EDAH Chapter 235


Chapter 235: Ash Sheep

Blood Hand…..A Hidden Job!!

This “King” was a dark horse, being able to kill silently in the dark.  Not only did this “Blood Hand” job give off the might of a Hidden Job, it also brought a bloody flavour to it.

Being able to obtain a Hidden Job…..This person was not ordinary!  Ye Tian Xie secretly thought about it and remembered this easy to remember name.

However, Ye Tian Xie and all the other players did not know that this “King” entered the Destiny world fifteen days after everyone else.  Back then, Ye Tian Xie used a total of nine days to go from level zero to level ten…..This person had used a total of three days to go from level zero to level ten.


Of course, one has to remember that Ye Tian Xie only played for seven to eight hours per day.

Being later than everyone by fifteen days……That meant that he only used half the time that most people used to kill his way into the Chinese server’s level rankings top ten!

If Ye Tian Xie had known this terrifying fact, he would not have simply described him with the words “uncommon”.

He closed the level rankings and narrowed his hands as he looked into the distance.  The corners of his lips curled into a faint cold smile, “Wings of Shrouded Heaven……Daring to use the name Xian’er gave me, you really are brave!!”

In this lifetime, Ye Tian Xie had never been provoked like this…..and he rarely got angered like this.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven were strong, but that did not mean he would not fight them, much less that they had touched his taboo.  Once he hated someone or a group of people, even he did not know what kind of terrifying crazy thing he would be capable of.

Taking out the map, his eyes looked at the southern portion.  He was already very close to Heavenly Sun City, being around half a day away from it.  The reasons why he could come get to Heavenly Sun City so fast was because he had the Gu Ping Town Scroll and…..because Ye Tian Xie had used the “Berserk Fighting Will” skill the entire way.  Otherwise, wishing to reach Heavenly Sun City in just ten days was an impossible matter.

“La, la……La, la…..La……La…….La…….”

Guo Guo was lying on the head of the Ferghana Horse, holding her cheeks with hands while kicking up her legs.  A childish song was coming from her mouth, while in front of her….there was a child’s story book.

The story book was only a little smaller than her, so it did not take much effort for her to flip the pages.  This story book…..It was not necessary to say that this was something Guo Guo brought from the real world to kill time with.  As for where she found this story book……One could only ask Su Fei Fei.

The strange thing was…..Over the past few days, Guo Guo had already read this book several dozens of times, but she was still entranced by the story, not looking away at all.  This made Ye Tian Xie speechless.

“Master, Guo Guo will tell you about the ash sheep and the happy wolf, alright?”  Guo Guo looked up at Ye Tian Xie with sparkling eyes.

Ye Tian Xie said, “……Guo Guo, you have already read it for me eight hundred times.”

“Ah?  Then Guo Guo’s reading is very good, right?”  Guo Guo crossed her arms around her chest and pursed out her lips as she eagerly said this.

“Un, very good.”  Ye Tian Xie braced himself with his answer.  If he said that it wasn’t good, then there was a 100% chance that Guo Guo would break out in tears.

Guo Guo’s eyes became even brighter, “Then Master must still want to hear it, right?  Guo Guo loves master that much, so master must love listening to Guo Guo’s reading, right?  Right?”


“Then Guo Guo will read the story of the ash sheep and the happy wolf for master, alright?”

“Alright…..”  Ye Tian Xie was made speechless.

“Yiya!  Master is the most obedient!  Then properly listen to Guo Guo’s story.”  Guo Guo’s starry eyes blinked as her little body stood up.  She separated her two legs and pressed down on her little dress, as she began to read the story she had already read eight hundred times……As she was about to begin, Yao Yao sleeping in front of Ye Tian Xie turned into a ball of white light and returned back into his body……It was not Ye Tian Xie who called it back.

“In the past, there was a rogue sheep that was called the Ash Sheep.  Its body and eyes were all ash grey, oh la la la……Just like the sheep to the side…..”



Ye Tian Xie prepared himself to listen to Guo Guo reading the story of the ash sheep and the happy wolf, but as soon as Guo Guo was about to begin, she suddenly stopped.  After a pause, she suddenly shouted out in an exaggerated cry, “Yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi!!  Master, look over to the side…..Yiya!!  There really is an Ash Sheep!!”

Following the direction that Guo Guo’s little hand was pointing in, Ye Tian Xie looked over……Then he almost fell off his horse.

This was a smooth trail which was surrounded by a wide open and desolate mountain area.  There were no monsters and only a few plants.  In the direction that Guo Guo was pointing in, there was an eye catching ash grey coloured life form.  It was a sheep, but its fur was shorter than normal sheeps.  It was completely the same as a normal sheep, but it was smaller than a normal sheep.  It looked like an ash grey furred young sheep that had the name……

Ash Sheep: Level 15 Lord Level Boss

HP: 12000

A strange sheep that exists for the purpose of catching wolves, which comes from an unknown origin.  It could be a strange being from another world.  It has incomparably strong escape methods and is currently searching for its lost companions, wandering the world with no fixed abode.  It will never stay in the same place for over thirty seconds.  If it is defeated, the perhaps a strange otherworld item could be recovered from it.

