EDAH Chapter 328


Chapter 328: Signs of danger

Heavenly Stellar City resurrection point.

This was the first time King had experienced being sent back to the city……The Endless Cycle of Reincarnation had all been sent to the Heavenly Stellar City resurrection point for the first time today by that damn Xie Tian.

King’s hands went “ka, ka” again from clenching them and the people beside him could all feel that rage that was about to explode coming from him.  They had no doubt that today was the day King hated the most.

“Xie Tian……I will dug out the graves of your ancestors and grind your bone to ashes!!”  King tightly gritted his teeth as his voice filled with rage and hate came from between his teeth.


“Xie Tian’s strength has indeed exceeded our expectations.  We can only blame ourselves for going with a few members. If we brought more people, how could the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation fear a single Xie Tian.  Although he is strong, he is by himself.” Blue Dust said in a voice filled with hate.

“The flood him with people strategy?  Someone is already doing it.” Blood Cycle said, “Before we came to this place, the members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven surrounded Xie Tian…..They should have at least ten thousand people.”

“Ten thousand?  Such a large hand……It seems like it has been prepared beforehand…..Humph, although we can’t destroy him now, if someone else destroys him, it is still considered alright.”  Perfect Blue said.

“Where’s Yu Yi?”  King’s eyes turned dark as he spoke.

“She has turned off all calls and we can’t contact her.”  Blooc Cycle said this and gave a faint sight before saying, “King, the display Yu Yi gave today, don’t mind it.  Her convictions towards Blood Dream Paradise is more stable than anyone. Only, she recognizes Xie Tian from the past and has a relationship with him, so she…..”

“You don’t need to say anything.”  King waved his hand and then looked over the people around him before coldly saying, “We eight have all died under a single person’s hands, this great shame……you all know what to do!!  From this day forth, no one is allowed to look for me. The reason why I lost to Xie Tian today is because I haven’t properly explored the potential of my Job yet. In the next few months, you’re not allowed to find me for anything.  When the time comes for me to let Xie Tian die, I will naturally return today’s shame to him tens of thousands of times over!!”

“As for Yu Yi.  Blood Cycle, tell her that she has to kill Xie Tian once in the next month!!  I don’t care what method she uses! If she can’t do this…..then she’ll know the consequences!”

Blood Cycle’s body turned stiff and his normally calm face revealed a slight shock.  He quickly replied, “I understand…..I will tell her. With her loyalty to the Blood Dream Paradise, she will surely accomplish this.”

“Humph!”  King waved his hand and logged off with an aura filled with rage.  With his personality, the first thing he would do after logging off was vent his anger.

“Today’s shame, we won’t forget it…..Xie Tian, I’ll pray for the future you!”  Blue Dust’s face was filled with rage as he spoke in a low voice.


This dense crowd was a giant sea of people.  The distribution of this group was very orderly, with the innermost layer being filled with knights and warriors holding various weapons standing behind those knights…..In the back, there were countless archers, mages of various elements, and summoners…..There were no priests because with Xie Tian’s instant killing ability, priests would not have a chance to act.

In the center of this giant sea of people was a several meters wide open space where a single person was standing there.

Ye Tian Xie did not move as his eyes looked left and right in front of him.

With a huge crowd like this, it brought a giant pressure with it.  As for the position that Ye Tian Xie was standing in, it was the focal point of this pressure.

Ye Tian Xie had killed several dozen people by himself and had faced hundreds to thousands of people by himself…..However, this was something he had never faced before, a platoon of over ten thousand people.  The dense crowd was like a black sea and he was a single leaf boat floating in the sea. As long as single wave crashed into him, he would have been swallowed up.

Only, his expression did not have a single trace of worry at all.  The only change was that his eyes had become sharper and colder.

Wings of Shrouded Heaven, before I came to you, you actually came to me!!

Outside the crowd, countless players that were about to leave were caught off guard and stopped moving.  They watched this giant formation and all the cameras that had been turned off were turned on again. In the past, Ye Tian Xie helping the Red Leaves Guild defeat the Wings of Shrouded Heaven was made public and had caused a large stir.  Naturally, being offended by Xie Tian like this, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven would not remain silent. Their method of revenge was actually this big and shocking. Being able to gather all these players, in the entirety of China, there were only a few powers that could do this.

“Young master, should we make a move?”  God Realm Shadow said to Buried God.

“Why do we need to?”  Buried God asked back.

“Could it be that we’re letting the Wings of Shrouded Heaven kill Xie Tian like this?  Even if Xie Tian is a god, he would not be able to go against all these people.” God Realm Shadow said with a frown.

