EDAH Chapter 225


Chapter 225: Liu Qi Yue’s method

“The medical studies there surpass Earth’s by five hundred years and many incurable diseases can be perfectly cured……”

“The cost of travelling to the Lyle Star System will be huge and a single person’s trip will cost over a billion chinese dollars.  Those that are interested……”

“Please sign up now.”

Seeing the news on the TV, Ran Chen Xin’s eyes shined with light.  Then she lowered her head, tightly gripped her fists, and gritted her teeth.


Tightening her lip……

Never giving up hope……

Today, a real ray of hope had finally appeared in front of her eyes……

The Lyle Star System, a system that had medical skills surpassing Earth by five hundred years.  A place where incurable diseases could be perfectly cured.

What was an incurable disease?  It was a disease that filled one with despair.  A disease that would slowly chip away at a person’s life, never being cured…..Just like the disease that her little sister, Ran Chen Xue had since she was a kid.

When she had been born, the doctor said that she would not live until the age of ten.

But she pushed on through with perseverance that far surpassed a normal person’s….This year, she was thirteen years old.

Although she had not succumbed to her illness, from that year on, her body was as weak as grass in winter, unable to stand the slightest bit of damage.  She could not even walk like a normal person, much less take a few steps.  It became a wish that was impossible to achieve.

She always knew why Chen Xue continued to hold on…..The illness made her live in a world filled with pain and perhaps only an eternal sleep would solve her problems, but for her, in order for her sister to not feel helpless and alone, she persisted on.  She insisted on greeting every day with that pale white smile that was as beautiful as the sun.

Interspace travel…..Lyle Star System.  This sudden hope made her want to cry with happiness.


One billion……

For this hope, she needed a total of one billion first.

What could she do or depend on to gain that one billion dollars?

Even if one day, she really could obtain one billion, with Chen Xue’s condition, she couldn’t hold on for much longer.

Going back to the place she never wanted to go back to and begging that person who she never wanted to see again……No, Chen Xue would rather die without any hesitation than accept anything from them.

One billion……

One billion……

Xiao Xue, hold on…..Hold on for another year.  In this year, no matter what, elder sister will get one billion for you, no matter what……Even if this hope is a abyss with no bottom and no way to pass, for her little sister……Even if it is an abyss, with her frail body, she would cross it with all her might.


It was destined to be busy in Heavenly Stellar City, because two incredibly fast companies had established themselves.  The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s first company were opening on the same day.  Moreover, they were using the same method of using an auction!

They were even beginning at the same time of 9 am.  Anyone could see that the Shrouded Heaven’s First Chamber of Commerce was opening on the same day and using the same method as the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce because they want to steal their momentum.  Because the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce revolved around a few people and could not compare to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven Guild supported by several million people.  Adding in the credibility of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, most players would choose to go with them.

The reason why the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was famous, it wasn’t because of big they were or how powerful they were.  Rather, in the previous game worlds, the Seven Moon Chamber of Commerce had always been on a normal scale, not noticeable at all.  It’s fame came from its owner – Liu Qi Yue.

But in the Destiny world, the movements of the Seven Moon Chamber of Commerce was different from before.  Because the Seven Chamber of Commerce’s establishment shocked everyone.  Whether it was their size or their shocking position.

Heavenly Stellar north street, the large Chain Chamber of Commerce had become the Seven Moon Chamber of Commerce.  It was two hundred meters long and covered an area of close to ten thousand square meters.  No one could imagine what method Liu Qi Yue used to obtain this giant Chain Chamber of Commerce.  Before, only a small part of the Chain Chamber of Commerce was in use for selling items and dining services, but the rest of the company was not used at all.

It was because of this one big move that everyone was sure that Liu Qi Yue was serious this time.  Son of Heaven made his decision and decided to use this method to go against Liu Qi Yue.  At the same time, he also started the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s company.

Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

Liu Qi Yue was wearing short sleeved, yellow gauzed clothes.  The thin as mist gauze could not cover her delicate skin, that seemed smooth, but also very elastic to one’s eyes.  What was even more charming was the snow white shoulder revealed by the gauze, and the thin arms that seemed like they had no bones.  This kind of clothing seemed like something one wore to bed, not something that was worn out.  In the Destiny world, this kind of dress could only be accomplished by wearing custom clothes over formal clothes.  This was something that Liu Qi Yue spent a lot of time to get from a NPC.

Other than her, no one else was allowed in……To be more accurate, no man was ever allowed to enter.

“……Master, we have already found Zhao Tian Hua’s location.”

