EDAH Chapter 376


Chapter 376: No more Tian Mo Xie

Xie Tian was Tian Mo Xie.  This news caused incomparable shock as it spread across China in half a day before spreading across the world.

The tragedy of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven warned everyone, especially those powers that felt that they could fear nothing…..Anyone else could be offended, just not Xie Tian.  Although he was just a single person, the facts of today warned them that if this person was to really become angry, even the Wings of Shrouded Heaven would meet this pitiful fate, not to mention others?

The Red Leaves Guild and the War Soul Hall with grudges against Xie Tian did not make moves and they did not make a move.  Just like when they were faced with Tian Mo Xie in the past, as long as he did not touch their bottom lines, they would go all out to avoid him.  As for the War Soul Hall high level members, they already regretted offending this terrifying evil star because they couldn’t keep their calm. They did not think of revenge and right now, everyone could see that Xie Tian was the kind that seeked revenge for the smallest grievances and whoever touched him would be unlucky.  They could only hope that Xie Tian would forget their grudges. As for the Red Leaves Guild…..Red Leaves Strong Gale still did not know why Xie Tian was so set on going against him.

In the Heavenly Stellar City Square, after the Wings of Shrouded Heaven players left in a panic, “Tian Mo Xie” also disappeared after turning into white light.  He already no longer had the face to remain here any longer. And…..His appearance had already been revealed by Ye Tian Xie in front of everyone. It could be imagined that for a long time in the future, a dark shadow would be cast over his life whether it was the gaming world or the real world.  He had to put a mask on when he went out, otherwise he would recognized and disdained no matter where he went, perhaps even having rotten eggs thrown at him.


However, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven disaster did not end their.  On the contrary, they were just beginning.

This was because Xie Tian today and the next few days needed to take care of the person that pretended to be him.  The real main culprit was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..Accurately speaking, Son of Heaven. He had really begun yet.  This old debt and adding in the offense of him trying to take Su Fei Fei’s Frost Wolf, very soon, Son of Heaven will truly understand…..what is known as regret.

Everyone was now staring at Ye Tian Xie, revealing the expression they would use when staring at Tian Mo Xie in the past. Situ Chana who was the closest to him was afraid the crowd would charge forward and crush him, so he quickly came forward and said, “Xie Tian, perhaps you have already forgotten a small character like me.  Please allow me to introduce myself again, I am Situ…..”

When the words Situ came out, a white flash appeared in front of his eyes as Xie Tian disappeared without a single sound.

The world was silent and Situ Chana also went silent.

A desolate wind gently blew out, bringing a withered yellow leaf from out of nowhere, slowly landing at Situ Chana’s feet.

The injured Situ Chana turned around as his lonely figure disappeared into the crowd.

Would Ye Tian Xie let off that “Tian Mo Xie” this easily?  Of course not.

Him suddenly leaving was not to avoid the crowd or to avoid Situ Chana.  Rather…..he was chasing “Tian Mo Xie”.

The God Realm Guild large scale attack caused chaos to fill the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, causing all the players to return to defend and finally stabilizing their headquarters.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven spent large amounts to hire player and NPC craftsmen, fixing their base as soon as possible. All their players had returned to base, including “Tian Mo Xie”.  He no longer had the face to appear in front of others and the only place he could return to was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..Speaking of this, his position in the Wings of Shrouded Heaven was considered very high and he had the trust of Son of Heaven, otherwise how could Son of Heaven give him such a “heavy responsibility”.

When he appeared in the Wings of Shrouded Heaven headquarters, a nightmare like figure appeared in front of him.  Seeing Xie Tian in front of him, seeing that Headband of Bravery and the Moment of Destiny slashing at him, he almost felt like something was wrong with him.

“Tian Mo Xie is the name that belongs to me.  Since I’m no longer using this name, no one… matter who it is is allowed to use it!!  It’s best if you never appear in this world and let this name disappear from this world…..Otherwise, I will fill every single day with despair!”

The Moment of Destiny fell in a straight line, going from his head down to his feet……

The just revived “Tian Mo Xie” was instantly killed again and Ye Tian Xie disappeared right after.  His sudden appearance and disappearance had only taken a few seconds. The surrounding Wings of Shrouded Heaven members did not even have time to react before he had already disappeared.

On “Tian Mo Xie’s” body, there was Xing Bao Er’s Ten Thousand Mile Tracker placed on him.  Adding in the Illusory Stone Ye Tian Xie spent a large amount to rent from Xing Bao Er, no matter where “Tian Mo Xie” ran, as long as he was in the Chinese Server, he would never be able to escape.

And the person with a Ten Thousand Mile Tracker stuck on them was not just “Tian Mo Xie”, but also Son of Heaven.