“Does that matter?”  Buried God gave a soft laugh, “Whether Xie Tian dies or escapes, we will only have benefits and no losses.  We have no reason to make a move, so let’s just treat it as watching a fun play.”

God Realm Shadow said, “Understood, young master.”

Son of Heaven walked out of the crowd with a satisfied and proud smile on his face.  In front of everyone, he approached Ye Tian Xie step by step, like he was not worried about being instant killed at all.  He walked over while calmly saying, “Xie Tian, you have indeed shown off quite a bit today……But my Wings of Shrouded Heaven are not a group of worthless troops.  Anyone that offends my Wings of Shrouded Heaven, no matter who it is will have to pay a terrible price…..Xie Tian, have you prepared yourself?”

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes looked over him and with a faint cold smile, he said, “You brought such a large formation to kill me, this shouldn’t be just to simply retaliate, right?  Un…..Could it be that I have done something that has made you nervous and you want to find a chance to wipe out something that fills you with fear as quickly as possible? Un?”

Son of Heaven’s face slightly changed before immediately returning to normal.  With a cold smile, he spoke in a voice that only Ye Tian Xie could hear, “Since you already know, then there’s no need to say anything.  I should be saying thank you right now…..You really are the previously famous Tian Mo Xie, your name is not a normal kind of easy to use.  Not long has passed and my Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s development has already suppressed the God Realm Guild’s……As for you, the sooner you are destroyed the better.”  His eyes turned cold and he shouted into the guild channel, “Charge!!”


The roar of over ten thousand people made the ground tremble.  With this large roar, Son of Heaven quickly ran back and entered into the sea of people.  That dense group roared as they charged at Ye Tian Xie, narrowing down on the empty space…..The innermost layer were countless shields raised to form a shield formation, bringing a suffocating pressure with it as it closed on Ye Tian Xie in the center.

“These bastards!!”  Zuo Po Jun yelled with gritted teeth.  He wanted to charge in, but he was pulled back by Murong Qiu Shui.

“Old fourth, what are you doing!!  Second brother is not a god, do you really think he can go against ten thousand people!!”  Zuo Po Jun turned around and shouted.

“Of course he can’t.”  Murong Qiu Shui revealed a helpless expression before shaking his head and saying, “Then what can you do if you go in?  Although second brother cannot fight against them, if second brother wanted to run, who can stop him? Once his Evil Dragon’s Soul is released, can’t he leave as he pleases?  If you go in…..Ze, ze, second brother needs to also protect you and can’t run away. It doesn’t matter if a damn fatty like you dies, but if you become a burden to second brother, aiyo, how could you bear to do so.”

Zuo Po Jun calmed down a bit before rubbing his forehead as he said, “It really is like this…..”  But immediately, he realized something and said, “But old fourth, have you thought it through! With second brother’s proud disposition, would he choose to ‘run’?  Not to mention, the opposite side is the Wings of Shrouded Heaven he vowed to destroy because they took away the important thing left to him by Li Xian Er!”

Murong Qiu Shui: “……”

After thinking about it, he calmly said, “……At least right now, if we go over to help, we won’t be of any help and will just be a burden.  Just relax, even if second brother doesn’t run, he wouldn’t allow himself to die by the hands of these pieces of trash.”

Countless knights charged at Ye Tian Xie and the pressure alone was almost enough to turn him into a meat patty.  Ye Tian Xie looked around him and took a long breath. He took several steps forward and when he came close, he sent out a Dragon Rend Slash that slammed into the nearest knight in front of him.  Instantly, a pitiful cry sounded amongst the roaring as that knight was sent flying into the distance, hitting a large group of people behind him.

The crowd was filled with chaos and the consequences were shocking.  Several knights were sent flying and the people behind them were all knocked down.  This caused a series of chain reactions that made the organized teams fall into chaos.  It was in this chaos that Ye Tian Xie wildly launched his attacks. The Moment of Destiny was released, slashing at the people closest to him.

Son of Heaven was submerged in the sea of people and no one could see where he was.  At this time, he was just twenty meters away from Ye Tian Xie.

“Hei…..Xie Tian, you never would have thought that these people were just witnesses to your death.  The one that will truly kill you will be…!!”

In the crowd, from a place that no one could see, Son of Heaven raised his right hand which contained a very normal ash grey sphere that was the size of a glass bead.  He flung his hand and threw it at Ye Tian Xie while breaking out in a cold laugh.

Ye Tian Xie’s Moment of Destiny was about to slam into another knight in front of him, when a thick sensation of death slammed down on his nerves.

This was a feeling that came with being close to death!!

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