EDAH Chapter 252


Chapter 252: Waking the Sacred Mark Beast

“This is my only request and hope…..If possible, I hope that you will be able to find the demon god Li Xiao as soon as possible and use the powers of the four spiritual gods to either exterminate him or subdue him…..No one knows of demon god Li Xiao’s return just yet, otherwise the Lost Continent would have no peace.  Right now, I can only tell you about his existence……Of course, this is my hope and request, which you can reject.  As long as you’re willing to take away the Sacred Mark Beast, my Illusory Beast Clan and I will be filled with gratitude from the underworld.”

This old voice had a trace of plea in it.  His clan had sacrificed themselves to subdue demon god Li Xiao, to prevent him from bringing a calamity to the Lost Continent….But now that his consciousness had awakened, he found that demon god Li Xiao, who they paid a large price to subdue had actually returned to the Lost Continent.  Even if he was a remaining consciousness, how could he be willing to accept this……

Ye Tian Xie did not immediately agree, but said with a serious face, “I have already received the kindness of your Illusory Beast Clan, if it was a normal evildoer or getting revenge, then I would have been willing to help you no matter what.  However, the demon god Li Xiao which even the four spiritual gods could not eliminate, how…..can I fight against him?”

The old voice already knew that he would ask this question.  Without giving a sigh, he directly responded, “Indeed, the past demon god Li Xiao was incredibly strong and no one could block his strength.  However, even though demon god Li Xiao has returned to the Lost Continent, he hasn’t created any chaos.  This is because although he had left the Leaving Heaven Array, the price that he paid was….the strength that he had.  It was forcefully destroyed by the powers of the Sacred Sword War God, Asura of Annihilation, Indigo Magic Emperor, and Abyss Knight…..In other words, if the demon god Li Xiao had five portions of power and the four spiritual gods all had one portion, then after the demon god Li Xiao escaped from the Leaving Heaven Array, the best result would be that he had lost four portions of strength and only had a single portion left.”


“You’re saying, demon god Li Xiao’s strength cannot compare to the past and he is at his weakest right now?  Moreover, he would be trying to find a way to recover his strength……so you want me to find demon god Li Xiao as soon as possible?”  Ye Tian Xie said with a frown.

The Lost Continent was already not at peace, but there was also a hidden danger that no one knew about.  Everyone was currently focused on the strange change with the Tower of Destiny and the Eight Demon Kings that escaped the Tower of Destiny.  However, there was demon god Li Xiao that was countless times more terrifying than the Eight Demon Kings that had also returned……

And he had been the first one to learn this terrifying news.

Then should he tell the Heavenly Stellar City Lord and let the world know?


For now, he couldn’t.

At the same time, the appearance of the Eight Demon Kings and their escape from the Tower of Destiny…..could it be related to demon god Li Xiao?

“Yes, this is my request……It’s for myself, for my Illusory Beast Clan, and for the entire Lost Continent that I ask this request.”

There was no system prompt in his ears.  This meant that this was really just a personal request, so there was no completion reward for this.  Thinking about it, he said, “Since the current you can feel the existence of the demon god Li Xian, then you should be able to feel my strength.  Do you think the current me…..using the Illusory God Change, could fight demon god Li Xiao?  An ancient demon god is an ancient demon god in the end, even if he has one tenth of his strength left, it is not something I can fight.”

“The current you…..indeed cannot win.  However, you have the sacred mark…..If you can obtain the inheritances of all the spiritual gods, then you will definitely have the strength to fight demon god Li Xiao.  The demon god’s strength is terrifying, but it will certainly be difficult for him to recover his lost strength.  Perhaps a thousand years, perhaps ten thousand years…..It is not something that can be accomplished in less than a hundred years…..The person with the sacred mark is the one chosen by the heavens, so I believe….you will be able to do it!”

Ye Tian Xie was a little stunned after hearing the old voice.  He thought about the terrifying consequences of using the Illusory God Change and after thinking about it, he asked, “I am only a single person, so even if I obtain the inheritance of the four spiritual gods, I can only change into a single person each time.  Why do you keep saying that if I were to obtain the inheritances of the four spiritual gods, I will be able to fight against demon god Li Xiao……Is there a mystery hidden in this?”

“That’s right.”  The old voice gave him an affirmative response, “In my Illusory Beast Clan, there is an old legend.  The highest realm of my Illusory Beast Clan’s ‘Illusory’ powers is not the Illusory God Change, but rather the…..Sacred Mark Change.  When a person with the sacred mark awakens the Sacred Mark Beast and has obtained the inheritance of the four spiritual gods, the person with the sacred mark and the Sacred Mark Beast will undergo the legendary Sacred Mark Change that has never appeared before.”

