EDAH Chapter 371


Chapter 371: Large explosion!

Actually, from the beginning, Ye Tian Xie had already known that “Tian Mo Xie” was here since he destroyed the gate, but he acted like he did not know.  His first target is indeed “Tian Mo Xie”, but before that, he had to find an excuse to devastate his second target, “Son of Heaven”.

The three seconds forced time and slamming Son of Heaven into the wall, they were not for compelling them to hand out “Tian Mo Xie”, but rather it was a brutal method to devastate Son of Heaven’s mind and body.  He wanted to devastate the minds of all the members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, venting the anger he held against the Wings of Shrouded Heaven for a long time. That “Tian Mo Xie” had not disappointed him, hiding away the entire time.  Even when the Wings of Shrouded Heaven were being devastated like that, he still did not come out. He knew that “Tian Mo Xie” being exposed would have a large effect on the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, not to mention the terrible consequences that would come if he fell into the hands of the real Tian Mo Xie.  Even his strong backer Son of Heaven was forced into this state, it could be imagine what would happen if he were to fall into his hands.

His information was usually hidden and only a few people in the Wings of Shrouded Heaven knew his name.  It was impossible for him to know the existence of the “Evil Dragon’s Eye” and never would have imagined that his status had been exposed to Ye Tian Xie from the beginning.

When he was caught off guard, he was slammed into the wall by the Weeping Ice Feather Deer.  Before he could even come back to his sense, he did not dare believe that his identity had been revealed.


“Good ‘Tian Mo Xie’, daring to use this name…..I really have to admire your courage.  Whether it was by your choice or someone else had you do it, daring to take the thing she left to me is the most unforgivable sin in this world!  Very soon, you will know what is called…..regret!!”

That low and sinister voice was like the voice of hell sounding in his ears.  His mind had not recovered from the blow yet, but his body began to unconsciously tremble, “You…..”

With a “you” word said, a flash of silver appeared in front of him, followed by the sound of metal colliding.  His body was lifted by Ye Tian Xie and an ice cold thing quickly wound around his body. Throughout the process, he could not give birth to any strength to struggle with.

A chain that was around twenty meters long was being held by Ye Tian Xie on one end and the other end was currently wound around “Tian Mo Xie” several times.  Moreover, it was tightly wound around him.

What was this?  Everyone was shocked…..Chains!!  There were actually chains for trapping people in the gaming world.

Special People Trapping Star Chains: Chains forged from fine iron by player “Precious Star”.  It is twenty meters long and can be set free to trap a target. After the target is caught, they will fall into a “trapped” state that is hard to escape.  Unless the target has over 300 strength, they will only be freed after six hours unless freed by the user. Only effective against players.

These chains were rented by Ye Tian Xie from Xing Bao Er…..because he couldn’t afford to buy them.  The things that Ye Tian Xie had rented or bought from Xing Bao Er this time was not just this one item.  The large present he had prepared for the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, most of it had come from Xing Bao Er.  Soon, he would use them one after the other on the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

After successfully locking him up, the Weeping Ice Feather Deer flew into the sky.  It did not fly high, only going up ten meters. The chains were being pulled out and with the flight of the Weeping Ice Feather Deer, “Tian Mo Xie” pitifully cried out on the ground as he was being dragged along.  His body in the chains was being dragged across the ground, creating an intense friction sound that made people’s innermost feelings twist…..There were even a series of sparks being formed.

Son of Heaven who had just stood up was shocked as he roared out, “Stop him, quickly stop him!!”

With Son of Heaven’s roar, everyone seemed like they had awakened from a dream.  The players with large amounts of strength ran towards “Tian Mo Xie” who was being quickly dragged away, wanting to stop him.  The archer players all quickly raised their bows, trying to aim at Ye Tian Xie who they could not catch at all.

Several dozen players threw themselves forward, finally stopping “Tian Mo Xie” from being dragged forward.  Ye Tian Xie on the other side was stopped and he turned around before saying in a low and cold voice, “Kaka…..Be careful not to hurt that ‘Tian Mo Xie’!”

The air suddenly turned cold as those archers that wanted to shoot suddenly felt their body freeze.  A burst of cold air that made people’s minds tense up suddenly came from the sky.

Kaka, the Weeping Ice Feather Deer used the high level water attributed magic, Snow Storm!

The Weeping Ice Feather Deer was a Mysterious God Beast and although its level had dropped, its skills had not weakened at all.  Being able to be a skill of a Mysterious God Beast, how could it be trash. The Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s skills were mostly low and middle level forbidden spell, the strongest was the terrifying thousand mile ice sealing high level forbidden spell.  All that it had, even after being transferred to Kaka, even the weakest spell was still a high level spell. This high level spell inevitably required a large amount of MP to cast. Although Kaka had the same terrifying magic attack power of the Weeping Ice Feather Deer…..Its MP was only at a max of four thousand, so there was no need to even think about those forbidden spells.  The only spells it could use right now was Water Mirror, Ice Raid, and Snow Storm, these three high level water spells.

