EDAH Chapter 352


Chapter 352: Mysterious God Equipment – Azure Dragon Ring (Part 2)

Yuan Ya was lying on the counter feeling bored, with his breathing slowing down, looking no different from a corpse.  Although there were more Silver Items now, the business of his appraisal store was still pitiful. It still couldn’t compare with the item shop, pharmacy, or blacksmith at all.  The appraisable items that players obtained would all go to player appraisals because they could save money and also increase the experience of the appraisers, which was a win-win situation.  All those large guilds would have their own personal appraisers and they would go all out to train them. Only those solo players that did not talk to others and were desperate for appraisers would use the appraisal shop.

The peak items that players could not appraise were pitifully few, so Yuan Ya managing the store was no different from idling around all day.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, he laid there without any reactions at all.  When he heard Ye Tian Xie shout, he finally moved and opened his eyes. He spoke in a blurry voice, “Brat, it’s you again.”  Then he thought of something and stood up from his chair, so fast that it was like there was a spring attached to his butt, “Brat!  You’re finally back! You had big brother appraise your Seven Star Gourd last time and you actually ran without giving me money…..Quickly pay your fees!  Also pay an additional 50% as interest! It comes to a total of four thousand and five hundred gold coins!”

“Eh…..Was there this matter?  I am an honest person, I’ve never owed people money.”  Ye Tian Xie pretended to be thinking before speaking in an affirmative voice.


“Stop wasting words!  If you don’t return big brother’s money, do you believe big brother will call the guards!”  Then he sat down in the chair again and said in a depressed voice, “Damn you, it isn’t easy for big brother to open this appraisal store.  I barely see any customers and I finally had some people with big business come in! Big brother barely has anything to eat everyday! Brat, if you don’t clear your debt today, big brother will….”

“Alright, alright, since you’re this pitiful…..Ke, who told use to hit if off and become friends right away.  Whether I really own money or not, since big brother Ya says so, then it is fact.” Ye Tian Xie reluctantly took out four thousand and five hundred gold coins, putting them in Yuan Ya’s hands, feeling bitter in his heart.  Although he had a lot of money, he couldn’t spend it easily! He was drained by Yaya before, now he was being drained by Xing Bao Er daily, and his money was even being taken by this old man…..Was he really that much like a fat lamb?

After obtaining his long awaited four thousand and five hundred gold coins, Yuan Ya’s expression calmed down.  He squinted his eyes and said, “Brat, what did you find big brother for? Do you have something else that needs appraising?  First let’s come to an agreement. No matter how big the appraisal is, you have to pay the fee before the appraisal, or there will be no chance.”

“…..”  Ye Tian Xie suddenly thought that if he brought Xing Bao Er along and allowed her to bargain with this old man, how magnificent of a scene that would have been.

Being disinclined to waste words, Ye Tian Xie directly took out the Azure Dragon Ring, “Since it’s what big brother Ya said, then we’ll do it like that.  How much does it cost to appraise this ring?”

When the ring releasing blue light was taken out and Yuan Ya’s eyes met that blue light, his face revealed a look of being stunned.  He did not use his hands to pick it up and looked directly at the Azure Dragon Ring. In the amazed eyes of Ye Tian Xie, he saw Yuan Ya’s bearded face reveal a look of indescribable shock…..No, it wasn’t just shock, rather it was panic!

A Mysterious God Item was incredibly rare, but when he saw the Seven Star Gourd, he did not show this kind of expression.  Moreover, his expression did not seem like shock and disbelief from seeing an incredibly strong piece of equipment. Rather it was like seeing something terrifying and remembering a terrifying memory.

“Azure…..Dragon…..Ring…..”  His eyes and voice both trembled.  With his trembling voice, he said the Azure Dragon Ring’s name word for word.  Although it was slow, his voice was incomparably certain, without a hint of doubt.  He suddenly looked up at Ye Tian Xie and asked, “Where did you get this?”

Yuan Ya’s expression made Ye Tian Xie frown and his face became serious.  He considered it a bit and decided not to hide it as he directly said, “I obtained it from a water attributed Mysterious God Beast…..What is special about it?”

Yuan Ya finally reached out and picked up the Azure Dragon Ring.  He carefully held it as he gave a long sigh. He closed his eyes for a long while like he was remembering something before opening them and slowly saying, “This ring, it used to belong to my best friend…..His name was Yuan Que.  It was also the person that you said you knew last time.”

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

“He was named Yuan Que and I was named Yuan Ya, our names were only a single word apart.  Because of this, he was my only friend and brother. These two names came after we swore a vow of brotherhood and we have already long forgotten our real names.  Only, he died and died too early.” Yuan Ya closed his eyes and revealed a look of deep sadness.

Ye Tian Xie wanted to speak, but hesitated.  He wanted to say that Yuan Que was not dead and was currently in Beginner Village 60001, opening a pharmacy.  But these words were like what he said last time which resulted in him being scolded…..They weren’t believed at all.

