EDAH Chapter 254


Chapter 254: Kaka’s Illusory Spirit Change

“Are you surprised that its current strength is much weaker than you expected?  He, he, I’m not surprised at all.  The Sacred Mark Beast’s power is not displayed by the stats it has, but rather its Illusory Change power.  In order to help you defeat the Dark Ghost Demon, I had to guide all the power it had before into you…..So, its current power is as weak as a newborn’s.  However, as long as it can stay within the sacred mark, its power will quickly restore itself.  The way to make it grow as fast as possible is to allow it to swallow others.”  The Illusory Beast Clan’s old man’s voice slowly sounded in his ears.

“Swallow others?”  That “Sacred Mark Devour” skill had actually shocked Ye Tian Xie.

“That’s right, swallow others.  After you defeat an enemy, particularly a strong enemy, you must remember to allow the Sacred Mark Beast to swallow its corpse.  Every corpse it swallows will allow it to turn into that being.  Moreover, it will have…..all of its skills.”

The old man’s voice was as quiet as the sounds mosquitos make.  It seems like it has existed for long enough and its consciousness would finally dissipate.


“I understand.”

A single Sacred Mark Devour was enough to make this incredibly weak little Sacred Mark Beast reach the “terrifying” rank.  It was hard to imagine what it would be like if he had this kind of ability……

“Then…..Goodbye…..You must……”

“……”  The old voice suddenly cut off and Ye Tian Xie looked up in front of him, but he could no longer feel the presence of any spirits.  This final consciousness of the final member of the Illusory Beast Clan that had been eliminated ten thousand years ago, had been attached to the Sacred Mark Beast.  After finally fulfilling its long cherished wish, it had dissipated without a trace.

The surrounding area was filled with silence.  Ye Tian Xie reached out his left hand and gently called out, “Kaka.”

With a flash of white light, a chubby Mashimaro with four tiny limbs appeared in front of him, looking up at him with a questioning gaze.  Its body could not be balanced, so it had a hard time standing up..

……How could this rabbit that can’t even stand up be a mount?


Since its growth depended on swallowing others, then…..

Ye Tian Xie suddenly thought of something and a small ball of dim purple light appeared in front of him as the corpse of a beast appeared on the ground.  Its body was considered quite small.  It had a lion’s head but what was more eye catching was the three pair of wings on its back.  Its body was not the usual gold or brown colour of a lion, but it was an incredible dark purple colour.  This was the first and only Spiritual Grade Beast that Ye Tian Xie killed, the young Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin.  The only difference was that the horn on its head had already disappeared, being taken by Ye Tian Xie.

Beasts of different grades would have their corpses disappear at different rates.  A normal monster would disappear after one minute, an One Star Elite would take two minutes, Two Star Elites would remain for three minutes, Three Star Elites would remain for five minutes, Lord Level Bosses would remain for ten minutes, and Spiritual Grade and up Bosses would never disappear after dying.  It was because of this that Ye Tian Xie could keep this corpse in his inventory.

Without needing Ye Tian Xie’s guidance, once the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin appeared, the originally dazed Kaka suddenly woke up and walked beside the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin in two steps.  It forcefully opened that mouth that wasn’t that different from normal rabbits…….

Its swallowing was not a simple swallowing, but rather…..a pure white light was released from its wide open mouth and it enveloped the little corpse of the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin.  Instantly a scene that made Ye Tian Xie stunned occurred……The Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin was surrounded in light and the white light became brighter until its body became a blur.  Following that, its body began to dissolve into white light before being pulled into Kaka’s mouth where the light came from.

Two seconds, three seconds…..five seconds…..In front of Ye Tian Xie, Kaka only used five seconds before completely swallowing the little Spiritual Grade Beast.  When Kaka closed its mouth, the white light disappeared and the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin completely disappeared.  Not even a single hair was left of its body.

“Ding…..Your mount ‘Sacred Mark Beast’ has swallowed the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin (Youth)’s corpse.  Thunder Resistance +5%.  The Innate Skill ‘Illusory Spirit Change’ has been opened and can change into the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin.  Once transformed, Thunder Resistance increases by 30%, will add 30-50 purple attributed damage to normal attacks, and it will also gain the ability to fly for around 10 seconds at an altitude of below two meters.  It will also obtain the skills ‘Flashing Thunder Dash’, ‘Lightning Summoning’, ‘Electromagnetic Domain’, ‘Thunder Flash’, and ‘True Electromagnetic Storm’.”

[Author note: Now do you understand why the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s introduction was so detailed?  If you forgot the skills, then read the previous chapters.]