A girl wearing a set of black Assassin clothes came in and said.  Under those tight fitting clothes, her curves were perfectly outlined, making her look very beautiful.  Her voice was as clear as a yellow warbler.  Looking carefully, this girl had delicate snow white cheeks and a very slim figure.

Under Liu Qi Yue’s delicate gauze, there was only a yellow bra underneath that had a blue trimming on it, which was currently holding two full peaks.  Those large and tender breasts were overflowing out, but it seemed incredibly soft.  The eyes of the girl was attracted by this beautiful sight, but she quickly looked down and did not dare continue staring forward.

“Oh?  Tell me about it.”  Liu Qi Yue’s eyes looked over and she spoke in a soft voice.

“Zhao Tian Hua is currently in Beginner Village 78031.  Moreover, he’s in an abnormal state of mind right now.  He’s on twenty four hours every day, focusing everything on leveling, trying to leave the Beginner Village as soon as possible.  In just a few days, he is already at level seven, leveling at a shocking speed.  Other than that, his game name is – ‘Starting From the Beginning’.”

“Starting From the Beginning?”

Liu Qi Yue slowly stood up from the chair and repeated this name in a low voice.  As she stood up, the giant, snow white pair of breasts shifted in the yellow bra, changing shapes as they flowed forth.  It moved in an astonishing up and down pattern as she walked, constantly jiggling.  It looked very dazzling, making anyone that saw it unable to look away.

The young girl’s breathing also became faster.  Even though she was a girl and spent every day with her, she still could not stand it.  She did not know if there was even a man in this world that could resist her charm.

“Starting From the Beginning…..”  Liu Qi Yue charming lips curled back and revealed a mysterious smile.  Then she gently said, “You really are Zhao Tian Hua, even this blow does not set you back…..Since you want to start from the beginning, then you’ll have to start from the beginning according to my plans…..If you go against it, then you will not have that chance…..Ye Ying, always follow his movements.  When he appears in Heavenly Stellar City, notify me as soon as possible.”

“Yes……I understand master’s meaning.”

“Then……”  Liu Qi Yue sat down again, before gently rolling the hair on her forehead with her finger, “Now tell me, how is the auction today going…..”

“This matter.”  Ye Ying’s head looked down even more, not daring to look in Liu Qi Yue’s eyes.  Her voice was hesitant, as if she had some kind of trouble.

“I want to hear the truth, obedient child.”  Liu Qi Yue gave a faint smile as she stroked her jade like finger that was even whiter than jade.  She showed Ye Ying an expression of not caring at all.

“Yes…..”  Ye Ying carefully organized her words and finally honestly said, “Ticket sales have plummeted after master announced that you wouldn’t be attending and 90% of the sold tickets have been refunded…..Currently, out of the twenty thousand tickets prepared, a total…..of nine hundred tickets have been sold.  Moreover, half of them have been purchased by the God Realm Guild.”

“Oh?”  Liu Qi Yue was a little surprised as her sparkling eyes stared at the nervous Ye Ying.  This large Chains Chamber of Commerce could easily accommodate several tens of thousands of players.  Only nine hundred tickets have been sold…..This was too pitiful for the current Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

But one of the main reasons for this was because Liu Qi Yue gave an announcement…..that she wouldn’t be attending.  The majority of players that bought tickets only bought it to see Liu Qi Yue’s real face.  Once they this news spread, most of them returned their tickets.  If they really needed good equipment, then they would pick the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

The other important reason was that the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s tickets sold for two hundred gold coins which was five times the tickets for the Shrouded Heaven First Chamber of Commerce’s price!  If it could sell out, then they would make four million just on admissions.

With all these reasons, there were only a few players that would pick the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.  Out of the nine hundred tickets that sold, over half of it came from the God’s Realm Guild……This surprised no one because everyone knew that Buried God had chased after Liu Qi Yue unsuccessfully for many years now.

“Nine hundred tickets…..and there are people asking for refunds.”  Liu Qi Yue whispered in a voice that had a questioning tone.

“Master.”  Ye Ying finally could not hold back as she whispered, “I…..I feel like the price of our admission tickets are too high.  Like this…..we’ll scare off a lot of people.”

“Too high?”  Liu Qi Yue looked up and raised her brows.  Curling her lips back into a smile that made Ye Ying stunned for a long time, “…..On the contrary, this price seems a little low.  Ye Ying, spread the news!  Buying tickets before 8:30 will mean the normal price of two hundred gold coins.   After 8:30…..The price will increase by five times!  If one wants in after the auction begins at 9 am, then it will be twenty five times!  If anyone wants to enter after 9:30, then the price will be…..two hundred times!”

When each figure came from Liu Qi Yue’s mouth, Ye Ying was stunned hearing all of this.

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