EDAH Chapter 268


Chapter 268: I will destroy the Wings of Shrouded Heaven!

“Boss…..Boss is dead…..”  Seamless Lonely Sword that ran away silently watched Cobra being instantly killed by that strange cat.  He was stunned for a bit before losing control and screaming in the team channel, “Commander is dead, commander is dead!!  Everyone run, run now!!”

This loud shout was the final attack on the psychological defenses of the members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  When they received the orders to retreat, it was like they had received a pardon as they ran away in groups.  Players with acceleration skills did not even care as they used them to run.

They were an organized team when they came, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven team that filled people with fear, but now it was like they were a pot of boiled porridge, chaotically running away……Behind them, there was the Red Leaves Guild they had pressured chasing after them.

The second in command of the Red Leaves Guild was stunned.  He watched the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s team run away and whispered in a dazed voice, “The Wings of Shrouded Heaven is running…..We actually won…..This, is this real?”


His eyes looked over at Ye Tian Xie who stood there without chasing.  It was him…..Just a single person that had caused this legendary reversal that was completely impossible.

At this moment, they could finally understand how he had finished the Abyss Level Trial by himself and why he could finish the system quests that countless teams could not complete.  In this battle, they no longer saw Xie Tian as a player, but rather a god among player that shouldn’t exist.

“Too abnormal…..Guildmaster wanted to said to pull him in many times, but I was always against it…..If this person were to join our Red Leaves Guild, there is nothing our Red Leaves Guild needs to fear.”  Red Leaves Wall who had been tricked by Ye Tian Xie several times tightly gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, saying this with a stiff expression.  He was even thinking……Xie Tian helping them this time, wasn’t it him showing favour to the Red Leaves Guild?  Otherwise, why would he not hesitate to offend the Wings of Shrouded Heaven to help them defend Falling Wind Town.

In their line of sight, Ye Tian Xie slowly turned around and walked over towards them.  Under that Headband of Bravery, it was unknown what expression he had.  After associating him with the shocking strength from before, they felt their hearts begin to beat faster.  When Ye Tian Xie stood in front of them, they almost wanted to take a few steps back.  Just from that fight, the impression he left on them was very profound.

“Give me a Heavenly Stellar City Return Scroll!”  Ye Tian Xie said.

Under the Headband of Bravery, the two people from the Red Leaves Guild did not know what expression he had.  However from his calm voice, it seemed like he was just talking to random passersby, not being aimed at them or having any friendly feelings towards them.  Red Leaves Iron Wall had a frozen expression for two seconds before he threw out all the Heavenly Stellar City Return Scrolls in his inventory in a rush.

Ye Tian Xie only took one and did not say anything else before returning to Heavenly Stellar City.  The Red Leaves Guild members looked at each other in blank dismay.

The tide of this war was completely changed by Ye Tian Xie alone and the Red Leaves Guild defended Falling Wind Town because of this.  This was not just as simple as letting the Red Leaves Guild capture a perfect territory, it also allowed them to feel a bit proud being able to defend against the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s sneak attack.

But this kind of large help……He wanted a just wanted a town return scroll and left, not even saying anything to them before leaving…..Why did he make a move today?

“He makes me think of Tian Mo Xie.”  The Red Leaves Guild second in command said.

Red Leaves Iron Wall nodded.

Back in the prosperous times of «Lift up the Heavens», his Red Leaves Guild had also received kindness from Tian Mo Xie.  At that time, it was a defense quest just like this and they had suffered the War Soul Hall’s sneak attack.  At the moment of defeat, Tian Mo Xie had appeared…..He was a knight in that game and had just been passing through.  Then, he raised the sword and shield in his hand and charged into the War Soul Hall’s group, killing his way in and out, and then doing it again……He created chaos in the War Soul Halls group by himself and caused them to fall into chaos.  Although Tian Mo Xie was a knight at that time, his sharp blade passed through the bodies of the War Soul Hall members…..Finally, the Red Leaves Guild seized their chance to push back and finally repelled War Soul Hall.

After that, Tian Mo Xie just walked off.  Faced with the gratitude of the Red Leaves Guild, he did not pause even a single step.  If he helped people, he didn’t need a reason and just did it on a whim, not caring about their so called gratitude at all.

Today’s scene was incredibly similar to the one from the past!

Seamless Lonely Sword ran at the front of the formation, running into the depths of the Falling Wind Plains.  When he saw that no one was chasing them, he finally calmed down.  Looking back in the direction of Falling Wind Town, he did not dare head back.

They had lost this fight that they had to win, but they didn’t lose to the Red Leaves Guild, they had lost to a single person…..This battle cast a shadow that he didn’t how long it would last in his heart.  At least, in this short period of time, he would not be willing to face that person named Xie Tian.

