EDAH Chapter 377


Chapter 377: New communication device

“Alright, my words were wrong…..My family’s Bao’er is the most obedient, clever, sympathetic, generous, and beautiful woman in the world, kindly bringing me things…..Un?  Is this fine now?” Ye Tian Xie slightly bent forward and admired her little face as he spoke. Although Xing Bao Er was only fifteen and her chest was quite developed, her body was somewhat lagging behind, only reaching Ye Tian Xie’s shoulders.  Face with this little girl who he couldn’t spank or scold, or even bear to scold, Ye Tian Xie had to treat her the same way he treated Guo Guo. The first few parts were fine, but that “most generous” part made Ye Tian Xie almost want to twist his body.

Xing Bao Er was satisfied, but she still revealed a look being being aggrieved.  Her little nose was slightly raised as she said with a soft snort, “I was the most obedient, clever, sympathetic, generous and beautiful woman to begin with…..I am Xing Bao Er, I do not belong to your family.”

After being with Ye Tian Xie for this long, the usual Xing Bao Er that Ye Tian Xie was used to was now opening herself up.  In these few days, this intelligent little girl had spent her time trying to understand Ye Tian Xie, understanding everything about him…..In front of others, he could be cold and heartless, being completely overbearing, making others completely submit themselves to him.  This aura and pressure was not something normal people could have and it was not something that could be developed.

And in front of her…..Even if she acted very overbearing and willful, even requesting higher and higher prices from him…..He would only reveal looks of surprise, looks of speechlessness, or even looks of shock, but he would never be angry with her or scold her…..Instead, he would accept her greedy and willful nature.


She was not silly and was rather very intelligent, otherwise she would not have insight on so many things at such a young age.  Otherwise, even with the Heaven Grade Engineer Job, she would not be able to invent all those things. She clearly understood that this was him caring for her and pitying her.  Although she did not know why he cared for her and pitied her…..Could it be that he really fell in love with her?

When this feeling sunk to the bottom of her heart, unconsciously she did not have any barriers towards him.  In front of him, she could be spoiled, willful, throw a tantrum, or cry out loud…..She didn’t realize that she was slowly being infatuated by this feeling.

To conquer a girl, it was very simple.  That was to give her the thing she has always wanted deep down in her heart, especially in terms of emotions.  Items could come after.

“Good, good, good, you specially following me…..Oh, no, its worked hard to find me to give me what item?”  Ye Tian Xie asked, actually feeling curious deep down. The more contact he had with Xing Bao Er, the more he was surprised by her mysteriousness.  On her body, whenever he asked for items with all kinds of functions, even those that shouldn’t appear, she would always give an affirmative answer…..Perhaps she would immediately make it.  Then for her to specially find him, what would it be?

Other than that……That Ten Thousand Miles Tracker on him, he could not take it off no matter what.  So, if Xing Bao Er wanted to find him, he could not hide no matter where he went.

“Humph, humph!  Look at it properly!  This is a very incredible item!  Look….” Xing Bao Er had her hands behind her before suddenly taking it out.  She was holding a black ring in her hand which Ye Tian Xie stared at…..That appearance, that size, that colour, it seemed like it was the same as the communication device players had that could be used to call others, and record and watch videos.  Ye Tian Xie tested her by asking, “Communication device?”

“Of course!”  Xing Bao Er’s brows jumped up as she proudly said, “However, this is completely different from the normal communication devices.  This is communication device that I have specially modified. Although it has the same shape, it has an extra powerful ability…..As long as you have this communication device, you can contact the other side without any restrictions.  No matter who you want to communicate with, even if that person is protected by others, you can directly call them. Unless they throw away their communication device, otherwise they have no choice but to listen……Isn’t it very powerful?”  Xing Bao Er paused for a bit before her eyes became even brighter, “However, if you thought that it only had this ability, you were wrong. The most powerful part about this communication device is its universal wiretapping function!”

“Universal wiretapping?”  Ye Tian Xie tapped his forehead…..This name seemed very incredible.

“That’s right!  It’s this……As long as you put a person’s name into the communication device, you can immediately hear them and their surroundings, and you won’t be found out by the other side.  There are also no limits, so you can listen to them for as long as you want. Isn’t that very, very powerful?” Xing Bao Er swung the communication device in her hand. Her brows were curved as her voice fell down like clear water.

