EDAH Chapter 249


Chapter 249: Evil mind

This was a game world known as «Destiny».  The main researcher was an alien named Alpha and the vice researcher was an American named Pu Luo Si.

But the day «Destiny» opened, Alpha returned to his homeworld……Alpha had been on earth for several years, but no one had known what star system he had come from.  His appearance and disappearance had been a mystery.  In addition, Pu Luo Si committing suicide on the same day was another mystery without an answer……

These strange circumstances did not suppress people’s warm reception of the «Destiny» world.  In a single week, the horrifying number of people that joined proved this……The Destiny world was quickly evolving into a second world for humans and its importance was equal to the real world.  The currency used was the same and many things that could not be achieved in the real world could be done and finished in the game world.  Most of the things in the game world were even better than the real world…..

And this was the face to the matter.  At the same time, more people spent more time in the «Destiny» world compared to the real world.


This was a trend that would not stop.  If the Destiny world were to suddenly disappear, then the consequences would be unimaginable…..It would trigger a calamity of a worldwide level.  It was equivalent to taking away half their lives.

The first day that Ye Tian Xie had entered the Destiny world, he had found several strange and incredible things……

The Destiny world was not a simple virtual gaming world…..If one were to describe it with more detail, it was incredibly interconnected with the real world.

The first point of intersection was his Moment of Destiny.

The second point of intersection was Guo Guo.

The third and the most shocking was Xiao Xi.

And now……

From an NPC, an NPC that had the greatest effect on his emotions, he had heard the name “Li Xian Er”.

These three incomparably familiar and dream like words entered into his ears and it was like hearing three deafening thunderclaps.

He turned around at an incredibly slow speed and his trembling, unfocused eyes looked at the azure haired man without any emotions.  He said word for word, “Why do you know her name!”

“If you defeat me, then you will know everything.  The weak do not have the qualification to know this answer.”  The azure haired man coldly responded.

Ye Tian Xie revealed a terrifying vicious look.  He walked forward a few steps and angrily said, “Why can’t you tell me this!!  You aren’t someone that wants to hurt me, so why can’t you tell me now…..What do you want…..Do you know how painful this is to me!!  If you really want to help me…..then tell me everything.”

Faced with that gaze filled with negative emotions, the azure haired man’s eyes revealed a slightly troubled look…..In that moment, it was like he was looking at this previous self.

“These matters, you won’t believe me if I told them to you.”

“Say it!  I will believe you!”  Ye Tian Xie heavily said.

“You won’t……”

“Why do you think I won’t!”

“When I heard the truth in the past, I would rather die than accept it!  That feeling, you will not understand!!”  The azure haired eye narrowed his eyes and calmly said, “Moreover…..Even if you believe it, it is too early and will be harmful you to.  Not only will it now help you, it will confuse you, making it hard for you to progress forward.”

“I don’t need a reason.”  Ye Tian Xie slowly shook his head, with his eyes staring at him the whole time, “I just want to know…..everything!  Why do you know Xian’er?  Who are you?  Why would you appear here….Where is Xian’er right now and what is she doing?”

From Ye Tian Xie’s voice, the azure haired man could tell that he was trying hard to suppress his own emotions…..His emotions were already on the edge of collapsing.  This loss of control highlighted…..just how important the word “Xian’er” was to him.

The azure haired man was silent before raising his head and giving a sigh.  Then he said, “Since you’re this insistent, then I can tell you…..”

Ye Tian Xie did not say anything, just staring at him.

“But, I must remind you that the only consequence of you finding out the truth today is… will never meet Xian’er again and she will wither away.  Will you keep insisting now?”  The azure haired man used a calm voice to say something that made Ye Tian Xie’s eyes narrow.

Never meeting Xian’er again and she will wither away……

The corners of Ye Tian Xie’s lips rose and he suddenly revealed a smile, “Forget it, I don’t want to know.”

The azure haired man stared at him before nodding and saying in a gentle voice, “Tian Xie, you don’t need to be sad.  Xian’er loves you more than anything and she left you because it was related to your future together…..She told me that the biggest mistake she ever made was not being able to resist finding you ten years ago and being with you for seven years.  If she had not done this, then you would not have been pulled into this mess.  She would bear everything by herself.  But….I understand that even you can’t imagine just how deep her emotions towards you are.  She could not resist finding you and being together with you…..”

“I understand….Even you can understand.  How could I not understand after being with her for seven years.  I knew the whole time that when she left me, it would be because of something very difficult.  Her heart hurt even when I choked on water, so how could she bear to let me feel pain or be sad…..How could I not understand.”  Memories, a faint smile, sadness, and confusion…..A variety of emotions intertwined on his face.  In that instant his expression suddenly became calm and he revealed an indifferent smile.

