EDAH Chapter 353


Chapter 353: Heaven defying item

This ring used to belong to Yuan Que…..Ye Tian Xie was deep in thought as his brain slowly outlined a scenario.  When Yuan Que entered the forbidden ground of the Heavenly Sacred Mountain, he enraged the Weeping Ice Feather Deer to obtain the Water of Life.  The Weeping Ice Feather Deer was not level thirty in the past like when Ye Tian Xie met it, rather it was at its full strength. A powerful Mysterious God Beast was not something Yuan Que could fight against, so he had to use the Azure Dragon’s Ring.  According to what Yuan Ya said, the Azure Dragon Ring did not just have powerful water energy, but it also suppressed water, meaning it suppressed the water attributed Weeping Ice Feather Deer. Otherwise, with the fast moving and capable of flying Weeping Ice Feather Deer chasing him, how could he have escaped.  In the end, he finally escaped with the Water of Life using the Azure Dragon Ring, but the Azure Dragon Ring stayed there for some reason…..For example, using the Azure Dragon Ring’s power to seal the Weeping Ice Feather Deer. Yuan Que escaped in the end and the left behind Azure Dragon Ring was kept by the Weeping Ice Feather Deer.  After he defeated the Weeping Ice Feather Deer, he had obtained it from its body.

Or perhaps, the Azure Dragon Ring had brought him many disasters, so he left it there intentionally, also avoiding a bystander from attracting a series of calamities.  After all, not to mention people not knowing the Azure Dragon Ring was with the Weeping Ice Feather Deer, even if they did know…..How many people dared to fight a Mysterious God Beast?

“How you actually obtained the ring, I don’t want to know.  If possible, I don’t ever want to see it again in this life because it made me lose my best and only friend.  IT is a Mysterious God Item and a source of disaster. Young man, tell me, are you prepared to keep it or throw it away?  If you keep it, when it is exposed this ring is with you, you may be chased down by the countless experts of the Lost Continent.  If you throw it away, although you will lose a piece of Mysterious God Equipment, however…..”

“There’s no need to consider that, I will keep it.  Since it came into my hands, it is something that already belongs to me.  If I threw it away out of fear, I would be a coward.” Before Yuan Ya could finish, Ye Tian Xie had already cut him off.  Although he didn’t know what kind of disasters this ring would provoke, if he were to discard the ring because of this, he would not be Tian Mo Xie.


Compared to a rare treasure, a femme fatale would attract more trouble, even causing disputes between countries.  Could it be that because the whole world wants his lover, he would let her go just to protect himself and remain in peace?

What a joke!

That kind of person would be a coward Ye Tian Xie would never look at.

“I understand.”  Yuan Ya was not surprised and just gave a silent sigh.  He closed his eyes and moved his hands as a white light shined onto the Azure Dragon Ring.  After the appraisal, he did not mention the previous pay first and appraise second matter again.

When the appraisal was over.

“This is for you….”  Yuan Ya gave the Azure Dragon Ring back to Ye Tian Xie before turning around and slamming his head into the wall.


With a deep sound, Yuan Ya had hit the wall very hard, almost causing the wall to fall down.  Yuan Ya held his head and weakly fell to the floor. Ye Tian Xie was shocked and without time to look at the Azure Dragon Ring’s stats, he quickly moved to help him up while shouting, “What are you doing?”

Yuan Ya was swaying after hitting his head against the wall, “Aiyo!  It’s so painful….” He looked up and used a vacant stare to look at Ye Tian Xie before shouting in surprise, “Oh!  Brat, what are you doing here? Oh, it seems like I hit my head and I’ve lost my memories, oh, I’ve lost my memories….I can’t remember a thing.  What you had me appraise, who you are, I’ve forgotten them all….Oh, my head hurts. Brat, quickly leave. Go, go, I want to rest.”

Ye Tian Xie silently looked at him for a while before nodding and walking out.

Yuan Ya’s hand came down and he sat down in his chair.  With a long sigh, he muttered, “The Azure Dragon Ring has appeared, so the Vermillion Bird Plumage, the White Tiger Earrings, the Black Tortoise Boots, and the Qilin Heart should not be far……Now that these five heaven defying items have appeared again, will the Lost Continent be in for another heavenly disaster?”

When Ye Tian Xie walked out of the appraisal shop, he looked at the small blue glowing ring in his hand with a look of astonishment.  Just this ring, was it really as terrifying as Yuan Ya said it was?

His eyes focused as he looked at the stats of the Azure Dragon Ring with a deep expectation.

Azure Dragon Ring: Mysterious God Equipment

Requirement: The acknowledgement of the Azure Dragon Ring.  Once it has recognized a master, it can only be used by that master for ten years

Before history’s strongest water monarch, the Azure Dragon died, it left behind its final everlasting power which was infused into a never breaking piece of Polar Ice Jade, turning it into the Azure Dragon Ring.  The embodiment of the power of water, it can move the heavens and shake the earth.

Stats: Intelligence +300, MP +20000, Water Resistance +50%, immunity to freezing, immunity to being affected by cold effects in cold environments, and all water magic damage increased by 200%.  Can freely pass through water after equipping, not affected by anything or any limits.