Yuan Ya used his finger to gently rub the Azure Dragon Ring as he said in a lost voice, “Obtaining this ring is your luck and your misfortune.  There are many people that want to obtain it. Although it is an era of peace where the only disaster is an outside disaster and there will be no civil strife after the unification of the Lost Continent, men are innocent and talent brews jealousy.  The greed in people’s hearts will never disappear and the stronger a person is, the more greed they have towards strength…..meaning they will want the ring even more, not caring what price is paid. Yuan Que had to wander the world because of this ring and finally he…..Ai!”

“It’s very strong?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

“Yes, very strong.  Because it bears the power of the ancient Saint Extermination Beast, the Azure Dragon.  The Azure Dragon is the strongest monarch of water in history and having this ring, not only will it give you the strongest water energy, you will also become the nightmare of all water attributed beings.  Its strength is in subduing water.” Yuan Ya paused for a second before continuing, “But people going crazy in wanting to possess is not just because of its strength…..It’s also related to the inheritance of the five sacred beasts…..Are you interested in hearing it?”

Ye Tian Xie nodded and sat down in the chair in front of Yuan Ya.

“The five sacred beasts, they are the five strongest beasts that control the five basic elements.  They are separated into the water Azure Dragon, the fire Vermillion Bird, the earth Black Tortoise, the strongest White Tiger controlling wind and thunder, and the head of the five sacred beasts…..the Qilin that can use all the elements.  They were previously the strongest, sacred, and benevolent protection gods of the Lost Continent that could never be offended. The Azure Dragon guarded the east, the Vermillion Bird guarded the south, the Black Tortoise guarded the north, the strongest White Tiger protected the west where disasters were most frequent, and the Qilin guarded the center.  However, these strongest five sacred beasts had their dynasty destroyed ten thousand years ago and their inheritances cut off, never appearing again.

“Ten thousand years ago?  Could it be Demon God Li Xiao?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

Yuan Ya looked at him before nodding as he said, “I never thought that you would even know Demon God Li Xiao.  That’s right, the one that destroyed them was the terrifying beyond compare and powerful Demon God Li Xiao. If the five sacred beasts worked together, perhaps it would have been hard for Demon God Li Xiao to win, but this sly demon god secretly appeared on the Lost Continent and chose to break the void to destroy the five sacred protection beasts that he feared the most.  However, even if it was the demon god, he needed to pay an enormous price to kill the five sacred beasts. After he destroyed the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, the Black Tortoise, the White Tiger, and the Qilin, his strength decreased by a large amount and he was sealed into the “Leaving Heaven Array” by the four strongest Spiritual Gods of the Illusory Beast Clan. He was buried into the deep sea, never leaving again.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Never leaving again?  Under the Illusory Beast Clan ruins, that voice clearly told him that Demon God Li Xiao had appeared on the Lost Continent again.  Only because of the powerful Leaving Heaven Array, his strength had been weakened by a large amount. Even if he left the seal, it would be hard for him to restore his strength even with a thousand years.

He did not say these thoughts out loud.  If he did, Yuan Ya would never accept it.

“Are you saying that obtaining the Azure Dragon Ring means obtaining the last bit of strength left behind by the dead Azure Dragon?”  Ye Tian Xie said.

“Not only is it the last bit, it is also the strongest power.  It was formed with its spirit, so the water energy left behind would never disappear.  This power, other than the Azure Dragon, even if another million or ten million year passed, it would not appear again.  The five sacred beasts would not die easily and although their bloodlines have been exterminated, they themselves would not allow themselves to disappear from the Lost Continent.  So before they died, their final thought was to leave behind their final powers that would never disappear…..The Azure Dragon’s Azure Dragon Ring, the Vermillion Bird’s Vermillion Bird Plumage, the Black Tortoise’s Black Tortoise Boots, the White Tiger’s White Tiger Earrings, and the Qilin’s Qilin Heart, each one of them contains the everlasting power of the five sacred beasts, each being extremely powerful Mysterious God Items…..And there has always been a legend on the Lost Continent that if the Mysterious God Items left behind by the five sacred beasts came together on a single person’s body, that person would have unapproachable strength…..They would be unparalleled in the world.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Unparalleled in the world, these four words that make people crazy.  When you have power that no one can defeat, everything you want….Money, beauties, authority……Everything you wish for can be easily obtained.  So, humans will wildly kill to steal them. In the past, the Lost Continent was not as united as today, with seven different kingdoms present. These five Mysterious God Items provoked fights between the seven kingdoms, time and time again, creating many disasters that far surpassed your imagination…..Until the end when the Lost Continent was finally united by the first Lost Emperor, the news of these five Mysterious God Items disappeared for an unknown reason and they disappeared from the world.  Like this, over ten thousand years passed and the legend of the five sacred beasts and these items were forgotten by the people. But several dozen years ago, that old undying Yuan Que inadvertently obtained the Azure Dragon Ring from a dying man that was being chased, provoking a series of disasters and finally…..”

Saying this, Yuan Ya gave another long sigh.

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