EDAH Chapter 219


Chapter 219: The awakened War God

With an one hundred meter range and a twenty second period, this prompt filled Ye Tian Xie with impatience because he had no way of determining how much HP the War God’s Spirit had.  If it was too high, then he would not be able to defeat it within twenty seconds and today’s efforts would be wasted because the prompt also mentioned that “once the consciousness of the War God’s Spirit returns, it will be invincible”, so he could not make any mistakes.

Ye Tian Xie was still surrounded by the Spirit Warrior army as he charged forward, but without any hesitation, he released the “Evil Dragon’s Soul”.  The Evil Dragon’s Wall that could block everything instantly appeared around him, isolating him from all attacks and obstacles.  Ye Tian Xie ignored everything and continued to charge forward.  Everywhere the Evil Dragon’s Wall appeared, the Spirit Warriors were dispelled, and in just a few seconds, he broke free of the blockade and the Spirit Warriors chasing after him became more distant.

Five seconds, six seconds, seven seconds……

Ye Tian Xie was silently counting the time. After the ninth second, the Evil Dragon’s Wall disappeared and Ye Tian Xie’s HP fell below 10%, activating the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny.  The strongest point of the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny was when it increased one’s attack by 400%, but the less than 1% of his total HP requirement was very harsh and Ye Tian Xie did not have time to lower his HP down below 1% while he was this rushed.


In the tenth second, Ye Tian Xie finally arrived in front of the unmoving War God’s Spirit……Just like the Spirit Warriors, his Evil Dragon’s Eyes showed him a blurry figure with a blurred face, but the figure itself was covered in a large amount of death qi.  He was wearing a dim glowing golden armour with a golden shield in his left hand and a golden sword in his right.  When Ye Tian Xie unleashed the “Berserk Fighting Will”, his Evil Dragon’s Eyes revealed the stats of the War God’s Spirit.

War God’s Spirit: Unknown Level, Unknown Grade, currently in an awakening state.

HP: 100000

The spirit of the War God recognized across the Lost Continent, who died eighty years ago in the protection war.  Although he has died, his protecting mentality did not fade.  The consciousness of his spirit inherited this faith and will eliminate all intruders on his Lost Continent.

The spirit in front of him was still regaining its consciousness and could not move.  Once it awakened, its abilities would gain a large increase.

One hundred thousand HP!!

Dealing over a hundred thousand damage to an unmoving boss within twenty seconds……The system’s “War God’s Skeleton” quest recommended players to be at level twenty, but for twelve level twenty players to deal one hundred thousand damage within twenty seconds…..They would have to deal five thousand damage per second.  This was an incredibly hard challenge.  This kind of quest was not something normal people could finish.  It had to be done by elites among elites, otherwise it wouldn’t be a system quest.

With the Berserk Fighting Will and the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny, Ye Tian Xie’s attack power rose to 1891.  At the same time, the War God’s Spirit was also an undead, so it would be affected by Yao Yao’s “Heavenly Blessing Wall”, receiving 50% more damage……However, to deal one hundred thousand damage in ten seconds like this……If it was Ye Tian Xie with 400% attack power, he could easily accomplish this, but with his current condition, it would be very hard.

“……Yao Yao, don’t heal me……Xiao Bei, let’s go!  Even if we can’t do it, we’ll go all out!!”

The summoned Xiao Bei instantly flew behind the War God’s Spirit and Ye Tian Xie charged in front of it.  Releasing the “Brave One’s Heart”, his first attack was his strongest attack – the Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits!

The blood coloured tornado appeared and the blood red glowing Moment of Destiny swept across the War God Spirit’s body……

Miss, miss, -5400, -5382, miss, -5398, miss!

After the tornado, Ye Tian Xie used a single second to forcefully recover from the stun state.  The damage figures above the War God Spirit’s head did not disappear yet and Ye Tian Xie’s heart skipped a beat……Not only was the defense of the War God’s Spirit high, but out of the seven attacks, four of them had missed!

On the other side, Xiao Bei also released its attacks.  Its Meow Meow Fist attack four times, being able to attack three times per two seconds…..which was a total of twelve attacks per two seconds.  Xiao Bei was at level eight and had five hundred and forty attack power, coming close to Ye Tian Xie in his normal state.  Its accuracy was at one hundred and eighty which Ye Tian Xie could not match, but its attacks…..

-675, -677, miss, miss, -677, -699, -681, miss……

With Xiao Bei’s high accuracy, although his hit rate was not as bad as Ye Tian Xie’s, there was still one miss every three attacks……The War God Spirit had one hundred thousand HP, so although his level was not revealed, just based on his max HP, it should have far surpassed Ye Tian Xie and Xiao Bei’s.  Even if his evasion was not high, the level suppression was enough to make “misses” appear.

The Spirit Warrior army behind them were quickly getting closer, coming to close to catching up.  At that time, Ye Tian Xie would have to heal his HP to max, or else he would be in danger of being killed……But like that, the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny and the Berserk Fighting Will would disappear and he wouldn’t have a chance to hurt the War God’s Spirit anymore.

Raising the Moment of Destiny and slashing down, Dragon Rend Slashes began to fall onto the War God Spirit’s body…..

-5230, miss, miss, -5244, miss, -5238!