Kaka excitedly patted its stomach after it was finished swallowing.  He did not know if he was wrong, but Ye Tian Xie could feel that it had become a little taller.  Moreover, although he had been prepared, the prompt sound still shocked him.  After swallowing the thunder attributed Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin, not to mention if its stats had improved, it had really inherited all the skills from it.  It had even obtained its flying ability.

If it swallowed something that could fly or swim underwater, Kaka could freely move in the air or in the water afterwards?

However, it had to be said that although Kaka had obtained the skills of the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin, its stats were still quite low.  The might of these magic attacks on the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin was very terrifying, but now on Kaka……its effects were close to negligible.  Even now, Kaka did not have enough MP to cast it.  Even if it turned into the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin, its stats would still be its original stats.


Kaka patted its stomach again and gave a burp.  This time, a white light was released from its body in a delayed manner.

“Ding……Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 1……”

“Ding……Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 1…….It has become a 2nd Grade Mount.”

“Ding……Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 3……”



“Ding……Your mount ‘Kaka’ has reached level 10…….It has become a 4th Grade Mount.”

A Spiritual Grade Beast was a Spiritual Grade Beast, its strength was enough to make the lowest grade Kaka immediately increase its grade like a rocket.  Its level continued to increase, reaching level ten.  It also went from 1st Grade to the 4th Grade.

Kaka: 4th Grade Mount

Level: 10


HP: 400

MP: 400

Physical Attack: 40

Magic Attack: 40

Defense: 40

Accuracy: 10

Evasion: 10

Move Speed: 40

Attack Speed: 50

Innate Skills:

Illusory Spirit Change – Available Beast Changes: Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin.

Skills: Sacred Beast Devour.  When transformed into the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin (Flashing Thunder Dash, Lightning Summoning, Electromagnetic Domain, Thunder Flash, and True Electromagnetic Storm).

Kaka’s stats increased by quite a bit.  Compared to its stat changes, the most shocking thing was the new innate skill “Illusory Spirit Change”.  A beast that was swallowed by the Sacred Mark Swallow could be transformed into with all of its skills…..But the stats were still the stats that Kaka had originally.

“Kaka, Illusory Spirit Change.”  Ye Tian Xie ordered before looking at Kaka with a look full of expectation.


Kaka happily responded to the order.  It raised its two short claws and it released a white light, blinding Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.  Kaka had disappeared without a trace and the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin that left a deep impression on him appeared in front of him.

Kaka’s Illusory Spirit Change happened in an instant.

The Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin was the same as the one in Ye Tian Xie’s memory, whether it was the shape or size.  Even the crystal horn that Ye Tian Xie had harvested had reappeared on its head.

Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin (Kaka’s Illusory Spirit Change):


HP: 400

MP: 400

Physical Attack: 40

Magical Attack: 40

Defense: 40

Accuracy: 10

Evasion: 10

Move Speed: 90

Attack Speed: 100.

Innate Skills: All the innate skills the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin had.

Skills: All the skills the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin had.

The attributes Kaka had after using the Illusory Spirit Change was still the same except for the Move Speed and Attack Speed which became the same as the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin.  At the same time, this also meant that other than its stats, Kaka had obtained all of its innate skills and skills after using the Illusory Spirit Change.

Seeing the current Kaka, Ye Tian Xie suddenly had an evil idea……If Kaka were to swallow Yao Yao and Xiao Bei……

Un…..It was only an evil idea.

However, Ye Tian Xie could clearly see Kaka’s true strength.  Although its stats were not high compared to pets of the same grade……As long as it swallowed enough beasts, it would have more and stronger powers.  Whether it was attacking, supporting, diversions, moving…..or even healing.

This was something that seemed very normal, but was actually an incredible monster.  It was no wonder it was guarded by the Illusory Beast Clan for so many generations.  An infinite illusory changing ability……This was something that people could wish for but never receive.  The entirety of the Illusory Beast Clan had to use their power to do something that Kaka did as simply as eating, without even consuming any strength.

Yao Yao, Xiao Bei… well as this Kaka that followed him.  He suddenly realized that every fellow that followed him were more and more strange compared to the last one.  Each one of them had shocking abilities that would make anyone stunned and they all had innate strange races.  They even had mysterious and strong backgrounds.

They were just like him, something that shouldn’t have existed in this world.

Calling back Kaka, Ye Tian Xie started to search this half destroyed space.  This was the previous residence of the Illusory Beast Clan and the Dark Ghost King had lived here for many years, perhaps there would be something incredible left behind……

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