EDAH Chapter 216


Chapter 216: Yao Yao’s might

Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.

Once again coming to the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, the sky was as gloomy as before and the smell was just as bad.  Ye Tian Xie had travelled day and night heading south for two days and had returned to Heavenly Stellar City on the third day.  He was once again attempting the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.

The first time he came here, he had found a clue before being forcefully sent out for being here too long.  This time, it was different since Ye Tian Xie did not come alone and instead had his two companions – Yao Yao and Xiao Bei.

Yao Yao’s stats were weak before, to the point that any monsters could kill it with two attacks.  However, after its sudden growth in the Frost Wolf’s Hole, not only had its stats and curing ability exploded, it had also gained several strong defensive abilities.  With its barriers, it was hard to hurt it no matter how hard one tried, so Ye Tian Xie no longer needed to worry about Yao Yao’s safety.


As for Xiao Bei, it had reached level five in two days after taking care of a few normal monsters.  It had 1500 HP and 450 physical attack power.  This growth even made Ye Tian Xie feel a little jealous.

Whether it was Yao Yao or Xiao Bei, neither revealed any reaction to the terrible smell that was present.  Instead they looked around with an excited gaze which made Ye Tian Xie speechless.  He called out the Ferghana Horse and charged into the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.

Immediately, he encountered a scenario that was completely different from last time.

The first time that he had entered the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, he had spent a whole two hours going through the same scenario until he had finally met the Spirit Warrior at the last moment.  It was at that time that he understood…..As long as he could find that Spirit Warrior and defeated it, then other Spirit Warriors would awaken from their rage.  This was the only solution he could think of.  This situation did not exist for no reason and it should be related to the War God’s Skeleton.  

But completely contrary to his expectations, he had met the Spirit Warrior right at the beginning.  As soon as he stepped into the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, the ground began to shake, and the armour and weapons on the skeletons flew up and formed together.  It came together to form a heavy armoured warrior wielding a sharp weapon in its hand.

Why did it appear in the beginning?  Ye Tian Xie stopped himself as his heart filled with doubts.  At the same time, eleven Spirit Warriors came from different directions, coming to attack him.


Ye Tian Xie had not moved yet, and Xiao Bei had already jumped off the horse’s back.  Before it even fell to the ground, a Meow Meow Fist had already hit the Spirit Warrior standing in front of them.  Four damage figures overlapped, reaching an amount that was enough to instant kill it twice.  The newly gathered armour and weapons suddenly scattered and fell back onto the bones lying on the ground.

Xiao Bei did not stop moving.  Once he hit the floor, he charged at another Spirit Warrior.  It used a “Meow Meow Kick” to send it flying and then it appeared in front of another Spirit Warrior, using a Meow Meow Fist to instantly kill it.  There were eleven Spirit Warriors not ten meters away, and when they entered the ten meters range, two had been instantly killed and another one had been sent flying.  The other eight had finally surrounded Ye Tian Xie.

The silent Yao Yao lying down on the horse’s head saw Xiao Bei showing off in front of them and then slowly stood up on the horse’s head.  Since it was pet with a master, it had the instinct to obtain the love of its master.  Previously, its master only had it, but now there was this violent and strong strange cat, Xiao Bei.  Yao Yao who had formed a spirit contract with Ye Tian Xie could not help feeling a sense of danger, so……

It looked at the approaching Spirit Warriors with a gaze of disdain.  Yao Yao did not jump off the horse and use its only attack skill, the Wall of Revenge.  Instead it was very casual as it used a “Profound Spirit Healing Technique”.

Two white rays fell onto Ye Tian Xie and Xiao Bei.  At the same time, two green recovery digits appeared above their heads.

+1020, +1020.

At this moment, Ye Tian Xie who was preparing to attack with the Moment of Destiny froze and he revealed a clearly shocked expression.

-1020, -1020, -1020, -1020, -1020, -1020………..

The white light did not just appear on Ye Tian Xie and Xiao Bei, it also appeared flashed on all the Spirit Warriors approaching Ye Tian Xie.  With this flash of white light, all the charging Spirit Warriors stopped and their weapons and armour scattered, weakly falling to the ground…….

Eight Spirit Warriors had been instantly killed.  The one that killed them was actually Yao Yao.

