EDAH Chapter 217


Chapter 217: Guardian spirit’s rage

This prompt filled Ye Tian Xie with doubts as he thought about it…..Why did the system tell him that he had defeated a hundred warriors…..Did killing a hundred of them cause another kind of undead to appear, or would it trigger the next essential factor of the quest?

Ye Tian Xie’s guess did not come true because terrifying sounds and trembling came from around him, and another group of Spirit Warriors appeared in the distance.  They were covered in death qi and filled with anger as they charged at Ye Tian Xie…..This time, it was clear that there was more of them…..There were over a hundred of them.

Is there an end…..Ye Tian Xie gritted his teeth as he measured the distance before standing in the center of the circle.  He stood in the center of the circle of hundred.  It could be said that this was his first time facing over a hundred enemies in the Destiny world.  If it was a group of level twenty five monsters, then Ye Tian Xie might have a headache, but he could easily take care of a hundred level twenty monsters.  This was because although there was a five level difference, he could instant kill them as opposed to the other.

Using the same tricks, when the one hundred and tenth Spirit Warrior came close, Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique killed them all instantly.  When the next wave of monsters came, the scarlet coloured Profound Spirit Revenge Wall was released around Yao Yao, pushing back all the Spirit Warriors and mercilessly taking away their HP.


The Spirit Warriors did not have a consciousness, and instead they just had a protective mentality that made them charge the invaders until they died.  So, faced with the knockback of the Revenge Wall and its strong damage, they still continued to charge right at it……With their move speed, they had no way of charging to Ye Tian Xie after being sent flying by the Revenge Wall.  So, they were continuously sent flying, falling one after the other.  The ones behind the ones in front kept charging after the ones in front died……

Ye Tian Xie learned once again how terrifying Yao Yao’s single attack skill was…..and how strong it was against undead monsters.  The explosive Xiao Bei was currently standing the on the horse’s butt, watching the enemies fall before him, having no chance to make a move.

The Revenge Wall could last twenty seconds.  With the Spirit Warriors’ relentless charge, the scarlet wall flashed fifteen times before the final Spirit Warrior fell down.  Outside the Revenge Wall, there was a scattering of armour all over the ground.

“Ding…..You have already defeated two hundred Spirit Warriors.”

Another undead killing amount prompt sounded.  Ye Tian Xie thought about it for five seconds before the sound of movement came in the distance once again and Spirit Warriors once again appeared around him.  They walked in unison, charging at a single target with a terrifying pressure.  That target was Ye Tian Xie.

The total was two hundred!

Two hundred……Ye Tian Xie finally felt a bit of pressure.  With his strength, if he wanted to defeat all two hundred Spirit Warriors without being injured at all, the best choice was to break through in a single direction and attack in a circle, killing everything.  Although this method was quick, once he was surrounded, it would be even more dangerous.

Ye Tian Xie waited for a bit, but did not move.  He silently stood there, waiting for them to approach him.  Just like before, at the right time, Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique was used…….

With the white light, over thirty Spirit Warriors returned to the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.  Following this, Ye Tian Xie finally made his move.  He charged forward and when he came close to the Spirit Warriors, he recalled the Ferghana Horse, Yao Yao, and Xiao Bei.  Using a Dragon Shadow Slash, his body passed through the crowd like a bolt of lightning, causing several red damage figures.  He stood still and then suddenly turned around.  The jet black Moment of Destiny made its move, creating two maximum range black arcs in the arm, taking out a group of Spirit Warriors in front of him.

Although Xiao Bei had explosive might and was incredibly strong in duels, its abilities made it difficult for it to fight group battles.  Although Meow Meow Step was unpredictable, in a group of people, it would be hard for it to dodge sneak attacks.  For their safety, Ye Tian Xie recalled Yao Yao and Xiao Bei……What he wanted to do was, fighting against two hundred level twenty Spirit Warriors all by himself.

In fact, with his HP and attack strength, this quest was not very hard.