Kaka’s Water Mirror had the same effect as the one from the Azure Dragon Ring.  The Ice Raid was a single target ice exploding spell. As for Snow Storm…..It covered a range of thirty meters and was an area of effect control attack.

Under the raid of the wind and snow, the players surrounding “Tian Mo Xie” were all enveloped.  Being blown by the bone chilling wind, those players holding onto “Tian Mo Xie” were all sent flying by the ice cold wind.  The shortest they flew was still over ten meters and large amounts of damage figures appeared above their heads.

-404, -391, -365, -400……

Although this was the powerful skill of a Mysterious God Beast, it was not focused on attacking and Kaka’s own stats were quite weak.  The Snow Storm sent over a hundred Wings of Shrouded Heaven members flying, but now a single one was killed. As well, this single Snow Storm had consumed most of Kaka’s MP.

This suddenly large range snow storm attack had once again filled the Wings of Shrouded Heaven with panic, as that dense area was completely emptied by a single Snow Storm.  There was only “Tian Mo Xie” left who was determined to be not a target. After that, his trapped body began to move forward with Ye Tian Xie once again.

“Stop him!  We can’t let Xie Tian take him away!!”

With Son of Heaven’s shouting, the crowd charged forward once again.  This time, Ye Tian Xie took the initiative to stop as he silently looked at the crowd of archers beneath him.  With a cold laugh, he slowly raised his right hand…..In his hand, there was a black and cylindrical item……

With Ye Tian Xie raising his hand, the people down below allow looked at it and instantly they turned silent.  In the silence, almost everyone’s face was filled with deep terror…..The people that had seen the scene before, including Son of Heaven began to retreat with pale faces filled with terror.

Who could forget that day in the Falling Wind Plains and that shocking scene.  That one giant explosion that had taken out six thousand Wings of Shrouded Heaven players.

The source of that explosions, they could not forget it and would never forget it.

From the recording of that day, everyone had clearly seen that the explosions was created from a cylindrical item thrown from Ye Tian Xie’s hand.  It was exactly the same as the one currently in Ye Tian Xie’s hand!

Ultimate Large Star Bomb!

This terrifying killing weapon, the source of the explosion that made people’s expressions change just by mentioning it had once again appeared in front of them.  Their hearts and eyes once again began to tremble.

“All of you move aside for me……Otherwise you all know the consequences!”  Ye Tian Xie held that black cylinder and maintained a throwing posture as his cold eyes looked downwards.

Son of Heaven’s hands tightly clenched and his nails dug into his flesh.  From all of Ye Tian Xie’s actions, anyone could tell that he was a man that kept his words and dared to do all kinds of insane things.  In the Wings of Shrouded Heaven headquarters, the people were much more densely gathered compared to the Falling Wind Plains. If there was an explosions that occurred here, the consequences could be imagined.  At the same time, he could not forget the range of the explosion, the might of it, and the destructive power it contained. There were holes everywhere on the Falling Wind Plains from the explosions, so if that explosion happened here again……He did not dare keep thinking about it.


Why did Xie Tian not only have that bug like strength, but also had all those heaven defying items!  Everything was too unfair!

Nobody dared challenge Ye Tian Xie’s patience and decisiveness.  Under their fear, they had no choice but to slowly move aside. The people prepared to charge at “Tian Mo Xie” moved back and those archers prepared to shoot at Ye Tian Xie all put their bows down.  The crowd moved to both sides for Ye Tian Xie… it should be for him dragging “Tian Mo Xie” away, creating channel that was quite wide.

Faced with the pressure of the Ultimate Large Star Bomb and the shadow of that day, they all chose to retreat.

Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile.  He was still holding the Ultimate Large Star Bomb while slowly dragging “Tian Mo Xie” forward.  He suddenly jumped off and he fell down, heading right for Son of Heaven…..Son of Heaven was filled with shock and prepared to defend himself, but he found a cold wind pass by him.  Ye Tian Xie’s goal was the young girl that kept staring at him.

The young girl was lifted up be the waist by Ye Tian Xie and flew into the air.  In an instant, the pitifully crying “Tian Mo Xie” was dragged out of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s main gate.

The young girl did not panic and did not summon the heavenly thunder to attack Ye Tian Xie who could not block it, she just gave a faint sigh.  From the moment Ye Tian Xie charged at her, she knew what he wanted to do.

Ye Tian Xie’s face revealed a faint demonic smile.  He did not look back as the Weeping Ice Feather Deer continued moving forward.  Ye Tian Xie’s hand suddenly flicked backwards…..The Ultimate Large Star Bomb created an eye catching parabola as if fell into the center of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s yard.  When the black cylinder fell down in front of countless eyes that had narrowed into pins, they heard Ye Tian Xie’s wild laughter coming from the distance.


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