Ye Tian Xie knew that he was currently in the wrath stage of the seven sins and once his anger was provoked, it would submerge his reason, making it hard to suppress.  So, for the next three days, he avoided appearing in front of Su Fei Fei, Zuo Po Jun, and the others and focused on killing “Tian Mo Xie” over these few days, using him to vent the anger in his heart.  In these three days, “Tian Mo Xie” had been killed by Ye Tian Xie thirteen times. As long as he appeared in the Destiny world, Ye Tian Xie would appear in front of him and instantly kill him. No matter where he appeared, no matter how much protection he had…..Even in a place where the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had set up an ambush, Ye Tian Xie killed “Tian Mo Xie” before easily leaving…..Who could catch up to the speed of the Weeping Ice Feather Deer.

The Destiny world became “Tian Mo Xie’s” nightmare.  As long as he logged on, he would immediately die. He could not understand how Ye Tian Xie would magically appear in front of him immediately and kill him without being able to resist…..When he was being killed again and again, he finally realized in his despair that this world would no longer belong to him.

Everyone had only one destiny and could not return to the beginning.  The «Destiny» world did not allow people to delete their accounts and restart like the other games, so this meant that he could not longer enter the «Destiny» world from now on.  Otherwise, once he logged on, what awaited him was taunting, death…..and suffering.

The emergence of the «Destiny» world made it so there was no other virtual reality games.  So to the current humans, if the could not enter the Destiny world, they would be throwing away half their life, but he had no other choice because of Ye Tian Xie.  He was filled with infinite regret over taking this “Tian Mo Xie” name!

For a long time from now, even if he was feeling lucky enough to take a risk, Ye Tian Xie would immediately fall down from the sky and kill him.  Before he died, there would always be taunting and humiliation. Until…..he no longer dared to appear in the Destiny world.

From this day forth, in the «Destiny» world, there was no longer a Tian Mo Xie.


Three days later.

The Tower of Destiny’s tenth floor.

The twentieth Hell Spider fell under the Moment of Destiny and Ye Tian Xie let out a small breath.  He picked up the equipment and Spider Cores on the ground. According to Yaya, to go from the tenth floor to the eleventh floor, he had to collect twenty Hell Spider Cores.  However, these cores were not dropped by every Hell Spider. He had killed twenty Hell Spiders and had only picked up six of them, but his experience had increased by a large amount…..After all, these were level twenty Lord Level Bosses.  Because they were Lord Level Bosses, they did not appear in groups. On the contrary, the Hell Spiders respawned at a very slow rate that filled Ye Tian Xie with impatience.

This was only the tenth floor of the Tower of Destiny and level twenty Lord Level Bosses were already appearing.  Thinking about the difficulty of the zeroth floor to the tenth floor…..It could be imagined just how hard it would be if he continued upwards.

A flash of white light appeared in front of his eyes and Ye Tian Xie’s eyes concentrated.  When he was about to attack, the Moment of Destiny had come out halfway when it suddenly stopped…..He looked at the young girl in front of him and helplessly said, “Little Bao’er, what did you follow me here for.  This place is very dangerous, it is not a place you should come to.”

“Ha!”  Xing Bao Er who had followed him here with the Ten Thousand Miles Tracker heard this and revealed a look of dissatisfaction.  With pursed lips, she said, “Even if this place is danger, I am not afraid. I, Xing Bao Er have many, many protective charms, so even if the most powerful monster appears, I will not be afraid…..I specially came here to give something to you.”

“Give something.  Will a little devil like you be kindhearted enough to give me something?”  The corners of Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled as he spoke in a voice filled with disbelief.  Would this little profiteer give him something for no reason? Even a ghost would not believe this.  There was a 99% chance that she had invented something and was impatient about selling it.

“You…..You…..You’re bullying me.  I was kind enough to give you something useful and you actually said that I was that kind of person…..Wu, you’re too much, wu, wu…..”  Ye Tian Xie’s words were like a large blow to Xing Bao Er and made her aggrieved as she angrily shouted out. Her appearance was looking more and more pitiful as her cheeks turned red and her eyes filled with tears, just like the hazy clouds at the top of a mountain.  Her little lips were pursed like she had suffered a large grievance.

Although Xing Bao Er was young, she was still an astonishing beauty.  She had snow white skin, smooth as jade cheeks, and beautiful sharp eyes.  Although her cheeks were swelled from being angry and she was trying hard to reveal a look of being aggrieved, no matter what expression or stance she had, her beauty was still very pleasant.  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes went from her small developed chest, to her slightly pursed red lips, to her cheeks that had a slight blush to it, making him unable to sigh in his heart at her beauty…..Having such charm at such a young age, once she grows up, she’ll be a nation collapsing beauty that can create chaos in the world with a single smile.

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