EDAH Chapter 250


Chapter 250: Illusory Beast God’s Envoy

Understand?  Ye Tian Xie could understand his words, but how could he understand their meaning?

The words that the azure haired man said had never appeared in the cognition of the human race, never appearing in any books before.  This vague way of describing this was like something from a mythical world.  He could only passively listen and accept it, but he could not “understand” it.

In his memory, he knew nothing that could explain what he had just heard.

The current him felt like he had entered the “mess” that the azure haired man had described before.  However, the location of this mess was not at realm that humans could reach…….As for what kind of realm this was, he did not know at all.


“How do we begin?”  He did not think about it and directly asked this.

“When you are prepared.”  The azure haired man responded.

“When I’m prepared?”

“That’s right…..The Seven Sins, the seven roots of all wickedness.  Once the source of wickedness is drawn out by me, your heart will be coerced by these sins…..Relax, it won’t control your mind, but will make you want to do these things.  Your mind will be hard to suppress and hard to fight against.  When the time comes, you will be focused on the forty nine days of the Seven Sins Baptism.  If you don’t have enough preparations, the ones that will be affected first will be the people by your side.  So, you need to prepare yourself and you need to make sure your preparations are absolute.”  The azure haired man said.

“I understand.”  What he said was what Ye Tian Xie was worried about when he decided to accept the Seven Sins Baptism for Xian’er.  Yes…..He had to make his preparations, at least he would not allow the effects of the sins affect anyone by his side.

“Un……That Sacred Sword War God you transformed into really was powerful, but it is a pity that it is very clear that kind of power could not be maintained for a long time.  If the Dark Ghost King had not been terrified to the point that he didn’t even have the courage to look back, then the situation would have been different.”  The azure haired man said this and then revealed a slight frown, “However, with the current strength you possess, you wouldn’t be able to obtain that kind of strength even if you use the Illusory Change.  You also were able to maintain it for so long.  This confuses me…..However, it’s also good.  I hope that you will become stronger.  When you can defeat me, then come and find me…..It doesn’t matter what methods you use to defeat me, even including that body changing ability……”

The azure haired man took one last look at Ye Tian Xie before cleanly turning around.  He walked over to the gap in the barrier with the azure wolf, “Go and do what you need to do.  Goodbye.”

“How will I find you when the time comes?”  Ye Tian Xie called out.

“You can’t find me…..When I need to appear, I will naturally appear.”

“I still want to know…..”  Ye Tian Xie’s expression turned serious and he asked, “If I accept the Seven Sins Baptism……My personality will change in those forty nine days.  Will it affect….the real world?”

“It will.”

As soon as the sound fell, the azure haired man and the azure wolf disappeared, moving a thousand miles in an instant.

Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes and silently pondered over his words again and again.  Then he turned around and walked towards the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins that had been destroyed.

The ancient castle building had completely collapsed and he could not find the front door at all.  Ye Tian Xie wandered around for a while before finally finding a place he could jump down and was not blocked.  He jumped down without any hesitation.

Releasing the Dark Fog, he silently landed on the ground.  This was the underground portion of the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins.  When he fell to the ground, Ye Tian Xie’s heart filled with astonishment.  He knew how strong the Sacred Sword War God was and he had not held back at all.  This kind of strength was enough to make this underground area collapse and be completely buried, but after attacking the Dark Ghost King for so long, the underground was only messed up and was not destroyed like the above ground portion, nor did it collapse.

At that time, he guessed that there was a kind of power protecting this area just like the barrier protecting the outside part.  Now it seemed like his guess was right.

According to his memory, he continued walking forward, going past the first two halls.  Ye Tian Xie then stopped and speechlessly stared in front of him.

There was a not that long tunnel here.

But now the passage had been blocked by boulders that fell from the sky, densely packing it up.

Ye Tian Xie moved forward and forcefully tried to move a boulder.  With his strength, he could only make the boulder shake a little, but it did not move at all.

When he crossed this area before, he had seen Xiao Bei’s incredible strength, so Ye Tian Xie was not worried.  No matter how big or small the rocks were, they could not compare to that three meter tall and wide boulder he kicked before.

Xiao Bei appeared and looked at the rocks in front of them.  It patted its claws and then swaggered over, standing before the rock that Ye Tian Xie could not move.  It stretched out its claw and grabbed the stone before lifting its arm…..

Hong long long…..