After seven seconds passed, Ye Tian Xie’s six Dragon Rend Slashes and his Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits dealt a total of over thirty thousand damage to the War God’s Spirit.  Xiao Bei’s wild flurry of attacks also dealt over ten thousand damage.  At this moment, the pursuing army of Spirit Warriors finally caught up.

Yao Yao finally made its move.  With a single “Profound Spirit Healing Technique:”, all the approaching Spirit Warriors were instantly killed and at the same time, Ye Tian Xie’s HP recovered by half, making the effects of the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny and Berserk Fighting Will disappear.

The twenty seconds mentioned by the prompt was close to finishing, but the War God’s Spirit’s HP was only at 53000/100000.  It was not even half gone.

A dangerous aura stimulated Ye Tian Xie’s nerves and his sense of danger had never lied to him before…..At this moment, this aura of danger was incredibly strong.  Strong to the point where he had no chance of winning!

Without any hesitation, Ye Tian Xie recalled Xiao Bei and turned around to run away…..For this kind of danger, the best choice was to use the Town Return Scroll before the War God’s Spirit regained consciousness.  However, he was unwilling.  Even if he could not win, he wanted to see just how strong this War God was.

As he turned to run, he didn’t reach three meters before two cold, sharp, and blade like eyes flashed underneath the helmet of the transparent spirit.  In this moment, they seemed like real eyes.

“Those who trespass on our territory…..Death!”

This deep voice came from behind him.  Spirits could not talk, but this voice made one’s heart beat fast.  At the same time, it contained a clear terrifying deterrent force that attacked the mind.

This was the rage of the War God.

Ye Tian Xie immediately turned around and found that the War God’s Spirit was already charging at him…..It clearly had no body, but he felt like he was frozen by that pair of terrifyingly cold eyes.  The moment the War God’s Spirit made its move, it charged right at him, wielding the golden sword in its hand high into the air, releasing a brilliant radiance throughout the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins……

“Ding……The War God’s Spirit has awakened, and now has the War God Zhan Wu Gui’s will and faith, as well as retaining his original strength, becoming invincible.  Right now his hostility is locked onto you and unless you leave the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, he will chase you down until he kills you.”

“Ding……Special Prompt, the War God’s move speed is 160 and has an aggro range of the entire Ten Thousand Bone Ruins!”

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

The HP bar above the War God’s Spirit’s head was still the same, half full and half empty just like before.  However, the War God’s Spirit’s stats were in full view right now.  When Ye Tian Xie looked at the War God’s Spirit’s stats, he was so shocked that he almost fell off his horse.

War God’s Spirit: Level 80 Lord Level Boss

HP: 530000/1000000

The spirit of the War God recognized across the Lost Continent, who died eighty years ago in the protection war.  Although he has died, his protecting mentality did not fade.  The consciousness of his spirit inherited this faith and will eliminate all intruders on his Lost Continent.

Innate Skill:

Spirit Body: All death element attacks are nulled.

Skills: Inspire Morale, Wild Slashes, Heavy Sword Charge, War God’s Anger.

Special Skills: Nightmare Shield, Pangu Heaven Splitting Slash.

Weakness: As an undead being, fears all light and life attributed attacks.


It was a……level eighty Lord Level Boss!!

No wonder the system prompt said it was invincible…..No wonder his sense of danger was so strong earlier.  This kind of enemy, it was impossible for any kind of player at the present stage to fight.  Not to mention one Ye Tian Xie, even if there were ten, or a hundred of him, he could still not beat this opponent.

The War God’s Spirit’s HP was increased ten fold after it was revived, going from one hundred thousand to one million.  At the same time, the damage from before the change remained, keeping him at 53% of his max HP.

With one hundred and sixty move speed, it was a little slower compared to Ye Tian Xie riding the Ferghana Horse.  However, the aggro range of the entire Ten Thousand Bone Ruins meant that unless he escaped the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, the War God’s Spirit would continue to chase after him.  He would have no chance to use the Town Return Scroll with the War God’s Spirit’s aggro locked onto him.

Hu…..With a gentle sigh, Ye Tian Xie charged forward.  The edge of the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins was not far from here, so he could charge right out of the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.  Only, in addition to killing a thousand Spirit Warriors, he had also triggered the hidden quest only to fail at the last stage…..He was not satisfied.

If he even had a sliver of hope, he would turn around to fight the War God’s Spirit…..But he was a level eighty Lord Level Boss with a million HP……With his strength, there was no hope at all.

To be called the “War God”, how could he not be strong?

Seven meters, eight meters, ten meters……The distance between him and the War God slowly increased and he also left behind the crowd of Spirit Warriors chasing after him.  At this moment, Yao Yao lying down in front of him suddenly stood up and jumped off the horse’s back, running towards the War God’s Spirit.

“Yao Yao!”  Ye Tian Xie suddenly turned around and shouted.

A yellow barrier came from Yao Yao’s running body, creating a yellow barrier that perfectly wrapped around its body.

It was the barrier that could resist all attacks for twenty seconds – the Profound Spirit Wall·Heavenly Barrier!

Ye Tian Xie was shocked as he watched Yao Yao run at the War God’s Spirit in front of him.  With the Heavenly Barrier, he did not have to worry about Yao Yao’s safety, but……what was it planning to do?

After the yellow light was released, the white light of the Profound Spirit Healing Technique was released.  The moment the white light was released, a damage figure that completely stunned Ye Tian Xie appeared above the War God’s Spirit……


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