EDAH Chapter 226


Chapter 226: Big move

Ye Ying had a deep understanding of Liu Qi Yue.  This understanding was developed from being by her side since she was young, even creating a special kind of feeling for her.  These years, everything that Liu Qi Yue did and said, no one knew more clearly than her.

Her beauty was strong enough to even make females lose themselves in her.  Even after being by her side for over ten years, she still could not guard herself against this beauty that seeped into a person’s soul.  At the same time, because of her understanding of her, she admired and respected her.  Deep down, there was even a trace of fear of her.

If she loved a person, she would be willing to risk it all for them.

If she hated a person, she would use every method possible to fill their lives with regret.  These methods were very terrifying and thinking back, she still couldn’t help feeling afraid.


However, Ye Ying clearly knew that she was not a dumb person.  On the contrary, her intelligence was proportional to her beauty.

Although the words Liu Qi Yue said made her deeply shocked, so shocked that she even doubted her own ears, she still immediately lowered her head and said, “I understand, master.”

“Go, obedient child.”  Liu Qi Yue’s finger tapped her chin.  Then it slowly moved down to her chest and gently tapped it.

Ye Ying’s body trembled and she left with a slight blush on her face.

The time right now was exactly 8 am.

The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce and the Shrouded Wing First Chamber of Commerce’s auctions were starting at exactly 9 am.  The Shrouded Wing’s position could not compare to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s, only being able to hold five thousand people at once, but at this moment, all five thousand of those seats were filled.  They naturally all came for the highest quality equipment.  In the current stage, being able to have a piece of Silver Equipment not only increased one’s strength, but also allowed them to level faster.  It was also a display of wealth and a source of glory.  Many people were not short on money and were willing to throw large sums of money without any hesitation.  For this kind of item that money could not even buy, they would naturally fight over it.

With the influence, might, and prestige of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, compared to a few woman and a smaller Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, it was easy to make a decision between the Wings of Shrouded Heaven and the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.  After news of Liu Qi Yu not attending was spread, the final reason for attending the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce disappeared.

However, at that moment, an announcement suddenly filled the skies of the Chinese Server.

“Ding…..A server announcement from ‘Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’: The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s first auction is approaching and we hope that all friends will come to buy suitable equipment for yourself.  Because of a special reason, the price of the auction will change depending on the time.  Before 8:30 am, the price will be 200 gold coins.  From 8:30 am to 9 am, the price will be 1000 gold coins.  After the auction starts, the price of admission will become 5000 gold coins!  If one wants to join after 9:30 am, then the price will be 40000 gold coins.  We hope our friends will spread the news and that everyone will support the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.”

Players could request to send out server announcement at broadcasts points in major cities.  Of course, it was very expensive and based on the length of the announcement itself, costing one thousand gold coins per second!  It was more expensive than advertising on television itself, however the effects were much better in comparison.  Because television ads only targeted those that watched the specific channel and a server announcement would reach everyone in the server.

At the same time, not only were server announcements expensive, they also had a strict restriction.  Insults, obscenities, and revolutionary speeches were not allowed, as well as banning branded advertisements.  Otherwise, with the influence of the Destiny world, it would have been flooded with all kinds of advertisements.  On this point, the Outer World Group was quite principled, as they did not pollute the gaming atmosphere of the players just to earn a bit more money.

This Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s announcement was quite long, so it must have cost several tens of thousands of gold coins.  However, the announcement that the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce did not hesitate to spend several tens of thousands of gold coins to broadcast…..gave everyone a single feeling.  Liu Qi Yue had gone mad.

The admission ticket for Shrouded Wing First Chamber of Commerce was forty gold coins.  With the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s might, no one could argue this price.  As for the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s price, it was actually two hundred gold coins – five times the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s price!  This confused countless people.

But now, that with that server announcement, everyone was certain…..The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce weren’t holding an auction, they were just playing with the players!

Instantly, many people gave surprised cries, scoffs, laughs, taunts, and questions.  Chaos resounded through the players.

