EDAH Chapter 232


Chapter 232: Over a hundred million!

This time, Son of Heaven had no way of sitting anymore and suddenly stood up.  He shouted at the masked Archer behind him, “Let’s go!!”

This time, even that masked Archer did not try to stop him because the allure of a Spiritual Grade Item could not be resisted.  Even if he was discouraged by the fact that it would hurt their own reputation, it would not stop him.

“Give me two tickets!”  Son of Heaven’s group came to the auction entrance feeling very impatient as he spoke to the receptionist.

“Hello two sirs.  Two tickets come to a total of eighty thousand gold coins.”


“What, eighty thousand gold coins?  What do you mean by this?”  Son of Heaven’s face turned dark.  Even if the ticket was made of gold, it wouldn’t be worth eighty thousand gold coins……This was simply stealing their money.”

“Hello two sirs. The differing prices for our Seven Moon Chamber of Commerce entrance tickets were long announced through the server announcement.  It is currently 9:30 and the price has been increased by two hundred times…..Why did these two sirs not buy a ticket earlier?”  The receptionist’s smile did not change as she politely asked them.

Son of Heaven’s brow twitched and he didn’t say anything for a while.  Then the masked Archer behind him came forward and took out eighty thousand without a word, buying two tickets.

When they were using the tickets, the words that the receptionist added in almost made them spit out blood, “Two sirs, there is a limited amount of seats and because all seats are full, the tickets you bought are only for standing room.”

In the auction hall, the auction of the Purple Streaked Sword had not started yet because Ninth Moon had taken a full three minutes to describe the stats it had.  It was clear to everyone that she was stalling for time because after 9:30, the price of the tickets became forty thousand gold coins each!

Right now, even a fool could understand that the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce increasing their prices beforehand was not crazy…..Rather, it was a sly way for the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce to make money.

The effect was quite good.  Although the price had been increased to forty thousand and there was only standing space, the continuous flashes of white light proved that people could not resist the allure of a Spiritual Grade Weapon.

A single ticket was forty thousand.  It was unknown how much money they had earned after 9:30……

Such a good way of earning money!

“…..According to the intelligence of our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, this Spiritual Grade Weapon is the first and only one in not only China but the whole world.  If any friends could obtain this sword today, they could say that they are the first person to own a Spiritual Grade Weapon in the entire world.  This is a kind of glory that one can bask in for a lifetime……”

Ninth Moon’s long speech continued on.  Seeing the players constantly entering the hall, the smile on her face became even brighter.

“Po Jun, Qiu Shui, I’m leaving first.”  Ye Tian Xie said.

“Ah?  Second brother, you aren’t watching the rest?”

“There’s not much to see.  One can easily imagine what will happen next.”  Ye Tian Xie said this and then took out a Town Return Scroll, preparing to return to a small town on the road south.

The moment the scroll was crushed, his body began to disappear.  It was at that moment, he saw Son of Heaven come into the auction hall.  Then he saw the masked Archer coming in behind him…..Instantly, his calm eyes turned incomparably sharp.

Ye Tian Xie appeared in the sparsely inhabited town with a sinister, terrifying look on his face and a incredibly cold smile on his lips.

Good……Very good……A good Wings of Shrouded Heaven!!

They really are good!!

You, have truly angered me this time!

Since it’s like this……Even if you have wings that can obstruct the heavens, I will still make you……forever disappear from the online gaming world!

With the cold smile fading, he called out the Ferghana Horse and charged southward.  Without modern transportation, to go from Heavenly Stellar City to Heavenly Sun City in just ten days was not easy.  In the past, he wouldn’t have allowed gaming to interfere with his sleep time, but these days, he was using his sleeping time to travel.  Since he had accepted this quest, he would not allow himself to fail it.

At the auction site…..

“……The starting price for the first Spiritual Grade Weapon of China is: 5000000 gold coins!”  When Ninth Moon finally finished the long introduction, she told everyone the starting price that no one felt was off.

5000000……This was an astronomical number that most normal people could never earn, but faced with this Spiritual Grade Weapon, there was no awkward silence that filled the hall.  Rather there were bids that continued to outprice the last……Moreover, every price increase filled the people’s hearts with shock.

“6000000!  Stepping Over the Land Guild’s Guildmaster, Strongest Man in the World!”

“6500000!  Red Leaves Guild’s Red Leaves Strong Gale!”

“8000000!  War Soul Hall’s Lei Bao!”

“Che……Not feeling embarrassed to call out a price below ten million.  12000000!  Invincible Gang’s Winds of Chaos and Slaughter!”

