EDAH Chapter 205


Chapter 205: The Frost Wolf’s request

After the icicle fell down right in front of the giant white wolf, a white shining figure suddenly appeared……It was the translucent figure of a white wolf.  With a giant body, snow white fur, half opened mouth, and a pair of strange glowing wolf eyes that stared right at them.

After this translucent figure appeared, Ye Tian Xie and the others simultaneously felt  that this white figure and that unmoving giant white wolf……were very similar.

As the white wolf figure appeared, a prompt sound rang out in their ears.

“Ding……The Frost Wolf is an animal that likes to play around in the snow with no fixed abode while raising their young.  They like to live in a deep place filled with ice in order to breed a new generation.  The breeding of a Spiritual Grade Beast is a very long process.  A hundred years ago, the Frost Wolf gave birth to a little Frost Wolf……But, while the little Frost Wolf was being born, a level sixty low level Spiritual Grade Golden Armoured Ice Bear suddenly intruded and attacked the Frost Wolf…..”


“…..After breeding, the Frost Wolf’s strength was weaker than normal, but with its powerful strength and defense, it defeated the Golden Armoured Ice Bear.  However, at the end of the fight, the pregnant Frost Wolf suffered a heavy hit and came to the edge of death…..With this heavy injury the Frost Wolf suffered……the Frost Wolf died before it could even give birth.”

“Although the Frost Wolf’s body perished, it remembered its child that was being born and it refused to allow its consciousness to scatter.  With its strong will, its consciousness that refused to dissipate fused with its strong power to form a “spirit”.  That spirit consumes its own strength all year round to maintain the little Frost Wolf’s remaining life force.  When the power of the Frost Wolf spirit is exhausted, the little Frost Wolf will die.  The only way to allow the little Frost Wolf to live… for it to recognize an otherworlder as its master and become their pet.  Even though its grade will decrease, it will depend on the life force of its master to live on longer.  Even if it dies, then it will be infinitely revive.”

“Although the Frost Wolf’s consciousness still exists, its body is already dead, so it cannot leave the Frost Wolf’s Hole.  It has been waiting for an otherworlder to enter the Frost Wolf’s Hole and save its child, letting it finally go to its eternal rest.  At the same time, its protective nature has made it worried that its child might fall into the hands of an evil person causing it to be subjected to slavery and being bullied…..So, to complete the wish of the Frost Wolf and to save the little Frost Wolf, one had to obtain the recognition of the Frost Wolf.”

After the long prompt finally stopped, Ye Tian Xie’s group understood everything.  The translucent wolf figure in front of them was the “spirit” of the dead Frost Wolf.  The attack aimed at Ye Tian Xie had come from it.

Carefully observing it, they could clearly see that there was a strange glow coming from the white wolf’s eyes.  It was half filled with vigilance and half filled with the hope……For a mother, the most important thing to them will always be their child.  This instinct was imprinted on every mother regardless of their race, time, or location……

“Tian Xie, what do we do?”  Su Fei Fei asked in a gentle voice.

“It seems like we need to obtain the Frost Wolf’s recognition……Do we need to convince it?”  Zuo Po Jun said in a thoughtful voice.  Then he said in an excited voice, “If it’s like this, if you can convince it, then one would be able to obtain a little Frost Wolf as a pet…..That little Frost Wolf….”  Zuo Po Jun began to drool a bit as his eyes shined and he said, “Wouldn’t it be a Spiritual Beast!?  If it’s like this, then that would be incredible!”

Ye Tian Xie thought for a bit and then said in a low voice, “Let me try.”  Then he walked forward two steps.

The Frost Wolf’s eyes looked at him and it moved a little bit, blocking the little Frost Wolf lying down behind it.  Its eyes released a hostile kind of glow.

Ye Tian Xie stopped and did not move forward.  His eyes met with the Frost Wolf’s gaze.  After a short while, he said, “You are a great mother.  For your child, you’re even willing to give up your life and even leave your soul here to protect it, protecting it for a hundred years.  This emotion that you have given your child truly moves us humans…..So, I would be very happy to help you take care of your child.  I pledge that it will forever by my partner and not just my pet.  I promise to take care of it forever, so please feel assured in giving it to me.”

Ye Tian Xie gave a long speech, saying everything that he wanted to say.  After finishing, he waited a long time to hear an answer……

The Frost Wolf’s just stared at him.  While it did not attack him, the vigilance in its eyes did not disappear.  A Spiritual Beast was very smart and it wanted the best for its child.  For its child, it had given up a lot and withstood a lot, so how could it be moved by Ye Tian Xie’s few words and give him the little Frost Wolf so easily?

