EDAH Chapter 335


Chapter 335: Situ Chana meeting Murong Qiu Shui

After Ye Tian Xie ran ten steps, a sharp scream came from behind him, “Xie Tian, I want to kill you!!”

Xing Bao Er quickly put the 8.9 gold coins into her inventory and chased after Ye Tian Xie like an angry little cat, but she wasn’t a combat player, how could her move speed compare to Ye Tian Xie’s.  There was a large distance between them after chasing for a little bit.

Ye Tian Xie turned around and found that Xing Bao Er had already given up on chasing.  He slowed down and he rubbed his forehead while saying in a low voice, “Would that be too bad?  Although eight hundred and ninety million was a bit excessive, but cutting it down to eight gold and nine silver coins…..Un, killing me one hundred million times seems more excessive.”

However, even if Ye Tian Xie was dumb, he could see that since that girl appeared, she was planning on “blackmailing” him…..The reason was that he was number one on the wealth ranking and had been treated by her as someone who didn’t care about money.  That’s why she happily ran to him…..After all, only people who didn’t care about money would have this much money in the game. Who would have thought that it was everything he owned.


Suddenly, a flash appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie’s eyes and that girl disappeared from his line of sight.

Eh?  Logged off……or was she crying?  Ye Tian Xie felt a bit awkward, after all, that powerful item had allowed him to escape danger and had given him that satisfying explosion…..The most important thing was that the final event that happened today would make it so no large or small power would dare to provoke him for now, otherwise today’s events might happen again…..So, although this girl had no good intentions, but…..

“Big villain!  Big liar! Super miser!  You can’t escape!” When Ye Tian Xie was feeling a bit troubled, the voice belonging to Xing Bao Er came from behind him.  He suddenly turned around and found…..Xing Bao Er was standing there. She was looking up at him with puffed out cheeks and eyes filled with angry flames.

Ye Tian Xie was stunned.  This was…..could it be teleportation!?

“You’re too hateful!!  You are known as the strongest, Xie Tian, you are the strongest person!  I never thought you would be this stingy and shameless! Even bullying a little girl like me……You, you, you, you, you, you…..Let me tell you!!  You can’t run. If you don’t give me the eight hundred and ninety million gold coins, I will keep chasing you! I’ll chase, chase, chase, chase, chase you to death!!!”

Xing Bao Er’s angry voice made Ye Tian Xie stunned.  He seriously looked at this little girl whose face was red with anger.  Lowering his head, he tried asking, “You know how to teleport?”

“Teleport?  What is that?”

“Then you……How did you catch me?”  Ye Tian Xie was a bit embarrassed asking this question.

“Humph!  Humph, humph, humph, humph!”  Xing Bao Er’s anger did not fade as she proudly curled her lips, “I can tell you, letting you, a bigger miser than that villain from the Wings of Shrouded Heaven give up…..But, before I tell you, you have to pay a ten thousand gold coin information fee.”

“……Goodbye.”  Ye Tian Xie had no hesitation as he took out a City Return Scroll, choosing to return to the city.

The person in front of Xing Bao Er disappeared, making her blink in amazement for a while.  However, she was not worried, rather she gripped her little fist and gritted her teeth as she said, “Xie Tian, unless I, Xing Bao Er die, you will never be able to escape from my, Xing Bao Er’s palm!  No matter where you go, I will be able to immediately find you! I’ll let you see how power I, Xing Bao Er am!!!”

“Second brother seemed to have left.”  After Ye Tian Xie left, the players around Ye Tian Xie who did not dare approach broke out in whispers.

“What splendor, his splendor is something I have only seen in movies.  The most beautiful thing is that the main character is my beloved second brother.”  Murong Qiu Shui said with half closed eyes.

“Speaking of this, second brother should be home now.  Should we go? I really want to know what that large explosion is right now.”  Zuo Po Jun rubbed his hands as he spoke.

“I admit, I am also anxious, but before that, there is something I am interested in……Un, let’s go over and take a look.”

Murong Qiu Shui grabbed Zuo Po Jun and walked to the right.  Wherever they went, almost all the male players looked over, secretly swallowing the saliva in their mouth.  With that beautiful moon like face, that dazzling smile, that snow white skin, and that slender figure……this was a beautiful girl that could even charm out their souls.  Seeing Zuo Po Jun beside her, the eyes of the male players all light up, wishing they could curse him…..Where was justice in this world! Such a beautiful woman was taken by a pig!

They were filled with envy!!

Murong Qiu Shui was already used to those eyes.  He just had a smile on his face and ignored everything.  Even Zuo Po Jun had already become accustomed to this…..

