EDAH Chapter 347


Chapter 347: Xie Tian’s little servant (Part 2)

Xing Bao Er raised her little nose, “I’m not worried at all because even if you know it, you won’t be able to make it!  Only I, Xing Bao Er can make it in this entire world…..Materials, it’s fine if I tell you. You’re that strong, perhaps you’ll be able to find it…..Wu, to manufacture a Star Bomb, you need five kinds of material.  You need the Fire Cloud Stone, Nitre, Sulphur Powder, Charcoal Powder, as well as Soft Iron Ore…..The most powerful Ultimate Large Star Bomb also needs a special item called the Divine Brilliance Stone as well as the other five items.  Big brother Xie Tian, can you find the Divine Brilliance Stone and the Fire Cloud Stone? If you can find them, I can buy them from you for a high price of fifty gold coins.”

Ye Tian Xie was completely speechless…..Buying them for fifty gold coins and selling the Ultimate Large Star Bomb for fifty million gold coins….Can you be even darker?

Moreover, for the materials for the Star Bomb, other than the Fire Cloud Stone and the Soft Iron, why did they all seem like materials for real world explosives.

“Alright, if I can find them, I’ll directly give them to you.”  Ye Tian Xie generously said.


“Wa!  Big brother Xie Tian, I’ve found that I’m liking you more and more.”  Xing Bao Er said with a face filled with awe.

“What else do you know to make?”  Un…..” Ye Tian Xie thought about it and he had an idea.  He said, “Can you make a basket? One that can hold a small animal?”

“Hey!  You….You’re looking down on me too much!  This kind of low level, boring, and simple thing, as long as you bring me the materials, I can make it just by using my little pinky!”  Xing Bao Er said in a voice filled with disdain.

Ye Tian Xie rubbed his nose and said, “Then what is the highest level things you can make…..Tell me a few of them.”

As soon as Ye Tian Xie finished, Xing Bao Er blurted out, “Many, many things!  So much that I can scare you to death…..For example, with those two Illusory Stones, I can make many Ten Thousand Mile Trackers.  If I sold one for several thousand gold coins…..Ke, ke, several million gold coins, many people would buy them. Also, also, I can use those Illusory Stone Fragments to make Illusory Beads.  Although these Illusory Beads can only be used once, it will not send people to a random place, but rather it will let them return to a place that they’ve visited before based on their thoughts.  Also…..”

“Return to a place where one has gone to before?”  Ye Tian Xie’s heart skipped a beat as he spoke with eyes wide in shock.

“Right, right.”

“It can go wherever?”  Ye Tian Xie continued to ask.

“It should be like this.”

“Even the Beginner Village?”  Ye Tian Xie asked again.

“Beginner Village…..How could that place be possible!  The transmission range is only the Lost Continent and the Beginner Village begins to another world, it does not belong to the Lost Continent, so of course you can’t go there.  Yi? What do you want to go to the Beginner Village for? I heard that there are only low level monsters, it’s very crowded, and there isn’t anything there.”

“…..”  Ye Tian Xie let out a breath.  The Beginner Village seemed like an isolated world, not connected to the Lost Continent, not in the same world.  Moreover, there seemed to be a special power protecting it, so the Lost Continent had no way of going there……However, although it was like this, the Illusory Bead with the ability to send him to all the places he had gone was powerful beyond his imagination.  This also meant that if he had an Illusory Bead, he could return to the Hidden Dragon Abyss or the Heavenly Sacred Temple instantly…..

This was simply a divine item!!

“What else can you make…..That’s right, since you can make gunpowder, can you also make heated weapons?  For example….” Ye Tian Xie thought about it and used a probing voice filled with hope to say, “For example….a gun.”

“A gun?  Is it like the real world’s pistol?  Of~course~I~can!! You can not believe me, but when I was in that small….They could make thermal weapons!  They even said that although they could make thermal weapons, they would rather destroy it and not sell it to the outside world, because it could bring a terrible disaster.  The methods of making a thermal weapon, I have learned them all!” Xing Bao Er said without any hesitation.

Ye Tian Xie swallowed a mouthful of saliva.  He had just tried asking for Murong Qiu Shui because his powerful skills depended on the gun.  In this Destiny world without any thermal weapons, he could only choose the box. Although the bow was also a long range weapon, it was not a gun and many aspects of it could not compare to the gun.  When he asked Xing Bao Er, he did not have any hope at all because there had never been thermal weapons in an online game before. He only asked because the emergence of the bombs gave him a sliver of hope.  However, Xing Bao Er had unexpectedly given him an affirmative answer.

The young girl in front of him was simply a little monster.

“Then a cannon… it also possible?”

“As long as there are enough materials, of course it is possible!”

“Then forging?  You know it all?”

“Of course!  I am a full time engineer, a full time forger is a type of engineer.  As long as you give me enough materials, I can make all kinds of weapons.  Swords, blades, spears, lances, axes, mage staffs, bows, crossbows, daggers, shields…..and various other equipment, I can make them all.”