Compared to the previous Frozen Bone Path, the last stage of this quest was the most difficult one.  This was a persuasion kind of task and was the final critical step of the “Saving the Frost Wolf” quest.  One had to obtain the Frost Wolf’s trust to pass this quest……And it was the most difficult part of the quest.

What one needed was not might……But rather what Yaya tested, which was “intelligence”.

Not succeeding… wasn’t that strange for Ye Tian Xie.  If it was that easy, then this quest would be too easy.  Because to complete the quest, a person could say a hundred different nice things, but it would not show their true emotions.  How could the highly intelligent Frost Wolf believe them that easily?

So, he had to take out something to assure them with.

Zuo Po Jun shouted from behind him, “Oh!  You can be assured because my second brother is a person who keeps his words.  I can tell you that my second brother is the strongest player out there, so giving your child to second brother is the best choice.  Look, we should be the first people here, right?  If you don’t believe us, then it will be hard to wait for the next people to come.”

Zuo Po Jun’s words made the Frost Wolf’s eyes flash with a trace of worry, but it was immediately replaced with vigilance once again.

Ye Tian Xie raised a hand behind him, signalling to Zuo Po Jun to not continue.  He thought for a bit before picking up Yao Yao by his feet and hugging it in his chest, while stroking it with one hand, “This is my partner, it is called Yao Yao and is a Profound Snow Spirit Fox.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the name of Profound Snow Spirit Fox before.  Although it looks small, it has a very strong protective ability.  If your child is by my side, then they would be partners.  Yao Yao and I will try our best to protect your child…….Please believe me.”

The Frost Wolf did not move at all, without making a sound.

“To come to this place, the three of us had to endure the bone chilling Bone Freezing Path……Perhaps it isn’t cold for you, but it is hell for us.  However we clenched our teeths and pushed through.  We came here because we came to fulfil your wish and help you protect your child.  Please trust us and let your child……have its freedom, letting it out into the world as soon as possible.  If you’re too worried, then you might destroy the hope that you have been protecting.”

Ye Tian Xie’s final words clearly had a large effect on the Frost Wolf as its body trembled a few times.  Ye Tian Xie waited for its answer, but what he received was nothing more than silence.

“Ai!  Just believe us.  Otherwise, I really won’t dare to come here again.  If there is no one that comes to save your child, you can’t blame us.”  Zuo Po Jun said in an anxious voice.  Seeing that Ye Tian Xie’s patient words had no use at all, the violent Zuo Po Jun’s anxious heart filled with anger.

“Big brother Zuo.”  Su Fei Fei spoke up at this point.  She shook her head and said, “Don’t say that about the mother wolf.  She would be this careful……because she is a mother and what is being left behind is her child.”

Zuo Po Jun, “……”

“Tian Xie, let me talk to it, alright?”  Su Fei Fei looked at Ye Tian Xie and said.  Without know why, Ye Tian Xie found a sad look in her eyes.  His heart skipped a beat and he gently nodded before moving back a step.

Su Fei Fei came forward and stood where Ye Tian Xie had just been standing.  She looked at the struggling Frost Wolf and spoke in a gentle voice, “You…..are a great mother, just like my mother…..Perhaps, all the mothers in the world are this great.  For your child, you were willing to die and struggle to stay here, using the last of your power to protect it……As for my mother, she used her own life to exchange for my life……”

Frost Wolf: “…….”

However Su Fei Fei had a gentle smile as her eyes misted over, “Because I had my mother, I know how lucky a child knowing they had a mother is……Because I’ve lost my mother, I know that…..a child without a mother……how pitiful they feel.  Your child is very lucky because it has a mother that could give up so much for it, but it is also very pitiful because its mother had to leave it while it was young……Just like me when I was younger.”

The memory she was the most unwilling to touch and the pain that hurt her the most, even after all these years, Su Fei Fei’s chest was still filled with pain over that single night.  It was so painful that she almost could not breath.  After these few words, her tears began to fall onto the floor, turning into ice crystals.

“Your child…..could you give them to me?  We share the same experience and have the same kind of great mother that loves us……So, we know what either of us lack and know what we need.  We will be the greatest friends, the greatest partners…..Is that alright?”

Su Fei Fei spoke less than Ye Tian Xie and her words were simpler……The only difference was her heart rending personal experience.

The white glow of the Frost Wolf dimmed.  At this moment, a mass of white light came from the peaceful corpse of the Frost Wolf and moved towards Su Fei Fei…..

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