EDAH Chapter 223


Chapter 223: Not much, just four hundred million

An item that could grant a person’s wish, this kind of thing only existed in one’s fantasies or fairy tales.  It should have never existed and would never actually exist in the world.  Right now, something that had this kind of power had actually appeared in front of his eyes, appearing in his hands.

This kind of thing that should not exist, whether it was the real world or the game world.  It should only exist in legends and even if it did appear, it would be nothing more than an illusion…..However, with a name like the Destiny world’s Seven Ultimate Hidden Items, would it be fake?

If he could find the legendary Wishing Lake and Wishing Tree, could he really get his wish?

The strongest wish he had right now was to naturally have Xian’er return to his side, and for her to never leave him again.  If the legends of the Wishing Glass were true, then would it only apply to the gaming world or……would it be able to see the true wishes in a person’s heart?


Ye Tian Xie knew that it would be impossible to be the latter since this was a magical item in a game world.

“Yao Yao, let’s go.”  He carefully held the Wishing Glass as Ye Tian Xie finally left this endless Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.  Right as his body turned into white light, an announcement rang through the entire Destiny world.

“Ding….World announcement!  The Chinese Server player Xie Tian has successfully completed the alliance system quest ‘War God’s Skeleton’, opening the alliance system for the Chinese Server.  Players with over 100 Prestige can go to the City Lord’s palace to establish their guilds, alliances, or factions.  As the first server to unlock the alliance system, the Chinese Server will receive 150 server honour points.  As the first Chinese player to finish the alliance system quest, Xie Tian will receive 150 x 10 Prestige.  Extra reward obtained: Hidden Job ‘Protection Soul’ Job Change Scroll.”

“Ding…..World announcement…..”

“Ding…..World announcement…..”


This system announcement made the entire world’s players go wild……

After finishing the mercenary and pet system quests first, he also finished the alliance system quest first in this short amount of time.  These three system quests were all completed by the Chinese Server first.  The person that had completed the alliance and mercenary system quests were the same person who did it alone, Xie Tian!  Of the three people that finished the pet system quest, Xie Tian’s name was also present!

This also meant that he used his terrifying strength to obtain all this prestige by himself.  He brought the Chinese Server to the top while the other servers had nothing to compete with.

Xie Tian’s name brought a powerful shock, causing the world to go wild again and again.  He was already someone that the world had focused on, but now his name was known by almost every player.

Server Honour Ranking:

First Place: Chinese Server

Honour Points: 450

On the Honour Rankings, the Chinese Server was still on top, but their honour points had increased again.  Below it was nothing but empty space, as if the Chinese Server was taunting all the other servers for their incompetence.

Completing the system quest first gave a very generous reward, the first two system quests had already proved this point…..However, this time, when the world’s players heard that the reward for the alliance system quest’s reward was a precious beyond compare, unable to be bought with any kind of money Hidden Job Change Scroll, everyone’s eyes went red with envy and they almost spat out blood.

“Second brother did it again.  By himself, he actually completed all three system quests!”

Zuo Po Jun who was helping Liu Qi Yue in the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce threw his hands in the air with excitement.  He was listening to the five system announcements while excitedly shouting.

“……Ai, this will definitely make those youths from other countries who are stuck in a cycle of death feel sad.”  Murong Qiu Shui spread his hands as he spoke with a face filled with a trace of regret.

“Second brother should be back now.”  Zuo Po Jun called out his friend list, preparing to call Ye Tian Xie, but suddenly his eyes went wide in shock.  After being stunned for a while, he stuttered out, “Old fourth…..look…..Second brother…..he…..he’s already level twenty!”

Murong Qiu Shui’s eyes fell onto the “twenty” beside Ye Tian Xie’s name.  After a while of being silent, he raised his head and spoke in a voice of disbelief, “If my memory is correct, I remember that just an hour ago, second brother was still at level sixteen.  Oh, are my eyes and memory beginning to deceive me?”

“An hour ago, second brother was indeed level sixteen, we saw it together.  Something incredible must have happened to second brother…..”

“This world is too crazy.”

“We’ll know after asking second brother.  We can only blame ourselves for being too weak, otherwise we would have been able to follow second brother and know everything.”  Zuo Po Jun said in a small self ridiculing voice.  Then he raised his communication device.  As he was about to speak, Ye Tian Xie’s voice suddenly sounded out, “Po Jun, I’ll give you five minutes to come to my house.  Otherwise, I’ll consider selling the ‘Protection Soul’ Job Change Scroll in the auction tomorrow.  It should raise quite a bit of prestige for elder sister’s company…..”


Ye Tian Xie did not even finish speaking before Zuo Po Jun’s giant body flew out like a bow leaving the arrow.

