EDAH Chapter 331


Chapter 331: Precious Star

The vibrations on the ground attracted Ye Tian Xie’s attention and his gaze looked over the layers of the crowd, finally falling onto a single person’s figure.  He saw a petite little white figure that once again raised her hand, throwing out a very, very small item…..


With another deafening explosion, this shocked all the stunned players awake.  This time, they had clearly seen the origin of this large sound, which was the thing this young girl threw out…..A small thing that wasn’t eye catching at all.  With this explosion, a dense group of “-20000” appeared like raindrops. In order to trap Ye Tian Xie, the members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven came even closer.  At this time, this kind of “dense” crowd allowed the “Star Bomb” to display its peak effect and this time, over a hundred players were blown up.

What was this thing this young girl threw out!?


Could there actually be such a terrifying thing in the Destiny world!?

Could it really be a bomb?

At the current stage, other than knights, there were no players that had over a thousand HP.  Being able to deal over a thousand HP…..other than a few anomalies, it was basically impossible…..But right now, they had actually seen an attack that can deal over twenty thousand damage and it was a terrifying attack item with a wide range.

This kind of item could instant kill any players.  As long as they are hit by the explosion, they have no chance of escaping.  This kind of item, it should not have appeared!

This girl, how did she obtain this item!!  If one had this kind of item, they could destroy a giant team by themselves.

With the length of the Moment of Destiny, Ye Tian Xie could only kill a few people at once, but this girl……Just a single attack was enough to over a hundred people!

“Hee, hee, hee, there’s still more!  Watch me block you all away and then I can…..Hee, hee, hee!”

It was unknown if she was naive or if there was another reason, but this girl threw out the Star Bombs without any hesitation.  It was like she didn’t care about the sin value that came from killing over a hundred people and she didn’t care about offending a large influence like the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  Moreover, the reason why she was doing all this even though she still had not seen Xie Tian yet was merely because of the “especially rich” expectation she had of him.

That’s right, the one with “the most money” was Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s Son of Heaven, she would blow Xie Tian up without any hesitation.  She did not care who the other side was and how many people died…..She just cared about who had the most money.



Another two Star Bombs were thrown out and the dense crowd could not dodge this kind of large range attack.  With another two empty spaces created, the pitiful cries and the flying corpses threw the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members into chaos.  The terrifying attacks made everyone fearful, afraid that the next one would fall on them.

“Archers, go!  Go and kill that girl!”  The leader closest to the explosion was full of fear as he pointed at the young girl’s location and loudly roared out.  Once he gave his order, a group of prepared themselves as they rushed at the young girl……Of course they weren’t stupid, they did not charge forward in a dense formation and dispersed themselves.  As long as they could approach her, they could kill her.

Although this girl had these terrifying attack items, she herself did not have any attack abilities at all.

That girl…..Ye Tian Xie’s heart was surprised, but the chaos and diverted attention amongst the Wings of Shrouded Heaven group eased the pressure on Ye Tian Xie.  He locked onto a position and used his Dragon Shadow Slash to charge out, leaving the dense blockade. He knitted his brows and wielded his Moment of Destiny, killing all the players around him.  After creating a small space, he shouted, “Kaka!”

Kaka appeared and turned into the form of the Black Flame Horse under Ye Tian Xie’s mental order.  Ye Tian Xie jumped onto the horse and the Black Flame Gorse gave a whinny before charging forward, knocking all the players that came close.  Using this momentum, they wildly charged forward. Wherever they went, Ye Tian Xie swept the Moment of Destiny left and right, using “Dragon Rend Slashes” on the players in front to send them flying one by one.

The goal he was rushing to at this moment was the young girl that had become the target of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

Under the dense attacks of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, he found it very hard to escape, but since she appeared with her bombs, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven fell into a chaos, finally giving him a chance to escape.  At the same time, when he began charging forward, it was hard to stop him again. Although he did not know this young girl and he didn’t know her goal, it could be said that he had been rescued by this young girl. Now that she was in danger, how could he possibly ignore her.

With Ye Tian Xie’s speed added to the Black Flame Horse, they reached around two hundred move speed.  They shot forward like an arrow, moving as fast as lightning. After knocking back over a hundred players, Ye Tian Xie finally escaped this blockade, but he did not stop and continued charging at the young girl.