“……Can you also work with wood?”

“That is very simple!”

“What about telescopes?”

“You’re looking down on me!”

“Then…..What about sea travelling ships?”

“Of course I can!  It will require a lot of resources and time.  If no one helps me, it will take a long time.”

“Inventory bags?”

“My inventory bag was made by myself.  There are twenty thousand spaces, several times what yours has!”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Ye Tian Xie was shocked, stunned, intrigued, excited, and envious…..

His envy almost made him crazy.

Even in a normal condition, faced with this young girl that could do everything except fight, he would be filled with jealousy, not to mention when he was undergoing the baptism of envy.  Although because of his special Dragon Soul, when he was faced with someone he did not want to hurt, that person would not be affected since the Dragon Soul would suppress the effect of the sin.  But this time… could his envy be suppressed.

He wanted to use all his strength to steal it over…..Everything!!

However, there was not only a single method of making these his and there was another method……

Ye Tian Xie already made his decision.  He sat down beside Xing Bao Er and said in a serious voice, “Xiao Bao Er, didn’t you say you want to be my servant and make me pay that eighty nine million gold coins back to you……I can agree to all of that…..”

“Ah!  Great, great, but there can’t be any ‘buts’!”  Xing Bao Er excitedly called out.

“Of course there are no ‘buts’, however… have to agree to a few of my conditions.”  Ye Tian Xie innocently said.

Xing Bao Er: (Pouting lips) ╭(╯^╰)╮

“Relax, not a single condition will make you suffer a loss…..As for that eighty nine million gold coins, I can give you, but you…..”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes focused and he seriously said, “must join…..the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries!”

Xing Bao Er’s eyes went wide and she looked at him with a puzzled gaze.  The Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, isn’t that Xie Tian’s personal mercenary group that many people wanted to join, but couldn’t?  She didn’t know how to fight…..”

“Moreover, after you join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, you are not allowed to sell your items to anyone other than us and must sell everything to us.  Of course, the price I give will not be lower than the price others give. Like this, you don’t need to think about ways to trap….how to sell your things and directly sell them to me.  Not only is it convenient, you also won’t be swindled. Moreover, my Heavenly Soul Mercenaries will protect you if you are ever in danger or if you are being bullied…..How about it, you’re gaining quite a bit.”

When Xing Bao Er thought about Ye Tian Xie’s words, she thought hard about it and could not think of a way she would suffer a loss.  Joining the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries would mean being protected by them, no longer worrying about being bullied. She could also directly sell the things she made to them…..With how rich Xie Tian was, the things that were only worth several million gold coins and the hard to sell bombs, he was willing to take out eighty nine million gold coins to buy.  If she sold other things, would the price be lower?

Thinking of this, Xing Bao Er was about to start drooling.

“Un, un, un, un, un, un!!  I agree, I agree, I want to join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries!  I’ll become the private engineer of the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries and won’t make or sell stuff to others!”  Xing Bao Er strongly agreed. She also half raised her little hand and made the movement of making a vow. This transaction was simply too lucrative.  She no longer needed to worry about being bullied and she did not need to worry about finding rich people to sell her items to…..Although her items were very precious, there were only a few people that she could sell them to for a high price.  After all, the people that had several hundred thousand or even a million gold coins were very little, even people with several tens of thousands were rare. At the same time, with a powerful person like Xie Tian present, those items she couldn’t make because she lacked the materials for……Perhaps he could help her find those precious materials.

This was simply a deal that was impossible to suffer a loss from.

“Very good!”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile.  He knew that the hidden value of this girl could not be measured in gold coins.  Although he was unable to understand why she had all of this in this world, this was not important to him.  The important thing was that her skills would be used by him, but of course that came at a giant price. It was unknown how much money he would have to sink into her in the future.

“Here, this is eighty million gold coins…..for you.  This should be enough to show my sincerity.” Ye Tian Xie took out eighty million gold coins and without any changes in his expression, he made this painful deal with Xing Bao Er.

Faced with this giant amount that was the largest amount she had ever seen before, Xing Bao Er began to drool.  After the trade, she looked over her own gold coin figure to confirm that she wasn’t dreaming and that it was actually eighty million gold coins……It really did belong to her.

“It’s eighty eight million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, and nine hundred ninety nine gold coins…..not just eighty million!”  Her heart was filled with excitement while she forced herself to reveal a dissatisfied expression as she spoke.

Ye Tian Xie raised his brows and said, “Relax, I said that I would give it all to you, but I never said I would pay it all at once.  From this month forth, I’ll give you eight million per month and continue for a year. That will be a total of ninety six million gold coins and the extra can be considered interest……However, during that year, if you leave the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries or go back on our deal about not selling to others, the remaining amount…..

“You’re looking down on me!  Am I person that goes back on my words!  I will definitely do what I promise others…..Humph, forget it, forget it, this is fine too.”  Xing Bao Er angrily shouted, but in her heart she whispered: Although it’s a long delay, I can earn an extra seven million!  This is simply a great deal!

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