EDAH Chapter 255


Chapter 255: Destiny’s Magic Swallowing

The dark environment did not block Ye Tian Xie’s line of sight.  He wanted to see if there was anything still hidden here or missing here, not having any high hopes…..However, his eyes looked over the area once and he found something unusual under a stretch of ruins.

He quickly walked over and picked up something……It was a black, square shaped token that was cold to the touch, just like it had been cut out of ice.  Looking at it, he saw that there was a large “Demon” word on the token.

Ye Tian Xie looked at it and turned over the black token……On the back, there was four vertically written but easy to read characters saying – “Dark Ghost King”.

Demon King Token – Dark Ghost King: The Demon King Token that never leaves the Dark Ghost King.  This is used to indicate his status, and there should be a special usage for this token that only he knows about.


Dark Ghost King’s Demon King Token!?  Ye Tian Xie carefully looked over this token before putting it back in his inventory.  This token had clearly belonged to the Dark Ghost King, but it must have fallen in the fight after he transformed into the Sacred Sword War God.  From the description of this token, it was clear that it didn’t just represent the status the Dark Ghost King had.

For something that fell from a Demon King Level Boss, how could it be that simple.

Continuing to search for a while, he did not find anything else that could be taken.  Ye Tian Xie sat down in an old stone chair with a bit of dissatisfaction, calling out the Moment of Destiny and the newly obtained orange Nucleus of Destiny, the Orange Fang.

Ye Tian Xie did not call out the narcissistic Guo Guo this time.  He thought about what Guo Guo said when he integrated the Blood Feather.  The Orange Fang in his hand was already the second Nucleus of Destiny that he had obtained.

When integrating into the Moment of Destiny, whether it was the Blood Feather or the Orange Fang, they all had to have their Nucleus of Destiny form.  The Blood Feather’s transformation had been destroyed by the azure haired man and the Orange Fang’s couldn’t be formed because of the Dark Ghost King.  This was also why Ye Tian Xie could directly place it into the Moment of Destiny.  This also meant that if he wanted to make the other Nuclei of Destiny return to the Moment of Destiny, the most important thing was to first defeat or subdue the Nucleus of Destiny and make them return to their Nucleus of Destiny form.

With how strong the Nuclei of Destiny were, it was impossible for him to defeat or subdue them with his power alone.  The Blood Feather and the Orange Fang were returned to their original state by other people.  Including the other remaining five Nuclei of Destiny, and the fact that each one was stronger than the last, could he also depend on luck to find them and return them to the Moment of Destiny?

The Orange Fang entered the second hole in the Moment of Destiny and an orange light flashed in Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.

Just like when the Blood Feather fused with the Moment of Destiny, the light only shined for a second.  When the orange light disappeared, the Orange Fang in his hand was gone and the second hole in the Moment of Destiny had been filled.  Looking at it, the hole that the Orange Fang belonged in disappeared and what replaced it was a long orange fang releasing a magical glow.

The Blood Feather had given the Moment of Destiny the ability to steal life and sacrifice it.  Each one was very strong and could do things that no other weapons could do.  Then what about the Orange Fang?  What kind of abilities would it give the Moment of Destiny?

“Ding…..Because of the new strength entering in, the stats of your Moment of Destiny has changed, increasing its power.  It has been increased to a high level Spiritual Grade Equipment, opening the skill ‘Destiny’s Magic Swallow’.  The ‘Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes’, ‘Second Killing Strike’, ‘Magic Stop’ has been opened.”

Eternal Moment of Destiny (Remnant)

Requirement: None

Grade: High Spiritual Grade

The power core of the Destiny world.  It has an unknown and mysterious power and origin.  It is currently lacking the Nuclei of Destiny.  It has already recognized a master.

Master: Ye Tian Xie

Cannot be traded, cannot be dropped, cannot be stolen, and cannot be discarded.

Stats:  Attack +300, Attack +15%, and +40 to the Four Basic Stats.  Normal attacks can be used to attack all enemies within the weapon’s range.  There is a 2% probability of absorbing damage dealt as HP and MP.


Gift of Destiny: The owner of the Eternal Moment of Destiny will receive the blessings of destiny.  Innate stats are increased by: Luck +20, Comprehension +20, Charm +20.  (Forcefully activated, the stats cannot be removed.  If the Eternal Moment of Destiny is not removed from the user’s body, the effects will not vanish.)

Blood Sacrifice of Destiny: With blood as a sacrifice, the user will receive a wild energy.  When the user’s HP is below 10%, their attack will increase by 100%.  When the user’s HP is below 5%, their attack will increase by 200%.  When the user’s HP is below 3%, their attack will increase by 300%.  When the user’s HP is below 1%, their attack will increase by 400%.  Forcefully activated, unable to be deactivated.

Destiny’s Magic Swallowing: The swallowing power released from the Nucleus of Destiny, Orange Fang will swallow all magic from enemies within 30 meters.  All enemies with their magic power swallowed will have all their elemental resistances decreased by 100% and have their magic sealed for 10-30 seconds.  There is no cost and can be used once every 600 seconds.  It can last for at most 60 seconds per use.

Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes: Activates the punishment energy within the Moment of Destiny to activate seven different punishments of destiny.  The effects are irresistible and cannot be overlaid.  It can use the Blood Stop and Magic Stop at the same time.  Costs 300 MP to cast and has a cooldown time of one hour.

