EDAH Chapter 233


Chapter 233: Sky high price of one billion!

“Humph, idiot.  As a Warrior, as long as I’m willing to give up my original Job and spend a little bit of money, I will be able to choose another Job path.”  Son of Heaven said with a snort.

“So you’re taking out money to solve your problem, such good courage.  With just the strength of your Yun Family, you think you can easily take this Spiritual Grade Weapon?”

“110000000!”  Son of Heaven did not talk back to him and with a cold look on his face, he once again increased the sky high price of one hundred million.  In terms of bickering, he was not Buried God’s match.  His little sister had often said, avoid enemies in the long term and keep attacks short.

“He, 130000000!”


“……150000000!”  Son of Heaven shouted through gritted teeth.



“20000000!  He, he, Yun Si Hai, seeing your expression……Your dignified Yun Family will feel pain just by taking out this little bit of money?”  Buried God was very calm, as if “two hundred million” was nothing more than an ordinary digit to him.  His voice was full of disdain and taunting.

“Good Dugu Cheng……250000000!!”

Putong……The people left in Heavenly Stellar City plaza all fell down.


They fell down once again after standing up.

Crazy, it’s going crazy!

Ninth Moon standing on the stage was smiling so much that her eyes were crescent moons.  Before this auction, Liu Qi Yue had told her that this Spiritual Grade Sword would definitely sell for over one hundred million.  Although she had complete faith in Liu Qi Yue, she still felt a bit of worry deep down…..But now, the price had gone over one hundred million.

The only two calling bids were Buried God and Son of Heaven, without a third person saying anything.  It was clear that even though this bid war had been sparked by the Spiritual Grade Sword, it was no longer about that sword…..The fight between them was no longer about the sword, but rather the long term fight between the two of them.

The consequences of neither of them backing down was…..whoever stopped bidding first would be the one who loses.






“Ai, this much money, what are they doing.”  Zuo Po Jun secretly shook his head.  He did not really care about money because he had never been short of money since he was a child.  However, faced with a digit in the hundreds of millions, even a person that did not care about money would know that this was an exaggerated amount of money.

“Five hundred thousand Chinese dollars…..Oh!  They could let those pitiful children that make only several tens of thousands return to warm campuses, turn the city of garbage into a green paradise, and 80-90% of the Chinese citizens take all kinds of risks, even if they lose their lives……Oh, in the world, why is there something like money.  I have never had a cent on me before and will never have one.  It is already impossible to find someone that hasn’t been tarnished by money like me.”  Murong Qiu Shui kept sobbing.

Zuo Po Jun: “……”  This crazy person’s words did have a logical point.

“510000000……Yun Si Hai, you should not fight with me.  I have decided to take this Spiritual Grade Weapon today and even if it’s you, you will not steal it from me!”  Buried God said with a cold laugh.  His words had completely cut off any route of escape for Son of Heaven.

“Idiot, my Yun Family is based under the capital city.  How could southern barbarians like you compare to the strength my Yun Family has!  550000000!!”  Son of Heaven was getting impatient as he directly counter attacked.  Once a fight broke out between them, it was hard to stop because no one wanted to lose in front of all these people……Especially if it concerned Liu Qi Yue.  They didn’t want to be suppressed by the other person in her auction.  For them, face was more important than anything.

“60000000 gold coins!  Yun Si Hai, did you still dare to compete?  If you don’t, then obediently go home.  I want to take this Spiritual Grade Weapon as soon as possible and not waste any time here.”  Buried God was as calm as usual.  Compared to Son of Heaven’s continuously changing expression, he was completely calm.


The way they were simply adding in hundreds of millions made the hearts of normal players stop.  What was called a rich person?  They were all personally witnessing it today.

“Good courage!  Then I’ll take out…..800000000!  He, he, this is quite a good number.”

Son of Heaven clenched his teeth once more.  As he was about to bid again, the soft voice a young girl came into his ears…..That was his little sister’s voice.

With a short sentence, Son of Heaven’s body trembled.  Like being drenched in a bucket of cold water, he recovered his mind and his body broke out in a cold sweat……His little sister’s words suddenly reminded him that he had almost fallen into Buried God’s trap.

Impulse and losing control was truly a terrifying devil.

He gritted his teeth and quickly took out his communication device.  In a low voice that could still be heard by the people around him, he said, “Immediately…..Add a billion into my funds card!  Right now!!”

Putting down the communication device, he coldly shouted, “900000000!”

Shouting out nine hundred million and having someone add a billion gold coins, could it be…….he was actually willing to spend over one billion gold coins……just to buy a Spiritual Grade Weapon!?

Crazy to the end!!!!

Buried God also took out his communication device and said in an indifferent manner, “Go, add a billion into my funds card…..I’ll give you twenty seconds.