“Oh.  The world really is going crazy and my memory is failing me once again.  I clearly remembered old third’s move speed being eighty…..but now, that was around eight hundred.”  Looking at where Zuo Po Jun was just standing, Murong Qiu Shui gave a faint sigh before slowly following behind him.

“Protection Soul”, this Job was clearly a defense attributed Job.  Zuo Po Jun could not resist the attraction of this item at all.

Zuo Po Jun ran a wild dash, flying forward like a fire arrow.  In less than a minute, he had reached the entrance of Guo Guo’s Little Cabin and he charged right in.

“Second Brother!  I’m here!”  Once he came in, Zuo Po Jun wasted no time to shout out.  Raising his head, he found Su Fei Fei and Broken Heart’s looking at him with confused gazes, but he did not see Ye Tian Xie.

“Eh…..”  Zuo Po Jun revealed an embarrassed smile and asked, “Where’s my second brother?”

“Xie Tian?  He’s not back yet.  What is so important that you’re this anxious in looking for him?”  Su Fei Fei raised her brows and asked.

“He’s not back?”  Zuo Po Jun was stunned.  As he was about to call Ye Tian Xie, the door behind him opened and Ye Tian Xie walked in.  When he saw Zuo Po Jun, he stopped in his tracks and mumbled, “Damn, isn’t this too fast?”

“Second brother!  Second brother, you’re finally back.”  Zuo Po Jun immediately moved forward to greet him.  His eyes were so wide with worry that tears were about to fall out any second, “That, that Hidden Job Change Scroll, are you really giving it to me?”

“If you don’t want it, I won’t make it hard on you.  I’ll just give it to elder sister……”

“No, no, no, no, no!  I never said that I didn’t want it.”  Zuo Po Jun quickly cut Ye Tian Xie off and then he solemnly vowed, “Second brother, you can be assured.  I will become the best Knight in Destiny, I will not lose face for you.  So, you can be assured in giving me this scroll.”

Ye Tian Xie finally could not hold back his smile.  Patting his tall shoulders, “You are still Zuo Family’s young master.  Seeing you act spineless like this, how could I still sell it…..Oh, where’s Qiu Shui?”


“He is slowly walking over, just like a cloud floating in the sky.”

With a voice containing the bitterness of a woman ringing out, Murong Qiu Shui slowly walked in, “Beloved second brother, every time I see you, it is like the warm sun on a cold winter’s day.  Even in this cold world, I will never forget your warmth and glory.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Zuo Po Jun: “…….”

Su Fei Fei: “Hu… it goes again.”

Broken Heart (In a small voice in Su Fei Fei’s ear): “Elder sister, your words are quite strange.”

“Let’s go, we’ll go in first.”  Ye Tian Xie waved his hand and walked into the main hall.

The Destiny world had all kinds fruits that were in the real world, as well as many kinds of precious fruits that did not exist in the real world.  For example, the small and strange purple crystal like fruit on the table.

In order to maintain the house better, Broken Heart with the Appraiser and Tailor Jobs learned the “Growing Technique” and the “Picking Technique” to change into the Gardener Job.  These strange fruit that did not exist in the real world was not just the first successful fruits Broken Heart planted, but after they were used, they could reduce quite a bit of hunger and increased one’s max HP by a bit.  They were not hard to grow, being able to succeed with just the Basic Growing Technique.  One would be able to obtain fruits every two days, but what was hard was obtaining plant seeds.  The plant seeds could be considered a gift since they would be replanted along with the original plant.

Eating the crystal fruit, Zuo Po Jun felt a sweetness that filled his heart.  Then he casually asked, “Second brother, where did you go?”

“Un, I went to go make a funds card.  I also added some money to it since it was convenient.”  Ye Tian Xie took out a gold card and shook it.  This card was something that everyone could have and it would only belong to them, perfectly binding to them.  With this card, one could freely exchange in game currency for real life currency, being both perfectly secure and convenient.  At the same time, no matter how much was exchanged, there was no transaction fees at all.  This was something that the previous gaming world did not do at all.

“Oh, how much did you add?”  Zuo Po Jun casually asked.

“Not much, just four hundred million.”

“Pu!”  Zuo Po Jun spat out the crystal fruit that he just threw into his mouth.

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  1. To be honest, while I’m not against an OP MC, suggesting that he completed all three major quests first out of everyone in the world is unbelievable. Maybe rushing two if he did them back to back but in this case it’s completely impossible. While other countries may not have completed it to the same degree they would’ve finished it at least. Purely the time taken would’ve allowed them to finish it. If he’s this unrivaled this early into the game then no one else will be able to catch up unless he took a month long break.

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