EDAH Chapter 283


Chapter 283: New life

Ye Tian Xie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he did not explain…..He had no way of explaining.  Murong Qiu Shui grabbed Zuo Po Jun from the side and curled his lips to say, “Old third, do you really think that second brother cannot control himself like you?  Un?”

“Then……Why did third brother……”

“You’ll know in a while.”  Murong Qiu Shui said in a mysterious manner.  His eyes were many times better compared to Zuo Po Jun’s.  Although Chen Xue was not moving, her face…..There was a red blush to that white face and it was much better compared to before.  It was so much better that he almost did not dare believe his eyes……There had to be something that happened.

“We’ll go to the same hospital as before.”  Entering the helicopter, Ye Tian Xie said this.


The helicopter ascended and the noise from the propeller woke Chen Xue.  Her body moved and she raised her sleep filled eyes, asking with a drowsy voice, “Big brother…..Where are we going?  It’s a bit noisy.”

Zuo Po Jun who thought something had happened to Chen Xue shook his hand and the helicopter tilted a bit.  He quickly balanced them out and turned his head to ask, “Second brother, Chen Xue, she…..’

“Un……I’m better already.  My body feels much more comfortable compared to the past.”  Chen Xue used her ethereal voice to answer for Ye Tian Xie.

Zuo Po Jun: “…….”

Murong Qiu Shui: “……..”

Not long ago, they had heard the doctor helplessly give the verdict of death and they had seen the life force disappear from her eyes.  But right now……They heard her voice filled with life replying to them……

What happened here?  Did she regain consciousness again?

Arriving in the first military area’s hospital, they found the same group of doctors.  Ye Tian Xie said as soon as he opened the door, “Doctor, give her a full physical examination.”  He patter the pink back of Xue’er and said in a soft voice, “Xue’er, don’t be worried.  I can feel that you will become the healthiest Xue’er, so there’s no need to be afraid, alright?”

“I’m not scared.”  Chen Xue stuck out her tongue, not revealing a trace of worry at all.

“This…….”  The woman doctor that was very clear on Chen Xue’s condition was very overwhelmed by her current condition, visibly being stunned.  After a while, Chen Xue was pushed away and a doctor quickly came over, wanting to wrap up the wounds on Ye Tian Xie’s arms…..In fact, Ye Tian Xie was very clear on his condition.  With his body’s faster healing rate compared to normal people, he did not need to wrap it up at all.

“Mister Ye, your face does not look good, you should rest first……Perhaps we can also check your status.”  The doctor helping him wrap up his arms reminded him out of well intentions.

“I’m fine.”  Ye Tian Xie replied while shaking his head.

When the doctor left, Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui immediately came over and asked in anxious voices, “Second brother, what happened here?  Did you really hurt yourself?  Also what happened to Chen Xue…..How did she become better all of a sudden.”

“I can’t draw any conclusions right now, wait for the results.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a relaxed smile, speaking in a mysterious manner.  His expression also calmed Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui.

Because of the mood was different, it was much shorter this time compared to before.  That female doctor pushed open the door while holding a report, losing control as she screamed, “Impossible…..this is just impossible!  I cannot believe my eyes right now.”

“What is her current condition?”  The female doctor’s reaction stunned Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui, but it made Ye Tian Xie relax as he asked with a faint smile.

“Her current condition is weak, but…..her physiological functions have become strangely active.  What is even more incredible is that if my memories did not lie to me, this girl’s body had a very serious heart defect….But now, although her heart is still a little weak, it is functioning in a normal manner…..There is no obstruction to her blood flow or metabolism……This is simply an impossible miracle!”  The female doctor said in an incomparably excited manner.

“Then…..Are you saying that she’s fine already?”  Zuo Po Jun asked with wide eyes.

“With her present condition, she just needs to rest for awhile and she’ll be the same as a normal person in terms of health.  This is simply incredible.”

“Then why would it become like this?  Before, she was clearly…..”  Zuo Po Juna nd Murong Qiu Shui looked at each other and saw that they were both shocked.

“I also cannot explain this.  The only thing that is certain is that her current life energy is exceptionally strong.  Only we’ve used various methods, but cannot find the origin.”  The female doctor honestly said.

Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui looked at Ye Tian Xie with expressions of doubt looking for answers.

A terminally ill, weak as a blade of grass little girl.  The doctors said she wouldn’t live another three days and her body seemed like she could die at any moment…..The doctor even hated to confirm that by earth standards, there was no way of saving her.

The final hope was Lyle Star which could they could not reach in time….However, just a few hours ago, Ye Tian Xie had also given up on reaching Lyle Star.  Then when he was together with Chen Xue, just what had happened.

Ye Tian Xie gave a relaxed laugh and said with a nod, “If it’s like this, then that’s great.  Po Jun, Qiu Shui, let’s go.”

He held the weak Chen Xue as they left the hospital.  The sky was very clear, without a single cloud in the sky.  Chen Xue firmly believed in this moment that she had received a new life.  From now on, the disease that had threatened her life for all that time had finally gone far away.

She hugged Ye Tian Xie’s neck, while letting out a series laughs that sounded like water falling on jade.

They could immediately go home…..Go home to a new very big and beautiful home and she could see elder sister immediately…..As well as her very beautiful smile.


After Ye Tian Xie left with Chen Xue, Chen Xin was constantly scared, feeling nervous whether sitting or standing.  Actually she already knew that aside from the giant cost, there was only a slim chance of them being able to leave for Lyle Star as soon as possible.