That stone that was blocking the passage and was around twice the size Xiao Bei was lifted up by it with only a single claw.  It lifted it above its head and threw it far off to the side.  The stone pile in front of them lost its supporting stone and collapsed in half with a dull sound.  Xiao Bei reached out both hands, continuously grabbing the stones that fell and throwing them to the side.


The stones were thrown away and the sounds of them falling to the ground rang out seven-eight times before the blocked tunnel was cleared enough that a person could walk through it.  Ye Tian Xie looked at Xiao Bei with a strange look for a while.  Then he raised his foot and began to walk through the tunnel, while opening his status window at the same time…..He was looking at the stats of the “Illusory Beast God’s Envoy” Job that he obtained earlier.

Because of this Job he suddenly obtained, he was able to change into the incomparably strong Sacred Sword War God.  What kind of strong Job was this?

Illusory Beast God’s Envoy: Innate Job of the Illusory Beast Clan

Holder’s of the Sacred Mark will receive the recognition of the Illusory Beast Clan’s Sacred Mark Beast and be forced to change into this Job.  With this Job, the holder will obtain the recognition of the strongest spiritual gods of the Illusory Beast Clan and have the qualification to use their strength.

Job Skills:

Heart of Consonance: The members of the Illusory Beast Clan have a strong ability to communicate with beasts, thus they have the ability to transform into strong illusory beats.  

Effects: Every 20 levels, the amounts of pets that can be released at the same time is increased by one.  The higher level the user is, the lower the chance of a pet revolting is.  When the user’s level passes level 50, their pets will never revolt against them.  After reaching level 50, there is a chance of understanding the beast language.  After reaching level 80, one can freely communicate with beasts.

Illusory God Change · Sacred Sword War God – Carlos Fernandez: With the power of the sacred mark, one can transform into the Illusory Beast Clan’s ancient god of war, Carlos Fernandez and will have all the power he had in his prime.  Because you are currently too weak, your level will decrease by 509 after transforming and the transformation will only last 20 seconds.

[Author’s note: Smart students will be able to determine immediately where this “509” comes from.  This is not a randomly chosen number.]

The Illusory Beast God’s Envoy Job had two skills.  One was a passive and the other was the incredibly strong Illusory God Change.  Looking at the description of the first skill “Heart of Consonance”, he was amazed.

Being able to summon an extra pet every twenty levels, this was a stat that made people’s blood boil without stop.  With his current level…..that meant he could summon three pets at the same time to fight with him.  As well, being able to communicate with beasts, this skill could be described as “magical”.

As for the second “Illusory God Change” skill, seeing the two lines at the end of the skill description, Ye Tian Xie almost fell to the floor.

It didn’t matter that the transformation could only be maintained for twenty seconds, but after transforming…..his level would drop by five hundred and nine!!

What kind of joke was this!!

After using the Illusory God Change, he became very strong.  That kind of strength was enough to sweep across the world and trample it under his feet, it was a strength that no one could fight against.  He admitted that he clung onto the feeling from that time and hated the fact that he could not always maintain that form……Even that strong Dark Ghost King had been abused by him in that form.

But this kind of “heaven defying” skill was not truly heaven defying.  A true heaven defying skill could not possibly exist.  He could still transform into the powerful Sacred Sword War God……But the consequences were……

When he transformed into the Sacred Sword War God, he was unmatched in this world, sweeping everything.  A simple wave was enough to destroy a piece of land or even a city.  However this simple skill description turned this into a truly useless skill.

Even if he was facing the Dark Ghost King again and he was using a blade to force him to use it, he still would not use this skill again.  Being killed by the Dark Ghost King only meant losing a single level and the consequences of being invincible for twenty seconds was…..losing five hundred and nine levels.  Ye Tian Xie was currently level twenty and if he lost five hundred and nine levels, then would he stop after reaching level zero or would he continue…..until he reached negative level four hundred and eighty nine……He did not dare try it.

If this skill allowed him to permanently transform into the Sacred Sword War God….Even he wouldn’t have believed this skill existed.

The reason why he could use the Illusory God Change for an entire three minutes without any side effects was all because of the power giving to him by the ball of light, allowing him to naturally maintain the Illusory God Change condition.

Xiao Bei helped him continuously clear the obstacles in front of them.  Passing through all the blocked passages and the walls that fell down, he finally reached a place that was not completely dark and contained a bit of light.  Walking forward, he finally saw that white ball of light once again.  It was just quietly floating there and in the center of the white mist, there seemed to be something hidden there.  Only the light that was being released dimmed a bit and was no longer pure light, but also released a trace of dim ash white light.

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