Ye Tian Xie did not charge forward and maintained a good speed as he continued to move back.  Although there were many enemies, they only knew how to attack and defend.  Their lack of intelligence was a fatal weakness.  The monsters that only knew how to attack were easily taken care of by Ye Tian Xie.  The Spirit Warriors had the same move speed as Ye Tian Xie, but once Ye Tian Xie mounted the Ferghana Horse, he was able to lead them around.  Retreating three steps and turning around to attack, he killed off the little group.  Before more enemies came, he drew back once again and then attacked again……

Following this pattern for a single minute, over thirty Spirit Warriors had been killed by him.  Ye Tian Xie was a little depressed as he looked at the Spirit Warriors chasing after him.  He thought of how easily Yao Yao had cleared them and his heart filled with regret over the fact that he did not have an AoE attack.  He called out Yao Yao and stopped moving back, watching the Spirit Warriors charging right at him.

Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique was released and cleaned up all the enemies within a ten meter radius.  Ye Tian Xie brandished the Moment of Destiny, riding his Ferghana Horse as he swept around him, revealing a brilliant figure…..His attacks continued without stopping, but his rate of killing the Spirit Warriors could not compare to Yao Yao using a Profound Spirit Healing Technique every five seconds.

Yao Yao’s skill did not require it to be close to the enemy to be able to use.  Standing on the horse’s back, it was protected by Ye Tian Xie, and combined with Ye Tian Xie’s incredible perception and positioning, it could not be hurt by the Spirit Warriors at all.

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Xiao Bei’ has reached level 6……”

[TL Note: It says level 6 even though Xiao Bei already reached level 6 last chapter…..]

“Ding……You have already defeated three hundred Spirit Warriors.”

After another half a minute of roaring…..

“Ding……You have already defeated four hundred Spirit Warriors.”

Another group of reckless Spirit Warriors were completely defeated.  With Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique and the Spirit Warriors not understanding how to spread out, another two hundred Spirit Warriors were defeated in less than three minutes.

Not to mention a team of twelve level twenty players, even if it was a team of twelve level thirty players that were all Priests, facing this kind of enemy would still not allow them to achieve this kind of speed.

“Ding…..You have killed four hundred Spirit Warriors within five minutes.  You have activated the hidden branch of the ‘War God’s Skeleton’ quest – Guardian Spirit’s Rage!”

With this prompt, a sea of pressure came from all around him……This was filled with bloody aura of the battlefield.  This kind of aura even made Ye Tian Xie feel like it was a little difficult to breathe.

The hard to withstand rotten smell seemed to fade a little.  It was as if even the air in the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins was being pressured under this aura.

The worn out armour and weapons kicked up the dust, filling the sky, interlocking with each other.  The armour and weapons flying out also left a completely white skeleton on the ground.  It was complete, but broken, filling the heart with terror.

Ye Tian Xie’s hairs stood up…… It was actually Spirit Warriors.

It was a black, dense group of them!

When the armour and weapons finally stopped floating, the armour and weapons that had been there for who knows how long had formed a group…..Or better described as an army.

An army of one thousand people!

The thousand men army formed a dense circle around a single point.  In the center, riding on the horse, was just Ye Tian Xie.

“Ding…..Because you have killed four hundred Spirit Warriors within five minutes, you have enraged all the silent spirits around you.  The will to protect and fight has awakened them and now you will face one thousand enemies at once.  I wish you luck.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

A thousand enemies fighting a single person, with their target being him, this feeling made Ye Tian Xie unable to control his heart from beating faster.  When the thousand men group finally took their first step, that one step shook the earth.

In the Heavenly Soul Tomb, he had taken care of the Heavenly Soul mercenary group’s leader too fast that he triggered a hidden branch of the quest that revived all the members of the Heavenly Soul mercenary group, which was several times harder compared to the “Mercenary King’s Relic” quest itself.  This time, he had killed the Spirit Warriors too fast and another terrifying hidden quest branch had appeared.

If it was a normal group of twelve, facing this kind of opponent, they would be filled with fear and shock.  Perhaps at this time, before they entered the aggro range, they would have taken out Town Return Scrolls to run away……This might even be their only option.

However, if Ye Tian Xie chose to run, then he would not be Ye Tian Xie.

Taking a long inhale, his eyes scanned over his surroundings, calculating the rate of the enemies’ approach.  Lowering his head, he said in a soft voice, “Yao Yao, I’ll be depending on you……Use your full power, there is no need to hold back!  With you here, we can win.  Moreover, it will be a very easy win!”

Yao Yao looked up and using its white crystal eyes to look at Ye Tian Xie, it gave a slight nod.

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