Innate Skills: None


Escaping Right Away: As long as a human or a threatening being comes within twenty meters, it will immediately escape, increasing its own move speed by fifteen times!  It is impossible to chase.

Weakness: None.

Ye Tian Xie: ⊙﹏⊙b…………

In the distance, this strange ash grey sheep was just grazing on weeds.  Its two little sheep eyes revealed a sly look.  Regardless of anything else, this strange monster was clearly the only one of its kind in the game and it was a kind of unique monster that would appear in random locations……

Although its stats were not hard for Ye Tian Xie to deal with, the only thing that made it hard to beat was……the fifteen times increase to its move speed.  Only if it was completely surrounded, then even if he encountered it a hundred times, he would not be able to touch it once.

But on the body of this scarce and hard to kill monster, there was a special item that was being held.  Since he was lucky enough to meet it, then how could Ye Tian Xie let it go?

“Yiya!  Master, this Ash Sheep is a villain that likes to chase the happy wolf, it must be eliminated!  Eliminate it!  Master, let’s go!!”

Guo Guo gave a loud shout before charging forward.

Ye Tian Xie did not move…..and he did not dare to move because from the description of the strange monster, as long as he came within twenty meters of it, it would run away……Damn, unless he could instantly kill it from twenty meters away, it was a dream for him to catch it.

Oh, wait a minute……As long as a human or a threatening being comes within twenty meters……A threatening being……

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes fell onto Xiao Bei and he pointed out, “Xiao Bei…..Go!”

The little life form jumped down from the horse and bounced over to the Ash Sheep…..Just like a little rabbit.

Forty meters……Thirty meters……Twenty meters……

The Ash Sheep immediately discovered Xiao Bei and its eyes filled with vigilance.  As soon as it wanted to run, its eyes fell onto Xiao Bei and its stopped itself from running away, as it just stood there with an imposing manner…..With Xiao Bei’s cute appearance that made people want to hug him, how could he possible be described with “threatening”?

But Confucius said: A cat is two faced……

As soon as Xiao Bei came close to the Ash Sheep, it jumped out with a “meow”.  Turning in the air, its snow white cat paw that was disproportional to its body created a magnificent arc as it used a strong force to kick the Ash Sheep’s head with a surprise attack…..


Although Xiao Bei was small, its “Meow Meow Kick” had even sent the Large Mouthed Bird that was bigger than Ye Tian Xie flying like a rubber ball.  The Ash Sheep that had been kick flew back like a glass ball.  Hearing the sound of the wind, the ash grey sheep’s body flew back like a cannonball…..Then with a “peng” sound, it slammed into a large rock several meters behind, becoming stunned.  Xiao Bei had picked the perfect angle with its kick, not only did the Ash Sheep fall to the ground, it now even had a circle of small stars revolving around its head…..It was clear that it had been stunned.

Xiao Bei quickly charged forward and rained down “Meow Meow Fists” like a storm.  Ye Tian Xie also slowly followed behind it.

-741, -738, -1460, -733, -747, -728, -744, -739……

When Xiao Bei attacks, the damage figures will appear in a wave that people could not clearly see……Attacking four times per attack and three times every two seconds equated to six attacks per second.  With the level sixteen Xiao Bei’s 780 attack, it did not even need to use a third Meow Meow Fist before the HP of the Ash Sheep ran out.

Xiao Bei patted its claws and jumped back, landing on the horse.  It stuck out its body for Ye Tian Xie to rub……It was level sixteen yet it was able to beat a Lord Level Boss at around the same level in the blink of an eye.  Its speed even put Ye Tian Xie to shame.  Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he still had to admit it……Xiao Bei’s single target attack had currently surpassed his, or at least for now.

Unexpectedly, the Ash Sheep falling down did not drop anything, not even a single coin.  Ye Tian XIe thought about it and then jumped off the horse.  Standing by the corpse of the Ash Sheep, he used the Harvest Skill…..

“Ding…..You have successfully harvested the special item ‘Ash Sheep’s Toolbox’.”

Ash Sheep’s Toolbox: It is filled with special items used by the Ash Sheep to catch wolves.  It has an unknown content, but the box itself has a special method of being opened.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Ding……You have successfully harvested the special item ‘Red Sheep’s Pan’.”

Red Sheep’s Pan: It’s said that the Ash Sheep and the Red Sheep were lovers, but they split up for an unknown reason.  This pan can be given to the Red Sheep for information, but the whereabouts of the Red Sheep are unknown.  It’s said that the Red Sheep might know how to open the Ash Sheep’s Toolbox.

Ye Tian Xie: “…………”

“Ding……You have successfully harvested the special item ‘Ash Sheep’s Pelt’.”

Ash Sheep’s Pelt: The Ash Sheep was a genius of creativity and used special magical items to imbue its skin with a special magic.  No matter what kind of life form is holding its skin, as long as they think “I am a sheep”, they will immediately turn into the Ash Sheep.  This can be used at most three minutes every day.  After turning into the Ash Sheep, they need to think “I am not a sheep” to turn back to normal.

Ye Tian Xie: “[email protected]#¥%………”

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