“Ha?  You want to attack me?  I’ll let you see how strong I am…..Continuous Star Bombs!!”  Faced with the dispersed group charging at her, five Star Bombs suddenly appeared in this young girl’s hands.  With a flick of her little hands, five ash grey coloured little balls flew out in front of her.

Because of how terrifying this young girl was, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven sent over three hundred people to attack her, but when they saw these balls flying over, they all fell into a panic.  There were even several people whose legs went numb as they fell to the floor……Ye Tian Xie’s body turned stiff and he quickly moved back, moving away from the explosion range of these Star Bombs.

Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!!

The five explosions came together, creating one large explosions sound.  The sound was so big that the players in the distance could not help covering their ears.  After this explosion, this girl was still giving a loud, proud laugh when a tall, black figure charged out of the smoke with incomparable speed.  The girl almost screamed out in fear as she pulled out another Star Bomb from her inventory to throw, but immediately she stopped and shouted, “Ah, ah, ah!  Xie Tian, quickly protect me!!”

Ye Tian Xie who was about to dodge was shocked by this girl’s shout.  Then he saw this girl take out a large pile of Star Bombs from her inventory…..there were over a dozen bombs here.  Ye Tian Xie who had experienced this item’s might almost turned around and started to run. This thing could easily take his life.

Son of Heaven had them and even this young girl has this many of them.  Could it be that these terrifying attack items were popular? Were they as inexpensive as the cabbage sold on the street?

Then what the fuck was he doing!

Wait, this girl’s name……

Precious Star!

When the Evil Dragon’s Eye showed this young girl’s name, Ye Tian Xie was shocked.  This was because in the introduction of the Star Bomb, the first sentence was……A high level explosive attack item made by player “Precious Star”.

It was made by her?  It was actually made by this girl……

Wait a minute, was this a player or a NPC…..No, it couldn’t be a player, it was impossible!

Precious Star: Level 11

Job: Full Time Engineer

Grade: Heaven


Strength: 12

Vitality: 60

Agility: 4

Intelligence: 4

Ye Tian Xie: “!!!!”

Engineer…..A Life Skill Job that many people chose.  This Job could make items for daily life or battle items, including daily necessities, class items, or attack items… on and so on.  They could even use their skills to make items, but that was depending on the fact if they had a high enough skill level and materials. At the present stage, it was very rare for people to even reach intermediate level.

But this young girl…..Her engineer level was actually, Heaven Grade!!

What made it even harder for him to accept was that the description said…..this young girl was actually a player and not a NPC!!

Was it a mistake with his eyes or had the Destiny world already gone crazy.  A few days ago, Chen Xue instantly reached Spiritual Grade in Herb Gathering, Growing, and Alchemy in one step had already caused him to be shocked, but today, he actually saw a girl with a Heaven Grade Life Job…..This girl, what kind of fortuitous encounter did she find in this world!?

No wonder she was able to make such terrifying attack items……It was because she was a Heaven Grade Engineer.  For a Engineer of this grade, Ye Tian Xie was certain that not to mention among the players, there were only a few on the entirety of the Lost Continent.

“Here, here, all of this is for you…..Quickly throw them at them, quickly!!”

The young girl’s voice woke him from his shock and he unconsciously took an entire thirteen Star Bombs from this young girl’s hands.  At this time, he finally saw this young girl’s face and suddenly his eyes revealed a look of incomparable shock.

A very, very beautiful girl, one so beautiful that Ye Tian Xie was stunned for a long time……That indescribable perfect beauty, that indescribable moving beauty, that indescribable monstrous, enchanting beauty…..She was only in her teens and Ye Tian Xie found that this girl who had not finished growing could already attack his heart like this.  It was like the first time he saw Li Xian Er.

She was the second girl with absolute beauty that could shake his heart……The first time was ten years ago.

Only, the current situation did not allow him to think about it.  Holding these Star Bombs, he turned around to face the crowd running at him.  He did not notice that when he turned around, the young girl revealed a fox like smile on her face before taking out a large circular ash grey item from her inventory.  It was at least ten times bigger compared to the Star Bomb. Based on the young girl’s strenuous movements, it was enough to show its weight.

Its name was, Ultimate Large Star Bomb!

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