Ye Tian Xie was riding his Ferghana Horse, holding his map as he rode south.  Every time he passed a city, no matter how big it was, he always bought a few Town Return Scrolls.  Like this, he could return to Heavenly Stellar City and pick up where he left off.  There was no doubt that the path that he was currently on had never been seen by any players before.

Yao Yao was sleeping on the horse’s head, as if other than sleeping, there was nothing else it could do.  Meanwhile, Xiao Bei was just looking around them, sometimes poking Yao Yao or licking its claw.  With Xiao Bei reaching level sixteen, his attack power already surpassed the level twenty Ye Tian Xie.  With his attack skills, he had several times the attack power of Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie really wanted to have the “Meow Meow Fist” in his own body.

When the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s announcement reached his ears, he put away the map in his hands.  Looking into the sky, his mouth curled into a mysterious smile.  This good move was really worthy of elder sister.

If the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce suddenly increased their prices, it would have incited many criticisms from the players.  Today, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce used the announcement system to tell everyone about the crazy change in prices ahead of time.  No one could say anything, they could only blame themselves for not buying the tickets at the lowest prices.

At the same time, the most important thing was that once Liu QI Yue made this move, after this auction ended, the future auctions would all sell out as soon as possible.

“Ah, I might as well go back and watch the play.  Wings of Shrouded Heaven, you never would have thought that would be creating your own demise by rushing like this.”  Having a fight with a colossus like the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, after the fight, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce will become even more famous.  After all, it’s not the same concept of beating an enemy on the bottom versus beating an enemy on top.

Talking out the Town Return Scroll, Ye Tian Xie returned to Heavenly Stellar City.

“What does Liu Qi Yue want to do?”

The announcement from the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce did not make Son of Heaven think Liu Qi Yue went crazy like the normal players.  With his understanding of Liu Qi Yue, this kind of hard to conquer, but thoughtful alluring enchantress would not make a large move like this.  What was she planning to do?

“Little sister, did you hear the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s announcement?  Did you find anything strange with it?”  Son of Heaven took out his communication device and directly called his little sister.  Whenever he encountered a situation that made him anxious, he instinctively called his little sister.

The answer he got was……

With a “ding” sound, the call was ended.  Son of Heaven’s hand fell and he shook his head with a bitter smile.  She had said that she wouldn’t care about what happened between him and Liu Qi Yue…..She was even hoping that he suffered a huge loss.

“Young master, there is no need for you to worry.”  Behind Son of Heaven, a thin and short person with the appearance of an Archer spoke up.  The strange thing was that even in this place where no one but Son of Heaven was allowed to enter, he still hid his face, revealing a pair of sharp eyes.  Once one saw his eyes, they would be able to tell that he was an incredible archer.

“The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce is making themselves look mysterious to make people curious about their auction.  The fact is, it is nothing more than a plan to increase their own popularity.”  He coldly said, “Although the current Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce has a shocking location and facilities, they do not have any strong powers backing them.  With the might of our Wings of Shrouded Heaven, do we really need to fear the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce?  With the might of our Shrouded Heaven Guild, even if small enemies use petty tricks, they will not be able to become our enemies, and they will be very vulnerable.  Young master, do you think that the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce without a supply line could bring out a piece of Silver Equipment like us?”

Son of Heaven nodded and said, “What you’re saying is what I’m also thinking, but you don’t understand Liu Qi Yue.  A girl that can catch my attention would not be an empty vase……However, your final sentence was correct.  The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce does not have anything special and Liu Qi Yue already said she would not personally appear, so what will she take out to hold everyone’s attention……Let’s go, we’ll go to the company.”

The center plaza of Heavenly Stellar City.

The resurrection point was in the center with four large screens in the four cardinal directions.  There were two of these screens that were lit up, displaying the top ten level and prestige rankings of the Chinese Server.  But today… exactly 8:30 am, those two screens suddenly changed images and the other two screens suddenly lit up.  This change surprised many players and made them all focus on what was displayed.

When the four magic screens stabilized, everyone saw a large hall appear.  As the image became clearer, they saw letters written on the picture saying – Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce!

The image displayed on the screens was the site of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction!

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