Putting down the communication device, he revealed a faint smile before slowly raising the price once again, “1000000000!!”

This astronomical bid price of one billion shocked the hearts of countless players.

“Do you still dare to continue??”  Buried God revealed a smile that was as gentle as a breeze……It was as if one billion was nothing more than a number to him.

“No, I don’t dare continue.”

From Son of Heaven’s mouth came an answer that shocked the entire audience.

Son of Heaven changed from an uncertain expression to a faint smile.  He was even clapping his hands, “A Spiritual Grade Weapon is indeed precious beyond compare, but for a sky high price of one billion, there would be more harvest from using it to develop one’s forces instead of using it for this Spiritual Grade Weapon that can’t be used long.  Since Buried God cares about his friends this much and insists on taking this Spiritual Grade Sword, how could I dare to take it?  Buried God, taking out one billion to buy this Spiritual Grade Sword, then it is yours…..The Dugu Family really is rich.  I admire you, ha, ha, ha, ha…….”

After saying this, while Buried God’s expression froze on his face, he laughed as he turned to leave, not looking back at all.

The players on the scene were all stunned but suddenly all reacted to this.

“…..Now mister ‘Buried God’ has already placed a bid of one billion on this Purple Streaked Sword……One billion gold coins, is there any friend that wants to give a higher bid?”

Higher bid?  What kind of joke was this!!  This was not ten gold coins, a hundred thousand gold coins, but rather a sky high price of one billion gold coins!!  Even though everyone really wanted to have this Spiritual Grade Sword…..Who would be crazy enough to take out one billion to buy it.

As an Assassin, even if Buried God successfully obtained this sword, he could use it personally, so he did not need to pay this kind of price……So, many people knew from the beginning that Buried God was just provoking Son of Heaven, quickly raising the price.  When the price reached Son of Heaven’s bottom line, he would suddenly pull back and let him obtain this sword at an incomparably high price……

However, no one would have thought that at the last second, the person pulling back wasn’t Buried God, but rather Son of Heaven…..It could be said that Buried God did not even have the chance to let go because Son of Heaven had ordered someone to add another billion into his card, signifying that his bottom line was another billion or so……However, Buried God never thought that this was only a facade Son of Heaven used to confuse him.

From this confrontation, it seemed to be Buried God’s victory because he obtained the Spiritual Grade Sword in the end……But everyone could tell that it was a large victory for Son of Heaven.  However, the final winner and the greatest winner was still the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

An auction of one billion, it would definitely be a large mark in the business history of the Lost Continent.

“One billion going once!”

“One billion going twice!”

“One billion going thrice!”

“Dang!”  Giving the final call, Ninth Moon shouted, “Congratulations to mister Buried God, this Purple Streaked Sword now belongs to you…..We thank you for supporting our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.”

The moment the golden hammer fell, the trade had occurred.  The Purple Streaked Sword was sent into Buried God’s inventory……and one billion coins from his card was transferred to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

Taking out the Purple Streaked Sword, Buried God gave a smile, but it was a bitter smile.  He had wanted to take this chance to cause Son of Heaven a loss and Son of Heaven’s appearance and his head of sweat showed he had lost control…..With his understanding of Son of Heaven, he would have kept going until the end.  However, contrary to what he expected, Son of Heaven had withdrawn……

This was not like the style of Son of Heaven who was easily swayed by his emotions.

But since the dice have been cast, he just had to accept it.  Buried God quickly adjusted his mentality.  One billion gold coins was a giant loss no matter who it was.  In front of all these people, he took out the Purple Streaked Sword and directly traded it to God Realm Starfall sitting to his right, “Starfall, this is China’s first Spiritual Grade Sword and the strongest weapon in China, and now it belongs to you……I hope that you can become our God’s Realm Guild’s, no, it should be the strongest Sword Warrior in all of China!!”

Countless gazes filled with envy fell onto God Realm Starfall.  An astronomical price of one billion, and the incomparable strongest Spiritual Grade Sword…..The purple glowing sword shined in God Realm Starfall’s eyes.  His eyes were calm, but his hands holding the Purple Streaked Sword began to tremble.  He received it and then gave a strong nod, swearing in front of everyone, “Since young master has shown me this favour, if I, God Realm Starfall cannot become the strongest Sword Warrior, then I would have no face to stay by the young master’s side.”

In front of all these people and the people watching outside in the square, Buried God directly gifted the Purple Streaked Sword as a sign of showing favour and as a kind of motivation.  In this kind of sudden touching scene, no one could resist becoming hot blooded and making this kind of resolute vow.  He truly was worthy of being Buried God.  Even though he had suffered a loss of a billion gold coins, he could still quickly change his mentality and make a decision that yielded such high results…..He really deserved his title of the Southern Son of God.

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