EDAH Chapter 230


Chapter 230: Undead Spear

The smile on Ninth Moon’s face became brighter, “The bidding price is now 3000000, are there any friends that are willing to pay more?  3000000 going once……3000000 going twice…..3000000 going thrice!  Congratulations to mister Buried God, this Tiger Tooth Dagger regarded as the ‘Number one dagger in China’ is now yours.”

“I am honoured.”  Buried God’s smile did not change and stood up in a gentleman manner to answer her.  His appearance was gentle and his bearing was handsome, without any trace of arrogance.

“Mister Buried God, please wait a minute.  Before we do the transaction, I have something to say.”  Ninth Moon gave a slight nod and said, “First, the young miss, who is our Seven Moon Chamber of Commerce’s head, Liu Qi Yue has a few words to say to mister Buried God.  My young miss is very grateful for the support of our friends from the God’s Realm Guild.  While everyone looked down on the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, not only did mister Buried God bring five hundred friends from the God’s Realm Guild over, you even personally attended the auction.  The young miss is very grateful and wants me to thank mister Buried God and the God’s Realm Guild friends in her place.  As for this Tiger Tooth Dagger, the young miss changed her mind about auctioning it just for mister Buried God…..The young miss said, with mister Buried God’s power and prestige, he would definitely be the last person bidding for it.  If it was won by mister Buried God, then we would give this Tiger Tooth Dagger to mister Buried God for free as a sign of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s gratitude.”

The entire auction hall became silent as countless eyes looked over at Buried God.


Buried God was surprised at first, but the smile on his face became stronger.  Finally, although he was revealing an indifferent smile, his emotions deep down could not help becoming excited…..Because, this was Liu Qi Yue giving him confirmation, showing him a good sign…..Moreover, it was Liu Qi Yue’s first time giving him anything, not to mention something as expensive as this.

Giving this Tiger Tooth Dagger to Buried God before the auction and giving him during was completely different.  Doing the latter would not only be proving Buried God’s strength, it was also giving face to Buried God and the entire God’s Realm Guild.  At the same time, it could be imagined how much Son of Heaven would regret his decision if he could see this scene.

Buried God moved onto the stage.  If an item was to be given out during an auction, then it had to be done in a trade.  Receiving the Tiger Tooth Dagger from Ninth Moon, Buried God said in a gentleman manner, “Thank your young miss for me.  This dagger will follow me to the end of the Destiny world……If possible, I hope that this beautiful game world will never end.”

Buried God did not waste this perfect confession chance.  The words he said and the appearance he showed made countless young girls’ hearts beat faster, and they were filled with envy.  Ninth Moon nodded with a faint smile and said, “I will honestly send your words to the young miss.  Other than this, my young miss also has something else to tell you.  She hopes that this Tiger Tooth Dagger can be the greatest motivation for you to reach level twenty as soon as possible.”

Buried God nodded before he walked back to his seat with a beaming smile.  Under his calm appearance, his heart took a long time to calm down.  He was certain that coming to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction today was the right decision.

“Ai, elder sister’s method are really good.  No wonder she could make the two of them from the Yun Family and the Dugu Family chase after her all these years without any results, and not give up.  Moreover, elder sister is clearly using this move to create closer relations between the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce and the God’s Realm Guild, making many things easier.”  Zuo Po Jun shook his head as he whispered this.

“Yes…..Elder sister can make any man fall in the palm of her hands, even if they are the Son of Heaven or the Son of God…..But, the only person she can’t control, is the person she cares most about.  Ou!  Is this a wonder of the world?  Oh….I really want to know, where is the person that can make me fall in love?”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

“Are you talking about a man or a woman?”  Zuo Po Jun leaned over and calmly said.

Murong Qiu Shui looked at Zuo Po Jun with a grim aggrieved eyes.  After three seconds of looking straight, his heart began to twitch and Murong Qiu Shui’s eyes blurred.  Curling his lips and looking down, he said in a fine voice, “Third brother, look at you asking this question.  I’m by your side every day, do you really not know who the person I’m talking about is……”

After saying this, the aggrieved eyes that were a thousand times stronger than the normal woman looked at Zuo Po Jun once again…….

Zuo Po Jun suppressed the strong impulse he had to dig himself a hole to crawl into.  Closing his lips and gritting his teeth, he did not make a single sound.  His experience told him that in this kind of situation, it was best to shut up and say nothing, otherwise……

“Humph!”  Murong Qiu Shui gave a gentle snort and did not keep going.

Ye Tian Xie’s forehead was covered his sweat as he stared right at the stage, pretending to hear nothing.  However, whether it was Murong Qiu Shui or Zuo Po Jun, their dispositions were completely different from those of normal people.  There was no need to mention Murong Qiu Shui, but Zuo Po Jun…..In front of people he cared about, he revealed a simple and honest appearance, sometimes even becoming a fool, completely different from what the Zuo Family’s young master should be like.  However in front of others…..He was even more domineering that those official’s sons.  Once he lost his temper, others feared him even more than the local tyrant.