In just a few seconds, the price of this Spiritual Grade Weapon had exploded to over ten million, making everyone watching from outside the hall stunned……How was this like an auction for a virtual item…..




“Alright, this friend has increased the price to 15000000 gold coins.  Is there another friend that wants to offer a higher price?”


“20000000!  The price is now 20000000.  Is there another friend……”

“20500000.”  A person with a head of sweat raised his card with gritted teeth.  It could be seen how much resolution he had.”




When the price went over twenty million, the voices calling out bids began to slow down.  Using twenty million to purchase a virtual item had already surpassed the bottom line of countless people.  When the people that had spent a lot on the admission price saw the current price, the could only give a regretful sigh.

At the same time, those people from the richest families did not call out a price……Including Son of Heaven that just stood there while attracting all kinds of strange looks.

“30000000……Whoever steals it will die!”

That cold voice pressed down on everyone’s hearts and souls.  This kind of words being said was a kind of arrogance that placed no one here in their sights.  Everyone looked over at the person…..There was a person standing in the corridors whose names was – Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds!

That cold face and sharp eyes, he was the person occupying the seventh spot on the level rankings.  The thirty million price was shocking, but the words following it made people secretly knit their brows or give a cold laugh.  The price and imposing manner he gave it in was enough to suppress many people, but were there simple characters here?  This kind of words would not give him the effects he expected, but rather the opposite.

“The first Spiritual Grade Item in the Chinese server, so it would be naive to think you can take it with a trivial 30000000.  I’ll bid 40000000!”  The person speaking was the Red Leaves Guild Guildmaster, Red Leaves Strong Gale.  The Red Leaves Guild had a strong might and Red Leaves Strong Gale was quite young.  He looked to be under thirty years old with a refined appearance.  He seemed very amiable, carrying the temperament and demeanor of someone from a large family.  As soon as he spoke, Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds coldly stared at him.  Red Leaves Strong Gale gave him a smile, not showing a single trace of fear.

Although Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds had hovered around the sixth and seventh place, this name was one that was very unfamiliar to those people who had been in the gaming world for a long time.  Although his personal strength was strong, he did not have any powers behind him, so Red Leaves Strong Gale did not need to fear him.

While Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds looked at him, Blue Dust sitting in the corner also looked over at Red Leaves Strong Gale, remembering his face before turning to leave.

Under everyone’s gazes, Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds did not continue to raise the price.  He silently turned around and with a small exhale, he left the auction.

The Ling Family, the Cang Family, and the Blood Dream Paradise.  Although the powers of these families were hard to imagine, under the suppression of the agreement they signed with the Chinese government, their development had been severely stunted.  The thing that was the most affected was their financial resources, mainly their ability to take out large amounts of money.

30000000 was Single Slash Soaring Through the Cloud’s bottom line.  This was the single cast of the die he threw to obtain the Spiritual Grade Sword that he wished to obtain.

Although he has lost……whoever steals it from him was not just a joke.

“50000000!”  Son of Heaven that had kept quiet the whole time could not hold himself back anymore.  With a single breath, he gave the highest price that had appeared so far.  50000000……A number that seemed like nothing more than a dream to normal players.

Once Son of Heaven began, how could Buried God keep quiet.  Almost right after him, Buried God raised his plate and said, “Ah, wishing to buy the strongest item in China with only fifty million, it seems like you, Yun Si Hai is really too poor.  Since you’ve taken out fifty million, then I’ll just…..take out sixty million!”

Buried God’s words made the faces of all the people that wanted to give a price change as they quickly put down their hands.  A smart person could instantly figure out what was about to happen.

Son of Heaven looked over at Buried God with narrowed eyes and gave a snort, “70000000!”

“80000000!”  Buried God was calm as he offered a price as soon as the new price was offered.  The speed at which he went was like he was not thinking about it at all.


“He…..I’ll take out 100000000!”

Putong……Near the magic screens of the center of Heavenly Stellar City, a large amount of player’s hearts couldn’t take it anymore as they fell to the floor.

One hundred million…..Another beautiful show was presented to the players of the Chinese server, in the eyes of the world’s players.

“Dugu Cheng, you are an Assassin, what use do you have for this Spiritual Grade Sword?”  Son of Heaven asked with a dark look on his face.

“Oh?  I really can’t understand your words.  I am an Assassin and indeed it is a pity that I cannot use this Spiritual Grade Sword.  However, if a partner by my side uses this sword, how could it be considered useless……If based on your words, you’re playing as a Spear Warrior, so you can’t use this Spiritual Grade Sword either.”  Buried God casually said.

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