EDAH Chapter 261


Chapter 261: Rainbow Dusk, obtained

“No!  Father has said, the Rainbow Dusk is the divine instrument give to my Heavenly Sun City by the Xi Yao Goddess, it can’t be given to anyone!  It definitely cannot!!”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord firmly shook his head.

“Oh, then goodbye.”  Ye Tian Xie turned to leave.

“I’ll use my ‘Red Lotus Fallen God Staff’ as a deposit, this is the weapon that never leaves my side!!”

“……I’ll see you next time.”


“I’ll give the Brilliant Fire Bead that I’m unwilling to use to you!  Listen closely, I’ll give it to you!!  You will gain 10% fire resistance after eating that item!”

“Bye bye!”

“……I’ll marry my daughter to you!!  My daughter is eighteen years old this year and has never married before.  She could charm the birds from their trees, outshining the moon and flowers, being able to collapse a nation with her beauty……She’s also a level eighty archmage…..”


“Stop……Fine I’ll trade with you!”

Ye Tian Xie stopped and turned around.  He said with a smile, “Sir City Lord truly is a great City Lord.  For Heavenly Sun City, he is willing to hand over the divine instrument to me temporarily.  My admiration for Sir City Lord is as endless as the surging waves of the Yellow Springs and as strong as the flowing Yangtze River.  Un, I can give this Ash Sheep’s Pelt to you now.”

The Heavenly Sun City Lord gritted his teeth as he took out the Rainbow Dusk…..He truly regretted digging this hole for himself…..This brat was as sly as a fox.  He had prepared the drill for him and then it had been fiercely grabbed by him…..Taking responsibility for one’s actions, he had smashed his own foot with a rock this time…..

With one hand taking the sheep’s pelt, the Heavenly Sun City Lord’s eyes filled with tears as he gave the Rainbow Dusk to Ye Tian Xie.  In the end, he had obtained the Ash Sheep’s Pelt.

With the Rainbow Dusk in hand, it brought a slightly cold feeling, giving the same warmth and feel as a normal crystal.

Broken “Rainbow Dusk:”: This was originally a crystal necklace called “Sun and Moon Star Praying Necklace” given to a Evil Spirit boy named “Dusk” by a Elven girl named “Dawn”.  Later, in the dark prison of the Evil Spirit Race, “Dusk” heard the news of “Dawn” being put to death by the Elven Race from the far north.  Tears of blood fell as he weeped for seven days and seven nights.  When the crying finally stopped, the Evil Spirit Race members found a dead Dusk with a blood red dyed Sun and Moon Star Praying Necklace in his hands.

When the Evil Spirit Race buried Dusk, the Sun and Moon Star Praying Necklace released a blue, red, green, purple, orange, white, and dark light… different colours of light.  In that moment, the Evil Spirit Race was astonished to realize that Dusk was the one mentioned in the Evil Spirit Race’s legend, but had never appeared before, the one that had seven different attributes of magic.  In the legend of the Evil Spirit Race, once a person with this constitution appears, he would become the strongest and highest king of the Evil Spirit Race and lead the Evil Spirit Race to the highest peak.  However, this heaven given genius of the Evil Spirit Race had been personally killed by the Evil Spirit Race…..The Evil Spirit Race was cursed because of this and finally……

The “Sun and Moon Star Praying Necklace” has the will and essence of Dusk and has seven different attributes, finally becoming the strong Mysterious God Item “Rainbow Dusk”.  Because it has been damaged from an unknown source, it cannot display its stats.

Seeing the introduction of the “Rainbow Dusk”, Ye Tian Xie’s heart was a little disturbed.  Although it didn’t mention how Dawn and Dusk fell in love, Ye Tian Xie could still feel the pain and difficulties of the two from different races that struggled against the obstruction of the world and finally ending in tragedy.  One left behind the “Rainbow Dusk”……Then the “Lost Dawn” mentioned by the Heavenly Sun City Lord, could it have been left behind by that Elven girl named “Dawn”……

Not only did Rainbow Dusk have Dusk’s strength, it also had his will…..Then what about Lost Dawn?  If Rainbow Dusk and Lost Dawn were brought together, what kind of incredible thing would happen?

“You can be assured Sir City Lord, I will protect this Rainbow Dusk for you, after all, it is the divine instrument of Heavenly Sun City.  Since Sir City Lord trusts me, then with my moral integrity, I will not give it to anyone and I won’t even show it to anyone.”  Ye Tian Xie placed the Rainbow Dusk into his inventory and made a solemn vow.  His heart was however filled with laughter.

The Heavenly Sun City Lord put away the Ash Sheep’s Pelt and said with a cold look on his face, “It’s good that you know this!!  When I find the Red Sheep’s Seven Star Gourd, I will immediately call you back and you cannot run for any reason, do you understand!  Otherwise no matter where you go, I will have the entirety of Heavenly Sun City chase after you……I don’t believe you’ll be able to run faster than the Red Sheep!!”

Ye Tian Xie body shrunk back as he spoke in a pretend fearful voice, “Sir City Lord, I’m not that easy to scare…..You can be assured, this Rainbow Dusk does not have a single attribute on it right now, so it’s no different from trash right now.  I have no use if I take it, but if I accidentally lose it, it would be a giant offense that my little life can’t pay for.  So, I’m hoping Sir City Lord will find the Red Sheep’s Seven Star Gourd as soon as possible and call me back.”