“……”  Ye Tian Xie’s face revealed a shocked expression.  He confirmed in a voice filled with disbelief, “Really?”

Forced calling and unlimited eavesdropping…..This simply an unstoppable eavesdropping method.

This was simply heaven defying!

If it really was this powerful, as long as the other side was in the Destiny world, he could eavesdrop on whoever he wanted to eavesdrop on!

“Of course it’s true!  Actually, each player’s communication device has a recording function to it and it is always on, but I don’t know where’s it’s being sent.  It should be saved in the logs like all the other ancient virtual reality games, so it’s easy to use this high level technology to steal the other side’s recording from time to time.  This is for you.” Xing Bao Er came forward and took the initiative to take off Ye Tian Xie’s old communication device before helping him put on the new one.

The communication device was not a set item, but rather a general item.  As long as one has it equipped, it will automatically bind to that person.  If it is taken off, it will unbind and return to a freed state. It didn’t matter if this communication device was lost because it could be bought very cheaply in the item shop and could be used as soon as it was bought.

“Alright.”  After helping Ye Tian Xie put it on, Xing Bao Er took two steps back, giggling as she spoke.  She also casually put the communication device that used to belong to Ye Tian Xie into her inventory.  When this piece of scrap was sold, it could still bring in a few gold coins.

Ye Tian Xie carefully looked over the communication device on his wrist.  He found that there was nothing different with it before asking, “How much?”

“Ya!  I already said I’m giving it to you, no need for money.”  Xing Bao Er said.

“Oh…..How could I do that.”  This incredibly stingy Xing Bao Er was actually giving this incredible thing for free.  Ye Tian Xie who was used to “suffering from her evil” felt an uncomfortable feeling run over him.

“Ah?  If you feel embarrassed, then……”

“Un, I’ll leave it like this.  Thanks little Bao’er. This place is not bad, want me to lead you around to bully some small monsters?”  Ye Tian Xie immediately changed the topic, cutting off the second half of Xing Bao Er’s words. He was looking over the introduction of this new communication device and its abilities, and it was indeed as Xing Bao Er said, but in the end…..His eyes slightly trembled as his heart twisted…..As expected, this little girl would not give him something for free for no reason!  There really was a trick.

The Star Brand Communication Device’s final sentence was: …..Can not block player “Precious Star’s” calls in any way.

Ye Tian Xie thought about it and endured it.  Compared to the other functions this communication device had, the little trick Xing Bao Er left behind did not count for much.

“There is also another thing…..But this one isn’t for free and its price is a bit expensive.”  Xing Bao Er reached behind her as she looked up, revealing a pure and flawless smile.

When Xing Bao Er said it wasn’t expensive, it was already terrifyingly expensive.

But today she had actually said “a bit expensive”.  These words made Ye Tian Xie break out in sweat as he could imagine what “a bit” meant when she said a bit expensive.

“What is it?”  Ye Tian Xie weakly asked.  He knew that if Xing Bao Er sold him something at a high price meant it was something he was very interested in or seriously need, otherwise she would not raise a very high price.

“It’s the new invisible storage bag…..Look!”  Xing Bao Er reacher her hand out and took out a plain coloured little bag.  This was the storage bag that every player had. This bag could appear and disappear instantly.  When one need to take out an item, one did not need to summon it out and could directly take out the item.  A player’s bag had an initial fifty slots and the highest it could be expanded to was two hundred slots.

“This, what’s special about it?”  Ye Tian Xie asked. He then thought of the scene from Falling Wind Town in the past and asked in a surprised voice, “How many spaces does it have?”

“Hei, hei, hei!”  Xing Bao Er revealed a sly smile as she said with a proud expression on her face, “This has the same amount of space as my current bag!  A total of twenty thousand free spaces! That’s right, it’s twenty thousand! It’s the ten thousand of one, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand!  Twenty thousand!”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“This was made from special resources that I brought out from that place, there won’t be another one.  Big brother Xie Tian, do you want to buy it? If you don’t buy it, I’ll use it myself. This really is the last one.”  Xing Bao Er used an enticing voice and expression as she spoke calmly.

“…..How much money!”

“I’ve said it before, it’s a bit expensive.  However, although it is a bit expensive, it has a total of twenty thousand free spaces, so it’s very worth it.  As for the price, let’s count each space as one thousand gold coins, so a total of twenty million gold coins!”

Ye Tian Xie: [email protected]#¥%……

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