First Killing Strike: Life Punishment – Blood Stop.  The punishment energy within the Eternal Moment of Destiny is used to launch a life punishment at a single target.  Regardless of level, grade, or defences, the target will lose 10% of their Max HP.  It can be added onto a basic attack, but the effects cannot occur twice on a single target.  It can be used along with the ‘Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes” costing 100 MP or can be used alone.  If used alone, there is no MP cost or cooldown.

Second Killing Strike: Magic Punishment – Magic Stop.  The punishment energy within the Eternal Moment of Destiny is used to launch a life punishment at a single target.  Regardless of level, grade, or defences, the target will lose 10% of their magic stats.  It will deal 200% damage when attached to a basic attack and the effects cannot occur twice on a single target.  It can be used along with the ‘Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes” costing 200 MP or can be used alone.  If used alone, there is no MP cost or cooldown.


Third Killing Strike: Heavenly Punishment – Mental Shatter.  Unknown effects, costs 400 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Fourth Killing Strike: Protection Punishment – Corroding Poison.  Unknown effects, costs 800 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Fifth Killing Strike: Life and Death Punishment – Undead Soul.  Unknown effects, costs 1600 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Sixth Killing Strike: Yin and Yang Punishment – Soul Death.  Unknown effects, costs 3200 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Seventh Killing Strike: Destiny’s Punishment – Heavenly Punishment.  Unknown effects, costs 9999 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Forbidden Technique:

Destiny Banning Crimes, Heavenly Slaughter: Unknown effects.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

It was like the Blood Feather’s life punishment, but also different……The Orange Fang had a strong magic sealing ability which also meant that it had a strong magical punishment ability.

The Blood Feather’s abilities could reduce the threat of the enemy by a notch.  Under certain situations, it would have an incredible effect on invincible enemies.  With the magic sealing ability the Orange Fang had, it was the nightmare of all enemies with magical powers.

A single Magic Stop would cause damage, while decreasing the enemy’s magical power and MP by 10%, dropping their threat immediately.  The Destiny’s Magic Swallowing’s strong magic sealing ability was like completely cutting off their arms and legs.  A magician that couldn’t use magic, no matter how strong they are, they would cause no threat and would be slaughtered.

At the same time, with the Orange Fang’s strength, a magician with it became even stronger.  The strongest part of the Destiny’s Magic Swallowing was not its sealing effect, but rather its strong resistance swallowing that could go up to as high as 100%.  Like this, a player with 0% resistance suffering the Destiny’s Magic Swallowing would fall to -100%, doubling all magic damage they suffered.  If a player had 50% resistance, it would fall down to -50% resistance and they would be able to deal 1.5 times damage.  If a magician had this ability, then the boost he would obtain would be unimaginable.

At the same time, Ye Tian Xie found from the added effects of the two Nuclei of Destiny’s abilities, all their skills would have a “unresistable” effect.  This meant that their effects could not be blocked.  This was more terrifying than anything.

Accompanying the strong powers of the Orange Fang, the stats of the Moment of Destiny also doubled.

“Yiya!  I can feel it…..I can feel it!  Master has become stronger again.”

Guo Guo finally appeared.  She first popped out her head before excitedly fluttering around Ye Tian Xie, shaking that snow white body that made him dizzy.

“Oh, la, la……In such a short time, Master has already obtained two Nuclei of Destiny!  You really are Guo Guo’s master, doing good under Guo Guo’s guidance.  Master, can we look for the third Nucleus of Destiny?  Can we?”

Hearing Guo Guo’s words, Ye Tian Xie’s head turned black.

This little girl…..Why is the merit going all to you!!

Moreover, he had never took the initiative to find the Nuclei of Destiny, but in different ways, they took the initiative to appear by his side.  The Blood Feather and Orange Fang had showed up without any preparation and at the same time, he found out the location of the Indigo Soul without any preparation……It was the giant azure wolf by the azure haired man’s side.

“…..It’s getting late, so let’s go to Heavenly Sun City right now and have a meal first.”  Ye Tian Xie said in a helpless voice.

“Ya…..A meal?  Wu…..I’m hungry, I’m hungry.  Let’s go eat right now, alright?”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“…..Yi?  Master, there seems to be something releasing light over there?  What is it?”  Guo Guo suddenly said in a surprised voice, pointing behind Ye Tian Xie with her white and tender finger.

“Something releasing light?”  Ye Tian Xie was a little stunned and looked behind the seat he was sitting in, but he found nothing……He stood up and noticed that there was really something releasing a faint light, so faint that it almost could not be seen.

Because of the angle, Ye Tian Xie could not see it while sitting down, but Guo Guo floating in the air could see it instantly.  Ye Tian Xie walked over and found that it was a dim object buried in the ruins, only releasing a weak light from a small portion of it.

Ye Tian Xie moved the surrounding broke stone and picked it up, noticing that it was a small black with a trace of gold little gourd.  That weak light came from the traces of gold on it.  In the darkness, it did not reflect any light, but once Guo Guo appeared, she instantly released white light.  It was also the reason why Guo Guo had instantly seen it.

Red Sheep’s Lost Gourd: A strange gourd found randomly by the Dark Ghost King, seemingly lost by someone called the Red Sheep.  After the Dark Ghost King appraised it several times, he found that it could be used to hatch an ornamental pet called the “Diamond Gourd Doll”, so he lost interest in it.

Ye Tian Xie: ⊙﹏⊙b……

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