EDAH Chapter 231


Chapter 231: Auction finale – Spiritual Grade Sword

“We’ve already said that money isn’t the issue.  The tickets are all sold out.”

“One hundred thousand!  Is one hundred thousand still not enough…..”

The two girls smiled at each other and apologetically shook their head, “You still have to wait a while.  You can go in after 9:30.”

“But it’ll be too late by then…..I’m really begging you two, I……I’ll take out two hundred thousand!!”  That person almost broke out in tears.  Son of Heaven had ordered for him to buy the Undead Spear at all cost and now, the auction had already gone on for a long time.  Every second he delayed would put him in more danger..  Right now it felt like every second was as long as a year for him.


“Ya!  You’re really willing to take out two hundred thousand?”  The young girl on the right did not shake her head and spoke in a shocked voice this time.

When the person heard this, his spirit soared and he quickly said, “Yes, yes, I’m definitely willing.”  He took out his funds card, “I’ll make the transaction now, please let me in as soon as possible.”

“Un?  Xiao Qi, you aren’t thinking of?  But young miss said…..”

“No.”  The girl being called Xiao Qi felt embarrassed before slowly taking out a ticket from behind her, “I left behind a ticket earlier.  I originally wanted to…..”  

“Ha!  Xiao Qi, so you were holding back a ticket.”

“I didn’t do that.  This was a ticket that I bought for two hundred gold coins.  I was waiting for the price to increase……The young miss was not wrong at all.  In less than an hour, the price increased by a thousand times, this is huge!”

Watching the two girls casually chatting in front of him, the anxious Wings of Shrouded Heaven member almost kneeled down in front of them.  He paid for the ticket as fast as possible and then charged into the auction hall with the overpriced ticket……

The players were all randomly shouting prices for the Undead Spear and at this moment, a white light came from the single empty seat in the front row.  A player with a head full of sweat appeared and once he appeared, he quickly shouted, “I’ll bet 4800000!”

Son of Heaven had given him 5000000.  He had taken out 200000 for the ticket and now he only had 4800000 left.

4800000 was a sky high price.  To be able to offer this kind of wild price for a piece of virtual world equipment was not something that a normal rich person could do.  It was very clear that this person shouting the sky high price was very strange.  He looked very anxious and his body was covered in sweat.

Buried God’s eyes looked through the crowd and fell onto this person, then fell onto the symbol on his arms.  After a pause to think, he revealed a faint smile.

“This mister ‘Seamless Lonely Sword’ has bid 4800000 gold coins.  Is there any other friends willing to offer a higher price?  4800000 going once…..”

“4810000.”  A very soft voice came from the corner.

When the full of hope “Seamless Lonely Sword” heard this number, he was completely stunned.

The one that offered this price was none other than the God’s Realm Guild’s Guildmaster, Buried God.  It was completely different from the large increase before.  This time, he only increased the price by a measly ten thousand gold coins.  On the contrary… seemed like he had a target goal.

This measly ten thousand gold coins made that “Seamless Lonely Sword” covered in sweat.

Because he only had 4800000 gold coins on him…..Not to mention ten thousand, he couldn’t even take out one thousand right now.

“Mister ‘Buried God’ has bid 4810000.  Is there any other friends that would like to offer a higher price?  Alright…..4810000 going once…..”

On the outside, Son of Heaven almost jumped over the table in front of him as he roared, “Quickly!  Add more gold coins into his funds card, right now!”

“It’s too late.”  The masked man behind him did not move as he spoke in a helpless voice.

“4810000 going thrice……This ‘Undead Spear’ now belongs to mister Buried God.”

Son of Heaven almost spat out three liters of blood.

Not only could he not obtain the Undead Spear that he was set on, moreover…..what made him the most angry and what was most unacceptable was…..the fact that he had lost to his greatest rival Buried God for a mere ten thousand gold coins.

This kind of aggrieved feeling made him want to vomit out blood.

“Young master, please calm your anger.  While Gold Equipment are valuable, it already isn’t easy for the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce to take out three of them.  I think this should be their bottom line already.  Let’s wait and see first.”  The masked man said in an uncertain tone.

At the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction, the atmosphere finally relaxed.

“Right now it is 9:20 am and three pieces of precious Gold Equipment have already been taken out, raising the atmosphere of the public to blood boiling levels.  Next, we’ll take a break and have a listen to some calming music…..Before this, I must tell everyone that Gold Equipment are precious and our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s abilities are limited, not being able to take out that many at once.  For those friends that have not bought a piece of Gold Equipment, no need to despair.  Our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s store will be open tomorrow, selling level ten to level twenty five Silver Equipment.  We welcome everyone to have a look and we welcome everyone in the Chinese server to check out our store.  Other than that, after the break, we will bring out today’s finale, so please don’t leave everyone.”

