EDAH Chapter 348


Chapter 348: Tearful Meng Yu Yi

After the “agreement” had been reached, it was still Ye Tian Xie that took out several hundred thousand to clear Xing Bao Er’s sin value and the two of the returned to Heavenly Stellar City together.

“I’ll take you to a place first, it is also my home in this world.  I’ll take you to see a person first and if you tell him you can make a gun…..Perhaps he’ll accept any kind of high price.”  Ye Tian Xie said with a smile.

“$_$.  Any kind of high price?”  Xing Bao Er’s eyes shined brighter than thousand watt light bulbs.

Ye Tian Xie felt like he had said something he shouldn’t have said and quickly corrected himself, “Ke…..That’s right, he can even accept a million gold coins…..Let’s go.”


A single one time use bomb she dared charge three million for.  A single gun and one that any kind of price would be accepted…..She might even swallow Murong Qiu Shui whole.


In a different place with ice cold rocks, freezing wind, and occasional beast roars.  This should be a hidden map. There were the figures of many beasts, but there was only a single human figure.

The sun like plate hung high in the clear sky, shining down on a single beautiful figure.  On the highest point of the tallest boulder, there stood a graceful maske girl with an elegant figure.  She silently stood on that boulder, with tight fitting night coloured clothes that outlined her waist, legs, and bountiful curves.  The hair that fell to her waist was like satin, creating a beauty that was impossible to draw or describe. The skin that wasn’t covered by that black mask was white to the point of being transparent and beautiful like carved jade.  This quiet space, this absolute beauty, it created a beautiful scene that made one lose their breath.

She had been standing here for a long time, looking off into the distance.  It was unknown what she was thinking.

A person silently arrived behind her, but she did not turn around.  Before the other side had even approached, she had already sensed them.

Blood Cycle had been in the same spot for a while.  His eyes looked up and down, allowing him to see a scene that he could never believe.  After a long period of his heart churning and a long silence, he said with a long sigh, “Yu Yi, you’re actually crying…..The Shadow Sovereign of Blood Dream Paradise, a person that everyone thought had no emotions already is actually crying…..Having grown up together with you and as the only family member taken with you to Blood Dream Paradise, this is my first time seeing you cry since that time.”

Meng Yu Yi’s originally cold and beautiful eyes suddenly closed and on that thin as a cicada’s wing eyelash, there was something reflecting light like a piece of crystal.  Those jade like hands were tightly clutching onto a pair of daggers that were like crystalized ice while slightly trembling in the wind.

“I originally wanted to pass King’s words to you, but now it seems like there is now need…..I can’t blame you, you spent all that time in the virtual gaming world over the years, you were not infatuated in the game or exploring what value the game had.  Rather… was for a person…..”

Other than the wind, there was no response.  Meng Yu Yi almost never spoke. Even in a public place, there had never been anyone that had seen her speak.  So, there was only one phrase that was in her appraisal, does not speak, only knows how to kill. She killed people and never needed a reason to do so.  The previous Tian Mo Xie had become her target after “offending” her, but he was the only person she couldn’t succeed in killing even though she wanted to.

Those years of chasing him, those several hundred fights, those several hundred times of being together…..It was a long time and she found that she did not find him solely for attacking him or killing him, but rather because she wanted to see him.  When she realized this terrifying feeling, «Murder God» was over and «Destiny» was beginning, as well as Blood Dream Paradise’s ambition and starting point. At that time, reason spoke to her and she decided that she couldn’t implicate him.

On the last day of the «Murder God» world, the final meeting between her and Tian Mo Xie, it was supposed to be their last time meeting, but they passed each other because she was late by a few seconds.  She threw away the Blood Sealing Ice Dagger and vowed to be independent again. In the «Destiny» world, she had even threw away the name she had used for several years……But she still underestimated the magic of all of this.  The first time she saw him appear in this world, she couldn’t stop the emotions deep in her heart from appearing on her face. Although Ye Tian Xie had also changed his name like her, after being together for so many years, there were too many things that she could recognize about him with a single glance.

They were together for all those years, they were already unable to become even more familiar with each other.  Today, this was his first time revealing his anger to her and the first time he revealed a look of disappointment, pain, and disbelief to her.  That expression was like an inexplicable pain in her heart like it was being pierced by a needle.

“Xie Tian should be Tian Mo Xie and the current Tian Mo Xie is a fake, it should be like this, right?”  Blood Cycle asked.