However, Zuo Po Jun’s inner self was soft, never killing anyone.  As for Murong Qiu Shui, his method of acting was already not that simple.

“We’ll now begin the auction for the third piece of Gold Equipment.  We ask all our friends to look at the big screen.”

On the screen, a long spear with a gloomy aura appeared.

Undead Spear: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 Warrior Job

A spear instilled with the aura of death, it releases attacks filled with a terrifying death aura.

Stats: Attack +70 and Strength +70.  Attacks will deal an extra 30-50 death element damage, with a 5% chance to cause a 3-5 second confusion and a 1% chance to instant kill.

“A spear is the soul of a Spear Warrior.  Thinking about it, the shape of the Undead Spear is not important, but it is its stats that make everyone impatient.  There is no need to say more, let the auction begin.  The Undead Spear’s starting bid price is – 200000 gold coins!”

The base price of the level fifteen Gold Spear even surpassed that of a pair of level twenty Gold Daggers, but no one was surprised by this.  This was because level fifteen equipment were items players needed the most right now.

Outside the hall, Son of Heaven who had been paying attention to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction could not stay still.  Picking up the communication device, he roared, “Listen to me, you must by this Undead Spear regardless of the price!  Even if you have to use five million, it’s fine!  Do you understand me!”

On the other side of the call, the two members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven looked at each other with blank dismay.  Then with a crying expression, they said, “Young master…..The auction tickets have all sold out.  We have tried everything, but they won’t let us in.”

“What!!  You still haven’t gone in yet!?!?”

“Young, young, young, young master, don’t be angry.  We are afraid of you being angry, so…..”

“Piece of trash!”  Son of Heaven slammed his fist on the table and screamed with a sinister look, “I don’t care what method you use, if you don’t buy this spear for me, then don’t come back!”

Son of Heaven’s Job was Spear Warrior.

In terms of Jobs of the Destiny world, there were fewer people choosing to become Spear Warriors in comparison to Sword Warriors because a sword had more overall uses.  However, it was undeniable that the spear was a flashy item.  This  Undead Spear had a mysterious and dangerous death aura around it that made it even more cool.  Seeing this, countless Spear Warriors clenched their fists and their drool flowed.  There were even some Sword Warriors that were regretting the fact that they didn’t choose to be Spear Warriors.  If they had this spear by their side, not only would their strength increase, no matter where they went, countless eyes would be attracted to them.  Including the eyes of beautiful women.

Suddenly, countless pairs of eyes focused on the Undead Spear, but…..a strange sight appeared.  For a while, no one gave a bid.

The first two Gold Equipment, the level fifteen robe and the level twenty Gold Weapon had both sold for a sky high price of three million.  Moreover, the last person to bid had always giving a shocking price.  The people who bid before them had all been turned into fodder for the shock they gave……

Many people did not want to play this role again.  There were many people that coveted this Undead Spear, but those that did not have the financial strength could only silently drool…..This was because everyone could tell that the price of this Undead Spear would far surpass the previous two pieces of Gold Equipment.

Ninth Moon did not become flustered because of this silence.  After five seconds of silence, she said with a faint smile, “Since there are no friends that are interested in this Undead Spear, then I’ll just take it back…..”

“Ah…..Wait, wait, I’ll take out 500000!”

“Fuck……No!  I’ll take out 1000000……”

“800000……800000, I want it!”

“Please don’t……My entire fortune is only 680000!”

Ninth Moon did not even finish before the players wildly called out bids.  Several hundred people’s voices came together, becoming a mess of sound where not a single voice could be heard.  When no one was bidding, they were all quite calm.  Now that they heard it was being taken back, it was like ants in the fire as they all wished they could charge onto the stage.

Outside the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction hall.

“These two young misses, two grandmothers……Count it as me begging you, just stretch the rules once.  Ten thousand!  I’m willing to give ten thousand gold coins, alright?”

Hearing the sound coming from inside, the member of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven sent over by Son of Heaven begged the two young misses with a crying expression on his face.  Ever since he joined Wings of Shrouded Heaven, he went everywhere in an awe inspiring manner, envied by everyone wherever he went.  However, with the young master’s orders, he had no choice but to bow down now.

“We’ve said it many times, the tickets are already sold out.  If you want to go in, then please wait until after 9:30 am.”  The young girl on the left said with a faint smile.

“……I’m begging you.  Since we can go in at 9:30, then there must be a way to go in now……”  He suddenly remembered that the price was increased to forty thousand at 9:30 and quickly said, “These two young misses, I’m willing to give you fifty thousand, is there a way then?”

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