Ye Tian Xie’s surprise only lasted for a second before he understood what happened.  The Spirit Warriors were undead class monsters created with dead bodies, so they were afraid of light and life attributed skills.  This fear did not just mean they were weak to attacks from these attributes, they were also weak to support skills……Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique could heal large amounts of HP, but if it  was used on undead monsters, it would take away their HP instead.

For these undead beings, Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique was fatal.  It was several times more terrifying compared to Xiao Bei’s explosive power.  With this one move from Yao Yao, it took the spotlight from Xiao Bei.  Moving as fast as the wind, taking care of three of them in three seconds……compared to a casual move taking care of them all.

“Meow?”  Without a target, Xiao Bei turned around.  It tilted its head and its face filled with curiosity, it clearly still did not understand what happened.

“Since it’s like this…..Yao Yao, we’ll have to depend on you this time.”

As soon as Ye Tian Xie’s voice fell, strong trembling came from the distance.  In Ye Tian Xie’s line of sight, in the area from ten meters to thirty meters away, countless pieces of armour flew together forming several Spirit Warriors without bodies…..In total, there were over thirty of them!

Having easily defeated several level twenty bosses of different grades by himself in the Heavenly Soul Tomb, how could Ye Tian Xie be afraid of these level twenty normal monsters.  Without waiting for them to charge over, Ye Tian Xie charged forth on his horse.  As soon as he came close, Yao Yao’s cooldown ended and it released the “Profound Spirit Healing Technique”, instantly killing a dozen Spirit Warriors around them.   Ye Tian Xie bent his body and slashed out with a Dragon Rend Strike, with each hit landing and each hit killing the target.  Xiao Bei also easily followed behind them, with its 150 move speed, small figure, and strange Meow Meow Step skill.  Disappearing as soon as a Spirit Warrior attacked it, it then used a Meow Meow Fist to kill it.  It moved so fast that even Ye Tian Xie could not keep up, so how could these Spirit Warriors with inferior reactions keep up?  Xiao Bei had killed five Spirit Warriors and it had not even been touched once yet.

Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique’s cooldown ended and the final few Spirit Warriors were all instantly killed with Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique.  The Profound Spirit Healing Technique had a range of five meters around the user, so all the Spirit Warriors within five meters lost all their HP instantly.  The efficiency was several times higher compared to Ye Tian Xie and Xiao Bei.

Not having a strong group attack skill, that was the only regret Ye Tian Xie had in his heart.

Hua la la……

It was not over yet.  The sound of movement came again and another large group of Spirit Warriors formed once again in the distance.  Ye Tian Xie looked over them……In total, there was around twice as many as before.

At first, there was only a since Spirit Warrior.  The second time, there were ten of them.  The third time was over thirty of them…..And now there were actually fifty-sixty of them!

There was no need to doubt how difficult the system quests were.  If a team of twelve people were to be surrounded by a group of monsters like this, they would have a hard time…..But this group, was it the final group?

The undead here only had a single Job, Warrior, and they could only use close range attacks.  If there were a mix of Jobs, then it would be much more difficult to fight them.  Facing all these enemies, if one’s strength was not high enough, one would have to fight and move back at the same time.  They would pull them in one by one while killing them.  The fastest method was…….

The Spirit Warriors charged forward at the same time, and they all attacked at the same time.  Seeing the group of Spirit Warriors forming a circle around them, Ye Tian Xie did not move.  He just silently stood there waiting, waiting for them to come closer…….

Twenty meters…….

Ten meters……

Five meters……

One meter…….

Profound Spirit Healing Technique!

The approaching Spirit Warriors were like a black circle.  When the group charged at Ye Tian Xie, what greeted them was a white light of despair.

Large damage figures formed a dense ring around Ye Tian Xie, dense enough to make a person’s eyes confused, having no way to distinguish which was which.  It was also like this that over thirty Spirit Warriors instantly died like this.

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 13……”

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Xiao Bei’ has reached level 6……”

After Yao Yao showed its might, Xiao Bei finally caught up.  It used its powerful Meow Meow Fist, killing one every second.  After five seconds, Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Healing Technique’s cooldown finished and a white light was released, sending the remaining Spirit Warriors back to the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.  At this time, a prompt rang in Ye Tian Xie’s ear.

“Ding…..You have successfully defeated one hundred ‘Spirit Warriors’.”

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