EDAH Chapter 271


Chapter 271: Descending from the sky

From several days ago, after Huang Quan was chased off once again, he said that he would bring many people here to kidnap her.  He had already said these same words many times, but it still made Chen Xin more worried.  From that time on, she had been thinking of leaving here, looking for a quieter and safer place.  Only, Chen Xue’s condition was too weak and at the same time, she was becoming more familiar with the people around this area.  They were all poor, but they were simple and honest with no one harbouring ill intents.  They would usually even try to help her.  She was unsure if there would be another place with friendly people like this, where she wouldn’t meet any dangers.

Because this place was quiet and there was no filth from the city, she came here and settled down…..However, while beauty was not wrong, it would still attract disasters.  Even though she tried her best to hide herself, she could not hide her beauty no matter where she went……or what this beauty brought her.

The sounds of the conversation outside made Ran Chen Xin immediately understand the situation.  She closed the door and tightly hugged Chen Xue, letting her feel less afraid.

They had a gun, so those aunties would not be able to protect them.  The final thing they could rely on was each other, the wooden door, and the burglar proof door.  They could only pray that the door would stop them.


“Xue’er, don’t be afraid, they can’t get in.  When they leave, I will buy many things that we like to eat.”  Ran Chen Xin hugged her frail as glass little sister and spoke in a gentle voice.

“Un, with elder sister here, I won’t be afraid.”  Chen Xue gently replied.  Her body that had no strength laid against her elder sister, leaning into her chest and hearing her rapidly beating faster heart.  She thought of their past and the days that she and her elder sister had to go through.  She closed her eyes and stopped herself from shedding tears…..They had clearly never done any bad things and elder sister was so kind, so why was god so unfair, letting her suffer this endless pain…..And those bad people, how could they be so happy.  Don’t they say what goes around, comes around……

“Little sister Chen Xing, your big brother Huang is here again.”

From the door, the sound that filled them with loathing sounded.  The footsteps came closer and several people walked to the door of their little building.

“Leave right now, never appear before me again.”  Ran Chen Xin tightly knit her brows and used the sharpest voice she could use to shout at the people outside the door.

“Yo!  Little sister Chen Xin is still so fierce…..Hee, hee, your big brother Huang is liking your little temper more and more.”  This time, it was a sure thing and Huang Quan without any pressure gave delightful laugh without any pressure.  His voice was soft and disgusting, “Little sister Chen Xin, come with your big brother Huang.  Look at the place you live in, how is it a place suitable for humans.  As long as you come with me, you’ll live in western houses, drive western cars, eat what you want to eat, I can even give you money to cure your little sister that can’t get out of bed…..”

“Scram!”  No matter how good a person was, they still had a bottom line.  After being harassed time after time, after being coerced and threatened, even the weak Ran Chen Xin wished that he would die.  She continued to curse at him, hoping that he would leave.  The further the better, hoping he never came back.

“Why are you wasting so much time with this girl, we’ll just help you steal her.”


A strong sound made Chen Xin and Chen Xue’s heart tremble.  Outside the room, the door that was a little rotten had a giant hole in it from being kicked.  Light shined in from the safety door, lighting up the small room.

“Che, this door is like a pile of rotten tofu, I used that much strength in the end.”  The person that made a door in the hole said with a disdainful voice.  Then he kicked out again and created another hole in the door.

That door had already been in use for several use and was already half rotten.  They didn’t use that much strength before it was turned into a pile of wood chips.  The pleasure of destroying the door made them let out a wild laughter.  There was a security door behind the wood door and through the wood door, they could see the faces of the two girls in the small room……Instantly, their laughter stopped and their mouths opened wide as they stared at them in a daze.

In that instant, they were all thinking of the same thing…..In this world, there was actually such a beautiful woman.

They had all seen beauties before.  In the materialistic environment, no matter how beautiful a girl was, she would be stained by that dirty environment.  The girl in front of them beautiful and spotless, especially those eyes filled with panic, they were like flawless diamonds.  It was deeply attracting to them, even completely charming them.

When they were called out by Huang Quan to steal someone, they call came.  It wasn’t like they’ve never done this kind of thing before.  However, they never imagined that in this kind of broken place, there would be such a woman that could shock them to the heavens.

“Seventh brother, how about it?  I didn’t lie to you, right?”  The only one that was calm right now was Huang Quan that had seen Ran Chen Xin many times.  When he saw that they had the same expression he had the first time he saw Ran Chen Xin, he felt proud and a bit worried.  He was worried that…..He knew what kind of people they were, so that’s why he didn’t call for them even after being beaten all those times.  He was running out of patience and that’s why he called them to kidnap her…..Because if they saw Ran Chen Xing, it was likely that they would have their own thoughts.  After all, she was filled with overwhelming attraction.

“God, so pretty!”  The sunglasses man scratched the corners of his lips as he stared right at Ran Chen Xin.

“Hei, young master Guang, I was wondering what kind of beauty would be in a broken place like this, but I never thought…..No wonder you didn’t give up after all this time.”  The flower shirt man also looked forward as he spoke.

