EDAH Chapter 360


Chapter 360: The person behind

That incomparably heavy force made it so Scarlet Flame didn’t even have the strength to struggle.  He gritted his teeth and each word became hard to say, “I…..I just…..”

“That’s right, you are just a dog sent by someone else.  You wanted to tell me this, right?” Ye Tian Xie revealed a cold smile as his feet used more strength.  Scarlet Flame’s eyes rolled back into his head and he could not say another word.

“What kind of person you are, I’m too lazy to find out.  But what I saw just now…..Hee, hee, a family that finds it hard to take out thirty million at once wants to use thirty million to buy a pet…..A Spiritual Pet’s value cannot be measured, it is at least over a billion, not something a poor person like you can afford.  What’s even funnier is that trash like you who can’t even be considered a rat in front of Su Luo actually dares to move against his precious daughter, daring to move against my, Xie Tian’s person…..Are you naturally stupid or is your head full of shit?”

A few seconds after Su Fei Fei called Xie Tian, he had already arrived.  Entering the game and using the Illusory Bead, it only took a small amount of time.  He did not come forward immediately after arriving. Rather with a cold smile, he watched Scarlet Flame’s every action like watching a play.  The words he had said to Su Fei Fei, naturally he had heard it all.


Ye Tian Xie’s body bent down and he used a sinister gaze to look at Scarlet Flame’s white face beneath his feet, “Speak, who gave you this kind of courage?  It would be best if you answered honestly, otherwise the consequences will be more terrifying than what you can imagine. Do you want to try it?”

The current Scarlet Flame was trembling so much that even his teeth shook.  The pressure he felt did not just come for Ye Tian Xie, but also the black clothed assassins around them.  When Ye Tian Xie said these words, he felt fifty cold gazes fall onto his body. He opened his mouth, but could not say a single word.

“What?  You can’t speak if others stare at you?”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes swept across the black clothed people and he revealed a taunting smile, “I heard you have a Scarlet League which has several hundred people, this is a truly terrifying scene…..However, the guildmaster of this Scarlet League is truly pitiful.  When the guild master is being stepped on like a dog by others, your subordinates do not move like they are corpses. It truly makes one doubt if they are members of your Scarlet League or if they just fell out of the sky…..However, the gazes of these people are truly sharp, they are surprisingly elites.  Sending out fifty expert assassins at once like this, your Scarlet League is truly shocking.”

Suddenly, the cold smile on Ye Tian Xie’s face disappeared and it was replaced with an incomparably sinister expression.  His expression changing also changed his aura, making the air around them suddenly turn cold. Ye Tian Xie’s low, slow, and deep voice said, “I’ll give you a final five seconds.  Tell me, who was the one that sent a dog like you!!”




“It’s…..It’s the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.”  Under the dual punishment of body and mind, Scarlet Flame finally understood what was known as better off dying…..He would rather die a quick death at Ye Tian Xie’s hands at this moment.  While trembling, he finally gave Ye Tian Xie an answer.

After he said the “Wings of Shrouded Heaven”, the force on his body suddenly lightened as the foot stepping on him was released.  That mountain like pressure was suddenly relieved and he let out a long sigh, but he did not stand up. The way his limbs were spread across the ground made it seem like he wanted to sleep there.

“The Wings of Shrouded Heaven?”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes moved from Scarlet Flame’s face and swept across the faces of the black clothed assassins.  With a cold laugh, he slowly said, “Wings of Shrouded Heaven? Very good, you clearly know her identity, so there aren’t many people who dare go against Su Luo.  Even if the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation thought of this, they wouldn’t use this kind of underhanded method. As for the God Realm Guild and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..I thought it was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, but I never thought that it was actually…..the God, Realm, Guild!!”

When the cold words “God Realm Guild” came from Ye Tian Xie’s mouth, the expressions of all the black clothed people changed.

“No….It’s not the God Realm Guild, it’s the Wings of Shrouded Heaven!  It was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven that sent me here.” The weak as a corpse Scarlet Flame’s pupil contracted as if he had heard something terrifying and he began to wildly shout out.

His shout did not make it better, rather his out of control appearance was enough to convince anyone……All the black clothed people’s expressions changed and their sharp eyes filled with unsettlement and fear.  As for Li Lan Yu and Mi Qing Qing, they were both stunned.

Ye Tian Xie coldly looked at him and said in a pitying voice, “The Wings of Shrouded Heaven and the God Realm Guild are always in disagreement.  If I suspected you were from the God Realm Guild, if you were from the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, you would have admitted it with a smile. But you’re actually explaining yourself for the God Realm Guild, do you think everyone is as stupid as you?”

