EDAH Chapter 237


Chapter 237: The four god statues

This place looked like an abandoned hall, but if one looked closely, one could imagine the splendor of this place based on the old decorations that had not lost their aura.

It was completely empty in front of him and was completely silent, without a single sound.  Ye Tian Xie looked around him and instantly found that in the four cardinal directions of the hall, there were four statues respectively in each direction.  They statues had different appearances, but they all had the same power.  The statues were all at the same height…..being five meters tall.

In front of him, to the south, there was a man wearing a heroic set of armour and with a giant sword to his side.  After a long time, the man’s face could no longer be clearly seen, but the sword by his side……It was an incomparably big sword that was even taller than the man himself and was quite wide.  This was a sword worthy of being known as a giant sword…..It could be imagined just how big the skeleton of the Warrior that could wield this sword was.

Ye Tian Xie could not help walking in and standing in front of the statue.  Under the statue, there were words that stated this man’s title.


Sacred Sword War God.

There was also a name clearly printed on the strange giant sword – Elsydian

Elsydian – This was this terrifying sword’s name.

To the north, there was a person that had his face and body half covered in a dark cloak.  Although it was only a statue, a strange feeling that made people’s hearts beat fast was released.  He was also the only statue that did not have a weapon…..In his hand was a book.  Walking closed, Ye Tian Xie could see a name printed in the book.

Ninth Heaven!

Carved under the statue’s feet was his title…..Indigo Magic Emperor.

The statue to the west…..When Ye Tian Xie looked at him, the first he noticed was that jet black spear that filled anyone that saw it with fear.  The name of the spear was: Ragnarok.

This person’s name was: Asura of Annihilation.

To the east, there was a person covered in heavy armour, with a giant shield in their hands.  It was unknown what gender they were because the armour was too thick, being several times larger than their body.  Walking in front of the statue, a serious aura that made people’s heart sink could be felt.

There was a name printed on the shield: Eternal End

Printed under their foot was their name – Abyss Knight.

The four statues were placed in cardinal directions, forming a perfect arrangement in all four directions.  The Illusory Best Clan Ruins, far underground, a dark space……Sacred Sword God, Indigo Magic Emperor, Asura of Annihilation, and Abyss Knight…..Four different shocking names.  Were these four members of the Illusory Beast Clan…..What exactly did they represent?

After walking around this strange main hall for a while and not finding anything, he opened the only door in the hall.  There was a tunnel of darkness leading to an unknown place.  Ye Tian Xie focused his mind and then silently walked forward.

At the same time.

There was a man with a head of azure hair slowly falling from the sky.  He fell right in front of the Illusory Beast Clan Ruin door and after silently staring at it for a while, he walked forward.

As he took two steps, his body suddenly encountered a barrier that he could at see.  At the same time, a strong power suddenly surged forward.  The azure haired man knit his brows and he moved backwards.  When he fell to the floor, he silently looked forward.  At that moment, he raised his right hand and a streak of black lightning appeared in the sky.  The black lightning fell down, condensing a jet black short sword in his hand.  The sword in his hand fell and the sword of lightning slashed in front of him……  


With a ear splitting tearing sound, a white glowing crack appeared in the space in front of him, but the white crack only appeared for less than a second before it reformed.  The azure haired man did not try again.  His expression turned dark and he moved back a few steps before calling out, “Indigo Soul!”

With his summon, a giant wolf that was completely indigo in colour appeared beside him.  With its appearance, a strong aura quickly filled the air and space itself distorted around it.

“Indigo Soul, can you break through this barrier?”  The azure haired man looked forward and asked with frown on his face.

The Indigo Wolf’s indigo eyes stared at the space in front of it and after a few seconds, it shook its head, “I can’t.  They really do deserve to the be strongest clan of the past.  Even after being destroyed by a disaster for many years now, they power they left behind is still this strong.”

“Then how much confidence do you have in beating Orange Fang?”  The azure haired man continued to ask.


“Then how could Orange Fang go in?  Did it use a kind of special method?”  The azure haired man calm face revealed a slightly puzzled expression.

The Indigo Wolf was silent before slowly saying, “The Orange Fang is without a doubt inside……But I don’t understand how it can exist.  The Orange Fang is a orange coloured giant tiger, that not only has intelligence, but can also use its full strength.  However, the feeling that Orange Fang is giving me now is that it only has power from a beginning stage.”

The azure haired man nodded, before silently standing there…..He did not know that only a few minutes before he came here, there was a person that had passed through the barrier that even his sword could not slash open.


