EDAH Chapter 333


Chapter 333: Greedy little girl

Like a large fog suddenly appearing, it cut off one’s line of sight.  In one’s nose was a thick smell of gunpowder.

This smoke all came from the explosion.  When the mess in the air finally began to break apart, the dust was finally blown away by a gentle breeze.  As the cloud of smoke slowly dissipated, the scene covered by the smoke finally appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie, making him unable to close his mouth for a long time.

Even he couldn’t accept it, there was no need to mention others……It was unknown how many players that were several hundred meters away had their jaws drop to the ground.  Those people that were stunned to the point of almost falling to the ground looked on in a daze, as if they thought they were in a dream.

“……This world, is too wild.”  Zuo Po Jun’s eyes were wide open as he muttered this.


“No, it should be that people of earth cannot stop them.”  Murong Qiu Shui looked at Ye Tian Xie and that girl, speaking with a strange tone of voice.

Zuo Po Jun: “……”

After the dust dissipated, everyone on the scene saw…..a mountain of corpses.

The originally green grass land was turned into a bumpy land, that was beyond recognition.  It was like a green piece of paper was suddenly filled with holes, with many places still emitting smoke.  It was like the living had been trampled and a battlefield where the fighting had just stopped.

At the center of the explosion, there was an incomparably shocking giant hole.  What was even more shocking was that piled high around the hole was a dense pile of corpses.

Players dying in the game was not rare, especially with conflicts happening between powers, there was not a small amount of death.  However…..who had ever seen such a large amount of corpses before? Even on television or in movies, they had never seen such a terrifying amount of corpses.  The bright green Falling Wind Plains had been turned into a giant shocking cemetery in this moment.

Most of the players’ faces turned white and their eyes opened wide.  No matter how firm they were, they could not recover from the shocking scene in front of them.  As for those Wings of Shrouded Heaven players outside the explosion range, they were all knocked to the ground and there was not a single person without a look of fear on their face.  In that moment, they had seen hell and escaped it.

The effect of a single Ultimate Large Star Bomb was…..the instant death of an entire six thousand players.  This number was after the Wings of Shrouded Heaven players had spread out! Otherwise, the number would have been even more frightening.

Most of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven leaders had died and the ones that had survived seemed like they had lost their souls as they watched the ground covered in corpses, with faces as white as paper.  Being able to become the leader of a large Wings of Shrouded Heaven group like this meant that their heart was stronger than normal people, but no matter how strong their hearts were, they could not stop this kind of attack on their minds.

That explosion just now… was because of the strange thing that Xie Tian threw out……

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…..too much fun!  It’s even louder than the first time I used it…..Wa!  Look, so many people were exploded to death, almost half of them were blown up!  Look at the ground, so many items!” The young girl revealed a very proud cry. With so many corpses, a normal person would feel disturbed, but this young girl was not sick at all.  With corpses lying on the ground everywhere, she leapt around like a grasshopper. But then her eyes fell onto the pieces of equipment and items lying on the ground and her throat visibly moved……It was the movement of swallowing saliva.

If it wasn’t for the large group of people on the side that still had not died, she would have thrown herself over and picked up everything.

Ye Tian Xie looked at the young girl beside him and secretly thought: Who was the one that taught this girl, she can still smile in this kind of situation.  Moreover, although he was the one that threw the giant bomb, she was the one that made it and gave it to him. It could be said that those six thousand people died because of her, but she did not feel any fear or guilt.  It could be said that she was very “open-minded” or too innocent.

“So much fun…..Xie Tian, here, here, I still have another one!  Throw it again, I want to see it again!!” The young girl took out another “Ultimate Large Star Bomb” and placed it into Ye Tian Xie’s hands.

There was another one…..This girl didn’t just have a single one of these heaven defying items!!  Ye Tian Xie’s brain felt a bit dizzy.

“Commander, what….what should we do.”  A member of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had their limbs collapse from fear as he spoke to his leader beside him.  That leader did not have a single drop of blood in his face. When he was about to speak, he suddenly saw in the distance, that young girl took out another grey and cylindrical item that was as terrifying as the other thing and hand it to Ye Tian Xie…..Instantly he almost shat his pants and quickly ran away while wildly shouting, “Retreat!!  Quickly retreat!!!!!”

That shout awakened the surrounding Wings of Shrouded Heaven players from their dream and they all shouted as they ran.  The speed was several times faster than when they rushed at Ye Tian Xie. Looks of panic and cursing their parents for only giving them two legs could be seen on their faces and several people fell down while running.  There were even several people that were trampled. This was not an era of heroes nor was it an era of not fearing death. In the real world, just seeing a corpse in the street would be enough to make people scream out in fear, not to mention such a large pile of corpses…..They didn’t want to become a part of that pile.