“It’s really not the God Realm Guild, it was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven that sent me!  It was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s Son of Heaven, It wasn’t the God Realm Guild, it wasn’t the God Realm Guild!!”  Scarlet Flame acted like he met a huge fright and kept shouting out that he wasn’t related to the God Realm Guild. Everyone knew that his terrified expression, voice, and eyes would even let an idiot see the truth.

“It seems like the God Realm Guild has given you many benefits as well as a large threat.  You are just a tool, a pitiful dog. Killing someone like you, it would dirty my hands……However, you dare to threaten my, Xie Tian’s woman.  If I let you remain, people will think that I, Xie Tian can be casually provoked…..” When his voice stopped, it became much colder. The smile on his face was the cold smile of a devil, “Go back and tell your Scarlet League members…..There will be no more Scarlet League starting tomorrow!”

A jet black light appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s hand.  His expression was indifferent as the Moment of Destiny fell with a cold aura.

With a heavy sound, Scarlet Flame’s body was sent rolling several times on the floor before it stopped moving.  After a few seconds of silence, his corpse disappeared as it turned into white light. Following this, Mi Qing Qing also disappeared as she turned into white light.  It was unknown if she had logged off or if she returned to the city. The current her did not have the courage or face to remain here any longer. This was because the main cause of this scene today was because of her secretly telling Scarlet Flame where Su Fei Fei was.  She had no evil intentions, but this could be considered breaking her promise. If Xie Tian did not rush over today, she would have harmed Su Fei Fei, but with Xie Tian rushing over, she had harmed her big brother. With Xie Tian’s power, his straightforward style, and the words he said, she could already imagined the consequences her big brother would suffer.

He had allowed Xie Tian to know that it was the God Realm Guild pulling the strings.  The God Realm Guild…..It was the power that controlled the underworld of China’s south and even the government did not dare provoke the Dugu Family.  If he was really sent by the God Realm Guild, it could be imagined what consequences he and the family would suffer. As for offending Xie Tian…..At least in the game world he would fall under his shadow.  If the Scarlet League was destroyed by Xie Tian, then their property and hard work would be destroyed in a single day.

No one dared suspect that he had this kind of power.

When Scarlet Flame came to find Su Fei Fei, he made sure to check that Xie Tian wasn’t online and wasn’t in the Falling Wind Plains.  It was because of this that he dared come…..Otherwise, if he knew he would meet Xie Tian, he wouldn’t dare provoke Su Fei Fei even if he had a hundred times his current courage.  Not only him, the people behind him wouldn’t have let him come……After the battle of the Falling Wind Plains, everyone had to re-evaluate his strength. Even those strongest powers that could cover the sky, even if there was a large grudge, they would not dare easily provoke him.

So, when Scarlet Flame saw Xie Tian appear, his soul almost flew out from his fear.

Scarlet Flame died and he had died a quick death.  However, with Xie Tian’s personality of remembering grudges, when Scarlet Flame decided to lie, it was determined that his consequence would not be as simple as just death.

“Tian Xie, was he really sent by the God Realm Guild?”  Su Fei Fei walked to Ye Tian Xie’s side and asked in a small voice.  She had seen God Realm Guild’s Son of God, Dugu Cheng before at a banquet.  He was cultured and well-mannered. Whether it was his appearance, aura, or bearings, he was an exceptional man.  No matter where he went, he would always be the center of attention. Even she had secretly praised that he was worthy of the title Son of God.  Because it was like he was the pampered son of the heavens, whether it was his family, backers, or appearance…..they were all perfect.

For this kind of person, would he try to take her Xiao Xue with this kind of method?

Ye Tian Xie nodded and said with narrowed eyes, “Fei Fei, you cannot understand their fanaticism and dedication to chasing strength.  They have seen the strength of a Spiritual Grade Pet and know what it means to own one. To obtain it, they will choose to pay any price.  And……” Ye Tian Xie gave a cold laugh, “They fear your father and me, so although they thirst for your Xiao Xue, they will not easily make a move and can only search for a scapegoat.  At the same time, whether they succeed or not, they can just shift the blame.”

Ye Tian Xie turned around and looked at the black clothed men with gloomy and uncertain expressions as he said, “Go and tell Buried God, I, Xie Tian will remember the large gift he has given me today.  Very soon, I will return to him….an even bigger present! You all can scram now. Scram…..right…!!”

The fifty black clothed people did not move…..This was because they clearly knew that since things had developed this far, they would suffer terrifying consequences if they left just like this.  What they could do was fix the situation as much as possible.

The leader of the black clothed men moved his right arm and pulled off the black cloth on his arm.  With a cold expression, he said, “Xie Tian, look clearly. We really are members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven and do not belong that God Realm Guild.  My Wings of Shrouded Heaven will always act openly, we did it, it’s us. Xie Tian, your reputation is in vain, it is laughable if you consider yourself intelligent.”

There was a symbol on his arm…..That symbol, it was the symbol of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven!

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