The Seven Star Gourd is in my hand, so what will you get!  Daring to plot against me……I’ll plot out your death!  Ye Tian Xie said in a sinister voice in his heart.  One, he wasn’t a good person and two, he liked to bear grudges, and he was someone that would take his revenge……Even if he couldn’t offend a NPC.

“Humph.”  The Heavenly Sun City Lord did not say anything else, but felt that Ye Tian Xie’s words were very reasonable…..He never would have imagined that the Red Sheep had lost the Seven Star Gourd which was first picked up by the Dark Ghost King and then thrown away because he thought it was a fetus for the “Diamond Gourd Doll”.  Then it was finally picked up by Ye Tian Xie.

“Then I will not bother Sir City Lord anymore.  Once Sir City Lord finds the Seven Star Gourd, just call me.  I will make my promise with Sir City Lord once again…..As long as you can find the the Seven Star Gourd, I will immediately return the Rainbow Dusk to the City Lord, without any delay…..Un, then goodbye.”

After saying this, he did not wait for the City Lord’s reply before Ye Tian Xie waved his hand and walked out.

The Heavenly Sun City Lord sat there thinking for a while, feeling like something was wrong…..Even his Heavenly Grade Weapon, the “Red Lotus Falling God Staff” was taken out, but this brat was not moved at all.  He just remained adamant on taking the Rainbow Dusk that had no use before being repaired with the Seven Star Lotus.  Even if the “Red Lotus Falling God Staff” didn’t belong to him, he could still use this rarely seen Heavenly Grade Weapon to gain fame or use it for his own gains…..So why did he insist on taking that broken Mysterious God Grade Item?

Was it to allow both of them to feel assured?

It seemed like there was a trick being played here…..

However, the Heavenly Sun City Lord could not think of anything even after considering it for a while, so he stopped thinking about it.  He took the Ash Sheep’s Pelt and roared, “Everyone come in for me!!  From today forth, use all our power to find the Red Sheep!!”

“Ding…..You have successfully completed the Heavenly Stellar City Lord’s letter delivery quest.  Now you can return to Heavenly Stellar City and receive your reward from the City Lord.”

Walking out of the City Lord’s Palace, the prompt sound rang in his ear telling him he finished the quest.  Without walking far, Ye Tian Xie took out the broken Rainbow Dusk and laughed into the sky.

With an Ash Sheep’s Pelt, he had traded for one of the five Main Cities’ treasured Mysterious God Items!

Was there a more cost effective trade in this world?

Being able to have great luck if one caught or killed the Ash Sheep or the Red Sheep…..wasn’t this great luck?

Giving away one of the items from it had brought such an astonishing harvest, then what about the other one?  If he accidentally caught the Red Sheep……

The Rainbow Dusk released an illusory light under the sunlight.  The strange thing was that the light that it released was not affected by the sun’s light and it continued to release those seven different magical lights.

Although he didn’t know what shocking stats it had…..Being at the Mysterious God Grade and being the divine instrument of Heavenly Sun City, each title pointed to the fact that it was very strong.

After walking around the center of Heavenly Sun City, he found where most of the main facilities were.  Then he walked to the south and walked out the city.  The monsters right outside the cities did not have high levels and had docile natures, and Heavenly Sun City was the same.  The wandering monsters here were around level twenty and because of the environment, most of them were fire attributed monsters.  It was clear that this was a water attributed magician’s paradise because using water to attack fire was the most effective method of attacking.

Without staying long, Ye Tian Xie was impatiently preparing to return to Heavenly Stellar City.  Having the Seven Star Gourd did not mean that he had obtained the Seven Star Lotus because even the Dark Ghost King could not open the Seven Star Gourd.  Even if he did have the Seven Star Gourd, it did not mean he would obtain Rainbow Dusk……He did not know how to use the Seven Star Lotus to fix the broken item.  He had to go back home and investigate this a bit……The enticement of a Mysterious God Item was too great and he wasn’t willing to wait another minute, or even another second.

The quest to defeat the Flame Sprites?  What a joke…..If he sent himself to his death even knowing that it was a courting death quest, then he would be stupid without any cure.

After looking in his inventory, the expression on Ye Tian Xie’s face froze…..During the trip to Heavenly Sun City, he had returned to Heavenly Stellar City several times.  Unknowingly, he had already used all his Heavenly Stellar City Return Scrolls.

Thinking about it, he took out another return scroll.  The closest place to Heavenly Stellar City was Falling Wind Town, so with a white flash of light, he returned to Falling Wind Town.

The hot feeling disappeared and a cool breeze mixed with the smell of dirt hit him in the face.  Ye Tian Xie took out the communication device and called Zuo Po Jun, “Old third, come to Falling Wind Town and bring me a Heavenly Stellar City Return Scroll.”

“Eh…..Second brother, you’re in Falling Wind Town right now?”  The strange thing was Zuo Po Jun did not immediately reply and asked this strange sounding question.

“Un…..Is something wrong?”  Ye Tian Xie was stunned before asking this.

“I’ll come over immediately.”  Zuo Po Jun cut off the call.

Putting down the communication device, Ye Tian Xie suddenly felt that the atmosphere around here was strange.

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