Illusory Beast Clan Ruins, dark underground.

Generally speaking, an environment that had no light and had no living creatures present would give birth to undead monsters.

For example, the ones that appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie.

Dark Undead: Level 25

HP: 1500

Undead that was formed in a dark environment and can only live in a dark environment.

Innate Skill:

Undead Body: Immune to all death elemental attacks.  Has a 10% chance of negating physical attacks.


Dark Aura: Send out a mass of dark fog containing undead power to attack enemies.

Weakness: Fears all light and life elemental attacks.

Thinking about it, after Ye Tian Xie entered the Destiny world, the monsters he came in contact with the most were undead monsters.  For example the Undead Cavern, the Heavenly Soul Tomb, and the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins…..There was also this Illusory Beast Clan Ruins.  Normal players would not have the opportunity to enter undead environments, but Ye Tian Xie met them time after time.

The Dark Undead was different compared to the other undead Ye Tian Xie met before.  It did not have a real body and was composed of a group of black fog, completely blending into the darkness of the environment.  If Ye Tian Xie did not have the Evil Dragon’s Eye, he could not see them at all.

One, two…..Looking forward, in the tunnel in front of him, there were two wandering Dark Undead.  This was a place that was like the other abandoned hall that Ye Tian Xie reached after walking down the dark tunnel.  It’s said that the Illusory Beast Clan had been destroyed for a long time.  This place should have been dark for a long time, so it was very normal for strong undead to form here.  But after walking for so long, he had only encountered two of them.

To deal with these undead, the best method was to use Yao Yao’s healing technique.  However, with Yao Yao’s current strength, it was just short of being able to instantly kill these two strange undead.  Ye Tian Xie called out Xiao Bei and said, “Xiao Bei, go…..We’ll take one each!”

As soon as Ye Tian Xie’s voice fell, Xiao Bei had already rushed out while Ye Tian Xie charged at the other…..However, in terms of speed, how could Ye Tian Xie be a match for Xiao Bei?  A large gap quickly formed between the two of them.  Xiao Bei jumped left and right as it charged forward, brandishing its two cat claws……

-730, -722, -731, -729.

Without a doubt, it was an instant kill.

On the other side, Ye Tian Xie falling behind a step used a Dragon Rend Strike…..


It was also an instant kill.

The two Dark Undead instantly lost their HP, but what was strange was that they did not disappear, rather they turned into two mass of fog.  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows, but he continued forward while ignoring it…..The two group of fog suddenly changed shapes.  One turned into a dark old tiger, while the other one became a strange beast the with the shape of a rhinoceros and a single horn on its head.

Illusory Beast Undead – Sabre Tooth Tiger: Level 25 One Star Elite

HP: 3200

An undead formed from a dead sabre tooth tiger.

Innate Skills: Undead Body

Skills: Tooth Rend, Tiger Rush

Weakness: Fears all light and life elemental attacks.

Illusory Beast Undead – Single Horned Beast: Level 25 One Star Elite

HP: 3180

An undead formed from a dead single horned beast.

Innate Skills: Undead Body

Skills: Single Horn Stab, Savage Rush

Weakness: Fears all light and life elemental attacks.

These two undead seemed like they fell from the sky as they immediately charged at Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie quickly turned around and used two Dragon Rend Strikes to kill the undead Sabre Tooth Tiger.  On the other side, the Single Horned Beast had not made  an attack yet before it was killed by Xiao Bei’s powerful Meow Meow Fists.

What was going on?  Seeing the two undead that were unable to move lying on the ground, Ye Tian Xie knitted his brows in confusion.  Dying and being reborn?  No, not only was their appearance different, their strength had doubled.  They went from a normal monster to a One Star Elite.

Without thinking too much, Ye Tian Xie looked around the hall…..This place was very spacious, other than him, Xiao Bei, and Yao Yao, there were the two unmoving corpses on the ground and nothing living or dead around.  The ground and walls were very smooth……and other than the single path in front of him, there were no other places for him to go.

Ye Tian Xie walked around this area several times, but did not find a single place he could leave from……On the path that he walked to come here from the room of four statues, there were no forks.  There seemed to be no other passages……Why was this place a dead end!?

At this moment, a group of dark fog rose in this dark world…..In the center of the dark fog, the Undead Sabre Tooth Tiger and the Undead Single Horned Beast’s corpses began to slowly rise from the ground.  At the same time, their bodies began to tremble and contort.  Under this trembling and contorting, they became bigger….Turning into…..

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