EDAH Chapter 251


Chapter 251: Demon God Li Xiao

His heart skipped a beat and he moved towards dim glowing ball of light.  When he stood in front of it, he raised his left hand and tried touching it……If he had was not wrong, when his hand touches it, then it would cause a strange change.  Moreover, he would be able to see what kind mark was on his left hand.

“You’re here.”

As he was about to reach out, an old voice suddenly spoke out which made him freeze.  This voice did not ring out in his ears, but rather was sent directly into his mind.

“You are?”  Ye Tian Xie pulled back his hand and turned to look around himself, trying to find the origin of the sound.


“He, he, he, he…..”  The old voice gave a calm laugh, “You can’t see me right now.  I am a trace of consciousness attached to the Sacred Mark Beast from ten thousand years ago and I only awoke after meeting you….I am the final patriarch of the Illusory Beast Clan and I have been waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me?”

“Yes…..Because you are my Illusory Beast Clans….final and only hope.”  The old voice gave him an answer that stunned him.

“Why me?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.  He never believed in anything good falling from the heavens.  The mark that had appeared on his hand before allowed him to guess something, but it also made him more confused.

“Because you have a sacred mark on your body.  In my Illusory Beast Clan’s legend, there can be a single person with a sacred mark and he would appear one day.  Not only can this person bear the powers of the four spiritual gods of my Illusory Beast Clan, he can also awaken the one that my Illusory Beast Clan has always guarded but never awakened……The Sacred Mark Beast.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Perhaps, you would only be confused by my words right now……Right now, you can remove this obstruction.  Look at your left hand and you’ll understand.”

Ye Tian Xie did not hesitate and removed the Sacred Dragon’s Fang from his left hand.  When the white Sacred Dragon’s Fang disappeared, his eyes immediately froze on something.

On the back of his left hand, there was a four sided glowing mark that was around the size of a ping pong ball.  There was a line on each side that was also releasing a faint white light.  Ye Tian Xie was stunned as he looked at his left hand in a daze.

This was his own hand.

Ye Tian Xie had never seen this kind of mark on the back of his hand before.

What was going on?  Why did this mark suddenly appear?  How did it appear?  If it was there before, why had he not noticed it before?

“No need to be surprised…..This is the sacred mark.  Only, before your sacred mark’s power awakened, it did not appear before.  But now, it has officially appeared on your body.”  The old voice sounded in his mind once again, driving out the doubt he had.  He looked at his left hand before looking up and asking, “What is this sacred mark?  Why would it appear on my hand?”

“Sacred mark, in the legends of my Illusory Beast Clan, it is a mark that will appear on the body of someone that has strong pure light energy within them.  The highest form of light energy is sacred energy…..which is also protective energy.  The sacred mark’s attribute is to protect and the destiny of my Illusory Beast Clan is to protect, so it is the most worshipped mark of my Illusory Beast Clan.  However, it is a pity that until the extermination of my Illusory Beast Clan, there was not a single person that appeared that had the sacred mark.  Perhaps that is the destiny of my Illusory Beast Clan……At the same time, the legends say that someone with a strong pure dark attributed energy will have the possibility of having a “demonic mark”.  The demonic mark’s attribute is the opposite…..It is destruction.”

“On the back of your left hand is the true sacred mark, I wouldn’t fail to recognize it and the response of the Sacred Mark Beast would not be wrong.  The only thing that’s wrong is…..In the legends, the sacred mark would appear on a person’s forehead, but it has appeared on the back of your hand instead.  To condense the sacred mark, inside your body, there must be an extremely pure endless amount light attributed energy…..Only, perhaps your body is unable to withstand this power, so in order to protect you, the power has hidden deep within and you cannot display it.”

Sacred mark…..Ye Tian Xie clenched his left hand into a fist, released it, and clenched it again.  He looked for the changes in the white sacred mark.  There was another fact that he could not explain that was placed in front of him.

A pure and powerful light attributed energy……In this world, didn’t he have a mix of light and dark Dragon Power?  Why was the essence of his energy so pure?

“Ten thousand years ago, the demon god’s awakening caused my Illusory Beast Clan to be exterminated.  The entire clan was eliminated…..The only thing left was the Sacred Mark Beast.  The Sacred Mark Beast already existed when my Illusory Beast Clan came into being.  My Illusory Beast Clan’s strongest power is the “Illusory” skill and the Sacred Mark Beast has the strongest illusory power in the entire Illusory Beast Clan.  After all these years, it has remained in its egg the entire time, not preparing to come out.  The reason why it is called the Sacred Mark Beast is because in our Illusory Beast Clan legends, only the person with the sacred mark will be able to stir the egg with the power of the sacred mark and awaken it from its deep slumber.”

Egg?  The ball of light in front of him…..It was actually the Sacred Mark Beast’s egg?

“So you insisting on waiting for the person with the sacred mark, shouldn’t be just for awakening the Sacred Mark Beast, right?”  Ye Tian Xie thought about it and said.