He believed that Xian’er’s feelings towards him would never change…..It would never change.  She must be working hard for their future right now.  As for him?  Xian’er was working hard for him, what qualifications did he have to doubt himself, to complain, to be confused, and to go wild…..What he should be doing is the same as Xian’er, putting everything in the path that she had given him?

She had left him the Moment of Destiny, so he had to do his best to collect all the Nuclei of Destiny.

Since she had left Guo Guo and Xiao Xi to him, then they would become his closest family members.  He would take care of them, not letting them suffer any pain…..Although Guo Guo was a little eccentric and capricious.

Thinking of this, the melancholy and violent temper in his heart suddenly disappeared.  The azure haired man’s casual words had actually stirred the softest string in his heart.  In his memories, there was her appearance, her gentleness, and her smile which was like warm light that caressed his heart…..Every minute and second he was together with her, was a precious memory that could never be replaced.

So, in order to be with her forever, he would do everything he could.

“Tell me, why do I need the baptism of the seven sins to increase my power?  I want to know the reason.”  Ye Tian Xie gave a gentle sigh and then asked this question.  He had never heard of this method of using sins to increase one’s power.  Even if it wasn’t true, then he still wouldn’t be willing to try it……But for Xian’er, he was willing, even if he had to become evil itself.

The azure haired man did not immediately respond and just looked at him.  Then he used a slightly mysterious voice to say, “Do you know why Li Xian Er gave you the name ‘Tian Xie’?”

“Why?”  Ye Tian Xie’s heart skipped a beat.

“In the future, your name will be ‘Ye Tian Xie’, alright…..”

When he was ten years old, he had met her for the first time in the world covered in snow.  Her voice was still lingering in his ears.  One the first day they met, the girl who rarely made requests had made a strange request to him…..So, from that day on, he renamed himself from “Ye Tian” to “Ye Tian Xie”.

Over the years, he had always asked her why she wanted him to have this name.  She always said with a smile, “Because I like this name…..”

Was there really a special reason?

“Because she knew that you would have to face the baptism of seven sins one day.  This is one of the trials you must pass to grow.”

“Then does this have a connection with my name?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

The azure haired man gave a slight nod and calmly said, “Your Dragon Soul is the Evil Dragon’s Soul.  Do you know why it’s ‘Evil’?”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

“The word ‘Evil’ is not good or wicked.  If one had to define it, it would be both good and wicked, or in between good and wicked.  In reality, evil is not like good or wicked at all.  Good needs benevolence and wicked requires a wicked heart.  Even though most living beings have a benevolence and a wicked hearts, they cannot be described with the word ‘Evil’.  The essence of evil is linked good and wicked, but it doesn’t matter if one’s disposition is good or wicked.  This kind of disposition cannot be trained like good and wicked, but is innately gained and not trained.”

Ye Tian Xie’s mind was full of confusion, so he interjected, “Just tell it to me straight.  Why do I need to experience the baptism of the seven sins to further awaken my Dragon Soul?”

The azure haired man nodded and said, “Those with a light attributed Dragon Soul will require guidance by benevolence, otherwise their Dragon Power will never awaken.  Those with a dark attributed Dragon Soul will require guidance by wicked emotions.  For one who possesses both a light attributed and dark attributed Dragon Soul, they need guidance by ‘Evil’.  And…..from your youth, whether it is your family of the past or Li Xian Er, from interaction with, you have been guided to the ‘Good’ side.  However, your innate evil disposition makes you behave different from normal people.  A true evil disposition is neither good or wicked, doing what you want for yourself and the people you want to protect.  You can ignore and trample everything, without the shackles and fetters of ‘good’ or ‘wicked’……This kind of evil disposition, the current you cannot achieve this…..Because of the baptism from your living environment, you have not touched true sin.  So, you must have a baptism.  After your baptism, you will live for yourself and the people by your sides, not caring about anything.  Like this, your Dragon Power will quickly awaken because of your evil disposition……Now, do you understand?”

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  1. This ‘Evil’ has no consciousness because it’s a force of nature. Are they telling him to become evil personified? Ridiculous. Saying the balance between holy and demonic is evil is also ridiculous. Author is trying to kill his ‘humanity’ with ‘evil’ saying he can become… reborn. Reborn as what? These past two chapters are driving me mad! If they twist his character any further it’ll break. Honestly, if anyone had to go through what they are prescribing it should shatter them. Either way I wouldn’t cheer for a main character like that.

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