EDAH Chapter 267


Chapter 267: Rend · Light

Rend · Light: One of Xiao Bei’s violent movement techniques.  After using this skill, the user will burn his own HP as a price.  Triggering the fury in their heart, they will be able to push their move speed and attack speed to the limit…..After being used, Move Speed +400% and Attack Speed +100%.  Lasts for 20 seconds and has a 60 second cooldown time.  Costs 5% of user’s max HP to activate and burns 1% of user’s max HP every second this skill is in use.

The information from Xiao Bei’s new skills entered Ye Tian Xie’s mind.  Even if this was a dangerous place and he needed to maintain his calm, he still couldn’t help being shocked.  A 400% increase in move speed and a 100% increase in attack speed, there was actually such an abnormal support skill in this world that had such high increases.  Normal support skills only increased one’s stats by a small percentage and even the “Berserk Fighting Will” that increased the user’s attack by 30% had a harsh requirement of having the user’s max HP at less than 20%…..However, Xiao Bei’s skill actually increased it by several times!  A 400% increase in move speed and a 100% increase in attack speed meant that he had five times the move speed and twice the attack speed.  Moreover, the cooldown time was so short!  The only side effect was that Xiao Bei’s skills had to consume his own HP to use.

In the next second, Ye Tian Xie understood why is was called “Light”……

With Xiao Bei’s base move speed of one hundred and fifty, with the effects of Light, his move speed went up to seven hundred and fifty….What kind of concept was seven hundred and fifty move speed?  If this speed was converted into real world measurements, then this speed would be half the speed of sound!!


When Xiao Bei moved, his body suddenly shot forward…..It was like a white light flashing in front of everyone’s eyes, so fast that no one could react to it and no one could catch it.

“Shua, shua, shua, shua……”

The white figure was like a beam of light and the air behind his body cracked as he moved.

A white figure appeared before a knight’s eyes and before he could see what it was, the white figure disappeared and he was stunned.  When Xiao Bei’s little paws hit another target, four red damage figures finally appeared above his body.

That figure continued to quickly charge recklessly through the knights, so fast that almost no one could see what it was.  Gradually, the white figure wasn’t the only thing that they could, but rather a large group of…..As the snow white light charged through the group of knights, it brought a large group of red damage figures.

Xiao Bei original attack speed was one hundred and fifty and adding in the Light effect, it became an attack speed of three hundred, letting it attack three times per second.  With its terrifyingly high move speed, each second there would be three people targeted by the Meow Meow Fist……As long as he locked onto a target, there was no one that could escape him.  As for the people that were hit by the Meow Meow Fist, most of them did not even see what hit them and more than half of them did not know why they had died.

Xiao Bei had a base attack power of seven hundred and eighty, with the four times attack of the Meow Meow Fist, even Ye TIan Xie lost most of his HP from being hit.  There was no player in the Chinese Server that wouldn’t be instantly killed.

Xiao Bei’s movement was too fast.  He was by himself, but he created a small path of intertwining white light that created a trail of red damage figures behind it.  In the blink of an eye, a large group of knights surrounding Xiao Bei had been completely eliminated.

Faced with this kind of Xiao Bei, the knights were all dumbfounded.  The white light continued to flash in front of them that made them dazzled and a bit dizzy.  They simply could not lock onto Xiao Bei’s position at all……Following this, a white shadow passed by and four red damage figures emptied their HP bars.

Watching this wildly moving Xiao Bei cutting through enemies like tofu, Ye Tian Xie mind crashed for an entire five seconds……How was this a single Xiao Bei, it was a group of Xiao Bei that was releasing this flurry of attacks!  Looking at this and the flurry of damage figures that appeared, no one would have thought that this was the doing of a strange cat.

“Yao Yao, protect Xiao Bei!!”

Seeing Xiao Bei’s quickly decreasing HP bar, Ye Tian Xie was shocked back to his sense and called out to Yao Yao.

The falling of Xiao Bei’s HP wasn’t from being attacked.  With its move speed, it was almost impossible for this to happen and even if it was hit, it could be basically ignored.  The falling of its HP came from itself.  A single “Meow Meow Fist” cost 3% of its max HP and attack three times per second, that meant 9% of its HP being lost.  Then adding in the 1% decrease in its HP from the Light skill, although Xiao Bei was very strong, it was losing 10% of its max HP per second.  It wouldn’t even take ten seconds before it was killed without being hit once by the enemy.

As soon as Ye Tian Xie’s voice fell, Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique was released, instantly restoring Xiao Bei’s HP back to max.  Although Xiao Bei was strong, the obvious flaw was that all its skills cost HP to use.  However with Yao Yao present, this flaw was not a flaw at all and Xiao Bei could release a flurry of attacks without any worries at all…..

Xiao Bei and Yao Yao, strong attacks and strong healing abilities, a perfect pair working in harmony.

