EDAH Chapter 193


Chapter 193: Charming enchantress

Su Fei Fei quickly folded the little cloth on her chest, trying to cover as much of the spring scenery as possible.  Currently, other than the short hot pants and slippers she wore and the gem necklace on her neck, she wore nothing else.  Her entire upper body, from her snow white skin and those twin peaks were all exposed, letting Ye Tian Xie see everything…….She was holding a small pile of clothes to changed into.  She was trying to cover her chest as much as possible, but her haste actually completely revealed her perfectly shaped chest.  In this tense situations, the pink tip slowly began to rise.

Su Fei Fei’s snow white skin shined like gems, almost as if you could see through to her bones.  With that pink gem necklace hanging on her neck, it complemented her snow white skin.  Then there was her towering and trembling peaks as well as snow white long legs that made Ye Tian Xie’s heart skip a beat several times, as well as that slender and delicate figure.  From her full chest to her beautiful waste, no matter which direction one looked at her, it would always move whoever saw it.  There was nothing better than it in the world.

When Su Fei Fei realized what was happening, she quickly turned around, but Ye Tian Xie had already seen everything that he shouldn’t have seen.  Su Fei Fei covered her chest with the clothes she held and with her back facing Ye Tian Xie, her voice had a clear tremble in it as she said, “You…..You….You……Who told you to come out!”

“This… what I should be asking you.  Running around with no clothes on in broad daylight, you wouldn’t be doing this on purpose to let me see, right?”  His eyes fell onto her beautiful legs.  Even from the back, it was still very charming.  Not only did Su Fei Fei have a beautiful appearance, she also had proportion that was perfect to the point of having no flaws.  One that others dreamed about……And today, her perfectly curved body was exposed to a man, an unscrupulous man…….He really had to praise it…..


“You…..You never come out this early……I wanted to take a shower……So I thought…..Ah!!  Why are you not going in yet!!”

Dinner was at seven and Ye Tian Xie usually never came out of the game before seven, it had been like this every day so far.  Su Fei Fei who came out of the game early immediately thought of taking a shower and because she thought that Ye Tian Xie would never come out this early, she took off her clothes in her room and then walked over to the bathroom naked……In the end, she had met Ye Tian Xie head on.

Ye Tian Xie was speechless as he rubbed his own forehead.  Taking one final look at Su Fei Fei’s white back, he walked back into his room like a gentleman and closed the door.

Immediately, he heard the sound of Su Fei Fei quickly running away.

Such a beautiful body…….Ye Tian Xie leaned on the door while that shocking image in his mind continued to play.

A dangerous feeling began to rise in him……The feelings he felt made him feel anxious.  If he stay with Su Fei Fei for a long time, would he……really do something that he shouldn’t do?

At the same time, in a different place.

The sunlight shined through the translucent screen window, shining on her naked body.  A soft light stretched past her snow white shoulders and outlined the two arcs hanging in front of her.  A pair of lotus flower arms moved in the water and with a tiny splash, her gentle jade finger fell onto her snow white arm.

The temperature of the water was a little warmer than the sunlight.  She just lazily sat there with her right leg in the air and her left leg hanging on the edge of the tub.  A pink coloured tender toe was hanging down while her foot glowed with a faint light.  Her delicate feet looked like they were made of cream, but it was also beautiful like jade, and soft as satin…….

Her jade hand rubbed against her own body while her skin turned slightly pink from the warm water.  The hair that alone could charm men fell down, covering her exquisite figure in the water.  There was a country destroying beauty’s face revealed that seemed like it was carved from jade and crystals.  With that messy long hair, her charming as silk eyes, her slightly parted cherry lips, that crystal carved body, those long beautiful legs, that well rounded ankle, and her charming actions, this was beauty beyond compare.

It wasn’t as if there was no one here to appreciate this beautiful scene.

By the purple jade bathtub, there was a young girl wearing a goose yellow t-shirt and a short purple dress.  She looked straight ahead at the ground in front of her with no changes to her expression at all.  She had already said what she wanted to say and was now just waiting for an answer.

“You’re saying that her father really is Ran Qing Cheng……”

Even with the girl standing by her side, Liu Qi Yue acted like nothing was wrong.  She gently brought up some water to pour down on her body as if there was nothing more enjoyable to her in the entire world.  Those clear and intelligent eyes narrowed as a flash of seductiveness flashed in her eyes.  Her supple lips revealed a smile as if she was enjoying the beauty of her own leg.