“Oh!  Oh!! Look quickly, there is a beautiful woman coming over.  Wa~~This is a super level beauty, she simply wouldn’t even lose to our little sister Luo Yu!”  Situ Chana grabbed Situ Wu Qing’s clothes, shouting out in a low, excited voice. His eyes released a wolf like glow.

Situ Wu Qing: “…….”

“Ai, it’s a pity.  That big fatty by her side really ruins all the fun, he is like a pile of cow dung beside a beautiful flower, making people wish they could kick him.  Un, sour face, I have a premonition, that beautiful woman is coming because of me. She must have noticed my existence among the crowd and must have been attracted by my appearance, figure, and aura that even the gods envy.”  Situ Chana rubbed his own face as he groaned this out.

“Idiot!”  Situ Wu Qing spoke a word that made Situ Chana feel very hurt.

“Sour face, you have to believe a man’s intuition.”  Situ Chana said in a hurt voice.

When Situ Chana was speaking, Murong Qiu Shui arrived in front of him.  Then he stopped and turned to look at him.

Situ Chana’s heart almost stopped…..It couldn’t be, was this beauty really here to find him?  Could his charm really be surprising enough that it made others stop?

“Handsome brother, let’s be friends, alright?”  Murong Qiu Shui revealed a flower like smile to Situ Chana and Situ Wu Qing as he spoke.

Situ Chana: (⊙_⊙)!!

Situ Wu Qing: →_→

Situ Chana’s heart was beating ten times faster than normal.  He used the quickest speed to restore his calm and changed his expression, revealing what he considered a charming smile, “Today is truly good weather that fills one with joy.  Whether it is the breeze or grass, it comforts one’s heart, but these all cannot compared the beautiful face that just passed through my eyes……Beautiful young miss, I am very blessed to be able to be your friend.  If you don’t mind, we can go find a place and have a proper talk.”

Zuo Po Jun’s eyes popped wide open as he stared at Situ Chana……It had to be said, Situ Chana’s face did have a heroic look to it.  Although it was considered handsome, it was not handsome in the pretty boy way of handsome, but rather it was even more charming than someone who was heroic handsome…..But his words was what surprised Zuo Po Jun because…..the way he spoke was just like…..Murong Qiu Shui.

“Oh……This heroically handsome little big brother, your way of speaking is truly enchanting.”  Murong Qiu Shui pursed his lips into a smile. This magnificent scene made Situ Chana stunned once again, making his head feel faint as he felt dumbstruck.  Not to mention the surrounding players, even Zuo Po Jun beside Murong Qiu Shui and Situ Wu Qing beside him had all been forgotten.

Even with how old he was, he had never fallen in love…..Ah!  Love, what a luxurious thing. Right now, he was still a virgin……Ah!  Virgin, such a painful word.

Could it be that I was about to fall in love?  The heavens have sent such a charming girl to my side…..If he didn’t seize this chance, how could he forgive himself.

He suppressed his heartbeat and revealed an even more charming smile, “When we have a slow chat, you will find that I am even more charming……Beautiful girl, I still haven’t asked your fine name yet.”

“My name, I’ll tell you later, alright?  Names are one’s private information…..Little big brother, when I saw you, my heart began to beat very fast and my feet could not help stopping.  Why is that?” Murong Qiu Shui’s eyes were filled with grace, reflecting light like water, blooming with a gentle and pitiful light.

Zuo Po Jun’s skin broke out in goosebumps as he held back his breath out of fear that he would give a spit take.

Situ Chana swallowed a mouthful of saliva and his heartbeat sped up several times again, “This is called…..falling in love at first sight.  This is the legendary falling in love at first sight.”

Zuo Po Jun: o(╯□╰)o

Situ Wu Qing: o(╯□╰)o

“Then towards me…..did you fall in love at first sight?”  Murong Qiu Shui’s snow white face revealed a faint blush, revealing a shy expression that made people’s fingers twitch.

“Yes…..of course!  Little sister, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”  Situ Chana forcefully nodded.

“Then that’s great!”  Murong Qiu Shui’s smile became even more charming and looking at it made Situ Chana feel faint.  But then, the action Murong Qiu Shui took made him so excited that he almost did faint.

Murong Qiu Shui took a step forward and hooked a hand around Situ Chana’s neck.  Situ Chana did not even have time to faint from happiness before a sound made him feel like he had been struck by lightning.

“Oh, this is great!  I thought that little big brother wouldn’t like me…….Before I met this little big brother, I always thought that I liked women, but after meeting you, I suddenly found that…..what I liked was men.  I thought that you would reject me because of my ideas…..but I never thought that you would be the same kind of person!! Destiny! This is destiny! This is destiny determined by the heavens!! Also…..don’t call this one little sister, you can call me little brother.”

That gentle and charming voice disappeared without a trace, but what resounded in Situ Chana’s ears was a strong and magnetic young master’s voice.

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