EDAH Chapter 247


Chapter 247: The Dark Ghost King’s retreat

Eighty million, this was a terrifying number.  How strong would one’s attack power have to be do deal this kind of shocking damage.

At this moment, the fight between Ye Tian Xie and the Dark Ghost King was a one sided beating.  The powerful Dark Ghost King could not fight back at all under the might of the sacred sword.  His single target high level forbidden curse was shattered by the sacred sword with a single attack which had completely penetrated his psychological defenses.

The “Red Lotus Killing Gods” could be used three times a day, with each time having the flames of heaven burn for thirty seconds.  These three times were used by Ye Tian Xie one after the other on the Dark Ghost King.  The scarlet flames of heaven continued to burn on the Dark Ghost King without a second’s rest.

Cut, slash, poke, and stab……The Dark Ghost King continued to desperately struggle, but he couldn’t escape at all.  He could only continue to suffer the attacks of the giant sacred sword one after the other.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want to escape, but he was completely suppressed by the power of the sacred sword.  Every time he collected enough strength to run, it would be scattered by a heavy hit from the sword.


The silent Indigo Soul stared right ahead, slightly narrowing its eyes.  As one of the Nuclei of Destiny, it was sure on how strong the Dark Ghost King was.  If the seven Nuclei of Destiny were gathered together in the Moment of Destiny, their power could not be compared to.  If they were separated…..Of the seven Nuclei of Destiny, only the purple Heaven’s Will could fight a demon king by itself.  Even itself with the power only second to Heaven’s Will could not do this.

If it had not personally witnessed it, then it would not have believed that the Dark Ghost King would be trampled like this one day.  It wasn’t that he was weak, but rather, he was strong to the point that no one could fight him…..But the enemy was too strong, completely restraining him.

After two minutes, the continuous attacks had taken two hundred million HP from the Dark Ghost King.  During this time, the original Illusory Beast Clan Ruins could no longer be seen, being razed to the ground.  In the barrier, the scattered sand and energy beams filled the entire area, making anyone watching unable to see clearly what was happening.

For attacks of this energy level, the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins did not break, but rather contained all the energy within, sparing Heavenly Sun City to the south from a large disaster.

“Demon Breaking World of Death!”



Being sealed and hit, the Dark Ghost King once again flew into the sky, slamming into the barrier.  Ye Tian Xie gripped the sword with both hands and raised it high above his head.  In an instant, the sand and mist completely disappeared without a trace as an incredible strength filled the air, pressing down on the ground, making the sand unable to fly into the air.

In that instant, the world had no sound and wind, as if time and space itself had been sealed by a giant power that came out of nowhere.  Finally, the sacred sword pointing in the sky slowly released a bright sacred light……The light slowly became stronger, but it still instantly filled the space inside the barrier……

“Sacred……Seal…..Technique – Heavenly Crime!!”

Sacred Seal Technique, a Saint Extermination Grade forbidden technique that had the terrifying strength to destroy the heaven and earth!  When the power began to condense, Ye Tian Xie’s blood began to boil…..Because this terrifying power, this terrifying skill was actually coming from his hands……

But the next second, his body began to tremble and his face fell.

The shadow of desperation and the approaching feeling of death attacked the nerves of the Dark Ghost King.  Being locked onto by the power of the Heavenly Crime, he could clearly tell just how terrifying this power was……The fear of death and the short period of freedom finally made his life saving instincts kick in.  He suddenly broke free of the suppression and rushed to the side of the barrier.

The Sacred Sword War God’s power could not even destroy the barrier of the Illusory Beast Clan, so how could the Dark Ghost King have that kind of power.  However, an orange glow came from his hand as Orange Fang flew out of his hands and stabbed at the barrier in front of him.

Without any impact sounds, any friction sounds, or any tearing sounds, Orange Fang made contact with the barrier and the impossible to break barrier suddenly revealed a two meter wide hole.  The Dark Ghost King gave a strange roar and jumped out the hole, soaring through the air, recklessly running away.

The moment he left the barrier, the sacred sword in Ye Tian Xie’s hand stopped releasing light and Ye Tian Xie’s expression froze.  Then the sacred sword in his hand disappeared into traces of energy and his body began shrink while releasing a dim light, slowly becoming smaller……He kept shrinking until he reached his original size and his original equipment also suddenly reappeared on his body.

“Ding…..The Sacred Mark Beast’s strength has been exhausted and the Illusory God Change has been released.”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

“Yiya!  Master, you’re finally back to normal……Wu, wu, wu, wu, Guo Guo thought that master would always have that tall and terrifying appearance from now on…..Wu, wu, wu, wu, this is great.”  Guo Guo who flew out of who knows where suddenly grabbed onto Ye Tian Xie’s neck, continuously saying “wu, wu”.

“……What’s good about this!”  Seeing his normal appearance, everything that happened flashed through his mind like a dream.  He looked over at the Dark Ghost King that had already left the barrier.