Huang Quan tapped the sunglasses man’s arm and carefully said, “Seventh brother, we’ve already agreed on this.  This is mine….”

“Un!”  The sunglasses man wiped his face and said while laughing, “Hei…..Look at what you’re saying, how could I, old seventh forget about my friends because of a woman?  A friend’s wife cannot be touched.  Although this girl is beautiful, I won’t touch her…..However, that small…..Hee, hee, although she seems to be sick, devastating her should be more tasty than the big one.”

Huang Quan quickly smiled and said, “Then seventh brother should take them away.”


The final barrier which was that newly installed burglar door was being kicked at, letting out a trembling sound.  The sunglasses man had an evil smile as he said, “You two little beauties, obediently open the door for me.  If you wait for me to break it then, then I won’t be as gentle.”


Another strong kick landed on the door, causing this inexpensive burglar door to begin to deform.  Ran Chen Xin hugged Chen Xue in her chest, covering half of her with a blanket.  She knew that these people did not know what a conscience was, so there was no use in saying anything.  She could only pray that they would leave…..but praying was hopeless.



The sound of the burglar door shaking made her heart tremble.  They always had nothing to rely on…..Just like now, there was no one that would appear to save her.  Other than praying and feeling afraid, a weak girl and a girl that was so sick that she couldn’t even move, what could they do?  How could they struggle?

They could not imagine what would happen after the door was broken…..They did not dare think about it and they couldn’t help feeling afraid.  No use, it was no use.

“Open it!”  The impatient sunglasses man’s voice began to turn cold.  He kicked out at the door and the door gave a strong tremble.  He reached his hand into his pocket and took out the gun, pointing it at the door.

Once the gun appeared, Ran Chen Xin’s face turned pale.  She hugged Chen Xue even tighter into her chest.

Huang Quan quickly grabbed the sunglasses man’s hand and said, “Seventh brother, not now….We’ll just scare them for now.  If we suddenly do this, then they will be shocked, how will they dare to open the door…..Let me talk to her first.  If she obediently opens the door, wouldn’t it be better than kidnapping her?”

The sunglasses man narrowed his eyes and said, “Un, you’re right.  It would be bad if we scare such little beauties too much…..Alright, I’ll give them ten minutes.  If she doesn’t open the door, then I’ll force my way in…..Hei, with my identity, I don’t believe she won’t open the door.”

“Of course.  With seventh brother’s skills, which woman wouldn’t take the initiative to give themselves to you.”  Huang Quan immediately replied with a smile.  That sunglasses man had a deep background and even he needed to act a bit humble in front of him.

Only Huang Quan was standing in front of the door, the other four people returned to the car.  Closing the car window, the sunglasses man looked at Huang Quan and softly said, “What about it?”

“Do you need to ask?  For such a beautiful woman, how could we give it to brat like him.  Seventh brother, we’re gaining a great harvest this time.”  The flower shirt man revealed a grin.

“Humph, that brat won’t even dare fart.”

Huang Quan just stood there, sometimes intimidating, sometimes coercing, doing his best to convince Ran Chen Xin to open the door.  He was completely oblivious to what the four of them were saying in the car.  Ran Chen Xin knew what kind of fate was waiting for her if she opened the door, so no matter what Huang Quan said, she just hugged Chen Xue without moving.

Seeing the roof covered in scratches, Ran Chen Xin’s injured heart was covered in another layer of scars…..Why was her destiny filled with this kind of despair.  If she could have a peaceful life with her little sister, even if she had an ordinary appearance and lived a poor life, she would be willing.

She thought of Xie Tian, thinking of that person that helped her, protected her, cared for her, and encouraged her, filling her with hope…..She thought that there was only him, hoping that he would fall from the sky and beat them all up like that day.  Her hope became stronger and it filled her entire mind, making her let out a small call…..Only, she also knew that this was only a beautiful hope that was impossible to happen.

“Ten minutes are up.”  The sunglasses man’s group came out of the car and walked over, saying this with no emotions at all.  The two people standing behind him had sinister smiles.  They first took a greedy look at Ran Chen Xin and then one of them took out an electric drill while the other raised an electric saw.  These kinds of items used to break open doors, how could they have not prepared some already.


The sounds of mechanical rotation filled the air as it cut into the soft metal, creating fireworks made of sparks……This sound also cut into Ran Chen Xin’s heart……The sparks were flying and falling to the ground, but they were sparks of despair.

Not long passed, that burglar door fell down in in front of their ugly smiles and the final hope in Ran Chen Xin’s heart had been cut off.  She hugged Chen Xue, tightly holding her…..In front of these evil people, they could not resist at all.

“Hei, you two little beauties, we brothers will bring you into the city to play, how about that?”  The sunglasses man walked into this little room that had no space at all and revealed an obscene smile.


When he finished speaking, the sound of something crashing and mechanical rotation filled his ears.  The five of them were stunned and turned to look outside.  They were shocked to find that…..a helicopter had fallen from the sky, landing on their car.  In the moment of contact, the cars windows shattered and the body was completely deformed from the pressure.

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