Su Fei Fei kept comforting her from the side……but it was clear she was also in a low mood.


The sound of the doorbell…..It was clear that Ye Tian Xie’s front door key had already been lost to who knows where.

Without Ye Tian Xie present, Su Fei Fei’s sense of security was at its lowest.  This doorbell disturbed her, but she softly crept to the door and looked into the peep hole.  Her eyes blurred for a second and she opened the door without any hesitation.

Outside the door, there was Zuo Po Jun, Murong Qiu Shui, and of course Ye Tian Xie holding Chen Xue.

“Elder sister Fei Fei, I’m so happy to see you……You’ll be my other elder sister in the future, I will listen to what you say.”  Chen Xue revealed a sweet smile while waving her little hand.

Su Fei Fei was stunned and looked at Ye Tian Xie, “Tian Xue, you guys…..”

“Xue’er.”  Hearing Chen Xue’s voice, Chen Xin quickly ran over with a face that was completely white from her worry.  She tightly held Chen Xue’s little hand.  Only a few hours had passed, but she felt in her heart that they had left for a very long time.  Seeing them now, she didn’t know whether to cry or smile.  ALthough Chen Xue was back, being back so soon meant that they could not go to Lyle Star and it broke her final hope.

“Hee, elder sister, I’m back.  I’ll never leave elder sister from now on.”  She used her little hand to grab Chen Xin’s hand.  Her eyes filled with a smiled as she spoke in a firm voice.

Just like Su Fei Fei, Chen Xin was completely stunned.  Seeing the current Chen Xue, her eyes began to blur.

Her eyes were like sparkling crystals, shining to the point of being dazzling.  Her face was no longer the sickly pale colour and her lips were red and supple.  There was also the hand holding her hand……Not only was it warm, it was also strong and firm……

“Xue’er……You……”  Chen Xin felt as if her breathing was about to stop.  Since she was young, she had never left Chen Xue’s side.  When she could no longer move, she had stay by her bedside every day……So she was more clear on Chen Xue’s condition compared to anyone.  But at this moment…..She did not dare believe at all what she was currently witnessing.  She did not dare believe the feeling that was coming from Chen Xue.

“Elder sister, I’m better already, I’m really better.  From now on, there is no need to worry that I’ll leave elder sister.”  Her thin brows bent in and her smile became even happier.  Her voice became more delightful to hear.

Ye Tian Xie put the doctor’s report into the stunned Chen Xin’s hands and said with a faint smile, “Chen Xi, Xue’er is telling the truth.  Even though her body is weak right now, there is nothing obstructed within her and there is certainly nothing that can threaten her life.  After resting for a bit, she will be as healthy as you.”

Reading the reports that stated all her physiological processes were normal, hearing Chen Xue’s voice in her ears, and feeling her strength and warmth, Chen Xin began to tremble.  She tightly held Chen Xue with one hand while covering her mouth with the other as she began to cry.

She already could not remember how long she had spent in the abyss of despair, pacing back and forth.  Although she never thought of giving up, subconsciously she knew that Chen Xue’s illness could not be cured.  One day, perhaps tomorrow or even the next second, she would leave her, never coming back.

The facts that seemed like a dream appeared in front of her and her deeply scarred heart could not help beating fast, causing her tears to fall without stopping.  The sounds of her crying filled everyone’s hearts, but no one stopped her or comforted her.  They just let her let it all out, letting out all the pain she suffered over the years…..A girl that wasn’t even twenty with no one to depend on and without the power to defend herself, had to take care of her serious ill little sister.  How much pain she had walking down this road, perhaps only she knew this fact.

“Chen Xin, nothing will happen to Xue’er, so you should be happy……”  Ye Tian Xie said as he body slightly swayed a bit.  Reaching out his arms, he placed the doll like little girl in his embrace into Chen Xin’s embrace, “Chen’er, first help me hold Xue’er for a bit.”

Ran Chen Xin hugged her little sister that was more important than her own life.  She tightly hugged her without stopping her tears.

Once Ye Tian Xie handed her over, his body relaxed and all the strength inside his body seemed to disappear.  The view in front of his eyes turned black and he fell forward in front of everyone after being caught off guard.

“Tian Xie!”  Standing by his side, Su Fei Fei’s beautiful face changed expressions.  She quickly walked over to support him, holding his arms.  In that instant, she found that his arms holding Chen Xue had been covered in bandages.  Her face suddenly turned white and she asked in a trembling voice, “Tian Xie….What’s wrong?  Your arms…..”

In Su Fei Fei’s world, the status that Ye Tian Xie had was equal to a deity…….Using his body to block a bullet and knocking down a group of people in an instant.  Being able to make Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui respectfully call him second brother…..Before meeting Ye Tian Xie, she never believed that there would be this kind of mythical person…..But now, he had been hurt and had fallen down in front of her.

“Big brother!”

“Second brother!”

“Big brother Xie Tian!”

Several people called out at the same time.  His sudden fall made everyone’s heart tighten in their chests.  The weak Ye Tian Xie was being supported by Su Fei Fei, replying in a fuzzy voice, “It’s fine…..I’m just a little tired…..Fei Fei, help bring me to my bed…..Chen Xin, bring Chen Xue into Fei Fei’s room to rest.”

After being supported by Su Fei Fei back to his room, Ye Tian Xie immediately fell asleep.  It had been a long time since he was this tired.  When Su Fei Fei gently closed the door, the silent and asleep Xiao Xi who maintained the same position suddenly moved and her lips gave an unconscious whisper.  She came closer to him, hugging him before going back to sleep.

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