EDAH Chapter 372


Chapter 372: The real Tian Mo Xie (Part 1)

The large explosion that had once shaken half the Falling Wind Plains had appeared once again, appearing in the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s headquarters.  That explosion that spread over a hundred meters, it completely covered the entire headquarters……With pitiful screams, what followed was the sound of things collapsing.  The Ultimate Large Star Bomb not only dealt a fixed twenty thousand damage, it also had a large area destruction effect. Although it was only a mild destruction effect, it was still enough to cause large amounts of destruction to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s headquarters.  Not accounting for all the people that died, just the cost of repairing their headquarters would cost the Wings of Shrouded Heaven an arm and a leg.

He once again proved to the world that he was not a person to be offended.  Angering him…..even if it was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, their wings would be broken.

Flying a hundred meters away, Ye Tian Xie quickly came down and placed the girl on the ground.  Silently looking at her, without saying a word, he flew into the air and went far away. “Tian Mo Xie” being dragged on the ground would have rather died at this moment.  His silent actions made this young girl feel swayed by emotions for the first time, almost being unable to call out to him.

Xie Tian had destroyed her little brother and had destroyed the Wings of Shrouded Heaven which would have been the cornerstone of her Yun Family in the «Destiny» world, but in this moment, she found that she could not hate this man.


“What a wise method……You want to conquer me?  Or do you just want to play an amusing game with me.”  She watched Xie Tian disappearing into the distance as she muttered this.

“Seizing my kiss and throwing my heart into chaos.  You are the first man to say that I am a normal girl…..How could I forget you.”


-10, -10, -10, -10……

“Yao Yao, heal him!”

Every short distance, “Tian Mo Xie” would have a series of damage figures appear above him, but it would be immediately healed to full by Yao Yao, making it impossible for him to die.  He could only be heartlessly dragged along, quickly moving forward.

The direction Ye Tian Xie was flying in was the Heavenly Stellar City’s main square.

As he came closer, there were more people present.  Xie Tian’s appearance had made all the people on the side open their mouth wide with shock as they watched the strange beast that seemed to be made of ice flying through the air, as well as on the ground…..that person being dragged along while being bound by chains.  Being bound like this and being dragged along at this speed, it could be imagined just how painful it was. This scene made everyone feel like their feet and scalp were going numb.

The Weeping Ice Feather Deer flew too fast and passed by all the players like a flash of light.  Several players, after being stunned, quickly began to chase after him. There was no doubt that a lively scene was about to occur.

There was a large amount of players that appeared in the resurrection point in the Heavenly Stellar City square.  Ye Tian Xie’s attack had caused the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members to return in large amounts, densely filling the Wings of Shrouded Heaven headquarter’s yard.  This dense gathering allowed Ye Tian Xie’s explosion to kill over ten thousand people.

Gathering at the resurrection point and bearing everyone’s strange glances, they still had not returned to their senses from that large explosion.

But not long after, they saw Xie Tian who was like a nightmare to them again.

Ye Tian Xie dragged “Tian Mo Xie” to the resurrection point at the center of the square and stopped in the middle of where the most players were gathered.  From up above, he looked down at the Wings of Shrouded Heaven players at the resurrection point with a taunting gaze. With a cold laugh, he called back Kaka and fell from the sky.  He fell beside “Tian Mo Xie” and then slowly kneeled down. A flashlight thing unknowingly appeared in his hand and it was pointed at “Tian Mo Xie”.

Star Revealing Light: A detection object made by player “Precious Star”.  It can send a beam of light forward five meters that will dispel all stealth and will reveal all hidden information.  It can be used five times. Has already been used: 1/5

This was another item Ye Tian Xie obtained from Xing Bao Er.  Xing Bao Er had many strange tools and each one had a peculiar function.  Some she had invented herself, others she had obtained from the dwarf clan.  For today’s “Tian Mo Xie”, he specially asked Xing Bao Er if she had something for revealing someone’s hidden information.  Xing Bao Er immediately took out this revealing light that she hadn’t completed that long ago, of course she didn’t forget to rip Ye Tian Xie off.  Her items…..Unless she is certain Ye Tian Xie would like it with a single look, she would rarely take something out herself. She would only wait until Ye Tian Xie asked her for a tool would she happily take it out…..Because with demand, it would help her in ripping him off.

A beam of not too bright light shined down onto “Tian Mo Xie’s” struggling body on the ground.  His main stat was agility, so he was unable to struggle free. With the beam of light, the name “Tian Mo Xie” was slowly revealed above his head.

