EDAH Chapter 344


Chapter 344: Versatile mount

Three Heart Piercing Ice Beads, one skill scroll, and one piece of Mysterious God Equipment…..Other than those Sapphire Water Crystal Coins, the other five items dropped by the Weeping Ice Feather Deer were all incomparably valuable, making Ye Tian Xie extremely satisfied.  The Moment of Destiny could not be forged, so the Heart Piercing Ice Beads were no use to him and the skill scroll could not be used by him. The most impatient thing he wanted to know was the stats of the Azure Dragon Ring in his hand.

Ye Tian Xie came beside the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s corpse and began to use the Harvest Skill……Only he saw that its body was almost transparent and did not hide anything.  It seemed like it was very difficult for the Harvest Skill to obtain any items.

“Ding…..Your Harvest Skill has failed.

“Ding…..You have successfully harvested the special item, ‘Spirit Water Bead’.  Your Harvest Skill’s level has increased.”


“Ding…..It is impossible to harvest any more items from the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s corpse.”

There was an extra deep blue bead in Ye Tian Xie’s hand.  The bead was not big, being around the size of a ping pong ball.  It was a pure blue colour, like there was water flowing inside of it.

Spirit Water Bead: The source of the Weeping Ice Feather Qilin’s strength, containing a high density of high level water element.  Theoretically, it can only use its full strength when inside the Weeping Ice Feather Deer.

The Weeping Ice Feather Deer, a Mysterious God Beast’s source of power, it could be imagined how powerful it was.  Ye Tian Xie looked at it for a while and although he couldn’t find a use for it, he still carefully put it away. After not being able to harvest any more items, Ye Tian Xie called out Kaka and pointed at the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s corpse before saying, “Kaka, swallow it.”

Kaka had just been summoned and its pair of slit eyes suddenly became two times larger than normal.  When it heard Ye Tian Xie’s order, it immediately threw itself over as fast as possible…..Swallowing a Mysterious God Beast, was there anything happier than that.

The process of swallowing it was simple and short.  The light released from Kaka’s mouth enveloped the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s corpse and turned the body into bits of blue light that flew into Kaka’s open mouth.  The Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s body was big, but from its head to its tail, it took a total of a dozen seconds before it disappeared. Kaka patted its belly after it finished swallowing and gave a burp.  After this, a blue light penetrated the surface of its skin.

“Ding…..Your mount has successfully swallowed the Mysterious God Beast ‘Weeping Ice Feather Deer’.  It has gained 20% Water Resistance, 1000 MP, 1000 Magic Attack, and it can transform into the Weeping Ice Feather Deer.  After transforming, it will absorb all water attributed attacks and gains 20% resistance to all physical attacks. In an ice cold environment, it will automatically restore 5% HP per second.  It can also freely fly around at altitudes of twenty meters and below.

Skills Obtained: Water Mirror, Ice Raid, Snow Storm, Sorrowful Ice Mist, Earth Penetrating Ice Seal, Heavenly Ice Dance, Hail Meteors, Star Shatter, Ice Crystal Dance, Heaven Defying Water, Ice Coffin Array, Freezing the Heaven and Earth, Wall of Purity, Fog Killing Array, Extreme Ice Wall, Extreme Ice Blast, Ice God’s Sigh, Ice God’s Roar.

Unique Skills Obtained: Weeping Feather Ice Dagger, Ice Sealing Extermination Array.

Forbidden Techniques Obtained: Void Freezing Hell Ice Mist

“Ding…..Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 20.  It has become a Fifth Grade Mount.”

“Ding…..Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 21……”


“Ding…..Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 25.  It has become a Spiritual Grade Mount.”


“Ding…..Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 28.  Because pets and mounts cannot have a higher level than their master, its level cannot be increased any further.”

Ye Tian Xie was not disappointed, as the normally hard to level Kaka who levelled the slowest suddenly increased in levels after swallowing the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s corpse.  Its greatest advantage did not rely on the experience gained from killing monsters, but rather the experience it gained from swallowed monsters. Swallowing the Weeping Ice Feather Deer had allowed its level to match Ye Tian Xie, Yao Yao, and Xiao Bei’s.  Its grade had also jumped up four times, becoming the same Spiritual Grade as Xiao Bei.

This was the strength of a Mysterious God Beast, one can obtain incomparable riches after defeating it.

Kaka: Spiritual Grade Mount

Level: 28

Master: Xie Tian


HP: 3040

MP: 4040

Physical Attack: 304

Magical Attack: 404

Defense: 404

Accuracy: 76

Evasion: 76

Move Speed: 60

Attack Speed: 50

Innate Skills: Illusory Spirit Change

Available Transformations (Strongest to weakest): Weeping Ice Feather Deer, Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin, Hell Spider……(A large pile)……Demonic Grudge Butterflies.

Skills: Sacred Mark Devour, (Many others).

Kaka’s own ability were still trash.  Although it was the same level and grade as Xiao Bei, the stats that it had could not compare at all.  Especially its move speed and attack speed, they were not suited for fighting at all. This also meant that Kaka’s original body was no different from trash firewood and it was still the same.  However, when it swallowed a strong or special monster, its stats grew with it. Perhaps there would be a day where its stats would even surpass Xiao Bei’s.

Kaka swaggered back in front of Ye Tian Xie, looking satisfied like it had just eaten a luxurious meal.  Ye Tian Xie patted its stomach and said, “Kaka…..Illusory Spirit Change!”

“Ka…..Ka!”  Kaka made an excited sound after receiving the order and moved back a few steps.  Its body released a blue light as the surrounding air turned cold. This situation, it was just like the aura released by the Weeping Ice Feather Deer when it had awakened.

In the middle of the blue light, Kaka’s round body began to quickly grow, becoming bigger.  The sky blue ice crystal scales began to cover its body as it began to quickly grown into the shape of the Weeping Ice Feather Deer.  In Ye Tian Xie’s gaze, after a few seconds, the blue light disappeared and a magnificent beyond compare, graceful Weeping Ice Feather Deer was standing in front of him.

Weeping Ice Feather Deer (Kaka’s Illusory Spirit Change)

Stats: (Basic Stats equal to Kaka’s Basic Stats)

Move Speed: 200

Attack Speed: 100

Can be ridden.  Increases move speed by 100 after being ridden (if move speed is below 200 after being ridden, the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s move speed will be used.  Can be ridden by two-three people at once. Can walk on water. Can freely move in water and will not suffer from water pressure. Can freely fly around at altitudes of 20 meters and below.

Innate Skills: All the innate skills the Weeping Ice Feather Deer had.

Skills: All the skills the Weeping Ice Feather Deer had.

Seeing the current Kaka, Ye Tian Xie was filled with excitement.  This was the first time he thought that making the choice to make Kaka a mount was the right choice.

As long as the conditions were met, many pets could also be mounted…..for example, Su Fei Fei’s Frost Wolf after it had grown up.  However, pets would not receive the same protection mounts did when they were mounted, so they could also be attacked. Moreover, pets would not increase their rider’s move speed like mounts did and would just use their own move speed.  At the same time, there would be a decrease in terms of speed and ability to act since it was being mounted, so it was impossible for the rider and the mount to display their skills at the same time.

Now that Kaka had transformed into the Weeping Ice Feather Deer, because it was a mount, it had obtained all of the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s skills.  Not only did it have the rare flying ability, because it was a water attributed beast, it had the impossible to appear water treading and water diving abilities……It can freely move through land, air, and sea!

Was there a better mount than this?

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