The old voice was very light, but when he mentioned the “Sacred Mark Change”, his voice filled with an endless expectation.  The person with the sacred mark had appeared, but he would never be able to see this legendary strongest Illusory Transformation technique…..

“Sacred Mark Change…….What is that?  Will I become an even stronger spiritual god?”

“Perhaps……No one actually knows what the transformation of the Sacred Mark Change will bring.  However, in the ancient stones of my Illusory Beast Clan, there was a part related to the Sacred Mark Change.  The strongest magicians studied the ancient stones for many generations to decipher a single name.  That name could possibly be the name of the spiritual god of the Sacred Mark Change.”

“What is that name?”

“That name is…..Ultraman.”

Ye Tian Xie: ⊙﹏⊙[email protected]#¥%……

“Young man, your expression tells me that you’re very shocked by this name.  Have you perhaps heard this name before?”

“No……I haven’t.”  Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help releasing a bit of cold sweat on his forehead.

Ultraman, no one could block your glory……Even this world’s peace is given to you!

“No matter what, I hope that one day……you will be able to use the power of my Illusory Beast Clan to either destroy or subdue demon god Li Xiao.  My Illusory Beast Clan…..How could the strongest clan be eliminated for nothing.  If the power of my Illusory Beast Clan cannot eliminate or subdue him, not letting him exist any longer on the Lost Continent…..I would have died a meaningless death.”  The old voice gave a long sigh that was filled with a deep unwillingness.

No matter who this happened to, they would all feel unwilling.

“Alright, I understand.  If I really have the ability to fight him, then I will find him and eliminate him with the power of the Illusory Beast Clan.”  Ye Tian Xie replied.

At this point, he could only think of eliminating him.

But the old man had said either subduing or exterminating him.

Ye Tian Xie completely ignored the word “subdue” because how could the terrifying demon god be surrender or be subdued?  If he was to no longer cause chaos on the Lost Continent, the only method was to completely eliminate him.  The Leaving Heaven Array could not seal demon god Li Xiao and making him surrender was just keeping a terrifying time bomb by his side.

But on that day…..He would finally know Li Xiao’s true colours and he would finally understand why the old man had even brought up the word “subdue”.  The path of destiny was accompanied by many changes and unpredictable roads…..There were even things that were completely unbelievable.

“Thank you, young man…..Thank you for fulfilling the selfishness of a dead person like me.  You are a person with the destiny of the sacred mark, I believe that you’ll be able to keep your promise…..Like this, I can finally leave assured…..Before this, my final hope was to personally witness the Sacred Mark Beast of my Illusory Beast Clan.  The appearance and existence is a puzzle that cannot be solved.  When my Illusory Beast Clan appeared, it already existed for an unknown amount of time, forever releasing this eternal sacred light.  Generations after generations protected it, but no one had ever seen its true appearance.  You…..Can you awaken it right now?”  The old person gave a final request as his voice became weaker.  It was clear that he was on the edge of dissipating.

Ye Tian Xie nodded and stood in front of the visibly dimmer ball of light, “How do I awaken it?”

“Place the hand with sacred mark on the egg and use your consciousness to summon it, calling it from its deep slumber.  Then you break its shackles and allow it to be born anew in this world.”

Ye Tian Xie reached out his left hand and placed it on the ball of light.  He felt warmth come from his palms and he closed his eyes, slowly feeling his own power connect with the warm and careful power coming from inside the ball.  That power made him feel a strange warmth and even a kind of familiarity that should not have existed.

“Come out.  You’ve slept for this long, you should come out.  Come…..remove your shackles and obediently come out.  Then you will find that the world is even more beautiful than you imagined…..Come, come out.”

He used his gentle thoughts to transfer his voice.  Gradually, he felt that this power was slowly becoming less cautious and more affectionate with him…..Slowly coming closer……


On the floating ball of light, there was suddenly a long crack that formed.  Gradually the soft sounds of cracking rang out as the crack became even longer, until it split the ball of light in half.


The white light vanished without a trace and the floating ball of light was split in half before falling to the ground.  At the same time, a mass of white fog that was blocking the creature within slowly fell, moving towards the ground.

The surroundings became so silent that not even a single sound could be heard.  That old voice did not make a sound, but Ye Tian Xie could feel that he was condensing his consciousness just to see the appearance of the Sacred Mark Beast.  If he still had a heart, then it would be filled with incomparable excitement and agitation.

The white fog slowly dissipated and the Sacred Mark Beast appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie.

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