There was extreme fear as they ran and not a single person thought about picking up the items from the ground.

“Ha…..Look quickly, they all ran…..Wa!!  So many items!! Xie Tian…..No, no, it’s big brother Xie Tian, quickly add me to your party, quickly.”  The young girl’s eyes sparkled as she looked over the equipment on the ground and she almost began drooling.  When Wings of Shrouded Heaven attacked, they were the ones to launch an attack first. Ye Tian Xie was the one being attack, so because of this, Ye Tian Xie was given the right to counterattack the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s group.  If he killed them, they would received a stronger penalty. Although they didn’t lose more levels, the amount of equipment and gold coins dropped by them were increased. Because of this, the six thousand people that had died at Xie Tian’s hands, each one of them had drop at least two items.

Of course, the owner was Ye Tian Xie.  Unless one was in the same team, they could not pick it up.

Ye Tian Xie’s lips silently curled and he added “Precious Star” into his team.

“Yeah!!  These are all mine, all mine!  So, so many…..Ha, ha, ha, ha!” The young girl let out an excited call and delightful laugh before running forward with her little feet.  Once she came close, she picked the items off the ground with a shocking speed……She did not look for targets, she just picked up any items that she saw…..She even picked up the lowest grade White Equipment as quickly as possible……What was even more exaggerated was that excluding the gold coins, she even picked up the silver coins, bronze coins, and even the potions…..Her hand’s speed was incomparably fast and Ye Tian Xie was stunned watching her.  He even heavily doubted that she was the legendary Shadowless Hand.

When Ye Tian Xie came close, he was surprised to find…..Wherever the young girl went, the items and money on the ground was cleanly picked up and not even a single hair was left.  It was like a whirlwind passing through, not leaving a single hair…..

“Yi, ha, ha, ha, ha, these are mine, they are all mine.”  Hearing this girl’s excited calls while she was picking things up from the ground, Ye Tian Xie’s face twitched a few times……With a Heaven Grade Life Job, she actually even picked up copper coins and potions……Did she enjoy the feeling of picking up items, or…..Un?  Was she from a poor family?

However, if she took out those terrifying items she made and sold them, each one would go for a shocking sky high price, how could she be lacking money.  The ones in Son of Heaven’s hands were also bought from her…..Since she had this business, why would she happily come here and blow them all up?

“This little sister……You can’t take this much.”  Ye Tian Xie walked behind her and finally couldn’t help saying.

“It’s no problem, I have time……Ya!  Big brother Xie Tian, you’re this powerful and rich, you shouldn’t be interested in these, right?  So these are all mine and you wouldn’t want to take them.” The little girl’s Shadowless Hand continued picking up items while speaking with a voice as fragile as crystal.

The items the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members were excellent, but they could not attract Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.  He rubbed his forehead and said, “Relax, I won’t take them…..However, although the items dropped by players last a bit longer than the ones dropped by monsters, they still only last ten minutes.  This much stuff…..can you really pick it all up?”

“No problem…..Ah?  Ah, ah, ah!! Ten minutes!?”  It was like the young girl was poked in the butt with a needle as she jumped forward and grabbed Ye Tian Xie’s clothes, “No, no!  It can’t be like this! Big brother Xie Tian, you’re this powerful, you must be able to make them remain forever, right?”

“…….This, I can’t.”

The young girl immediately turned around and did not waste time saying a single word as she charged forward…..This time, she didn’t look at those items that weren’t worth any money and directly picked up those high grade pieces of equipment that were glowing.

Ye Tian Xie followed behind her and looked at the young girl anxiously picking up items with an interested gaze.  It had to be said, a pleasant young girl doing anything was pleasing to watch. Ye Tian Xie looked for a while and still could not bear to look away.

After a minute, the young girl was still using her shockingly fast hands to pick up the equipment on the ground.

After two minutes, the young girl still picked things up at a wild speed, not showing a single trace of slowing down.

After three minutes…..Ye Tian Xie’s expression changed and his gaze looking at the young girl filled with visible shock.

With her speed, after three minutes, she had picked up at least three hundred pieces of equipment…..This was not counting in the other items she had picked up before.

Over three hundred items required over three hundred empty inventory spaces!  As for a normal player’s inventory limit, even if they expanded it, it was only two hundred spaces!

Taking a hundred steps back, even if this girl’s inventory was empty before, it was still impossible for her to pick up all these items!

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