“Tian, Mo, Xie…..Just you, are you worthy of this name and you dare call yourself this name!!”  Seeing these three words, these three words that used to belong to him. Four years ago, she had given him this name.  Ye Tian Xie’s suppressed anger exploded in this moment and it was like a bomb had exploded in his eyes. He had a fiendish smile and all the players that saw his face were filled with fear and apprehension.  When they saw the name of the person being tied up in chains, they were so shocked that they couldn’t believe their eyes!

Tian Mo Xie…..this was the person Xie Tian dragged over in chains.  It was the world renowned, universally accepted chinese myth, the never defeated “Undefeated Evil Emperor” Tian Mo Xie!!

This…..What kind of situation is this!

The powerful and mysterious Tian Mo Xie appeared in the Destiny world for the first time and he had appeared like this.  This contrast made it impossible for people to accept.

Ye Tian Xie whose anger had exploded could not even think of a way to torture this person because no matter how cruel of a method he used, it was still too kind to him and would not allow him to vent his anger.  His breathing became heavy as his brows tightly knit. He lifted his foot and used all the strength he could to stomp down on this person’s head!


With the giant sound of a step, it made the hearts of the people around beat countless times faster.  There were even some female players that covered their eyes in fear…..When they saw “Tian Mo Xie’s” head being trampled on like this, an intense cold feeling filled their hearts.

Ye Tian Xie did not stop with a single kick.  Like he had gone crazy, his feet continued stomping down with incredible speed and strength.  He first stepped on his head, then his neck as if he wanted to snap his neck before moving to his chest and his four limbs…..It was like he wanted to snap every single bone in his body.

The crowd surrounding them were all trembling, watching this brutal scene while being filled with fear.  Before, Ye Tian Xie had also trampled on the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation’s King in front of everyone…..However, it was unknown how many times crueler and fiercer this was compared to that.  If this wasn’t the Destiny world where blood couldn’t be shown and this was the real world, everyone firmly believed that anyone being treated like this, even if it was a man made of iron, their skeletons would be broken and they would be covered in blood.  Every stamp from Ye Tian Xie brought a pitiful scream from “Tian Mo Xie” that was like the cry of a ghost from hell….Everyone could imagine how he was feeling that dying was better than death in this moment.

“Tian Mo Xie” was an archer and did not have high HP.  With several stomps from Ye Tian Xie, his HP was close to being emptied, but Yao Yao on the side swayed its large snow white tail as it healed “Tian Mo Xie” to full.  Wanting to let him escape by dying, that would be considered a luxury.

Ten times…..Twenty times…..Thirty times…..One hundred times……

Ye Tian Xie wildly trampled on “Tian Mo Xie” who would rather die than keep living.  His pitiful cries was already beginning to weaken. His flesh was virtual and could endure, never actually breaking, but bearing the pain was his mind and his mind was already on the brink of collapsing…..The people surrounding them had wanted to watch the fun while being filled with excitement, but they couldn’t keep watching this terrifying scene.

Moreover, the person being stomped was no one else….but Tian Mo Xie!


Finally a person called out.  Faced with Xie Tian’s cruelty and his prestige, his worship of the undefeated chinese myth Tian Mo Xie gave him courage.  His blood boiled as he charged forward, angrily rebuking Xie Tian. As soon as he spoke, he attracted Xie Tian’s gaze and eyes as cold as a dagger made of ice filled him with a chill, but he braced himself and shouted, “Xie Tian!  I…..We don’t care what grudge you two have between you, but he is Tian Mo Xie…..He is the pride of China and the Undefeated Evil Emperor dreaded by the whole world. You…..How can you treat him like this. If you don’t stop, we won’t be courteous!”

“Won’t be courteous?  What will you use to be discourteous to me?”  Ye Tian Xie stepped on “Tian Mo Xie’s” neck as he spoke in a cold voice.

That person swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he took out his weapon, “If you don’t stop, even if it means…..Even if it means death, I will stop you.”

With a person taking the lead, the crowd that could not keep watching all poured out, pointing their weapons at Ye Tian Xie.  In a few seconds, there were several hundred people all shouting out, “That’s right…..Even if it means death, we will stop you!”

Ye Tian Xie paused for a second before raising his head and laughing.  Then he raised one brow and said in a low, deep voice, “Tian Mo Xie….Good Tian Mo Xie!  Today, I will let you see…..this Tian Mo Xie’s…..real face!!”

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