EDAH Chapter 374


Chapter 374: The real Tian Mo Xie (Part 3)

Ye Tian Xie following words made the faces of all the players change and also caused chaos in the hearts of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members.

“I am Xie Tian….and also Tian, Mo, Xie!!”  He trampled that fake “Tian Mo Xie” as he looked forward.  He calmly spoke in his voice, saying this sentence word for word.

The Heavenly Stellar square fell into chaos…..The speculation that people all wanted to believe in was currently being confirmed from Xie Tian’s mouth!  

With Xie Tian’s achievements and style, would he be someone that lied?  Would he be a person that pretended to be someone else in front of all these people?


He wouldn’t!  Also he had no reason to.

If there was no fake Tian Mo Xie, with just Xie Tian’s words, perhaps most people wouldn’t believe him that easily.  But with “Tian Mo Xie”, this result, and the angry Xie Tian appearing at the same time, this ending was accepted by everyone and even solved the doubts of many people.

Heavenly Stellar square was filled with sounds of discussion once again.  Even if this result was easy for the people the accept, they were still surprised and shocked.

Since Xie Tian was the real Tian Mo Xie…..Then who was this fake Tian Mo Xie?  Why did he use Tian Mo Xie’s name, did he not know what this name meant? This was not just a name, this was one that shook the entire world.  A name that belonged the China’s peak expert, on that was deeply engraved in the memories of all chinese players, even all the players of the world.  If anyone dared to take this name……

If Tian Mo Xie was just an expert, perhaps it wouldn’t mean much, but to the chinese players, this was besmirching the prestige of their China’s “Undefeated Evil Emperor”.  Tian Mo Xie was not just an expert, he was the pride of the chinese gaming world that shocked the entire world!

How could they allow Tian Mo Xie’s name be taken by others and be tarnished!!

Upon learning the shocking truth, what followed after was being filled with rage!

Xie Tian was called Xie Tian because the name that belonged to him had been taken by a person that deserved death!

At the same time, they still had to think…..Why did this person not fear life and death by taking this name!  Didn’t he knew that if this matter was exposed, he would attract the anger of all the chinese players? Tian Mo Xie’s influence was too strong.  The one coming for revenge would not simply be one or two people, but rather a countless number of chinese players! At that time, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that he wouldn’t be able to establish any foothold in China anymore.

And now, Ye Tian Xie had take off his mask letting everyone clearly see the face of the person pretending to be Tian Mo Xie…..His appearance was known to all the players in the land in a single day and his information would be found out be people in the shortest amount of time.  With Tian Mo Xie’s influence, even the major broadcast stations or even the biggest station, CCTV would try to interview him. It was incredibly hard for him not to become famous.

This terrifying consequence, why would he choose to make this decision?  The players all thought of a name at the same time, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  This name instantly made them understand.

If he had the protection of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..

If this was something planned by the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..

Then everything would be simple and logical.  This was because if Tian Mo Xie really joined the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, it would be a great benefit to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s prestige.  Reality was exactly like this.

Understanding the reason, the chinese players’ rage increased another step…..For one’s selfish desires, they actually shamed the myth that symbolized invincibility, symbolizing the name of the pride of China!  This shameless and despicable act, this kind of person that everyone disdained……

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven names in the crowd became more noticeable, making Son of Heaven’s group of people’s faces turn ugly.  This day was the one Son of Heaven never wanted to see. So from the beginning, he tried to find the real Tian Mo Xie and prepared to take care of him with his power while the world knew nothing.  He wanted Tian Mo Xie’s name to stay high on the level rankings, letting the day where everything was known never happen…..But he never thought that this day would come so quickly.

“Stop him….immediately!!”  Son of Heaven’s teeth almost cracked from gritting them and his face was as dark as coal.  In a low and deep voice, he spoke with a tone filled with hate. He had to use all his strength to stop him…..Even if he couldn’t stop it, he had to use all his strength in trying!

So, people immediately came out and pointed at Xie Tian as they said, “Xie Tian…..You say that you are the real Tian Mo Xie!  Then what will you use to prove it! You can’t just be something because you say you are.”

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes looked over, staring right at his face.  That strong pressure coming from his eyes made that person unconsciously take a step back before almost falling down on the ground.  That cold voice assaulted his heart, “I am Xie Tian! And also Tian Mo Xie! Tian Mo Xie was the name that belonged to me, what kind of thing are you!  What need do I have to prove it! What qualification do you have to make me prove it! What you think and believe, what does that have to do with me!”

“Overbearing, overbearing!  Too overbearing!” Situ Chana on the side had an exaggerated expression of admiration on his face.  A pair of eyes that would only appear on a pervert sparkled like little stars. He clapped his hands as he said, “This brother without sharp eyes and a bright brain, whether this heroic and dashing Xie Tian is not the real Tian Mo Xie and whether this ugly old uncle is the fake Tian Mo Xie, I think a person with a normal intelligence would be able to guess the answer…..However, for those people that don’t have normal intelligence, how can we make it so those people will understand?  Alright, I have a method that can determine whether this Tian Mo Xie is fake or not.”