Ninth Moon said this with a faint smile before gently walking backstage.  At the same time, calming music filled the hall, making everyone here feel at peace.

“Elder sister is clearly stalling for time.”  Zuo Po Jun laughed.

“What’s wrong with that……I am willing to bet my gender that even with this stalled time, there will be no one that leaves.”  Murong Qiu Shui mumbled in reply to him.

Zuo Po Jun: “…….”

After ten minutes, the calming music made everyone calm and there was no one feeling impatient.  There was no one that left because they felt like they were wasting time…..Because Ninth Moon’s words had already indicated that there would a finale coming soon.  A finale that could follow after pieces of Gold Equipment, how could they miss it?  They all waited while guessing what it was.

Finally, 9:30 came and Ninth Moon walked onto the stage with a faint smile.  Giving a slight bow, she then said, “We’re sorry for making everyone wait.  The first auction that our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce is hosting only has a few pieces of equipment on sale, but they are all of the highest quality.  Following this, the final piece of equipment on sale will make everyone feel like their trip here today was not in vain.  Then, please look at the screen…..”

On the screen behind her, a two handed sword with a strange shape and a magnificent glow appeared.  Without even seeing the stats, just the shape of the sword itself was enough to garner shocked gasps from everyone.

Purple Streaked Sword: Spiritual Weapon

Requirement: Level 15 Warrior Job and 75 Strength or above.

A Spiritual Sword that contains the power of thunder and lightning.

Stats: Attack +120, Strength +18, Accuracy +10, Attack Speed +35, and Luck +2.  Deals an extra 30-50 thunder attributed damage per attack and has a 3% chance to cause a 2-3 second paralysis effect.

Additional Skill:

Thunder Flash: Condenses the power of lightning into the blade and instantly attacks the enemy in front with a flash of lightning.  It is a single target attack that deals 180% damage and 300 thunder attributed damage with a 20% chance to cause a 2-4 second paralysis.  Costs 45 MP to use and has a 30 second cooldown.


Just like the roar of thunder, all the players in the Heavenly Stellar City Square gave a sharp roar.  Out of the twenty thousand players in the auction hall, over half of them instantly stood up.

What were they looking at…….

This sword with a shocking appearance had stats that were ten, no a hundred times more shocking than its appearance……Because this was a Spiritual Grade Weapon that was impossible to appear!  Moreover it was at level fifteen, so the players that bought it could instantly use it.

In that moment, they experienced just how shocking the final card the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce had!

Other than the few people by Ye Tian Xie’s side, this was a first time for most people seeing the stats of a Spiritual Grade Weapon.  Its stats made everyone’s hearts pound faster…..At level fifteen, its stats even surpassed a piece of level twenty Gold Equipment, having almost twice the stats of a piece of Gold Equipment.  At the same time, it also included a strong skill that was much stronger than any other warrior skills.

If a warrior could have this Spiritual Grade Weapon, then their stats would increase several times, far surpassing any normal players of the same level.  Whether it was leveling, pking, or just showing off……there would be no competition.

What was a Spiritual Grade Weapon?  In front of the strong stats of this Spiritual Grade Weapon, the sky high price Gold Equipment were all trash.

All the players on the scene began to breath faster and their heartbeat increased.  The leaders of powers stared at the screen, preparing themselves to put their lives on the line.  There were many people taking out their funds cards to quickly add more money in and there were many people shouting into their communication devices, telling people in the real world to add in more money.

At the same time, the news of a piece of Spiritual Grade Equipment appearing in the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction quickly spread.

“What?  A level fifteen Spiritual Grade Sword!?”  Single Cloud Soaring through the Clouds leveling in the wild saw the stats of the “Purple Streaked Sword” his subordinate sent over.  The expression on his face froze and he quickly pulled out a Town Return Scroll to head back to Heavenly Stellar City.

“Spiritual Grade Equipment?  We’ll go right now!!”  The World Union’s first master threw down his communication device and rushed over to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

The Red Leaves Guild’s Guildmaster, Sword Warrior Red Leaves Strong Gale, “A Spiritual Grade Sword appeared…..I must have it!  Then I will have the confidence to charge into the top ten in just three days…..I will personally go, just wait for me!”

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