“This…..What is going on here?  Why is Xie Tian helping us?  He… simply a monster.  There is also that fox and that cat…..”  The Red Leaves Guild group’s vice leader was stunned as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.  Over ten minutes had passed, but he still had not recovered from his shock.

Since Xie Tian had arrived, the group of Wings of Shrouded Heaven attackers did not take another step forward.  The originally organized Wings of Shrouded Heaven group had been scattered by him.  The damage caused and the people that fell almost made his eyes pop out.

Even now, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven completely ignored the Red Leaves Guild and focused all their attacks on Xie Tian alone.  This war had completely changed after Xie Tian joined and now it had turned into a shocking solo appearance for him alone.

“How could I know!  I’ve met this Xie Tian several times and I tried to kill him the first time…..In the past, he smashed our heads in…..Fuck!  Why are you still standing there dazed….Why haven’t you charged yet!  This is a heaven sent opportunity for us.  Everyone charge and chase away the Wings of Shrouded Heaven!!”


The Red Leaves Guild that had been beaten into running away was suddenly filled with morale, charging forward like beasts at the people that had defeated them before.  The humiliation and unwillingness they felt before was completely changed into a wild desire to charge……On the contrary, with two death god’s scythes like Ye Tian Xie and Xiao Bei running wild, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven all continued to fall……Their bodies and hearts were both trembling.

Several thousand people couldn’t take care of a single person and had been blown away by him like being hit by a wild wind.  Such a scene completely destroyed their psychological defenses and completely swallowed their morale.

The members of the Red Leaves Guild no longer retreated and they charged forward with swelled morales, attacking the Wings of Shrouded Heavens’ group.  They continued to launch attacks after the other, excitedly attacking like they didn’t even care about their own lives.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven had much better equipment than them……However, Ye Tian Xie’s black blade and that strange white cat by his side were like black and white death god scythes being so close to them, being able to cut them down with a single attack at any time, they timidly fought against the Red Leaves Guild.  They couldn’t help being worried and continuously looking behind themselves……They were slowly being pushed back by the Red Leaves Guild.

This originally one sided war was slowly being turned around with the appearance of Ye Tian Xie.

When the effects of Light ended, Xiao Bei finally stopped attacking.  It fell to the ground and around it, there were various dead players’ bodies lying in a dense circle.  It just sat there licking its paws.  Although it had stopped, the twenty seconds were enough to cast a terrifying shadow over the players of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven and no one dared to move forward to attack it.

It was too fast to see, not to mention its quick evasion and fast attack speed, being able to attack every second.  Who was willing to face such a terrifying enemy?

After causing chaos in the archer’s group, Ye Tian Xie charged towards the magician’s group.  How could the weak magicians defend against Ye Tian Xie’s attacks that could even instantly kill warriors?  They did not want to sit there waiting for death, so the magician’s group fell into chaos.  With Ye Tian Xie’s speed and his ability to position himself, leaving a trail of slashes behind him, the merciless Moment of Destiny continued to carve its path forward……

Seeing his teams fall into chaos and the retreating Red Leaves Guild launch their counterattack, Cobra at the back continued to roar, “Idiots…..All idiots!!  What are we feeding you for!!  Stop your chaos!!  He is only a single person…..only a single person!!  First kill him for me!  Archers all aim at him…..mages are not allowed to fall back!  I want all of you to release your magic, even if he’s right beside you, you aren’t allowed to stop casting!  Kill him, I said kill him!!”

Cobra had clearly lost control of his emotions…..But no matter who it was, they would not be able to keep their cool under this situation.

Xiao Bei did not charge into the magician’s group with Ye Tian Xie and Yao Yao.  Its dark green emerald eyes looked at the back of the team and it suddenly jumped out, charging at a single target……

“Shua, shua, shua, shua!”

Wherever Xiao Bei went, the damage figures bloomed like snowflakes.  When the players nearby finally reacted to being attacked, Xiao Bie’s figure had already disappeared past them.  Not long passed and it had already ran right past the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s group, charging to the back……It was aiming right at the Wings of Shrouded Heaven group’s commander – Cobra.

Seeing this strange cat that killed whoever it caught charging at them, Seamless Lonely Sword unconsciously turned to run.  However, Cobra’s eyes turned dark as he welcomed Xiao Bei charging at him, stabbing out with the silver daggers in his hands.

However what he stabbed was just Xiao Bei’s afterimage.

Xiao Bei with the used the Meow Meow Step to appear behind him and reached out with its little claws, landing four attacks on his back with the “Meow Meow Fist”.

-735, -741, -732, -733!

Assassins had high speed and high attack, but low HP and low defense, so even a single one of these attacks could instantly kill him, not to mention four consecutive attacks.  Cobra did not even recover from the inertia of his own attack before he heard the “You have died” prompt in his ears.

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