The Sacred Sword War God was just too strong, strong to the point that even one of the Eight Demon Kings could not fight back.  However……as he was beating the Dark Ghost King, he accidentally changed back……

The Dark Ghost King was the Dark Ghost King in the end.  Even though the Sacred Sword War God was strong, he could not defeat the Dark Ghost King in a short three minutes.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t be one of the Eight Demon Kings that made the Lost Continent tremble a hundred years ago.

Ye Tian Xie also looked at him because the Dark Ghost King’s spiritual defense were weak after his mental collapse, so his Evil Dragon’s Eye could obtain some information on him.

Dark Ghost King: Level 80 High Level Mysterious God Boss

HP: 1772350000/2000000000

One of the Eight Demon Kings with the power of evil.  He was sealed in the Tower of Destiny one hundred years ago, escaping three years ago, but half his strength was swallowed by the Moment of Destiny.  Currently, he’s quickly recovering his strength.

Seeing the series of “0” in the Dark Ghost King’s HP, Ye Tian Xie was stunned for a bit.  Then he slowly said – “Fuck!”

The Dark Ghost King with only half his strength actually had two billion HP.  It was almost twice what the Sacred Sword War God at the Saint Extermination Grade had!

Demons were different from humans after all.  The bodies of demons were far more tenacious, far surpassing that of normal humans.  This was one of the innate skills of Demons and it was also one of the reasons why they were so difficult to eliminate.  Although the Sacred Sword War God was overall stronger than the Dark Ghost King, he still was a human in the end.  Even if his powers were stronger, he still could not compare to the strong physique of a peak level demon.

……But these figures told Ye Tian Xie that in just three minutes, the powerful Dark Ghost King’s HP had been barely reduced by one tenth.

Indeed, if one of the dignified Eight Demon Kings could be eliminated in just three minutes, then it wouldn’t suit the Eight Demon King’s name.

When the Dark Ghost King left the barrier, the terrifying pressure of the sacred sword disappeared without a trace.  His instincts told him that it was just being blocked by the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins’ barrier.  Under the constant attacks of the sacred sword, he had already lost his mind.  At this moment, he had recovered his freedom, so he wildly ran into the distance, not even looking back once.


At this moment, a loud wolf’s roar came into his ears and his body trembled.  In the next second, a dark azure wolf’s figure soared into the sky like an azure bolt of lightning, charging at the Dark Ghost King.  The tense Dark Ghost King did not expect this and was hit by that azure figure.  It was unknown if it was intentional, but the location the azure figure attacked was the Dark Ghost King’s left hand holding the Orange Fang.


The Dark Ghost King was heavily slammed to the ground, landing at least three hundred meters away.  The Orange Fang flew from his hand, flying in an irregular arc before falling to the ground.

In the distance, the Dark Ghost King’s body had already turned into a black dot that became even more distant.  Although he had only recovered half of his power, he could still easily beat Indigo Soul.  However, after being frightened by the Sacred Sword War God, he did not dare stop and be entangled by Indigo Soul, not even having the courage to go and retrieve Orange Fang.  He used the momentum from Indigo Soul to escape into the distance…..Not noticing at all that the Sacred Sword War God had already disappeared.

As long as he took a single glance back, the entire situation would have been reversed.

The azure haired man picked up Orange Fand and held it in his hand.

Orange Fang’s power was suppressed and it was in its original form, but that made it easier for him.

The azure haired man had seen Ye Tian Xie return to his original form from the Sacred Sword War God form.  He stared at Ye Tian Xie for a long while before walking to the barrier and stabbing it with the Orange Fang.

When the barrier silently opened, the azure haired man and Indigo Soul walked into the barrier, walking in front of Ye Tian Xie.

“It’s you!”  Suddenly seeing the azure haired man, Ye Tian Xie’s expression suddenly changed and the back that was forever imprinted in his mind suddenly appeared.  He forced down his own emotions and silently told himself….It’s not him, it can’t possibly be him…..It’s impossible…..

Last time, it was him that obtained the Blood Feather for him and sent him to the Hidden Dragon Abyss, letting him obtain the “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon” Job.

The azure haired man nodded and reached out his hand, placing the Orange Fang in front of Ye Tian Xie, “This is the second Nuclei of Destiny, Orange Fang, and something that should belong to you.  Its powers have been sealed and cannot use its powers to change its form for three days, so it is the best time to integrate it into the Moment of Destiny.  Otherwise, it will repel the Moment of Destiny like the Blood Feather and attack you.”

Ye Tian Xie’s expression fluctuated as he took the Orange Fang from his hands and gripped it.  He looked up and calmly asked, “Why are you helping me!?”

“I did not help you.”  The azure haired man shook his head and looked somewhere else as he coldly said, “Being able to obtain the Orange Fang this time depended purely on you, otherwise, Indigo Soul and I would not have the ability to take Orange Fang from the Dark Ghost King.  Before this, I didn’t even know that you were here.”

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  2. chapter 246: In this single minute, Ye Tian Xie had dealt a terrifying eighty million damage to the Dark Ghost King……
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