Additional Skill:

Water Screen: Releases a dark blue water screen to envelope the user with a five meter range, protecting the user and all partners from all water attributed attacks.  The Water Screen can be released and dispelled at any time. It can be used only for 1800 seconds each day. It depends on the power of the Azure Dragon Ring’s water energy to use, so it does not consume any MP.

Water Mirror: Releases a blue water barrier around the user.  It can perfectly reflect one attack whether it is close range, long range, physical, or magical, it will all be 100% reflected.  There is a one minute cooldown. Uses the water power of the Azure Dragon Ring to release, so there is no MP consumed. (Notes: 1. The Water Mirror will persist for one minute if no attacks are received and will automatically disappear when time is up.  2. After reflecting the initial attack, the Water Mirror will persist for one minute before disappearing. All attacks that fall onto the Water Mirror during this time will also be perfectly reflected.)

Water Soul: Adds to Water Soul power to the user.  Gives a 100% absorption of water attributed attacks to one’s HP and MP.  In a water environment, the user can absorb the water energy around them to quickly restore HP.  Will last 10 seconds and has a 30 minute cooldown. Relies on the water energy of the Azure Dragon Ring to release, so it does not consume any MP.

Unique Skill:

Eternal Water Blossom: When faced with an unbeatable enemy, throw the Azure Dragon Ring at the target and release all the water energy within to release the strongest “Heaven Brilliance Water Screen” barrier around a thirty meter range of the target, trapping it for three hours.  It can be used once every three days and the Azure Dragon Ring’s stats will disappear for three days after being used. The Azure Dragon Ring may fall into other people’s hands, so this should only be used in times of danger.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Ye Tian Xie had seen the stats of a Spiritual Item and a Heavenly Item, but today this was his first time seeing the stats of a Mysterious God Item.  When he saw its stats, Ye Tian Xie’s heart began to beat fast. The skills in the end, with each one he saw, his eyes couldn’t help becoming larger and his heart beated like a violent storm on the sea, unable to calm himself.

The increase of three hundred intelligence, the increase of twenty thousand MP, the 50% increase of water resistance, and the 100% resistance towards freezing could not be counted for anything……Just the final “increase of any water attributed magic attacks by 200%” was enough to make any water mage player or NPC lose their mind.

Because, this was was enough to make a water mage’s attack power directly increase by three times!

Su Fei Fei’s Rainbow Bracelet could increase her healing by 100% and it was already considered breaking the game balance by Ye Tian Xie and Zuo Po Jun, a heaven defying item that should have existed……As for the Azure Dragon Ring, its stats could not be just described as “heaven defying”!

In that moment, Ye Tian Xie finally began to realize why this Azure Dragon Ring brought one terrifying disaster after the other.

Three hundred intelligence, twenty thousand MP, and 200% increase of water attack power could allow a level ten water mage easily defeat a level fifty second job water sorcerer.  This was the power of the stats of a Mysterious God Equipment.

Water resistance increase of 50% and negating all freezing effects, as well as not being affected by the cold in cold environments…..These kinds of stats, if he didn’t personally see it, would he believe it?  With the Azure Dragon Ring, a water mage’s attack could only be considered an itch to him, he could completely disregard the freezing effect, and a world of ice and snow would have no effect on him. If he were to enter the Frost Wolf Hole again, he could easily clear it.

Freely moving through water, not being affected by anything or limits…..Freely moving through water, this was the effect of having the “swimming” and “diving” life skills both reach the Spiritual Grade.  But being able to stay in water and not needing to breath, that was an effect that would only appear at the legendary peak level. However, with just two sentences from the Azure Dragon Ring, it allowed him to have the power of the peak level “swimming” and “diving” skill that people could practice their whole lives to never get.

As for the Azure Dragon Ring’s added skills, a water shield that could last for half an hour, a water magic attack immunity skill that could be controlled at will.  It could allow to completely slaughter even the strongest water attributed mage, even if they were level one hundred or level ten thousand. Mages had weak physical attacks and when their magical attacks had no use on their enemies, they could only choose to run.  There would occasionally be complete magic resistance stats that would appear on monsters, but it was impossible to appear on humans, whether it was players or NPCs. Not to mention the fact that it was hard to increase one’s resistances, even if one could increase their resistances……In the rules of the Destiny world, because of their physiques, humans had a max resistance of 80%.. Adding in the stats from their Jobs and equipment to surpass 80%, even if on reaches 100%%, it will be displayed as 80%.  There would never be full resistance, which avoided making elemental mages useless.

But a single Water Screen was enough to allow him to turn this impossibility possible.  What was a nemesis of the water attribute, a single Water Screen was enough to prove this point.  As for the Water Soul, not only was it immunity, it would absorb the damage into one’s HP, making one stronger.  Looking at its range and duration, the Water Screen was more practical.

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  1. “it will all be 100% reflected. There is a one minute cooldown. Uses the water power of the Azure Dragon Ring to release, so there is no MP consumed.”
    “After reflecting the initial attack, the Water Mirror will persist for one minute before disappearing. All attacks that fall onto the Water Mirror during this time will also be perfectly reflected.”


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