xie”.  Now, we should discuss how your Wings of Shrouded Heaven wants to settle the matter of you attacking my woman.”

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