When Situ Chana said this, everyone focused theirs eyes onto him.  Although everyone was 99% certain that Xie Tian was the real Tian Mo Xie, there was still that 1% left!  Even Xie Tian looked at him with eyes that were filled with interest.

Feeling Ye Tian Xie’s gaze, Situ Chana’s lips curled into a proud curve before he slowly said, “Ke, ke!  Actually my suggestion is very simple and very effective. With so many friends present, they will not lose a thing…..My method is…..Let me fight with that middle aged man named Tian Mo Xie.”

Everyone was stunned as Situ Chana added at a moderate pace, “Everyone already knows that Tian Mo Xie’s strength is recognized by the entire world.  He can fight against a large army alone and can sweep across a battlefield by himself…..Everyone can still remember the magnificence of Tian Mo Xie’s battles and everyone can still remember the actions of Tian Mo Xie that shocked the world.  His strength is something no one has ever doubted and something no one has the right to doubt…..As for me, I am Arrow Piercing the Heavens and I have just reached level twenty one. I am a little archer without any fame, so I’m sure no one will recognize me.  Then, let me fight a battle with this middle aged uncle named Tian Mo Xie and wouldn’t everyone be able to see his strength? If he uses a world shocking method to instantly kill me, perhaps he really could be Tian Mo Xie. If he can’t even defeat me or spends a long time fighting me…..Ze, ze, ze, ze!  It would be too embarrassing for him to keep using the name Tian Mo Xie, he should just return to his mother’s bomb and prepared to be reincarnated…..Ke, ke, sorry, sorry. I was too excited and used the wrong words. My apologies, my apologies.”

Everyone: “……”

“And if he doesn’t even dare accept my challenge, it would make it even more clear.  Tian Mo Xie is an arrogant person, un, un, just like our great Xie Tian. Whoever dares challenge him, he would directly cut them down and would never fail to accept a challenge.  If he doesn’t dare, than it’s certain he is a fake, without a trace of a doubt. What does everyone think of this idea?” Situ Chana finished speaking. He revealed a weak appearance and looked over the crowd.

“Good!  Good idea!”

“Tian Mo Xie’s strength is world renowned, it’ll be clear once we see his strength!”

“Good, it’ll be like this…..Little brother!  Work hard for me. If he is a fake, viciously beat him to death for me!”

The crowd began to stir.  Situ Chana received a single consistent response which was that it was a good idea.  Situ Chana gave a slight nod before saying to Xie Tian, “Heroic, dashing, and extraordinary big brother Xie Tian, can you allow me to fight with him?  Perhaps Tian Mo Xie is just a name that belongs to you like you said, but to us chinese players, it is something we believe in in our hearts. We hope that we can confirm who is the real Tian Mo Xie and hope that you can……Un, un, let go of this uncle.”

Ye Tian Xie took a deep glance at him.  Without saying a word, his hand let go and the chains trapping “Tian Mo Xie” had been taken back, clearly agreeing to this.  That “Tian Mo Xie” caught his breath from that short period of not being beaten and struggled to stand up from the ground.

“I…..I am the real Tian Mo Xie!  I am Tian Mo Xie!” Perhaps his mind had snapped or he reached the end of the line because of a secret message from Son of Heaven, but when “Tian Mo Xie” stood up, he began to roar like he had gone wild.  The surrounding players all looked at him with eyes filled with disdain, further confirming that he was just a fake. The real Tian Mo Xie was a proud and aloof character, he wouldn’t should like a maniac like this for people to disdain at.

“Oh, oh!  Understood, understood.  If you want to prove you are Tian Mo Xie, then instantly kill me.  If you can’t even beat me, what kind of shitty “Tian Mo Xie” would you be, it’s better to go back to your mother’s…..Ke, ke, calm, calm, control, control.  Classmate Mars, I’ll trouble you to take out that line just now. Un…..Come. Come and attack me!” Situ Chana did not even summon out his weapon as he revealed a sloppy smile and an expression filled with disdain.  He slowly raised his right hand and curled four fingers as he raised his thumb to the sky. After pausing for a bit, he slowly changed to only raising his middle finger, revealing a stance of absolute contempt. This stance, how was it like preparing to fight with the prestigious Tian Mo Xie?  It was like he was preparing to fight with an insignificant ant.

“You attack then!”  Ye Tian Xie called out.  He flicked his hand and threw a token to Situ Chana, the Heavenly Stellar City Special Pardon Command Token.  With this token, one could attack another in the city without being seized. Otherwise, no matter which side attacked, the Heavenly Stellar City guards would instantly appear to grab that person.

With the token in hand, Situ Chana looked at it and his face revealed a shocked expression.  He immediately put away the token as he stepped out, moving at a speed that shouldn’t appear on an archer to instantly appear in front of “Tian Mo Xie”.  A slap that “Tian Mo Xie” could not even react to landed on his face, ringing out incredibly clearly.

Whether it was his movement or his hand speed, they were all incredibly fast, making Ye Tian Xie slightly surprised.

After successfully attacking, Situ Chana immediately ran back.  He curled his finger as he said while laughing, “Come, attack me, attack me.  You were just slapped by someone, come fight back! Don’t forget, you are ‘Tian Mo Xie’, hei, hei!”

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