“Yes, it’s definitely true.”  The young girl replied in a low voice.  Her face seemed as calm as water, but in reality……Only she knew that her legs began to tremble and her breathing became a little quick.  For a natural enchantress like Liu Qi Yue, her smiles and frowns were enough to make all men stunned and charmed all women…..Not to mention a situation where she was naked like this.


With a splashing sound, Liu Qi Yue stood up, standing in the bathtub.  As she stood up, her tall and straight chest created many waves as a beauty that should not exist in this mortal world was exposed to the air…….Those willow brows, apricot eyes, jade nose, cherry lips, that perfectly curved body, that skin as soft as satin, those slender long arms, that well rounded shoulder, and those two hanging peaks that made anyone go crazy.  Those two light red tips that seemed like rubies released a charming aura and the gully formed by the two peaks were enough to make any man be willing to sink into them forever…….There was no excess from those hanging peaks down to those thighs, it was a beauty that no one could take their eyes away from!

That slight red snow white lotus foot walked out and she moved in front of the young girl that was visibly bothered.  A slender finger reached out and tapped her chin, making that young girl’s face turn slightly red.

“Ye Ying, right now, I want you to answer another question for me…..”  Liu Qi Yue’s lips slightly parted as she spoke in a very soft voice.  Her hair was disheveled and she was gently breathing with her jad nose.  Her beautiful eyes sparkled as several loose strands of hair fell on her lips.

“Yes…..Master.”  This time, the young girl’s voice began to tremble.

Liu Qi Yue’s beautiful as water eyes looked down and her face filled with a strange blush.  Her lips slightly parted and an orchid fragrance entered the young girl’s nose, “Tell me, is my body beautiful…..”

“Master’s body… the most beautiful.”

“Then why is it……the person I love the most isn’t willing to see me, stay with me, and play with my body……”  A white as snow arm with a jade like hand stretched forward and pressed the young girl’s chest.  The girl revealed a shy expression but did not dare resist.  She said in a trembling voice, “It’s because he…..doesn’t have good luck……Master, I……”

Hearing the young girl’s reply, Liu Qi Yue gave a charming smile, concealing something in her smile.  As she laughed, her chest trembled and her butt slightly shook.  That perfect figure was enough to charm anyone, every inch being filled with a womanly charm.  Her hand skills were very flexible as she gently rubbed the little girl’s chest.  Sometimes grasping it, sometimes squeezing it……Liu Qi Yue’s eyes shined like water, being filled with charm.  One hand was playing with the milk white peaks in front of her, while the other hand touched Ye Ying’s thigh.  With that gentle rubbing and her own movements, she began to release tiny fairy like gasps.

“Does it feel good?  Little Ye Ying.”  Her breathe was filled with an orchid fragrance as she asked her after a tiny pause.


A surprised cry of not being able to hold on came from her mouth.  As Ye Ying made this sound, Liu Qi Yue’s hand that was rubbing her thigh went forward and went into her short skirt.  Opening her underwear and entering her forbidden area, her legs suddenly tightened as her body began to tremble.

Liu Qi Yue’s smile became even more charming as the reaction of the young girl’s body made her movements become even rougher.  Her right hand rubbed faster as her left hand began to move with a rhythm…….The silent young girl began to cry like a nightingale as her tightened legs began to release.  She leaned against Liu Qi Yue as if she had no strength left at all……

“Xiao Ye Ying, remember…….women’s bodies are for men to see and to play with, but you can only give it to one man……Xiao Ye Ying, without my orders, you aren’t allowed to let a man play with your body, do you understand?”

Taking her hand from between Ye Ying’s legs, she tapped her crystal like fingers on her lips.  Then she put her fingers into her mouth one by one, making her lick them clean.

“……Yes……Master……”  Ye Ying had no way of stopping her trembling.  She was panting as she leaned against Liu Qi Yue, having no power to stand up at all.

“Obedient child.”

Smoothly moving her finger, she stripped Ye Ying, making her stand there naked.  Liu Qi Yue hugged Ye Ying’s waist and placed her into the bathtub that she was just in.  With a gentle wave of her hand, a translucent silk appeared around half her body.

Walking out of the bathroom, her lips revealed a smile that could conquer any living beings…….

Ran Qing Cheng……

Little brother Tian Xie, the girl that you are helping, is not wrong at all.

When Ye Tian Xie was close to the edge of death, the person that saved him from the snowstorm that lasted for an entire day and the person that fed him three meals, was called Ran Qing Cheng.  That time, it was a favour that had saved his life and a favour that Ye Tian Xie had never been able to repay.

Because when he had the ability to return the favour, that person had already died.

Destiny was just that strange.

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