“Young master, we lost…..We were completely defeated.”  Seamless Lonely Sword picked up the communication device and reported back to Son of Heaven in a trembling voice.  During that time, other than “we lost”, he did not know what else he should say.  Before, he had pledged the Red Leaves Guild could not stop them and they were guaranteed to take Falling Wind Town…..The Red Leaves Guild was destroyed as planned, but Xie Tian by himself had made them suffer an embarrassing retreat.

“Defeat?  What defeat?”  Son of Heaven’s voice came from the communication device.  His voice quickly became very deep, “Don’t tell me that you were defeated by the two thousand members of the Red Leaves Guild!!”

Seamless Lonely Sword’s heart beat even faster.  He took in a deep breath and said, “…..Young master, listen to what I have to say first.  We didn’t need to worry about the Red Leaves Guild at all and easily took care of them…..However, Xie Tian.  Xie Tian appeared…..He is simply a demon!  A demon!  By himself……We…..He is not a human……”

Beads of sweat fell down from Seamless Lonely Sword’s forehead.  Thinking of Xie Tian charging through the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s group like a death god’s scythe, his heart began to beat fast and he began to speak incoherently.  He did not know how to describe this scene that other than personally witnessing, one would not believe…..Even though he firmly believed it, if had not personally seen it and had heard of this from someone else, he also would not have believed it.

“Peng!”  Something was slapped on the other side of the call that made Seamless Lonely Sword’s heart skip a beat.  Son of Heaven’s cold voice came from the communication device, “Are you telling my that you easily defeated the Red Leaves Guild……Then you were forced back by Xie Tian alone?”


“Bastard!!”  Son of Heaven roared, “Do you think I’m a three year old child!  Five thousand people were repelled by Xie Tian alone, do you think my brain is made of mush!!  Idiot!!  Come back now, right now!”

Seamless Lonely Sword broke out in a sweat from this roaring, “Yes….I’ll be back immediately.”


The weather was not bad.

Ye Tian Xie looked in the sky as he walked in the direction of his home.

When he made a move before, he did not have the meaning to help the Red Leaves Guild, not one bit.  He just wanted to make the Wings of Shrouded Heaven suffer a loss, letting them plans fail and obtain nothing.

At the same time, he was also sending a message to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  Son of Heaven would be able to understand this message!  Because he would know that the current Xie Tian was the previous Tian Mo Xie.

Perhaps, Son of Heaven had already considered becoming enemies with him was inevitable.  However, he had underestimated his strength and had touched his taboo.  If the current Xie Tian’s strength was equal to the previous Tian Mo Xie, then he would gain quite a bit more from this plan.  However, the current Xie Tian was on a completely different level from the previous Tian Mo Xie…..

When he came home, he saw that Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui were already waiting for him.  Seeing him come in, the two of them came to greet him.

“Second brother…..The news from Falling Wind Town…..Second brother, you really are too overwhelming, driving away the Wings of Shrouded Heaven by yourself.  The entire process had already been filmed and I’m thinking in just three hours, the video will spread across the entire world….However, second brother, why would you help the Red Leaves Guild?  Moreover, I remember that you helped the Red Leaves Guild two years ago because you thought their the Red Leaves Guild’s name was very please.  Then what about this time?”  Zuo Po Jun asked in a curious voice.

“I will destroy the Wings of Shrouded Heaven!”  Ye Tian Xie looked up and spoke with an incomparably calm, but extremely firm voice.

Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui were both stunned.  Then Zuo Po Jun blurted out, “Why?  Did that Son of Heaven do something to offend second brother?”

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven was a giant power, it could not be compared to the other small powers.  In the current Destiny world, the new Wings of Shrouded Heaven had been formed, but with their strong foundation, there was no instability at all.  Moreover, it was quickly expanding with their number of members reaching over a million people.  Wanting to destroy the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, other than Ye Tian Xie, there was no one else in all of China that could calmly say these kinds of words.

“He…..”  Ye Tian Xie eyes turned sinister, “He stole a very important thing to me…..That name that belongs to me and Xian’er.”

Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui became silent…..It was just because of this.  They knew that Ye Tian Xie’s words were not empty promises and he really wanted to make the name Wings of Shrouded Heaven disappear from the Lost Continent.

Son of Heaven wanted to use the name Tian Mo Xie to expand the Wings of Shrouded Heaven as quickly as possible.  He thought that……In the eyes of any person, if someone stole their name, they would just be angry for a while…..He never would have imagined that this would be a taboo for Ye Tian Xie.

She had given everything to him, it was something that no one could touch!

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