The old voice gave him his answer, “Yes…..I hope that you can take away the Sacred Mark Beast and find the four spiritual gods that disappeared.  The Sacred Mark is the beast of destiny for my Illusory Beast Clan, so as long as it is by your side, you don’t need to go and search for them because destiny will naturally guide you to the four spiritual gods…..Although they were destroyed in order to seal the demon god Li Xiao, however, spiritual gods are spiritual gods.  When they had the awareness of their own death, before that happened, in order to pass on the power of our Illusory Beast Clan, they left behind their most important legacy on the Lost Continent before sealing the demon god Li Xiao……As long as you can find the power they left behind, then with your sacred mark, you could use their incredible powers.”

“The four spiritual gods are spread in the four cardinal directions and they all have different powers, but they are all incredibly strong to the point that no one could face them.  They have inherited the mission of my illusory Beast Clan.  The one guarding the west, the person with the strongest attack power, the ruthless ‘Asura of Annihilation’ that destroyed heaven’s orders.  The spear of destruction ‘Ragnarok’ that he wielded even made spiritual gods tremble.  If you can obtain his strength, then there will be nothing that can stop you in this world.  To the east is the ‘Abyss Knight’ that guarded heaven’s orders.  His defense had the power to make enemies fall into despair and the Eternal End shield in his hands was a true heaven guarding shield.  Bu himself, he could defend an entire city.  As long as he wanted to protect something, there was no one that could harm it.  To the north, there was the Indigo Magic Emperor that gave heaven’s orders.  His magic was strong enough to make the earth and heavens tremble.  When he released his vast amount of magic, he could even make the sky turn dark…..With his power, you could destroy thousands of miles of land in a single instant.  To the south, there was the Sacred Sword War God that fought against heaven’s orders.  You have already experienced just how strong he is.  Especially against those with wicked hearts, he was their worst nightmare.  The one that the demon god Li Xiao feared the most was him.”

“The power of the Sacred Sword War God was left in these ruins, abandoned and forgotten, but you should have obtained his inheritance.  The current you now needs to inherit the power of the other three spiritual gods.”

“And then?  After obtaining their strength, what should I do for the Illusory Beast Clan?”

Obtaining the inherited powers of the four spiritual gods, this was a matter than made anyone’s blood boil with excitement……However Ye Tian Xie had a good control over his emotions.  There was no free meal in this world, this was a simple truth that everyone knew.

“You…..don’t need to do anything.”  The old voice gave him a strange answer, “I just hope that the powers of the Illusory Beast Clan’s strongest spiritual gods can be inherited and won’t be silently left in an unknown land…..If you can awaken the Sacred Mark Beast, then it would be a great favour to my Illusory Beast Clan…..From the first day my Illusory Beast Clan existed, there was a legend that was passed down that no one knows the origin of.  As long as the Sacred Mark Beast can awaken, the Illusory Beast Clan will never be exterminated.  The one that can wake the Sacred Mark Beast…..has finally appeared.”

“However…..”  The old voice paused before continuing, “The one that exterminated my Illusory Beast Clan was the demon god Li Xiao.  In the end, Li Xiao was also defeated by my Illusory Beast Clan.  The price was the life of the four spiritual gods being used to seal him away.  If this price was paid to permanently secure the peace of the continent, my Illusory Beast Clan would have no regrets about being exterminated…..But the demon god Li Xiao has once again returned to the Lost Continent, enshrouding the land our Illusory Beast Clan gave everything up to protect…..How could my Illusory Beast Clan accept this!  How could we accept this!!”

Ye Tian Xie expression fell and he asked with a frown, “Wasn’t the ancient demon god Li Xiao sealed forever in the ‘Leaving Heaven Array’?  Did he not die after being sealed…..and is about to awaken?”

“No…..He won’t awaken after being sealed……rather the demon god Li Xian has already awakened and is currently wandering around the land.  When my consciousness was awakened by you, I could feel his aura.  I would never make a mistake with Li Xiao’s aura……He truly still exists.  Perhaps he has already left the Leaving Heaven Array for a long time now.”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

This was not the first time he heard the demon god Li Xiao’s name.  The first time he heard it was from the Dark Ghost King.  And…..with how strong the Sacred Sword War God was, he still needed the other three gods to pay the price of being destroyed to seal this demon god…..One could imagine just how terrifying this ancient demon god was.

If this kind of demon god has truly escaped the Leaving Heaven Array and has returned to the Lost Continent once again……Then how terrifying of a disaster would this be.

[Author Note: After reading the book reviews, I found that everyone forgot about a large problem.  That is…..In the destiny world, after going back to level zero, would one be sent back to the Beginner Village?  This has already been explained before.  So, don’t count on using the Illusory God Change to return to the Beginner Village.  Second…..The Illusory God Change does not have any cooldowns…..Changing into the Sacred Sword War God can last 20 seconds……Why twenty seconds?  Do you understand?  Un, is there anyone that knows why your level will decrease by 509…..]

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    1. There is another series I read where the author used the ISBN of the book as the password in a later volume. Unless you bought the book and memorized that number, it would be hard to figure out.

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