Meng Yu Yi: “……”

“I vaguely know that in these four years, the thing you did the most was chase down Tian Mo Xie.  Over time, it is normal to develop feelings. You shouldn’t consider this a sin and on the contrary, this means that you are still a normal girl with feelings and not a killing machine.  I am very pleased.” Blood Cycle closed his eyes and revealed a faint smile.

Meng Yu Yi: “……”

“He really is worthy of being a man that can move your heart, even King was trampled beneath his feet.  Even when the eight of us worked together, we were like a group of children in front of him. The previous Tian Mo Xie and the current Xie Tian, he has allowed me to see a different level of humans, one that is even higher than our Blood Dream Paradise.  Although he killed me, I do not feel a bit of hatred towards him. Rather I feel appreciation and even gratitude……If possible, I really wish to become friends with him.”

Meng Yu Yi: “……”

“King wanted me to give you an order to kill him in a period of time…..But I know you won’t do it.  Even if you do, you won’t be able to accomplish it. Yu Yi, I won’t ask what happened between you and Xie Tian and you won’t respond even if I do ask.  Listen seriously to a few words from an incompetent big brother, alright?” Blood Cycle gave a sigh before half raising his head and slowly speaking.

Meng Yu Yi was silent as before, but her eyes had silently opened.

“In this life, my one greatest regret is being saved by the Blood Dream Paradise after our family was slaughtered.  At that time, I was grateful to them because they had saved our lives. After that, I slowly realized that they didn’t save two people’s lives, rather they picked up two tools that were filled with hatred and had nothing to lose that were perfect for them to cultivate.  Many years ago, I wanted to run away like Chana and Wu Qing and even if I had to run for my life, I wouldn’t lose my freedom. But… were still here and so loyal, being trained by them…..So, I couldn’t leave.”

Blood Cycle turned around and said in a low voice, “Seeing your tears, I finally have the courage to say these words.  Yu Yi, you do not owe them anything. If you want to live for yourself, find a bit of courage…..If you want to stay in Blood Dream Paradise forever, I will stay with you.  If you choose to leave…..I will also stand in front of you.”

Meng Yu Yi jumped off the boulder and and floated down like she was a feather.  It looked like she was a goddess descending upon the earth. Blood Cycle watched as she disappeared into the distance and he gave a faint sigh.  In Blood Dream Paradise, he had been best friends with Situ Chana and Situ Wu Qing. For the strong Blood Dream Paradise not being able to do anything to them, it was because of the power of their “Demon Ghost” and because of Blood Cycle’s small interference.

If the completely loyal Meng Yu Yi were to leave the Blood Dream Paradise because of Xie Tian, he would also not hesitate to act like the Situs…..Perhaps, she would.  After all, she did not even make a move even though Xie Tian trampled on King and chose to run away. Also because she was actually moved to the point she would cry for that person.

He hoped she would.

Blood Dream Paradise was not a paradise, but rather hell.


Entering Ye Tian Xie’s home, Xing Bao Er had the same reaction as everyone else did, with her little mouth forming a cute little “O” shape, “Wa…..Big brother Xie Tian, is this really your home?  So big, so spectacular, and so beautiful…..This is the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen.”

Ye Tian Xie’s vain heart was satisfied and he said with a proud smile, “If you can be obedient and make me happy, you can come here to play often in the future…..There is a large garden in the back and many spare yards, plenty of space for you to make and test things.”

“Is that true…..God!  You really are the richest person…..That’s right, why are you so rich?  Can you tell me how you made your money?” Xing Bao Er turned around and revealed a look of longing.

Ye Tian Xie gave an evil smile and said, “About this, it’s actually very easy to be rich.  I built it up by kidnapping young girls.”

“Stingy!  Liar! Just don’t say it then!”


Walking into the main hall, Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui had been waiting there for a long time, drinking enough tea to completely fill their hunger meter.  When they saw Xing Bao Er who was looking around, they both asked in surprise, “Second brother, who is she?”

If they weren’t wrong, wasn’t this the girl throwing out bombs earlier!

“Who she is, you can ask for yourself.  She is now our Heavenly Soul Mercenaries’ lead engineer and you’ll have many chances to meet in the future.”  Ye Tian Xie said.

“Lead engineer?”  Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui were stunned at the same time.  Engineer players were everywhere….But letting an engineer player that couldn’t fight join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, this……

“Let’s not talk about this first.  Qiu Shui, didn’t you want a gun? I’m talking about….a pistol.  If you can use a gun in this world, you should be very satisfied.”  Ye Tian Xie looked at Murong Qiu Shui and made a gun shot gesture with his hand.

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